Monday, June 13, 2005

IAEA Appointment - USA Eats Crow!

The USA hated ElBaradei and had objected to his reappointment to the IAEA, purely because he had been very firm and honest about Iraq’s lack of WMD capacity prior to the American invasion. Now, that wouldn't and couldn't do for those Republican Party neo-cons with a invasion agenda for the oil-rich nation. It buggered up their justification for the illegal attack.

Then he made his position with the American Administration even worse by showing his independence of the US hardline attitude towards Iran.

Oh boy, the Bush Administration tried every possible trick to place political barriers in ElBaradei’s path.

Now, the USA has to eat crow and back ElBaradei because everyone wants the man back to head the IAEA.

Washington is slowing realising that, notwithstanding its sole superpower status, not everyone automatically genuflects to its sometimes outrageous demands.

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