Friday, April 03, 2009

Nizar gave land to Chinese new villagers, UMNO gave land to Chinese billionaires

Malaysiakini - Nizar a 'modern-day Tun Perak'

Aiyoyo, karn neen nair (KNN which euphemistically means ‘dash it’), never thought I would agree with you-know-who wakakaka – this is real chea lart lah (calamitous).

As we’re all aware, UMNO has been attacking Nizar, who’s standing as the PAS candidate for the by-election in Bukit Gantang federal constituency.

Ironically the non-Malays, particular the Chinese are almost all (except BN people) supporting the PAS candidate – hmmm, we certainly have come a long long way.

But the Malays (leaving out pro-UMNO people) are a bit more cautious. Malays hold their Sultans in very high regard, so UMNO has been playing hell with Nizar’s court language of ‘mohon patih derhaka’ which is a polite way of telling the Sultan that he (Nizar) disagreed with the Sultan’s demand that he quit his MB post.

Alas, ‘derhaka’ also means ‘betray’ or ‘betrayal’ so UMNO has been projecting Nizar as a traitorous rebel, who has betrayed the Sultan.

UMNO has also portrayed Nizar to the Malay constituency as a Melayu who gave State land way to the Chinese.

So, speaking at a couple of ceramah, Anwar combated UMNO's nasty propaganda by likening Mohd Nizar's defiance to that of the famous Tun Perak.

Malaysiakini reported:

Quoting from Chapter 18 of Hikayat Hang Tuah - an account of one of the most famous Malay warriors - Anwar explained how Tun Perak (Prime Minister) had defied the Malacca Sultan's decision to have Hang Tuah (Admiral) executed.

Instead, Tun Perak, who knew that Hang Tuah was framed, brought the latter into hiding. When the sultan found that Hang Tuah was indeed framed and regretted ordering his execution, Tun Perak was compelled to admit that Hang Tuah was indeed alive.

"Tun Perak told the Sultan 'ampun tuanku, beribu-ribu ampun, sembah patik mohon diampun, sembah derhaka patik pohonkan' (Please forgive me, for I have betrayed you).

See? It is in Hikayat Hang Tuah! I hope Umno people know their history. They only know how to 'sembah balak patik nak ambil (ask for logging contracts)", he told the crowd who gathered despite the drizzle.

"Nizar is like Tun Perak. He is loyal. He follows the sultan's orders. But when he needs to explain something to the sultan, he'd beg for forgiveness and 'sembah derhaka patik' because he wants to protect the interest of the people from a power grab," added Anwar.

Well, Anwar did Malay studies in uni so he should know his Malay history. And on this score I agree with his use of historical example to defend Nizar (ooops, nearly bit my tongue saying that).

And he also defended Nizar for granting land titles to Chinese new villages.

Malaysiakini reported: He said that Umno was practising double standards as there were many cases of Chinese tycoons being given huge plots of land without any protest from the party.

"The gave one mountain (Genting Highlands) to Lim Goh Tong, one hill (Bukit Tinggi) to Vincent Tan and one island (Pangkor Laut) to YTL (Francis Yeoh). Is there a single Umno leader who protested?" he said.

"Look at his record. Which land has he stolen? Which property has he taken? Which logging (contract) did he take? How can you say he is a betrayer?

"What about that former menteri besar from Umno? He took RM1.3 million of state funds to fund himself, and his wife and family, to a trip to Disneyland!" he exclaimed.

Yes yes I agree again wakakakakakaakakaa.

['Cusi, gotta go lie down down, too much stress saying I agree with you-know-who, wakakaka]

(1) Nizar in federal politics - unlimited potential
(2) Anwar Ibrahim is dispensable!


  1. You must have burst a blood vessel there, Ktemoc. ;) You sure this isn't some late version of April Fool's?

  2. typical the fallen last desperate attempt to stage comeback....

