Thursday, April 02, 2009

The final curtain

Malaysiakini - 81 MPs ask king to put off Najib's appointment.

The Pakatan Rakyat MP was led by Anwar Ibrahim (why am I not surprised) in submitting the petition to HM.

The basis for their request is that Najib has been accused of being linked to the murder of Altantuyaa Shariibuu.

He stated: "Even worse, he has been linked with the murder of a Mongolian woman, and the case has been reported in newspapers and magazines around the world. Hence, we urge the king to postpone his appointment as prime minister until all these allegations have been cleared by an independent commission."

Who has accused him?

And on whose accusations have the foreign media based their reports?

And what evidence has Anwar offered to his HM to support his petition?

Isn’t this just another of his 916 bluff, or last desperate attempt to preserve his own interest in, what I have always believe, being able to return to UMNO? A Najib in charge of UMNO rules this possibility completely out.

My only regret is that Anwar Ibrahim has dragged Lim Kit Siang and Pak Haji Nik Aziz into his outlandish royal petition to HM.

Najib murdered Altantuyaa? OK, let’s talk about Balasubramanian, the missing PI. Of course the sequence of events leading to the mysterious disappearance of Bala have been attributed by his supporters to another of Najib’s nefarious machinations.

But I have always questioned the following points related to Bala:

(a) Bala’s press conference in releasing his Statutory Declaration (SD) that Najib had sex with Altantuyaa was chaired (or dominated) by Anwar Ibrahim (why wasn't I surprised?)

(b) Bala’s SD which claimed Razak Baginda to have revealed his (Razak’s) most inner secret to a hired private investigator, with even a statement that Altantuyaa told Najib who then told Razak Baginda who then told Bala who then told us (via his SD), that she liked it in her back – coincidentally an 'equivalent sin' to the 2nd sodomy accusation against Anwar then

(c) Bala’s reporting to the police station was done WITHOUT an accompanying lawyer. I find this totally implausible for a man who has just made a very damning SD against the DPM of a nation. And wasn’t this just strange considering that whenever Anwar moves near any police station he would be accompanied by a brigade of lawyers.

(d) Bala’s immediately disappearance after his 2nd SD (bizarrely withdrawing his 1st SD, as if he was threatened by the police or unklnown parties), which could only hurt only one person, namely Najib.

I had believed that the whole set of scenarios, SD, report to police station, 2nd SD withdrawing his 1st SD, and subsequent disappearance (in these process fortifying the allegations against Najib), had been a setup … to damn Najib.

Since then, I've come to learn that whoever had ‘persuaded’ Anwar to personally select parachutist S Manikumar as the PKR candidate for Bukit Selambau over far more capable candidates, in the strange 'inexplicable' way Anwar had personally selected Loh Gwo Burne (who wasn’t even a PKR member until approximately a few weeks before the general election) to be PKR’s candidate for the federal constituency of Kelana Jaya, might have some form of connections with the disappeared private investigator Bala.

Apparently there is a nexus between that 'persuasive' person, former (PKR) ADUN for Bukit Selambau YB bigamist Arumugam and Bala - incidentally we have also learnt that Manikumar is Arumugam's brother in law.

For more read my posts:

(1) PI Bala in Bangkok or Kolkata?
(2) Somewhere in Puducherry

But tomorrow when Najib becomes PM, much as PKR members will pray, fantasize for last-minute miracles or curse Najib to die of heart attack tonight, I believe the doors of UMNO will be closed for one person, probably forever.


  1. All's fair in love, war and politics!

    As neutral as you may claim to be, you cannot deny that huge question marks hang over Rosemajib's integrity.

    Ignoring that Mong....Altan...,oops, sorry can't say that, I mean that bitch Chinese Aminah, what about all those funny commissions over Scorpenis subs, sukhoi jets, PSC dockyard $4 billion rip off? All under Rosemajib's watch as Min of Def.

    I can't think of a precedence in the history of our nation where a PM is about to take office with so much doubt about his suitability, can you?

  2. (1) evidence?

