Saturday, April 25, 2009

Zhang Ziyi cancels wedding plans

Star Online - Zhang Ziyi cancels wedding plans.

It’s moments like this that I believe there is a God after all – wakakaka!


  1. Why is Zhang Ziyi featured in KTemoc's blog? Here are some possibilities:

    1). KTemoc thinks that he has a chance after the cancellation of her wedding plans. That's why he says that "I believe there is a God after all." Sorry KTemoc: fat hopes.

    2). This is an extension of KTemoc's anti-Jewish propaganda: her prospective bridegroom happens to be Israeli! Horror of horrors!

    3). She is the next Altantuya.

    4). She will be awarded a Datukship by the Sultan of Perak. She is going to fellow datuk awardee and swordswoman Michelle Yeo's home town to get some advice on what baju to wear and whether a songkok is needed. After all, if they awarded a Datukship to Shah Rukh Khan, why can't they do the same to this sweet young thing? And, after the bad press of the illegal takeover in Perak, this is the way for the monarch to redeem himself in the public eye!

    5). Chua Soi Lek is launching an elaborate plan to recruit his next video partner.

    6). D. P. Vijandran is re-joining the MIC, and is celebrating in style.

    7). She features in Bala's third statutory declaration.

    (Please add other possibilities)

  2. Fat hopes? don't be jealous lah wakakaka

    as for your other speculations, we can be sure she's not another Saiful wakakaka