  3. Dear KT
    Najib has released 13 ISA detainees.
    He has also revoked ban on Harakah and Keadilan newspaper.
    So the detractors who accused him of Mahathirisim or autocratic is soo wrong.
    Been meaning to ask you why you write so little about Najib?
    Are you like Looney or Uncle Zorro who dislike him or refused to acknowledge him?

  4. I understand that Najib might pull a major coup by releasing 4 Hindraf detainees soon, possibly before the by-election. This was on the cards all along but Hindraf's stupid actions had stopped the govt from releasing them since it would be construed as govt caving to Hindraf. -- killer

    So it has become reality as Killer said 4 out the 13 ! As I said before we are evolving and changing , UMNO needs to change drastically to remain relevant . I still have high hopes on this and I am very optimistic it will happen .

  5. Chaptokam

    We are open-minded people.
    Like Najib said just now Marilah kita mengorak langkah ke perjalanan yang hebat.
    Pray for him to succeeed.
    Because we will succeed.
    Go Transformasi.
    Ps. Susan Looney and like-minded bloggers will have to close their blogs. No issues anymore.
    Or they will spin new ones.

  6. A very small victory for democracy.
    2 of the Hindraf detainees, another 11 various others.

    OF COURSE Its very much linked to the upcoming by-elections. By now Najib's information sources would have told him BN stands to lose in at least 2 out the 3 sets, if he doesn't do something drastic very quickly.

    So he has....I am thankful for even baby steps.
    What I want is substantive reform in the way Malaysia is governed. If BN can carry out the reforms, well and good. If BN will not or cannot carry out the reforms, "somebody else" will.

    Don't forget to thank Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Nik Aziz and many other brave souls (including Susan Loone and RPK) for keeping the pressure on BN, day after day after day.
    Lim Kit Siang has been doing it his whole adult life.

    Bravo ! Long journey ahead.
    We may still see the wolf shed the sheep's clothing yet...

  7. Aiyaa!
    When Bodowi became PM, he started with a BANGER!With Najib its the same lah!Reminds me of shit ! It starts hard like rock but turn soft at the end! Another Umno show for the suckers!

  8. Sorry but I totally disagree with Najib releasing the 13 Hindraf detainees. So now UMNO is supporting terrorism. Isn't that what Botak Hamid have said all along...that the Hindraf detainees has strong links with the Tamil Tigers. So what now Mr.Prime Minister? Are you saying that they are no longer terrorists now that you have become PM and the 3 by-elections are to be held in 4 days time. What a shitload of cocksucking policies is the government practicing.

  9. Unfortunately, I'm one of those who mostly depend on New Straits Times and Utusan Malaysia for news.
    I'm a loyal Government supporter and mostly accept what the government says is true.

    For months, the government has been telling me Hindraf are dangerous fanatics and have links with terrorist groups. The other ISA detainees are also too dangerous to be allowed to roam our streets.

    Najib has now released them just like that.
    Am I supposed to be worried about my safety now ?
    How...lah ?

  10. That's what we wanted , that they released all these people so that we can claim victory that we fought for you guys .About your safety , you have to worry about yourselves , sorry lah we cannot help with so many Kugans roaming the streets better watch you cars else they disappear . Don't blame us !

  11. MCA man has got a point.

    Najib made his first mistake by driving in the middle of the road:
    - PR-leaning people want the ISA and the repressive licensing laws removed for good,
    - BN-leaning people can't see why ISA detainees are terrorists yesterday and today they are normal innocent people (not even a charge mentioned yet, so much for ISA is necessary to gather evidence). Same if Harakha and Suara Keadilan are spreading lies yesterday, they won't revert to the truth tomorrow.
    End-result: no goodwill gained on either side and with fence-sitters. Aside, sounds like flip-flop is here to stay so long as BN rules.

    I will side with BN in their prayers for this country, but if Najib is to take the same route as Bodowi, the sooner Najib is out through a snap election the better.

  12. It starts hard like rock but turn soft at the end! Yours hard all the time ! Aiyaa no wonder your woman all run away lah ! better use a string and tie it down otherwise your shithead will want to seek out Anwar's lubang belakang ! lah

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I understand M Manoharan and Vasanthakumar were not released for "certain reasons".