    (2) Though the commissions have been known to be cronyish, they weren't different to cronyisms under another former-UMNO person or persons! It's rotten, but no more rotten than before.

    (3) which previous DPM about to be PM had an ambitious ex-UMNO-DPM-wannabe-PM badmouthing him continuously?

  3. So what are those contesting party are telling us in the three by-election.

    On one hand is the BN selling progression and services to serve the people and ensure a sustainable growth for a viable economy, on the other side is PR which have noting to offer but doom and asking for the people's vote to make trouble to the government.

    Those PR peoples, do not know when to fight, when to be humbled, What and how to work, how to engage, those trouble makers are combination of talibans, ex-convicts, con men, betrayers, crooks and useless clowns. They are very good in fanning the flames and fed the people with manufactured, venomous and horrendous news that our system are rotten and bad, even the learned HRH is not spare. Even worst, these undesired elements doesn't care about poor businesses condition and people running out of jobs with recession knocking at our doorstep, to them to worsen the economic condition in our country will be better for them to win election and easier to topple the government. They even hire foreigners to write bad thing about our leaders with the aim to distabilize the country. All the year round they have been campaigning, demonstrating and tearing down the government and its institutions.

    Clearly Malaysian have already fed up with the endless politicking and wanted to end those unnecessary power struggle which will lead to destruction and opt for stability that we ride out of the current unfortunate economic situation in one piece, No doubt about it, this will only happen if BN win. Likewise victory for those trouble markers is to chart out a death future for the country, surely the strength of the people will be used as licenses to cause more troubles.

    As such I hope the voters will have the sense and take this opportunity to stem out those gloom stirrers and give the trouble markers a clear and strong messages that the people do not want their empty rhetoric but a performance government which have the resources and substances to get things done.............

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  5. anwar, ini betulkah?9:36 pm, April 02, 2009

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  6. Wow Anonymous 9:19 PM, April 02, 2009

    Very well written piece fits very well into Kaytee's article .

    Too Late Anwar !! the invitation has been sent ! Najib will become the next PM whether you like it or not .

  7. @Anon, 9:19 PM, April 02, 2009
    "BN selling progression and services to serve the people and ensure a sustainable growth for a viable economy"

    Best joke of the day!
    No seriously, have you been to any of the 3 places? Your "development and service to people" is so ridiculous I had to check my calendar to see if it was not 1 April again.

    The 3 constituencies have been under BN rule for decades and all 3 are massively underdeveloped. By "sustainable growth", do you mean tap water will be drinkable there within the next millennium? What has the BN government done exactly, besides enrich its cronies (Disney trips anyone?), since you assert it "gets things done"?

    Indeed, the BN's track record sure makes one wonder why Malaysians are so stupid to vote for people who, among others, "hire foreigners to write bad thing about our leaders" (you are confused with Malaysian media, Liberation and New York Times journalists are not for sale unlike the local imitations), "campaigning, demonstrating and tearing down the government and its institutions" like in Perak I guess or who do not even spare "the learned HRH" (are you referring to Perlis, Terrenganu or Perak?).

    Clearly Malaysians will not be fooled by BN or ex-BN idiots and know perfectly whom to vote. No thanks to you.

  8. Yo chaptokam

    Based on your information, the GSOS is not even a member of PKR much less the president of that bunch of political hooligans. So i wonder on what capacity did he sign the "petition" on behalf of PKR ?

    He can't sign as the head of Pakatan as PR is not even a party but a loose coalition of political hijackers.

    If Najib becoming PM is a concern due to the GSOS's accusations, then using the same yardstick Anwar must disqualify himself as the future PM even if PR wins since the coalition demands for an untainted candidate to take up the highest office in the land.

  9. Eric,

    Anwar is an ex-BN idiot.....Wakakakakakaka

  10. Bro Killer

    My guess the GSOS signed the petition as the Parliamentary Opposition Chief . Remember when Wan Azizah was the Part President , he was just the Advisor to the Party and its very reliable he doesn't have a membership in PKR .

    if PR wins since the coalition demands for an untainted candidate to take up the highest office in the land. It works both ways isn't it unless he has two sets of laws or two set of SOP for everything .

