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PKR snatching defeat from jaws of victory in Bukit Selambau?

Malaysiakini - PKR's Kalai quits over by-election snub!

I told a sweetie the other day that I thought PKR may just do the impossible and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in Bukit Selambau - it could pretty well lose to the BN ...

... despite Samy Vellu making an ass of himself and in turn, the BN, by insisting on campaigning for BN when he is actually not wanted by BN campaign managers wakakaka.

The BN campaign people cringed when they see the bewigged Soongnai Seepoot loser down in the state constituency doing his 'Ketupat in Kashmir' - An MGR Extravaganza speciality ;-)

But alas, PKR has failed to capitalise on the BN’s walking disaster, and make mincemeat out of the MIC candidate through his (admittedly reluctant visual) association with Humpty Dumpty who couldn’t even defend his own so-called invincible seat.

And the reason for the failure to capitalise on the MIC joker? As usual, trust Anwar Ibrahim to offend another Kalla.

PKR Jerai division chief B Kalaivanar has left Anwar's party with a huff and a puff, taking along with him some 500 supporters.

Kalai was so pissed off with Anwar’s selection of an unknown parachutist that he bestowed on Anwar what PKR people called Dr Mahathir, namely, the ‘Pharaoh’.

Kalai said: "When Dr Mahathir was prime minister, we used to say he was the Pharaoh but now when we look closely at Anwar, people would realise that he is the Pharoah and dictator.”

"They (PKR) have become ungrateful ... Anwar does not have an ounce of respect for those who have fought for this party."

Meanwhile, the Malaysian Insider reported that a separate group of nearly 400 Indian (former) PKR members have switched support to the BN in protest over Anwar Ibrahim’s personal choice of the candidate for the Bukit Selambau state seat.

It seems dear Anwar likes to nominate candidates himself as was witnessed in his very unusual last minute selection of a virtual unknown, Loh Gwo Burne to be the PKR parliamentary candidate for Kelana Jaya in the last general election.

Loh became a PKR member at the very last minute to be officially nominated as the PKR's candidate, by decree from Anwar Ibrahim!

Hmmm, doesn’t PKR have some kind of selection committee? I guess not because with Anwar Ibrahim as its leader (de facto or otherwise), it’s usually a one-man show and thus unsurprisingly a one-man decision.

But what would be a shame if BN were to win in the Bukit Selambau by-election. The Indian voters should consider carefully how the Home Affairs Minister has treated Uthayakumar with disregard and disrespect – see my earlier post Uthayakumar suffers the evils of ISA

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  1. KT you are purposely being naughty.
    You took a swipe at Samy the Veil and Anwar the Pharaoh.
    But what has the PKR man who are cheesed off with Anwar has to do with Hindraf.
    Its a choice between BN and PKR not Hindraf.
    Bear in mind that Bukit Selambau is a Malay majority area.
    Umno is giving MIC the seat in the spirit of BN.
    Do you purposely forget that?

  2. Well said Idzan,

    As much as the Indian vote is important, it is also equally important to field an Indian candidate which the Malays can vote for. The choice of Loh Gwo Burne for the Kelana Jaya seat was unusual but he did win though. Kt should let the election itself prove Anwar wrong.

  3. Well let me requote from RPK's article Bodoh punya India since it involves so much unhappiness with the Indians in Bukit Selambau .

    The Indians are not happy with Pakatan Rakyat’s choice of candidate and they will probably boycott or sabotage the by-election if they don’t get their way.

    Q : " Okay, I have no problems with that. After all, most of the Indians, the majority of them, are all ex-MIC supporters anyway. This means they have kepala otak MIC. They think like MIC and throw tantrums like MIC and demand this and that like MIC. That is to be expected.
    And Indians who say they support Barisan Nasional are worse than prostitutes. I despise them. They are shit. And I have no mercy for these people. They are scum of the earth.
    I would like to pack all those who shout and scream that they are Indians into a tongkang and send them back to India where they belong. Bodoh punya India! "

    Dei Indians , can you all still support someone who acts as proxy to the Pharoah and also to the one who has been called a Pharoah and a dictator and who calls Indians scums of the earth and he would pack them into a tongkang and send them back to India where they belong. Bodoh punya India! ?.
    Further to this , " Indians who say they support Barisan Nasional are worse than prostitutes. I despise them. They are shit. And I have no mercy for these people. They are scums of the earth .
    My take the answer is NO ! N..O..TAK BOLEH SUPPORT LAGI unless you are his ball licker !

    Aiyooyo This Raja really has no respect for Indians in general and Indians in Bukit Selambau , if I were to be called like this , I will tell the both of them to fly kite and send them in a tongkang to Egypt , land of the pharoahs and the pyramids !

