Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sarawakian monsters

Malaysiakini - A crime against Tania's humanity

A tragic tale of how 15-year old Tania was taken (fuck, let’s call it kidnapped - she’s just a minor) by a driver of a timber company in Sarawak to a camp where she was kept there for 3 weeks.

After her father eventually found her at the camp, he reported her rape to the police, but those wonders in blue refused to take any action.

Their excuse?

They claimed they could not investigate a crime so far away!

They were the same police who travelled for kilometres on ends to demolish the logging blockade at Tania's home village. Wonder whether the IGP would be interested? Nah, too much to expect!

Talking about timber I would like to shaft a log (hope the splintered stubs of the sawn-off branches are still there) right up the arses of the truck driver and his mates, until it re-emerges from their mouths.

After that I would like to drop the log onto their teeny wee weenies.


  1. All this happened will happen again.

    When the victimised community cumulate too much hates when the justice not served. Something will happen.

    Humanity history is just like the TaiChi pattern as describe in Buddhism Karma.

  2. IGP will mumble "Whats that? No, its lies spread by bloggers"

  3. taniajustenjoyit7:03 pm, May 02, 2009

    tania just enjoy it lah..
    save polis the trouble..
    save taib the trouble..
    no money no talk...