  11. XieAn

    Only Anwar the GSOS is an ex-BN idiot, many more , PKR with one year service enrich its cronies also lah like the PKR DCM from Penang , can buy Mercedes and BMW with cash ! Bigamy also got , Kataks also got , apa apa pun ada !
    And we have this guy who probably just enlisted with the CT team saying Clearly Malaysians will not be fooled by BN or ex-BN idiots and know perfectly whom to vote.
    hahahahaha what a joke its still good for a laugh even though April fools Day just passed .

  12. Obviously a desperate and silly move by Anwar and gang. The King surely not going to entertain them, so what?

    I want to see how our cheap Minister of Penang twist now. He was invited to attend the swearing ceremony of Najib as PM, on the other hand he is one of the signatory.

    By the way anon 9:19 is XieAn

  13. Ktemoc -
    "incidentally we have also learnt that Manikumar is Arumugam's brother in law"

    Where is the evidence ?
    The UMNO blog you appear to have read is WRONG.

    If you don't have any evidence, I expect you to that very defamatory statement - otherwise your blog is as good as gutter stuff...

  14. Funny thing, Ktemoc so easily believes all kinds of rumours about Anwar.

  15. Ktemoc will not see the truth even if it kicked him on the head.

    Bala's SD 1 is true.
    Bala's disappearance is on Najib's orders.
    Altantuya was Najib's girlfriend.

  16. I thoroughly dislike Najib, his conduct and his past record, and I make no bones about it.

    Ktemoc, please read the petition which the entire Opposition Parliamentary caucus signed - it is in Bahasa, if your BM is up to it.

    It DOES NOT say that Najib murdered Altantuya.

    It states the many questions surrounding possible links between Altantuya's death and Najib - which I consider legitimate questions.

    And calls for an Independent Commission to clear Najib's name before he is given the appointment to the PM's position.

    I don't think that has any chance at all, but it is a reasonable request.

  17. Ulan Bator

    Where is the evidence ?
    If you don't have any evidence, I expect you to that very defamatory statement -

    Gobind Singh calling Najib a murderer in Parliament !
    Where is the evidence ?
    If he don't have any evidence, I expect Gobind Singh to that very defamatory statement -

    What about the other blogs that claims Najib is involved in the murder !

    Please NO two sets of laws - One that says Najib is guilty until proven innocent and the other that says Kugan is innocent until proven guilty !

    btw Ulan Bator , just to be fair why don't we make it the other way round , why don't you prove that Manikumar is NOT Arumugam's brother in law"

  18. Ulan Bator
    btw would you like to comment on Anonymous 11:37 PM,

    Bala's SD 1 is true.
    Bala's disappearance is on Najib's orders.
    Altantuya was Najib's girlfriend.

    Bala's SD 1 is true - prove it!
    Bala's disappearance is on Najib's orders, - slander and very defamatory - show evidence - can actually make a report on this .
    Altantuya was Najib's girlfriend.- if girlfriend what does it prove ? Anyone who knows somebody can be anyone's or somebody's girlfriend !

    Are we Malaysians so gullible nowadays ?

  19. ha ha super imposed punya gambar ma

  20. Yo Killer
    This one for you !

    Hindraf coordinator states condition for support

    PENANG, April 2 — Hindraf national coordinator R. Thanenthiran today expressed his support for any candidate in the Bukit Selambau state by-election in Kedah who is determined to raise the living standard of people regardless of race.

    He said the support was not confined to any independent candidate or the Parti Keadilan Rakyat candidate but also encompassed the Barisan Nasional candidate.

    Fifteen people are contesting in the Bukit Selambau by-election on Tuesday, and they comprise Datuk S. Ganesan of the BN, S. Manikumar of PKR and 13 independents.

    Thanenthiran told reporters he did not know the PKR candidate though the latter claimed to be a member of Hindraf, the Hindu Rights Action Force, but added that he knew the BN candidate.