    PKR Jerai division chief B Kalaivanar said "They (PKR) have become ungrateful ... Anwar does not have an ounce of respect for those who have fought for this party."
    Correct Mr Kalai Anwar never has any respects for anyone except himself . Everyone is expandable and be used as a tool or equipmnent and thrown away when its no longer needed .
    This reminds me , isn't Bukit Selambau just next to the Kulim Bandar Bahru constituency ? whose MP from PKR uttered the word Cina Balek China ? And that Pharoah didn't lift a finger to discipline his guy ? No further action taken according to PKR Dep President . Sound like I have heard that phrase before , ah yes at the Police station asking the OCPD to cancel my parking summons . NFA on Zulklifi Noordin , the racist from Kulim BB .
    What about Theresa Wong when she was arrested under ISA ? Did the Pharoah visited her to give her moral support ? Bo kwa teohh ! (not seen in hokkien ) Did he protest against her arrest ? Hmm .. maybe but that was a token press conference he call to voice objection to her arrest , other than that bo kwa teohh !

    Karpal Singh even lashed out at Anwar Ibrahim and called for his resignation as Leader of the Opposition ! that's understandable as Anwar was nowhere to be seen during the Perak fracas as according to my memory .

    I hope that in the days and months to come, you will be able to see how dangerous it is to follow Anwar Ibrahim and his brand of politics.

    Matthias ..says :
    You are forewarned!

  4. Seriously... there was news about PAS and DAP wanting to field candidate for Bkt Selambau last month...

    I was hoping that one of them would succeed... instead of letting PKR to contest...

    It seems like DAP is right now helping its ally to gain more momentum... while having nothing to goreng themselves... :P

    Selection committee? Not sure how it works... normally for state election, the state committee will nominate candidates... ;)

  5. I'm no Anwar supporter, and I can't say much about S. Manikumar - he is a relative unknown, alright.

    But Kalaivanar's conduct today and the words he was reported to have said make it very obvious the decision not to appoint him as the PKR candidate was correct - he would have been a very unreliable candidate and an a high risk ADUN (maybe Exco) indeed.

    Does he remember Kugan ?
    Remember the Kulim massacre just a few weeks ago ?
    Remember the Hindraf 5 still locked up under BN orders ?

    I'm no Anwarista, but I could never respect a supposed Hindraf supporter who switches support to BN so casually.

    What a f*king joker, this Kalaivanar...

  6. This joker left PKR and took 500 supporters with him.

    Zaid Ibrahim left UMNO and took noone with him.

    There' a depressing message somewhere in there.

  7. KT
    Can you beat this one ? Looks like the Rahman prophesy is going to set back stage .

    Will No. 11 bring luck to Najib again? PDF Print E-mail
    Posted by admin
    Tuesday, 31 March 2009 04:51

    By Zubaidah Abu Bakar, New Straits Times

    Numerology is usually not taken seriously by Muslims but since politics is a numbers game, it is interesting to note that No. 11, which features prominently in the three by-elections, is also the auspicious number for Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

    The by-elections for Bukit Gantang, Bukit Selambau and Batang Ai will be held on the fourth month of the year and the seventh day in April. Hence, four plus seven makes 11.

    Another significant set of numbers is related to the number of candidates vying for the three seats.

    There are 15 candidates contesting the state seat of Bukit Selambau, and three for the Bukit Gantang and two for the Batang Ai parliamentary constituencies. Add them up: 1+5+3+2 and they total 11.

    Some may say it's sheer coincidence but those who take numerology seriously will think it means a bright future for the incoming prime minister.
    They probably will be further convinced when Najib takes over as the sixth prime minister soon, since this year is 2009, and 2+9>11.

    Najib's appointment as deputy prime minister on Jan 6, 2004 (6/1/04) is another significant event that is related to No. 11.

    Many significant dates and events in Najib's life have been related to No. 11. Coincidentally, his house address in Jalan Langgak Duta, off Taman Duta here is also No. 11.

    His late father, former prime minister Tun Abdul Razak Hussein, was born on March 11, 1922 while his mother Tun Rahah Mohd Noah was born on June 11, 1933. He also has a son who was born on May 11.

    Najib is a member the Pahang royal household, having been appointed the 11th Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar.

    Another political milestone relating to No. 11 was his ability to bounce back high in the 11th general election in 2004 after a narrow win in 1999. He had retained the Pekan parliamentary seat by a convincing 22,992-vote majority as against a mere 241-vote margin in 1999.

  8. Amateur Numerologist10:12 am, March 31, 2009

    In numerology No. 11 is a very powerful leadership number.

    No. 22 is even better - often associated with Dr. Mahathir. That is the number of the Master Constructor

  9. int said...

    This joker left PKR and took 500 supporters with him.

    In the last general election Arumugam won by slightly over 2000 votes .

    With 500 supporters gone , that translates to 1000 votes difference , meaning less 500 for PKR and add 500 for BN .

    There's another three PKR members who stood as independents . Let's give them 200 votes each that they are able to get . That adds up to 600 votes loss by PKR and 600 votes gain by BN .

    On just these two items , PKR stands to have a loss of 1100 votes while BN will have a gain of 1100 votes . That's already 2200 votes .

    Assuming that out of the 15 , minus the two main actors and minus the three PKR guys , there's 10 left , and each of them is able to draw 100 votes away from the one of the two main contenders , looks like PKR is in trouble ! real trouble . Unless an analysis shows that the majority of the independents are with PR and not with BN and draw votes away from BN .
    However I believe this is not the case as independents are usually fielded by BN to draw votes away from the other guy and not vice - versa .

