Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PKR - Anwar Ibrahim's personal fiefdom

Malaysiakini - Ng's quit shocker, all is not well in Sarawak PKR.

Malaysiakini reported that Dominique Ng, the former Sarawak chief of PKR had been personally responsible for the registration of 13 PKR divisions in Sarawak, which has been touted by Anwar Ibrahim as his frontline State for 2013.

Apparently Ng has several more divisions waiting to be incorporated into the party.

Incidentally Ng holds one of PKR’s two seats in Sarawak - the other being Ngemah, who is being held by independent-turn-PKR assemblyperson Gabriel Adit.

Ng has just resigned from PKR supreme council. Adit expressed shock on hearing the news. He described Ng as ‘second to none’ in many aspects of the party affairs.

I suspect this might have been where Ng went wrong – he obtained the most number of votes in the 20-member supreme council at PKR party’s 2006 election.

Shades of Nallakarupan? That wouldn’t do lah!

Nalla was once a PKR VP who obtained the most number of votes for VP in the party election. In the following party election Anwar told him not to stand as VP - obviously worried Nalla might through his immense popularity deny someone contesting for the VP position from winning.

Alamak, what would you do if you were told not to stand for party election when you were virtually a shoo-in for one of the VP posts? Realising that refomasi actually stood for deformasi, Nalla left.

As for Ng's popularity and party (as well as State) vote-winning ability, true enough, he found himself in more or less in the same position as Nalla. It would appear he isn't wanted!

Anwar Ibrahim, the party’s de facto leader, took over Ng's position of state chief early this year. Hmmm, here's a bloke who doesn’t want to be the party’s president but yet he had to seize Dominique Ng’s position.

Then the Malaysiakini report added:

Ng, the only PKR candidate to manage to win the last state election, was said to be unhappy after he was replaced as state chief.

To add salt to injury, the latest announcement on the re-organisation of the party at national level [by the Great Man himself], excluded him as well as elected representative Adit from holding any significant party posts.

That’s PKR for you. Unless you are in Anwar’s 'inner group', you’ll end up like Nallakarupan and Dominique Ng. Oh BTW, what's that Penang PKR ADUN's name, the mamak who couldn't be DCM1 because he's not a Melayu.

Maybe PKR stands for Parti Ketuanan Rakan2 (ArnTua)?

Mind you, the party has been very brave in its recent Party disciplining - they sacked 16 people, 12 from Kedah and 4 from Sarawak. But no worry, the Kulim Wonder was not one of them - man man lai ;-)

It is now apparent that PKR is nothing more than Anwar Ibrahim's personal fiefdom, and he's not even a PKR party office holder - reformasi? wakakaka.


  1. In the first place, is anwar a PKR member?

    Still having ambition to reenter UMNO ma.

  2. apo nok di kato lah.azmin dan tian chua pun dah duduk tepi2 of the inner circle

  3. In the first place, is anwar a PKR member? Anwar is NOT a PKR member

  4. PAS division may boycott by-election
    Abdul Rahim Sabri | Apr 29, 09 2:05pm
    # In a sign of brewing trouble for Pakatan Rakyat in facing the Penanti by-election, the PAS division in Permatang Pauh has decided to freeze its election machinery.MORE

    'This is the wish of our members'
    'PKR has its own strong machinery'

  5. Errr... I believe to some extent it has got to do with Dominique Ng's track record...

    He was once a DAP member and leader, and after sorely losing the Kuching seat for few times, plus the infighting in DAP Sarawak, he quitted the party, and would later on join PKR...

    Sim Kwang Yang is his political guru, who is now an Anwar ass-licker...

    Of course, DAP Sarawak wouldn't be happy with PKR Sarawak, because like half of the PKR Sarawak leaders are from DAP Sarawak... and in 2001 state election, they fought over each other...

    In 2008 Federal election, they again fought with each other... Or more like, Ng used the PKR party machinery to launch attack on DAP Sarawak, such as campaigning for the DAP's opponents and etc...

    Without the fighting between DAP and PKR in Sarawak, which was more or less initiated and later on worsened by Ng, the opposition could have taken down about 2 more federal parliament seats...

    So, I'm actually happy to see Ng goes... :)

  6. 'Sue or we stage mock funeral for Altantuya'
    Athi Veeranggan | Apr 30, 09 12:35pm
    A PKR leader has challenged Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to sue all the international media groups that linked him to the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu or face a mammoth nationwide mock funeral procession for the slain Mongolian national.

    So the PKR goons have no more issue to talk about . Seem they are feeling the heat of Najib's reforms and the need to see Najib cut to size . Except this unproven issue . First its the mock funeral during the Bkt. Gantang by election . Now this ......It seems they are pushing their luck at the expense of the economy and the making Malaysia into a pariah nation . I think its high time these goons are taught a lesson .

  7. A by-election in Selangor?
    K Kabilan | Apr 30, 09 11:47am
    Kota Alam Shah state representative M Manoharan, who is under the Internal Security Act detention, is believed to be considering quitting his seat, Malaysiakini learnt today.

    let's have another bye-election

  8. Our Pimp Minister is a real chicken head. Hestiate to go for election whether is Penang or Selangor. He knows how to pimp with his all "Man foo" in this blog or going round cina town

  9. "Oh BTW, what's that Penang PKR ADUN's name, the mamak who couldn't be DCM1 because he's not a Melayu."

    Malik Itik is his name..Itik is because he sound like one when he speaks