    He also said that he welcomed the change in BN, with Umno deputy president and International Trade and Industry Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin presenting financial aid for the development of Tamil schools.

    “This is an effort to restore the confidence of the people in the BN leadership, and we welcome this,” he said.

    On another matter, Thanenthiran denied having received money to pay his hospital bill from MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu when the latter called on him recently.

    He said he paid his own hospital bill. He also said that he never stopped any leader who wanted to visit him in hospital. — Bernama

  21. Anon 9.19 PM "Those PR peoples, do not know when to fight, when to be humbled, What and how to work..." Ha, ha, ha! How naive of you. What, you got some Govt contrcats and hand outs did you? Sold your soul for a few crumbs?

    If Washinton, Lincoln, Mandela & Ghandi had all listened to you, the world would have drowned under Communist Red Ink, Colonialism and Imperialism.

    Perhaps you can live with 28 years of a government of thieves, but I can't and would certainly give Pakatan a chance. Got nothing to lose!!

  22. Chaptemoc

    Basically you are saying 2 wrongs make a right and so Rosemajib is in good company (of theives and plunderers).

    Way to go Chaptemoc! What next, shall we bring Hitler & Stalin to M'sia?

  23. I have deleted two cut & paste comments from some other blogs that have made allegations of foreign interference from a mere photo in a restaurant. Not here please!

    Observer, as quoted by Malaysiakini, Anwar stated "Even worse, he has been linked with the murder of a Mongolian woman, and the case has been reported in newspapers and magazines around the world. Hence, we urge the king to postpone his appointment as prime minister until all these allegations have been cleared by an independent commission."

    That's what I have based my post on.

  24. We dont have to dig so far back.
    He cant even answer the Eurocopter deal.

  25. This is increasingly becoming a Chaptokam, Xiean and Killer blog. They use KTemoc's spin only to confirm their own perverse views. KTemoc: when are you going to jump into the sea? You are no longer relevant here!

    -- Sesseret

  26. donplaypuks,

    My comments fit exactly with people like you. Simply spill venom to discredit people, that what PR people got. Your slander on me already demonstrated what I said is very true with you people. That the substances you people got.

  27. Hi Anonymous 6:00 am

    You forgot to include
    Ms Idzan Ismail in your list of BN supporters/apologists :)

    Actually, it is quite interesting to read some of their views.
    Gives you an idea of how the
    Malaysian right-wingers thinks. :) Let's see:

    1) Ms Idzan -- BN gave us prosperity, so let's support BN
    inspite of all its corruption
    2)Chaptokam -- Supports a certain faction (Chua Jui Meng)within MCA. As for tax-payer sponsored trips to Disneyland(s), biasa-lah!
    Khir is out, so no problem now.
    3)Killer -- Indian guy who is most probably a Samy Vellu man
    4)Xiean -- Use the Iron Fist
    ("Off With Their Heads!"). The Man on Horseback is riding in to bring back the Good Old Days. Malaysia is no democracy, you know.


    Phua Kai Lit

  28. Wow! you are really impartial....well good luck to your impartiality and may you be rewarded justly for your action and belief....Each man will be judged on their action and belief!

  29. Only 81 out of 84 Opposition MPs? The member for Pasir Mas did not add his name to the list? The 2 MPs from Yong Tek Lee's party also turned tail?

  30. -- Sesseret

    They use KTemoc's spin only to confirm their own perverse views.

    Go to MT and lick that haprek blogger's balls and tell us its size ! go boy go ........

  31. Bye sourpuss Anwar
    Hello Najib.
    Happy retirement Tun Abdullah.
    YEP. Najib is THE PM.
    Happy that a Pahangnite is again PM.
    His late dad my late dad's generation and Najib my generation.
    And very proud that he was born in my hometown of Kuala Lipis.
    It's a good trade-off that Abdullah and Jeanne became Tun.
    Thought Jeanne will get Toh Puan.
    Anways put paid to the "sacrifice'. It's not easy to give up the position of power.
    P.S. Who kmows what is the small white badge like thing on the left and right of Abdullah's baju Melayu?