    M Manoharan is the ADUN for Kota Alam Shah as such he is a full-fledged politician and not just an activist. Vasantha Kumar's case is a bit complicated. He was accused to be a SB plant (which is not tue btw). Vasantha was formerly a senior management personnel with private company. Due to his involvement with Hindraf he lost the job and later ended up at Hilton Kamunting. Worse still his wife lost their house as she was a housewife without income. While the other wives received help from Bar Council, Vasantha's wife didn't (though MIC came to her aid later).

    At Kamunting the relationship between Vasantha and Uthaya (the defacto chief of Hindraf) broke down as Vasantha accused Uthaya as the cause for him to lose every thing. This developed into a fist fight and both detainees had to be housed in separate blocks due to this. This lead to a split within Hindraf with Vasantha on one side and the other 3 siding Utahaya. Eventually the 3 also broke off with Uthaya. Some Hindraf clowns aligned to Uthaya started the malicious rumour that Vasantha is a SB plant.

    I believe Vasantha and Manohar will be released sooner or later, probably within a few weeks.

    As for Uthaya, the longer he makes ridiculous claims like being fed with beef and deprived of medicine, the longer he will stay in Hilton Kamunting. He is the main organizer of Hindraf and he is expected to create further trouble if released.

    As such, I don't see his release in short term. I don't really care for this Indian Anwar Ibrahim if he is to rot in Kamunting for his rest of his life but in the name of justice I hope he will be charged in a court for his offences. I am sure the police have more than enough evidence to charge him. Even some of the VCDs that I have enough to put him away for years.

    In any case, Hindraf is one the decline riven by numerous in-fighting and factionalism.

    There is one group led by Vasantha Kumar and his friends. Another one aligned to RS Thanendran. Kalai Vanar is heading one more faction. There are a couple more being led by lesser leaders. RS Thanendran is from Penang has bad reputation but the support of Wahtya Moorthy made him the official Hindraf "National Coordinator". But this action is not supported by some supporters who formed splinter groups.

    To make matters worse, PKR and DAP members within Hindraf have their own agenda.

    As for the link with Tamil Tigers, for once Syed Hamid wasn't talking through his posterior. The claim was later denied for security reasons. I am aware of this connection and it is mainly linked to Uthaya.

    The link is mainly to provide moral and also some "technical" support. But now that Tamil Tigers for all practical purposes have been destroyed, the threat is minimal.

    While I can't say much due to the same security reasons, I can reveal that some of the Hindraf folks have been providing funds to the Tamil Tigers. These funds are collected during Indian events and functions and then channelled to the Tigers.

    People might be surprised to learn that the DCM2 of Penang had played some role in the Sri Lankan conflict on the side of the Tamils and known being sympathetic to the Tigers. In one of the Tamil conferences, Prof Rama was quoted to have said that Malaysian Indians should emulate the Tigers in taking up arms to fight their cause. This was about 2 years back a few months before the Hindraf rally. But this illustrate the potential danger that some of these Hindraf leaders and supporters pose to the national security.

    As an Indian, I felt the ISA action on Hindraf 5 was right but Pak Blah had acted a little too late since a lot of damage was done. But ISA action should have been a brief one and they should have charged in court after the GE.

  15. ha ha ha ,

    for once you agree with him. ha ha ha.

    and they are stupid enough people who believe in the charades organise by UMNO.

    ha ha ha

    kT, God bless you.

  16. 'Najib has released 13 ISA detainees.
    He has also revoked ban on Harakah and Keadilan newspaper'

    He is part of the same group of UMNO bastards who kick others around using the ISA and ban publications they deem against them . Now we are supposed to be grateful to them for reversing what they put into motion. What f;;; balls-carrying shit is this. This is the same as thanking someone for having stopped slapping us around because we defied them. By the way defiance of authority by way of publications,vigils and protest is a democratic right for you f'' Nazis out there who condemn the Israelis for Nazism but advocates the practice of Nazism at home. What a bunch of evil hypocrites.