  10. Amateur Numerologist

    Yes No.11 is a very powerful leadership number .
    It also signifies CHANGE .

  11. Chaptokam...interesting forgot the results of the two previous by-elections after March 08 2008 showed BN has actually lost additional support in the electorate...its a fact a number of people who voted BN on March 08 have since changed their minds.

    I'm not sure how many new voters are in Bukit Selambau, but going by previous trends, they are 70-80% pro-PR

  12. you just can't stop bashing anwar

  13. My Makkal Sakti friends have given a more factual picture from the ground in Bukit Selambau...

    Kalaivanar actually quit with about 50 PKR members - that's the objective evidence. 500 members is the head-count of the Indian members of the Jerai division, but its not true they all followed Kalaivanar en masse.

    A lot of the Independents are waiting for Anwar to "do a deal" with them. I hope he doesn't. PR can win in its own right - and let these jokers lose their deposits.
    RM 5 K deposit for a State Seat is not such small change in these hard times...

  14. It may be hard for non-Malay watchers to realise but the risk for PR is actually Bukit Gantang.

    The Malay vote in Bukit Selambau is more than 50% for PR (more for PAS actually, but they will vote PKR), PKR should win, albeit with reduced majority.

    Bukit Gantang was/is a solid UMNO constituency and many of the Malays like they will go back to the UMNO embrace. Nizar has to campaign very hard in the Malay kampungs next few days. A defeat for PAS would be disastrous.

    The Chinese vote is super-solid for PR in both constituencies but not enough to make a difference.

  15. Najib headache will be the return of Dr M to UMNO and not PR threats of any kind. The latter can be easily deal with, lock them up and every things will quiet down. But if Najib were to do that to Dr M, there will be uproar in UMNO.

    His return MAY unite UMNO however not necessary good for BN, instead will be a liability to BN as a whole is definitely certain. That doddering old man who's face is make up of buttock's skin will surely jump and claim the prize if BN won the by-election that because he is joining back UMNO wins the people confident.

    If BN lost, he will say all because of Pak Lah etc, etc,etc.............

  16. Let me give my perspective as an Indian and someone knowledgeable about Makkal Sakthi / Hindraf mob. It should be clear by now that I am neither a fan boy of the party headed by convicted sodomite nor a supporter of the bunch of overweight Indian racist thugs masquerading as “the voice of the Indian under class”.

    There are 2 reasons for this Indian Mutiny and their unhappiness over the candidacy of Mani Kumar. The first and obvious reason is self-interest with people like Kalai Vanar, Hindraf legal advisor lawyer R. Surendran and Hindraf detainee, Vasantha Kumar (one of Hindraf 5 ISA detainee) had been and Hindraf National Coordinator RS Thanendran actively vying to be the candidate. Fact that the winning candidate will be made an exco member if he wins no doubt a big motivation for these folks. Vasantha Kumar was born and bred in Bkt Selambau. RS Thanendran, a Penangite, was promised a position in Penang with MPSP or MPPP by Lim Guan Eng but that failed to materialize. As such this snub is particularly more painful. It is important to note that Hindraf leadership had wanted and appealed to the GSOS to allow a Hindraf candidate.

    The 2nd reason is the choice of Mani Kumar. If the GSOS had been sincere in wanting to have an Indian candidate, then he would have chosen someone who is young, clean, educated and can be acceptable to all races. However by choosing a loser like Mani Kumar, the GSOS has shown that cronyism is still well and alive in PKR and PR.

    It is well known that the only reason why Mani Kumar was selected was due to the insistence of the disgraced former ADUN/bigamist Arumugam and the Datuk Ravi Dharan, the chairman of the Daya Group of Companies. It is also alleged that Mani Kumar is the brother in law of Arumugam, this tainting him in the process and lending more credence to the accusation of cronyism.

    Mani Kumar, who has a degree in Tourism, is said to be a loser in life as well with constant change of jobs due to his unmarketable education. He did his MBA at UUM but that did nothing to his marketability. Finally the win of Arumugam came as godsend and the ADUN managed to help Mani to set up a car dealership. Even this did not go smoothly, with many accusations that Mani sold sub-standard cars and cheated people. In fact he has several pending court cases.

    Mani was not involved in Makkal Sakthi movement nor he was active in PKR until after the GE. Worse still, he is just an ordinary member. He is a virtual unknown in Bkt Selambau.

    As such, one wonders why in the first place Mani was even considered. The real reason is of course the influence of the bigamist Arumugam and Datuk Ravi Sharan. It is Ravi who helped Arumugam to find a place in Mumbai to escape the adverse public reaction. There was some fevered negotiation between Aru and the GSOS and the bigamist refused to quite his goldmine of a job. So the GSOS had to bring in Ravi Dharan, his Indian troubleshooter to help. So Ravi arranged for a safe haven for Aru in exchange for his resignation. However, Aru managed to wrangle another concession: that Mani takes over his position (presumably to keep the cash flow running to his family coffers).
    This is the real reason for the GSOS and PR’s actions in opting for a political greenhorn and the story was made known to the insiders.