  32. Najib as PM is sealed. Next chapter who is going to Kamunting or Tanjung Rambutan. Which one is more comfortable, Najib as a kind and forgivable PM allow them to choose their choice.......

  33. Hi Phua Kai Lit

    Yep, How dare they forgot to include my name in the list of BN supporters.
    I don't apologise for being one.
    I know what's good for our country.
    But we are not blind followers.
    We know who's corrupt which also a culure of the FAKATAN.

  34. Bro Chaptokam

    Thanks for the news on Hindraf's RS Thanendran.

    Anyway Hindraf's history and RS doesnt have much influence on Indians or even Hindraf. That ban on them effectively put the last nail on their coffin. This movement of racist thugs has splintered into several small factions. Some support BN and some sticking to Pakatan. But it is good to see thugs falling out with each other over political spoils.

    I understand that Najib might pull a major coup by releasing 4 Hindraf detainees soon, possibly before the by-election. This was on the cards all along but Hindraf's stupid actions had stopped the govt from releasing them since it would be construed as govt caving to Hindraf.

    Personally I think Uthaya Kumar is the most destructive of Hindraf 5 and should stay on. I know guy for about 10 years now, running across this guy during my social services days. The best description I can give for this guy is that he is an Indian Anwar Ibrahim. I absolutelty don't believe his crap story about being fed with beef or denial of medicine. I had run in with this guy even in the late 90s due to his irresponsible actions. His actions during the Kg Medan issue which is the one convinced me
    that he is a political opportunist with demented mind ala the GSOS.

    And let me present some more sweet music to your ears. This is an interview by Mkini with Kalai and it is a must see...I can tell you this is explosive stuff. Don't miss this, I know you will love this.

  35. KT

    More grenades for your bazooka targetting the GSOS.

    You gonna love this...

    Anwar Yang Suci Murni?
    Posted on Monday, March 16 @ 16:29:53 MYT

    Sdr Editor!

    Dalam ceramah Anwar Ibrahim di Bukit Selambau beberapa hari lalu beliau dengan bongkak mengatakan tidak mendapat sebarang faedah dari kedudukan beliau.

    Yang jahat hanya menteri-menteri UMNO dan BN yang lain. Jika ada ahli keluarga Menteri yang lain dapat harta mereka korup. Jika ada tuduhan Menteri dapat komisyen maka mereka korup walaupun Anwar tidak pernah dapat membuktikannya.

    Namun jika kaum kerabat Anwar yang dapat maka ia sebab mereka layak. Anwar tidak masuk campur dan sebagainya. Layakkah Anwar bersumpah bahawa beliau tidak melakukan sebarang pilih kasih atau tindakan yang mencurigakan?

    Bacalah keratan lama akhbar di bawah ini dan buatlah penilian anda sendiri :

    KUALA LUMPUR 19 Jun 1999 - Bekas Setiausaha Agung Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (ABIM), Datuk Kamaruddin Jaafar, mengetuai senarai kroni Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim yang mendapat habuan projek dan saham yang bernilai berpuluh bilion ringgit.

    Mengikut senarai itu, syarikat milik Kamaruddin merupakan pemegang saham utama dalam tiga buah projek iaitu Kuala Lumpur Linear City, KL People-Mover Rapid dan Sabah Shipyard Sdn. Bhd. yang nilai kos keseluruhannya ialah RM11.319 bilion.

    Beliau memiliki saham dalam dua syarikat mengendalikan pembinaan pengangkutan di ibu negara ia itu KL Linear City bernilai RM10 bilion dan KL PRT Sdn Bhd. bernilai RM1,298 juta serta projek Sabah Shipyard Sdn. Bhd sebanyak RM21 juta.

    Nama Kamaruddin terkandung dalam senarai saham dan pemberian projek kerajaan yang dikeluarkan oleh Kementerian Kewangan pada Perhimpunan Agung UMNO di Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra (PWTC) hari ini - satu tindakan yang bertujuan mendedahkan bagaimana Anwar membahagi-bahagikan kekayaan negara kepada rakan-rakannya.

