Friday, June 03, 2005

Schapelle Corby Story - Australians Terrorists?

The attack of the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, though Police now believes the bacteria may not be of the harmful type, may invite revenge attacks on Australians and Australian facilities in Indonesia.

In the ABC TV programme The 7:30 Report on 02 June 2005, its reporter in Jakarta, Tim Palmer revealed two interesting news angles:

(1) The Indonesians now consider some Australians as terrorists, with a parliamentarian asking the Indonesian government to issue ‘travel warnings’ advising Indonesians not to travel to Australia. The Indon Foreign Minister even stated that "Australia had to watch its own backyard. It was clear that Indonesia wasn't the only place where terrorists can operate. "

Fortunately the Indonesian VP rejected the call. The parliamentarian obviously has taken a gleeful swipe at Australia, as the authority Down-under has frequently issued 'travel warnings' on Indonesia, based on intelligence advice of possible terrorist activities in the SE Asian archipelago.

(2) When asked about Indonesian 'genuine outrage' over the incident, the reporter mentioned rather succinctly that such ‘outrage’ could be better 'manufactured' (eg. like when there has been organised agitation - sounds familiar?) than spontaneously generated.

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