  17. I won't call him Najib Mongolia anymore.

    Now its Najib Klu Klek

  18. Yo Killer

    Written by a DAP fella titled

    The survival of the three-party alliance, brought together under the leadership of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, is at stake when voters in three constituencies go to the polls in three separate by-elections on Tuesday.

    “The possibility of losing 3-0 to Barisan Nasional is now very real,” a DAP leader told Weekend Xtra.
    Tuesday’s by-elections could see BN win 3-0

    A few months ago, Anwar had identified Sarawak as a major frontline state for the opposition alliance.

    This was based on the fact that a majority of voters in Peninsular Malaysia had backed the three PR parties in last year’s general election — with only voters in Sabah and Sarawak giving BN enough support for the coalition to remain in power.

    But of the three PR parties, only the DAP has some significant presence in Sarawak because of the backing of the urban Chinese.

    Neither the PKR nor PAS has any strong support in the state. For the Batang Ai vote, PKR is in a straight fight with BN.

    With very little local support and its own resources stretched by the fact that the alliance is contesting in three by-elections, PR faces an uphill battle in Batang Ai.

    Barring a major upset, BN looks set to clinch the Sarawak seat.

    Ultimately, the PR alliance needs to win at least one of the three by-elections to keep its flagging morale up.

    A 3-0 wipeout could result in the opposition alliance being subjected to unprecedented pressure from BN.

    BN leaders are hoping to apply enough pressure on PR members in the next few months to engineer more defections and the downfall of more PR governments.

    If that comes to pass, it will mean the end of Anwar’s dream of leading his PR alliance to power. — Today

    This is in line with my prediction BN will win in Bukit Selambau and Batang Ai . For Bukit Gantang is touch and go either way !

  19. Najib Mongolia?! Najib Zimbabwei lah!

  20. Observer,

    Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang and the gang including Susan Loone and RPK cannot take the credit of any improving the government is doing. What type of nonsense you are selling, anything good the government is doing, credit goes to people you admire and any thing you people disagree is the government fault. Its a total rubbish that your PR can govern better that BN, if you have the eyes to see, ear to listen and head to think. I would understand that such thinking come form a novice, but you as a senior citizen some how swallowed such bait, hook and sinker from the trouble makers. But luckily most senior does not share your thoughts.

    Perhaps you are of one of those trouble makers but talks under the guise of impartiality......

  21. Observer

    Don't forget to thank Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Nik Aziz and many other brave souls (including Susan Loone and RPK) for keeping the pressure on BN, day after day after day.
    Lim Kit Siang has been doing it his whole adult life.

    I thought they have have been doing this keeping the pressure on BN day after day for 50 years as everybody like to put it, 50 years of BN rule !
    Wonder how true is this when Anwar officially became anti BN only after his release from prison in 2004 !And Susan loone how long has the blog been established !
    I thought normally you post very good proper analysed pieces , but today it just uncomprehensive and mind boggling .

    And you can claim what Najib has done is due to these people Anwar Ibrahim, Lim Kit Siang, Nik Aziz (including Susan Loone and RPK) ? Another Hishamuddin in the making when he claimed Malaya got its Merdeka from the British thru the efforts of UMNO ! LOL !!!

  22. Only the other day Cheap Minister Lim Guan Eng is one of the signatory to stop Najib of becoming the Prime Minister, that is to say he did not support Najib as the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

    Now this thick tiger skin fellow turn around to be the first to invite PM Najib to discuss development issues, stating that he extended the invitation with an open heart for the sake of the people and country.

    See how he use the people because of his inability of, do not know when to fight and when to be humble. Najib have the right to refuse him because Lim Guan Eng did not support him as the PM, then he will say Najib is against the people wish. That is how this Tiger CAT is playing.

    I hope Najib will counter by telling LGE to apologize and beg him to come and we shall see LGE will do that for the sake of the people or not..