    Dalam senarai saham, bapa dan dua adik Anwar dicatatkan sebagai turut mendapat peruntukan saham bumiputera yang dikeluarkan oleh kerajaan.

    Bapanya, Datuk Ibrahim Abdul Rahman dan adik beradiknya, Farizan dan Marzukhi memegang saham berjumlah lebih 7.1 juta unit dalam tiga buah syarikat.

    Dr. Rahim Ghouse, seorang lagi penyokong kuat Anwar turut mendapat projek Express Rail Link bernilai RM2.4 bilion.

    Penulis dan bekas pensyarah universiti, Rustam Sani, yang hebat mengecam kerajaan selepas Anwar dipecat daripada kerajaan sejak sembilan bulan lalu juga mendapat projek iaitu pembinaan Kompleks Jabatan Imigresen Shah Alam yang kini pada peringkat kelulusan prinsip.

    Rustam, 55, adalah pemegang saham utama syarikat yang mendapat kontrak itu, Pasca Baru (M) Sdn. Bhd.

    Beliau lantang membela Anwar dan mengkritik Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, yang didakwanya mengamalkan kronisme dan nepotisme terutama dalam tulisan-tulisannya yang diterbitkan dalam akhbar Harakah dan penerbitan yang pro bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri itu.

    Salah satu dokumen yang dikeluarkan dalam senarai itu bertajuk Pemberian Projek Penswastaan Kepada Penyokong Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim Melalui Unit Perancang Ekonomi (EPU) (Perjanjian Telah Ditandatangani).

    Projek pembangunan kerajaan yang diluluskan kepada kroni Anwar adalah pelbagai daripada penswastaan pembetungan najis, penswastaan perkhidmatan ambulans hinggalah kepada pembangunan hartanah di kawasan Brickfields di Kuala Lumpur.

    Kementerian Kewangan mengeluarkan lapan dokumen pada Perhimpunan Agung UMNO, dan daripada senarai itu terdapat dua senarai yang mengandungi maklumat berhubung 27 buah projek yang diberikan kepada penyokong-penyokong Anwar.

    Hanya 14 daripada 27 projek itu dicatatkan kosnya. Nilai terkumpul 14 projek itu ialah RM33.92 bilion. Dijangkakan, jika kos projek-projek lain diperoleh, nilai keseluruhan akan jauh lebih tinggi.

    Selain Kamaruddin nama -nama lain yang mendapat faedah ialah Datuk Dr. Wan Hasni Wan Sulaiman, Datuk Anuar Othman, Datuk Ahmad Fuad Ali, Mohd. Nor Mutalib, Datuk Ahmad Nazri Abdullah, Datuk Khalid Ahmad, Bahrim Ayob dan Datuk Ghazi Ramli.

    Dalam satu senarai berasingan, nama bekas Ketua Pemuda UMNO, Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, juga dicatatkan sebagai menerima kelulusan prinsip projek Pembangunan Semula Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum di Kuala Lumpur.

    Selain beliau, nama penyokong Anwar lain juga disebut dan mereka kebanyakan adalah bekas para pemimpin ABIM dan pemimpin UMNO yang rapat dengan Anwar.

    Mereka ialah Datuk Ahmad Ismail, Datuk Iqbal Mohd., Kuppa Pitchai Rawther, Datuk Nasruddin Jalil dan Datuk Ahmad Saad.

    Tindakan menyenaraikan nama individu dan syarikat bumiputera yang mendapat saham dan projek itu adalah langkah kali kedua selepas Dr. Mahathir mengejutkan ahli-ahli UMNO dengan senarai yang sama pada Perhimpunan Agung UMNO tahun lalu.

    Senarai tersebut dikeluarkan oleh kerajaan bagi menangkis dakwaan Anwar yang menuduh kerajaan mengamalkan kronisme, nepotisme dan rasuah. Ia dipamerkan untuk diteliti oleh para perwakilan dan ahli-ahli UMNO yang menghadiri perhimpunan agung parti itu di sini.