    Hindraf folks were already angry with Arumugam due to his bigamist ways and non- performance despite riding on the Makkal Sakthi wave. It is a common joke that even though Arumugam means 6-faced in Tamil, not even one face of Aru was seen in there. As such installing a dynasty of Arumugam has enraged these folks.

    Some background on the main actors of this bad Kollywood masala movie. Unlike Tamil Aneh is trying to spin here, Kalai has significant influence here and nationally too. Kalai is most famous for his leading of the infamous Batu Caves Rebellion, which took place a day before the 25th November rally. A VCD of the entire incident was widely distributed during the GE by PR parties. Kalai was also prominent during the 25th Nov rally, with his pictures with a megaphone leading the crowd braving FRU was published around the world. As such, Kalai’s resignation is a big blow not just for Bkt Selambau but effectively for the relationship between PR and Hindraf. That all key Hindraf leaders had appealed to the GSOS for a Hindraf candidate to be nominated but not unsurprisingly the GSOS sodomised the Indians yet again.

    Datu Ravi Dharan meanwhile has been a friend of the GSOS since his DPM days. He had established his business interests in China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka,etc. After the GSOS was kicked out of the DPM post, Ravi parachuted to Indonesia. There, using the GSOS’s contacts with Gus Dur, he managed to build a vast business empire. His influence also can be seen from Bala’s first SD and then his subsequent MIA act.

  17. Desk Jockey

    the results of the two previous by-elections after March 08 2008 showed BN has actually lost additional support in the electorate..

    On the results yes , it showed BN lost some ground in those two bye elections , but if you were to study it more closely you would find some of the main reasons why BN lost and some modest gain .

    I wouldn't want to touch on the Permatang Pauh bye election , that was a forgone conclusion that Anwar would win , its only the margin of the win , by how many votes .

    Let's analyse on the Kuala Trengganu bye election . First the modest gain , MCA managed to turn around the Chinese votes in the Chinese majority areas . Even though it was a modest gain , it showed two things . The Chinese mind was not set , they were still listening to the points and issues raised by the two sides and subsequently made their minds to support BN . There was no further deterioration of support among the Chinese voters for BN .Even to maintain the percentage of support would have been good .

    Now we analyse the contributing factors to the lost in support among the Malay voters in Kuala Trengganu .
    Factor 1 : Before the general election prior to 308 the Malay support was equally 50/50 . They were equally divided in their support for BN and PAS .That deteriorated immediately after the 308 due to the squabble within UMNO on who should be the Mentri Besar , dragging in the Sultan of Trengganu who is also the DYMM Agong . The tussle between Idris Jusoh ( UMNO nominee )and Ahmad Said ( the preferred candidate by the Royalty ) basically tore UMNO / Malay support by another 50 percent . The Malay support for UMNO was thus reduced to just aound 25 percent . How can you win with just 25 percent Malay support for UMNO ? NO way you can win . If its a 50/50 position you can still bank on the Chinese votes to win by a slim margin . But with 25 for UMNO and 75 percent for PAS , UMNO can kiss KT goodbye .
    Factor 2 : The display of posters carrying the natang words refering to the Sultan compounded that problem . It was pure arrogance by the UMNO members / people who displayed such posters .
    Factor 3 : The wrong candidate . The UMNO candidate was perceived to be cocky and not a people's choice candidate . He was even deemed to be arrogant and lan si !
    Factor 4 : UMNO campaigners came in their posh and luxury cars , arriving in KT driving Mercedes , BMWs cars and SUVs , and MPVs . This is bad publicity for a bye election . I wonder why would they want to do that , the only reason I can think off is they had given up winning KT even before the voting day .
    There are other minor things that I can mention , but I thing these are the major issues why OMNO lost Kuala Trengganu .

    As for Bukit Selambau , its a different ball game . The Indians here would be the king makers whether you like it or not and perhaps the Chinese would have some effects of the outcome of this bye election . As for the Malays , we can say they are still equally divided . To win BN must have the Indian support !

  18. Killer

    Very interesting write up , I must say , main thing is lots of facts and no bullshitting unlike the demented alcoholic arsehole blogger .

    If you readers were to compare these two articles written by killer and the demented alcoholic arsehole blogger , you can easily tell which one is dr spin and lying thru his ass !

    Here's the extract of the article " And you said you fear PAS "

    News Item 1: Jerai PKR division dissolved

    A PKR division chief has pulled out from PKR, taking over 400 party members with him. Jerai PKR division chief B. Kalaivanar said his decision to leave PKR was due to his disappointment and frustration, as well as many other members’, with the party’s leadership that has ignored the voices of those who had struggled for the party. (You can read the rest of the news item below).

    Now read this:

    News item 2: PKR man faces cheating rap

    Parti Keadilan Rakyat candidate for the Gurun state seat in the last general election B. Kalaivanar was charged at the magistrate’s court yesterday with two counts of cheating involving RM3,600. Kalaivanar, who is also Jerai PKR division chairman, claimed trial to inducing R. Patchama, 59, to hand over RM2,000 in April 2004 as payment to process an application for aid with the Social Security Organisation (Sosco). (You can read the rest of the news item below).