  23. Mongolian Wonder boy's first spin effort already stuck in the mud.

    Remember the spin in the NST about Bodowi having 1st class policies and 3rd class implementation ?

    BN sounds like a tape rewinding the same old story.

    Only another tsunami can clean up this septic tank.

  24. Situation 12.30 am April 5

    Bukit Selambau - MIC, time to play The Last Post after tonight's 'surprise'

    Bukit Gantang - UMNO slightly behind
    Batang Air - PRS slightly ahead

    Last 2 days of campaigning still to go. At this point status is 1-2 BN-PR.
    Don't discount more surprises to be sprung by either side.

  25. Dr Lim Chong Eu, the second and longest serving Chief Minister Of Penang, who know when and how to fight and when to be humble took Gerakan to join BN. This is for the sake people and not Lim Guan Eng's invitation to Najib for discussion, unless he is willing to do the same.

  26. How much land have Anwar give to the Chinese in Permatang Pauh?

  27. Ulan Bo Lan Hood10:49 am, April 05, 2009

    Bo Lan hood says the the PKR boys have nothing left to spin , no release also complain , release 13 also complain bo kau , what they want ? release everyone , the crooks , the forgerers , the terrorists , the Al Arquams , the snakes , the slit eyes , the criminals , the car thiefs etc , etc . Yeah all the criminals in the jails , in the prisons , all got votes there !Why ? the Fakatan all consists of criminals , thats why !

    What these Fakatan needs is an earthquake to swallow all these thugs in and bury them for good , not a tsunami !

  28. XieAn, how can Anwar give away land in Permatang Pauh? What kind of argument is that?

  29. KT.
    That is why you have idiots commentators in your blog.Most of them give analysis like historians plus newsreaders without thinking?They talk like a book but think like a drum!It,s also a favourite haunt here for anwar and pkr bashing for this old buggers!This jerkers are venting at the wrong blog!

  30. Anon 11;42 AM,

    Mama's boy talking big under his mama's sarong.

  31. KT,

    Anwar is trying to sell that in Perak they gave land to the Chinese new villages, so they can kept on giving land if they won. My indirect question is to point out that he didn't gave any land out at their own constituency which he and his wife presented for 27 years.

  32. UMNO and MCA still think that the money belongs to them. We pay taxes and we have the rights to vote which every prties and even the leader we chose. But come to facilities, please do not tret us as if we did not pay taxes. Every cents have to acccount for. Only MCA think that rakyat do not have to rights to demand the Government for funds.

  33. Only MCA think that rakyat do not have to rights to demand the Government for funds. What fund are you specifically referring to ?

  34. idiots commentators in your blog ? pot calling the kettle black ! hehehe Indian calling the Africans black .kekekekekeke

  35. Dear Observer 10:15 pm

    Amen. Could not agree more.

    No pressure from Opposition parties and from mass democratic movement = no change

    Phua Kai Lit

  36. Phua... is not the pressure from the Opposition which forced BN to change...It is the pressure from Rakyat....

  37. Killer

    well said , agree with you .

    Phua won't you agree with us that BN is changing and responding to the rakyat's wishes !

  38. chaptokam

    Hahahhaa...we can certainly count on Phua to disagree with us.

    The issue is that expectation of rakyat from his/her leader/govt might not necessarily the same.

    For example, both of us completely reject a convicted sodomite as our leader. But Phua might accept serial sodomite but reject another based on hearsay of a certain fat alcoholic blogger.

    At the end of the day, whether BN's reform program has been accepted by Rakyat or not will be judged at the ballot box and not at blogs run by full-time paid PR propagandists.

  39. Killer

    This is the first time I am hearing it ! Phew !! you mean that certain fat alcoholic blogger is another of those kaki who likes to go in thru the back door ? Where did he learn to do that ? or where did he picked this up ?
    Must be in Kamunting ! or did that GSOS gave him some of the finer points in that technique ?

  40. can we leave that subject - I don't see any value in badmouthing ppl this way