    Kamaruddin, Ketua UMNO bahagian Tumpat, juga tersenarai sebagai pemegang saham utama dalam dua syarikat iaitu Westmont Land (Asia) Berhad dengan saham sebanyak 4,700,592 pada 13 Februari 1996 dan Malaysian Mosaics Berhad (sebanyak 7.5 juta).

    Ketua UMNO bahagian Pasir Puteh, Kamaruddin Mohd. Nor, yang juga bekas Setiausaha Agung ABIM pula memegang saham sebanyak 250,000 unit dalam syarikat Eastern dan Oriental.

    Bapa Anwar Datuk Ibrahim Abdul Rahman dan adik beradiknya, Farizon dan Marzukhi yang memegang saham berjumlah lebih 7.1 juta unit dalam tiga buah syarikat.

    Syarikat itu ialah Pengkalen Holdings Berhad (Ibrahim dan Farizon) masing-masing 250,000 saham pada 2 Mei 1998; Nissan Industrial Oxygen Incorporated (Ibrahim) sebanyak 3,790.500 dan Penas Corporation (Marzukhi) sebanyak 2,800,000.

    Bekas Ketua Pemuda UMNO, Datuk Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, memiliki sebanyak 6,751,493 saham dalam syarikat Tekala Corporation (TCB).

    Menerusi syarikat Pantai Dalam Sdn. Bhd., beliau juga telah mendapat kelulusan prinsip untuk projek pembangunan semula Kampung Haji Abdullah Hukum.

    Senarai-senarai pemberian saham dan projek itu dipamerkan di tingkat empat, bertentangan dengan pintu masuk utama ke Dewan Merdeka, Pusat Dagangan Dunia Putra di sini.

    Senarai pertama melibatkan pemberian 18 projek penswastaan menerusi Unit Perancangan Ekonomi (EPU) yang perjanjiannya telah ditandatangani sehingga 15 Jun lalu.

    Para penyokong Anwar yang paling kerap tertera daripada 18 projek itu ialah Mohd Nor Mutalib, Datuk Ahmad Nadzri Abdullah dan Datuk Khalid Ahmad yang memiliki saham utama dalam sembilan projek.

    Projek-projek itu ialah projek Kuala Lumpur Central menerusi syarikat Freeway Properties dan bernilai RM713 juta; Sistem Televisyen Malaysia Berhad (TV3); perkhidmatan telekomunikasi Satelite Network; projek Lebuh Raya Ipoh-Lumut bernilai RM1,000 juta dan projek perkhidmatan sokongan hospital Redicare Sdn. Bhd bersama Azmi Jaafar.

  36. Xiean

    You mentioned Next chapter who is going to Kamunting or Tanjung Rambutan.

    What about this sweetie blogger who is residing in Bangkok ? The one who's blog is practically covered with the poor C4ed Mongolian woman ?

  37. Evidence? You want evidence! Let it be known KTEMOC and all fans of Ktemoc that you do not obtain evidence over a glass of Dom Perignon, Havana cigar and luxurious settings.Evidence can only be obtained when one go through the process of aggressive interrogation such as what was conducted in the USJ police station. Apparently, they were not well-trained resulting in them going overboard thus rendering the evidence obtained as useless.NO PAIN= NO EVIDENCE. Ask any National Intelligence Agency in the world. They will tell you the same thing i.e. evidence can only be obtained when one is subject to prolonged excruciating pain. Every human being has a limit to the degree of pain tolerance after which he will sing like a canary. The question here is whether HE has been subjected to such pain. Anthony Kugan has....but alas!

  38. Again, you say that Bala's disappearance is the work of DSAI. If that is so, then it is very easy for him to be located, arrested and brought back to Malaysia for further and more intense interrogation. Why wasn't he brought back home when the police team went abroad to meet him?
    Note this all fans of Ktemoc: IT IS VERY EASY TO FIND SOMEONE WHEN YOU ARE AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT BUT VERY, VERY DIFFICULT WHEN THE GOVERNMENT IS AGAINST YOU....because they do not want him to be found. So what set-up are you talking about?