    Do I need to explain what is going on in Kedah or are you intelligent enough to grasp the situation? It is quite simple really. Contest the by-election and then win. And after you win you negotiate a deal to cross over to Barisan Nasional -- such as a cash payment of RM5 million plus for the court case to be dropped.

    PKR man faces cheating rap, 11 June 2008

    SUNGAI PETANI: Parti Keadilan Rakyat candidate for the Gurun state seat in the last general election B. Kalaivanar was charged at the magistrate’s court yesterday with two counts of cheating involving RM3,600.
    Kalaivanar, who is also Jerai PKR division chairman, claimed trial to inducing R. Patchama, 59, to hand over RM2,000 in April 2004 as payment to process an application for aid with the Social Security Organisation (Sosco).
    Known as Kalai among PKR members, the 44-year-old also claimed trial to issuing a cheque for RM1,600 to Patchama on Sept 15, 2005, when he knew that there was no application for the amount with Socso. The cheque bounced.
    The offences were allegedly committed at No 24, Kampung Sungai Ibur in Gurun, 20km from here.
    Assistant public prosecutor Nuraswan Amuniddin proposed bail of RM4,000 in one surety for each charge.
    Kalaivanar, a father of six, who was not represented, pleaded for a lower bail of between RM1,000 and RM1,500, saying that his wife was a housewife and that he worked as an activist with several non-governmental organisations.
    Court Registrar V. Kanesan, sitting as magistrate, set bail at RM3,000 for each charge in one surety pending mention on July 6.
    Kalaivanar posted bail, but was arrested again outside the bailiff’s office about 1pm.

    So the demented alcoholic arsehole blogger is painting Kalai as very dirty and not fit to be nominated as a candidate because of the court cases. Compare that with killers write up and you will see the reasons why the other chap Mani kumar and not Kalai was made the candidate !

    One more thing here since Kalai's dirty background has been exposed by RPK and not BN , did you notice the background of PKR's people and supporters ? in these two articles assuming that they are still in PKR and had not resigned ? Could this be the reason why people have lamented that PKR is filled with those low quality candidates and YBs ? Is this also the reason why those YBs who resigned and leap frogged are all from PKRs ? Is this also the reason why Fairus is a liability to PKR now and has to resign his DCMs position with the implication of two more PKR YBs on the take ! ie corruption within one year of office ! Seems that all the fracas and bye elections have all to do with PKR ?
    Leave it to you all to make the conclusions , but as I say There's real serious problems in PKR and in the days and months to come, you will be able to see how dangerous it is to follow Anwar Ibrahim and his brand of politics.

    You are forewarned!

  19. Chaptemoc

    When are you going to claim back sovreignity over your blog?

  20. "Chaptemoc"?! Bwahahahaha!! That's a good one! No, he's lost it forever! He has to send a Merdeka delegation if he wants it back. But as all such delegations are controlled by the MCA, he'll still have to depend on Chaptokam! Wakakakakakaka!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. Bro chaptokam

    There is a war going on between the pro GSOS machans and the Makkal Sakthi goons in the cyberworld and also in the Ground Zero at Bkt Selambau. So I am just kicking back and enjoying the show seeing the opposing goons beating each other senseless. It beats a masala Tamil movie for comedic value anytime.

    The word is that Mani Kumar has been declared persona non grata in all Indian majority areas in Bkt Selambau and he is focusing on and campaigning in PAS and DAP strongholds. You can see how bad the situation is by looking at Uncle Sam. He looks positively radiating with charm and confidence in his sunglasses. If you recall just about a year back before the GE, he was chased off by a bunch of old Indian ladies and thugs in motorbikes with parangs in the very same area. He has in staying in Bkt Selambau for the duration and has not visited Bukit Gantang at all. A year ago he would not even dare to step into the area, much less campaign.

    Makkal Sakthi folks have stoked so much anger on Mani Kumar that MIC has practically nothing to campaign and some outstation MIC folks actuallly has gone back to their respective states since the situation is so comfortable and their help is unneeded.

    It was really hilarious to see the PR cheerleaders' response to my analysis in here, MI and elsewhere in blogospehere.You see these folks instead of attacking the BN candidate, have turned their guns with vengence on Kalai Vanar.

    As I said, Kalai Vanar and the others are no angels and have truckload of skeleton in their closets. It reflects very poorly on PR that they had to resort to a complete unknown and an ordinary member as a candidate as all others are dirty and tainted. In fact Mani Kumar, as I had stated, is also tainted person as well. Well, what you expect from a party founded by a convicted sodomite.

    As for Kalai Vanar, he is an useless hooligan but following Machiavelli's advice,I would go with the policy of "enemy of my enemy is my friend" in this case.

  23. KT

    Something to brighten up your day. This is what chaptokam and myself had suspected all along.

    “Double Standard" Anwar Dalam Kes Elly, Arumugam Terbongkar
    Posted on Tuesday, March 31 @ 15:58:27 MYT

    Oleh Adnil Mohd

    Bukit Gantang -- Bekas Setiausaha Pemuda dan Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Lokman Noor Adam mendakwa Penasihat PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sehingga kini tidak mahu Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Bukit Lanjan, Elizabeth Wong melepaskan jawatan disebabkan peranan penting Elizabeth kepada parti itu.

    Lokman yang kini Exco Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia seterusnya mendedahkan pada tahun 2003, Anwar telah menghantar pimpinan kanan PKR ke Washington DC untuk mendapatkan dana daripada George Soros bagi menghadapi Pilihan Raya Umum ke-11 ketika itu.

    Menurutnya, pertemuan itu telah diatur Tian Chua dan pimpinan PKR yang menghadap George Soros ketika itu ialah Datin Seri Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, Azmin Ali dan Khalid Jaafar.

    "Bagaimanapun Tian Chua tidak ada pada pertemuan itu sebaliknya beliau menghantar Elizabeth Wong untuk menguruskan pertemuan berkenaan.

    "Pertemuan mereka terbongkar apabila berlaku pertengkaran di antara Azmin Ali dan Elizabeth setelah Azmin tidak membenarkan Elizabeth memasuki perbincangan tersebut kerana khuatir ada pihak luar yang mengetahui tindakan mereka menagih dana dari Soros", katanya.

    Beliau mendedahkan perkara itu ketika berceramah ‘Kenapa Harus Tolak Pas’ di sini, Isnin malam.

    Kata beliau lagi, perkara tersebut dimaklumkan oleh Ezam semasa mesyuarat 'inner circle' mereka.

    Tegas beliau hakikat berkenaan jelas membuktikan “double standard” Anwar dalam berdepan dengan krisis dalaman parti tersebut.

    "Saya katakan begitu kerana apabila bekas ADUN Bukit Selambau terlibat dengan masalah moral (perempuan simpanan) beliau segera desak agar ADUN tersebut meletakkan jawatan.

    "Namun bila berdepan dengan kes Elly, Anwar mempertahankan Elizabeth habis-habisan sungguhpun ADUN berkenaan didakwa menghadapi masalah ketagihan rokok, arak dan yang terkini masalah gambar bogel serta hubungan dengan pemuda Islam (Helmi)", katanya.

    Lokman seterusnya menambah Anwar masih tidak mahu Elizabeth meletakkan jawatan kerana Elizabeth adalah ‘jambatan’ kepada dana yang diberikan kepada PKR dari pihak asing yang mahu mengkucar-kacirkan negara.

    Pada 1997, George Soros dilabel sebagai penyangak mata wang yang menyebabkan ekonomi negara merundum dan ekonomi Asia juga turut tergugat.

  24. KT

    Here you go...

    BTW, anyone ever wondered why Tian Chua had sent Elizabeth Wong ? Any specific reasons ? I think I do know (add wink wink here)

  25. donplaypuks and anonymous 6:16 AM,

    wow that early 6.16am ! Anyway sorry to disappoint you folks cause we are a bit active with our comments during these crucial times with the three bye elections round the corner . As for Kaytee he's a DAP fella , very hard to convince him to join MCA unless MCA and DAP can become MCDAP : Malaysian Chinese Democratic Action Party ! wakakakaka !!!

  26. Hi Ktemoc

    Somehow, I have some grudging admiration for this man :)
    He really tells it like it is.

    Mahathir: "The party (i.e. UMNO)essentially is a very good party. It has functioned very well for 50 years and now we find under the leadership of Abdullah, the party has really become rotten, (it) has not been able to win the usual results that we have had in the past elections".

    Phua Kai Lit

  27. Happy April Fools day everybody

    Thanks for telling us KT is a DAP man.
    I guess it all along.
    With his wisdom, he sure can contribute a lot to DAP.
    But DAP is rather dogmatic to listen to opinions of those not in their circle.

  28. Ah? Idzan Ismail? You mean you didn't know? After reading KTemoc's blog for so long, you could only guess?:

    Thanks for telling us KT is a DAP man.
    I guess it all along.

    Ah? Ape ni? You seriously mean that KTemoc is wise??:

    With his wisdom, he sure can contribute a lot to DAP.

    LOL! KTemoc is old for sure, but wise? Wiser than Chaptokam maybe -- but that's putting the wisdom bar too low...

    Ah? Ape ni lagi? DAP dogmatic?:

    But DAP is rather dogmatic to listen to opinions of those not in their circle.

    You mean UMNO is NOT dogmatic? Maybe not intelligent enough to be dogmatic? That's why their dogmas appear inconsistent? Whereas the DAP is both intelligent and dogmatic, and their consistency makes them appear more dogmatic than they actually are?

    Actually DAP is not that dogmatic. They even listen to genuine men of wisdom, such as Tok Guru Nik Aziz (so does KTemoc BTW) whenever it suits them. KTemoc also seeks advice from another man of wisdom: Master Yoda of Star Wars fame. So does that make him wise? Dunno.

  29. Dapur Man

    I am sure Tok Guru Niz Aziz is indeed a genuine man of wisdom and a bright shinning light and a role model.....for the Talibans of Afghanistan & Pakistan not to mention the local chapter of the Wahabbi sect and the members of the Iranian Mullahs fan club.