  39. KT,
    Your blog stinks with your usual side kicks (old motherlickers}mostly MCA and BN cult followers.
    Hey! hate Anwar by all means but you dont have to hit a person down.Have been to your blogs numerous times but it's an obsession by you old lickers to run a person down.What happens if you all were at the receiving end.KT you are very safe in your haven in Australia but for the rest be careful because money can buy alot of info on you guys back here.
    Be polite that's all and is it hard to do that?Did that Anwar cause you any pain in your lifetime?Remember! if you can play this game others can also play it for you.So be mindful and be fair!

  40. Old Mother Lickers4:09 pm, April 03, 2009

    but it's an obsession by you old lickers to run a person down .
    Pot calling the kettle black !
    When these fcuking Anwaristas with their fcuking obsession in running down Najib at all costs , all stones un turn , these fcuking bastards are very vocal calling all sorts of names you can think off and when the truth about Anwar is commented , they claim your blog stinks , likewise Susan Loone's blog also stinks to hell .

    but for the rest be careful because money can buy alot of info on you guys back here.
    So what ? want to kill us ! you damn fcuking bastard ! We can trace you very easy , you better pray we don't cause your name will be on the ISA list very soon .

    Just to tell you we meant it , you can check this phone number , this message will be forwarded to the IGP Musa Hassan 0123785444

  41. You mean the anjing Barisan Nasional Musa Hassan ?

    Aiyoyo...I takut betul lah...

  42. Old Mother Lickers,
    No need to be so vulgar and it's a surprise you old bags get so riled up .Perhaps people who are so damm guilty always have their defense mechanism in reverse gear!Furthermore please have your own blogs and lets us see how you compare with dear Susan Sloone!
    Dont get hysterical like a jackass like you are being threatend!Be an adult once again and mind your manners in this blog.Maybe grow once again!

  43. Old Mother Lickers8:29 pm, April 03, 2009

    Anonymous 8:16 PM

    Fact is , we don't like to be threatened , and we do not like to be subjected to threats and I feel this phrase - for the rest be careful because money can buy alot of info on you guys back here.- constitutes a veiled threat and we will not take it lying down . Who doesn't get hysterical when threaten ?

  44. HAH ha!
    Good old mother licker is chaptokam ????
    Chua jui Meng 's buddy boy!You can't help seeing his writing style.Coward in disguise??

  45. See what I meant in my various comments on those PR people, here is another good example, Anonymous 10: 13 PM simply calling people who does not agree with him coward. Tell me who is the real coward when these faceless people are so frightened to identified themselves when they threaten people. They fit more as mama's boy but acting like a tiger. The place suitable for such people are Cheap Minister of Penang LGE's Tiger Park.........

  46. Good old mother licker is chaptokam ????
    Chua jui Meng 's buddy boy!You can't help seeing his writing style.Coward in disguise??

    Hahahahahaha For one momment I still thought that today is still April Fools day ! And my style of writing changes so often that I do not wish to reply to comments that contaminate my brain .
    Coward in disguise ? Lets see only cowards post under anonymous , they are faceless and wish to remain faceless . Its those people who only appear at 12 midnight on the first day of the Chinese seventh moon .

    Xiean suggest we refrain from replying to anonymous wasting of time since they are faceless and worse they keep changing their faces and posting different comments wearing different mask faces like you see in the documentaries on China .

  47. Good old mother licker is chaptokam ????

    Whether its nostrachaptokam , nosstradamustokam , chaptokam or chaptemoc or not that's not the issue .
    The point is this blog is for serious discussion of varying opinions , not for issuing of threats , veiled threat as old mother licker says . I don't condone such despicable acts in any blog .
    Do PKR people threaten people all the time as revealed by Kalai and now they are doing it here ! LOL forgot they are mostly criminals in nature including breaking down a MCA branch office gate in Bkt Selambau during nominations .

    And for anonymous 10:13 PM, April 03, 2009 please take your wares and sell them elsewhere .
    what's your objective in saying chaptokam is Chua jui Meng 's buddy boy! Why bring in Chua Jui Meng ! Whats your best shot ?