    I am indeed certain that in terms of wisdom, we can rank Tok Guru right up there with such enlightened gurus such as Senor Osama B. Laden.

  30. Hi Ktemoc

    Happy Holidays!
    A Great Way to Fly ;)

    Check out this article:

    Phua Kai Lit

  31. Today RPK came out with this article which was more or less to appease the swelling anger among Chinese when he wrote an MCA bashing article called Bodoh punya Cina .

    I think this article should be read by all Malays Chinese , Indians and I hope the word MCA would not become a banned word like Altan......

    The Unknown Soldier
    (here's an extract )
    Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, the first Prime Minister of Malaysia, led a delegation of Malayans to London to negotiate Merdeka. In that delegation were the first president and founder of the Malayan Chinese Association (MCA), Tun Dato Sir Tan Cheng Lock (photo above), and the fifth President of the Malayan Indian Congress (MIC), Tun V.T. Sambanthan.

    We must remember; Umno was the first delegation to London. But they went to London only to oppose the formation of the Malayan Union, not to negotiate Merdeka. This resulted in the British abandoning the idea of the Malayan Union in favour of the formation of The Federation of Malaya.

    The second delegation to London was by MCA. MCA’s purpose of going to London was to negotiate Merdeka for Malaya. But the British rejected the proposal. It was the third Umno-MCA-MIC joint-delegation to London that the “Alliance” proposal for Merdeka was really discussed and agreed.

    In that sense, who was the first to negotiate Merdeka? According to history, it was MCA. But the British refused to consider MCA’s proposal for Merdeka unless all three races united and jointly negotiated Merdeka. So the second delegation by MCA actually failed. It was the third joint Umno-MCA-MIC delegation that eventually succeeded in getting an agreement from the British.

    Okay, that is what history tells us. But that is not really the issue here. Whether it was an Umno, or a MCA, or an Umno-MCA-MIC effort that resulted in Merdeka is just one issue and an issue that the Malays, Chinese and Indians will argue till the cows come home -- as each will want to claim that it was it who was the one who was instrumental in Merdeka. What we must not forget is that all Malayans contributed towards Merdeka, not just the elite from amongst the Malays, Chinese and Indians, as what they are trying to suggest.

    Read rest of article here :

    So today there's no RPK bashing from me since what he posted is a reasonable write up backed with historical facts with NO Spin even though it may have been written by Khoo Kay Peng ) .

  32. Phua Kai Lit

    Forget about that joker ! His fate awaits him . Like they say when you are climbing up the ladder you'll see another climbing down !

  33. I forgot today is April Fools day and I nearly had a shock so would Kaytee if this was true since Teresa is a sweetie !

    Teresa Kok is pregnant??
    This is a scoop from my very reliable girlfriend. Teresa Kok is pregnant. Yes! The SUE lady .. shot by a loaded gun?

    Wow! Unmarried and pregnant so soon after the Eli Wong spectacle? This is too much ... Utusan Melaysia is going to run away with this? It is so unlike for someone at DAP? Only folks from PKR would be more careless ... they may not know about condoms ... But ... DAP Teresa Kok?

    Girlfriend insisted … it’s true, it’s true! That’s why she is getting married to the guy by the name of Sankara Nair. Huh? This is getting juicier by the minute.

    But how did girlfriend know? Haiya! Teresa said so herself in her Facebook. You are sooo slow lah! I even congratulated her for being so careless. You should see the congratulatory messages she is receiving.

    But, yoh! Girlfriend, she did not say she’s pregnant. Haiyah! That’s the big secret she is not telling. I got this from a reliable source. She and baby are definitely walking up the aisle. Sankara is buying one and getting one free. Goodness me!

    But I think Sankara is not even prepared to take one free. He does not even know that Teresa has a thing for him and what more ... a baby on the way?


  34. Trust Meiyenn to spread such rubbish.

    99% of her blog is MCA Snake Oil anyway.

  35. Ulan Bo Lan Hood7:25 pm, April 01, 2009

    You should read rest of article first before jumping into conclusion !
    Isn't today April Fools Day !!

  36. PETALING JAYA: Seputeh MP Teresa Kok says she is not getting married, clarifying a posting she put on Facebook that got the media buzzing.

    She described it as an April Fool’s joke that had to be revealed earlier than she expected.

    At around 9.40am Wednesday morning, Kok’s Facebook status read that “her marriage plans had as many combinations as a McDonald’s menu.”

    Immediately following this posting, comments were left by her friends congratulating her or asking whether she had too many suitors to choose from.

    When contacted via SMS, Kok, who was attending a state exco meeting, said it was an April Fool’s prank played by her staff.

    Later, she updated her Facebook status and said her last status message about ‘marriage plans’ was her April Fool’s joke.

    “Too many reporters are phoning me up for comments so I have to reluctantly reveal that it’s a joke today, instead of tomorrow.”

  37. Chaptokam: is your praise of Raja Petra an April Fool's joke? You can't have your cake and eat it too: praise him when he says something nice about the MCA, and condemn him when he's telling the truth.


  38. Anonymous 7:41 PM

    I didn't praise him as the way you put it , I only mentioned " So today there's no RPK bashing from me since what he posted is a reasonable write up backed with historical facts with NO Spin "
    Can no RPK bashing from me be construed as praise him ?
    Cheers my friend !

    The UFOs have landed !! !

  39. KT,
    Sorry some indians are a disgrace and selfish!This Kalla guy had his chance and lost in early round.Now he's tainted with those court cases for being a cheat!And he has the F$#@ing gall to show his tantrums like leaving the party when he doe'nt get his lollipop.Do you want such people to represent you and later to sell out?
    Sorry !its real hard to trust anything?

  40. KT,

    More sweet music for your ears...

    Kenapa Anak Muda Tidak Percaya Anwar Meliwat?
    Posted on Thursday, April 02 @ 02:00:00 MYT

    Oleh Haris Razali

    Bukit Gantang -- Bekas Setiausaha Pemuda dan Ahli Majlis Tertinggi PKR, Lokman Noor Adam mendedahkan rahsia mengapa beliau dan anak muda lain tidak percaya bahawa Datuk Seri Awar Ibrahim seorang peliwat pada tahun 1998.

    Pada waktu itu katanya ribuan anak muda termasuk beliau sanggup turun ke jalan raya mengadakan demonstrasi bagi mempertahankan Anwar yang dituduh terlibat dengan skandal liwat.

    Ketika mendedahkan perkara itu, beliau mendakwa antara puncanya ialah penglibatan ulamak Pas, Datuk Taib Azamuddin yang ketika itu Imam Masjid Negara menyembunyikan perkara yang sebenarnya.

    "Saya amat kecewa kerana Taib merahsiakan pengakuan yang dibuat dihadapannya sebelum Anwar dipecat iaitu pengakuan oleh Ahmad Hairani (Bekas Penulis Ucapan Anwar) dan Amir Hamzah bahawa mereka telah diliwat oleh Anwar.

    "Jika beliau memberitahu perkara itu kepada umum sejak awal lagi, sudah pasti orang seperti saya tidak akan terpedaya dengan manusia yang bernama Anwar Ibrahim," katanya ketika berceramah 'Kenapa Perlu Tolak Pas' di Taman Menteri, di sini, semalam.

    Tegas beliau lagi, penyembunyian perkara yang sebenar menyebabkan ramai anak-anak muda tertipu dan sanggup melakukan perkara diluar dugaan pada tahun 1998 setelah Anwar dpecat daripada jawatannya.

    Sementara itu, beliau turut menyeru pengundi Bukit Gantang menolak calon Pas, Datuk Seri Ir Mohamad Nizar Jamaluddin pada pilihan raya kecil Parlimen Bukit Gantang, 7 April ini kerana parti terbabit telah menyimpang daripada matlamat asal.

    "Sebagai bukti, apa yang ingin dilaksanakan oleh parti tersebut memerlukan persetujuan sekutu mereka DAP dan PKR. Kita nak tanya mereka apa pendirian dalam soal penubuhan Negara Islam yang sekali timbul dan sekali tenggelam", soalnya.

  41. Anon 10.21am

    Kalai Vanar is no angel but neither is Mani Kumar or even the Great Snake Oil Sales man (GSOS) Anwar himself.

    Mani Kumar also is a tainted candidate and has court cases and police reports pending.

    You can read my analysis above about this whole sorry mess.

    None of the 12 people in the short list is even remotely clean. In fact the quality of candidates in PKR are so bad in general that the GSOS better of picking PAS and DAP candidates.

    The chances of Mani is winning is almost nil. If you notice the BS campaign, most of the senior PR leaders are in Bkt Gantang as they realise BS is a lost cause. In fact Mani can't even enter Indian majority areas as the feeling is so strongly against him, stirred up by Hindraf and also due to the extra-maritial antics of Mani's brother in law and ex-ADUN Arumugam.

    His public speaking skills are very poor so he is leaving to others to speak for him.

  42. @chaptokam

    Any chance you can stop making it personal against Teresa? KT's a serious blog. If you want to smear I am sure MCA and your BN colleagues have blogs available for this purpose.

  43. Eric

    Any chance you can stop making it personal against Teresa? KT's a serious blog. If you want to smear ...

    Three things here...pls read what I wrote before you open your mouth it's in simple English and not in a foreign language .
    1)I forgot today is April Fools day and ---I nearly had a shock so would Kaytee if this was true ---

    2)Seputeh MP Teresa Kok says she is not getting married, clarifying a posting she put on Facebook . Kok, who was attending a state exco meeting, said it was an April Fool’s prank played by her staff.
    she updated her Facebook status and said her last status message about ‘marriage plans’ was her April Fool’s joke.
    The prank was played by her staff , the pregnant part was the latter part in the story put up by her staff in her faceboook ---- NOT ME

    3)KT's a serious blog. I have been here for a long time - No NEED FOR YOU TO TELL ME - especially for a newcomer like you !

    You can't be serious all the time , especially when its APRIL FOOLS DAY !