Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Buses of phantom voters with water bottles

Malaysiakini - Polling day: Tear gas, rain, phantom buses

Whenever PKR and UMNO clashed (doesn’t matter that the candidate had been from MIC), two things would most likely occur.

One – accusations of bus loads of phantom voters, made by PKR heroes.

As I wrote last year regarding the Permatang Pauh by-election:

Malaysiakini reported in
5 'phantom' buses stopped, MP and sons arrested that PKR leader Gobalakrishnan, MP for Padang Serai, and his two sons plus a supporter, adopted the PKR ‘core’ group’s habit of stopping buses, allegedly full of phantom voters.

OK, where was the evidence that the passengers were phantom voters? […]

Recall the Ijok by-election where PKR supporters blocked the car of Najib by placing flower pots on the road, with one sitting on the bonnet of that car?

And then in Lunas?

There has been a propensity by some PKR fanatical followers (or those who want to bodek Anwar kau kau to attract the reformasi man’s attention wakakaka) to take the law into their hands like the ruthless lawless vigilante corp of the American Wild West, stringing up people they suspected (only suspected, no proof whatsoever) of crimes whilst forgetting that in their vigilante action, they would be committing crimes themselves.

I am aghast that a member of parliament would stoop to such disgraceful grandstanding antics.

Two – they would ‘exchange’ water bottles. Malaysiakini reported (at 4.45pm) that in Bukit Selambau the situation in several areas is quite tense with supporters from BN and Pakatan having a go at each other. … One focal point is Sungai Lalang where the supporters are trading insults and hurling plastic water bottles at one another.

They did that in the Ijok by-election as well – see my post Ijok - glimpses of Vision 2020 where I wrote:

After the nomination period ended at 10 am, supporters of BN’s K Parthiban and PKR’s Khalid Ibrahim decided to flaunt their V-2020 credentials by
‘exchanging’ bottled water, a traditional though modernised Malaysian custom.

In the old days, any handy loose chairs would do as piloting aspirants air-tested the furniture’s aerodynamic properties. But today, that’s really déclassé.

1st World affluence demands that only bottled water would do, and bearing in mind science’s advice that 1 litre of water weighs 1 hefty kilogram, flying missiles of 375 ml or even 750 ml unopened bottles could have devastating effect.

A supporter of one of the candidates was heard to have said “Take my Evian, you …. (censored) …”

The response was shockingly provocative: “Cheapskate – here’s my Glacia Nova … nah nah nah!”

Mount Franklins, Abbey Well, AQA, Adonis Heilwasser and our local Alpine were among many brands shown off and exchanged by wannabe test-pilots from both BN and PKR.

I heard those el-cheapo DAP blokes and lassies who were present stuck to JKR-juice in imitation Tupperware and refused to release the containers for launching, whilst PAS also refused to let go of their Al Ghadir (imported from Saudi Arabia). It would have been most disrespectful to fling away stuff imported from the Saudi nation.

The top find from the post-exchange debris was a Bling H2O (at US$40 for 750 ml, the most expensive bottled water in the world) but no one wanted to confess to ownership. A few Chap Tiga Kepala were also discovered, evidence to Najib Tun Razak’s glocalisation, but again, like the other end of the range, Bling H2O, there were embarrassed reluctance to admit to their ownership.

But, like the Seekers, I’m sad in a way that the carnival is now over ;-)

But nonetheless congratulations to the newly elected representatives.


  1. Dear Ktemoc

    By-election results tell us something don't they?

    I'm waiting for the spin and damage control from the usual group of BN apologists and cybertroopers.

    Popular democracy is on the march in Malaysia!

    Phua Kai Lit

  2. Phua Kai Lit,

    Me no yellow, I stand firm on my ground. Troubles ahead you wanna bet?

  3. Dear XieAn

    My worthy right-wing friend, it's good to learn from history.
    Repression may work in the short run but it almost always fails in the long run. Because outright repression makes the other side mobilise even more.

    That's why it is better to have democracy in spite of democracy's shortcomings. Democratic politics is the civilized way to deal with disagreements and make compromises.
    Political opponents can compete for the support of voters, make compromises or even form unity govts.

    Here's a list of history lessons on the ultimate failure of repression:

    Philippines (1965/1972 Martial Law & 1986 Marcos flees in disgrace)
    Indonesia (1965 Gestapu & 1998 Suharto downfall)
    S.Korea (1980 Kwangju massacre & 1993 Kim Young Sam becomes President)
    Hungary (1956 Warsaw Pact invasion & late 1980s/early 1990s Fall of regime)
    Czechoslovakia (1968 Warsaw Pact invasion and late 1980s/early 1990s Velvet Revolution)
    Taiwan (1948 228Incident & 2000ouster of KMT)


    Phua Kai Lit (your Social Democrat
    political opponent)


  4. PKR candidate has enjoyed principally strong Chinese support.
    ....DAP should (again) be thanked for its sterling work and contribution to a PR victory.

    Ktemoc, please don't be permanently stuck in the mire of racial stereotypes.

    Both DAP and PKR ran effective campaigns in Bukit Selambau, including in the predominantly Chinese Sungai Petani suburbs.

  5. Dear Kaytee and pals
    No phantom voters.
    PKR won right?
    If BN won, you will hear them crying foul.
    Thank you Elections Comiission for the free and fair elections.
    Thank you BN for the clean campaigns.
    Congrats Nizar, the DAP proxy, for finally having a real job.
    Please be your own man - the man we first loved.
    Stop being a DAP stooge.
    Stop meeting under a tree like punters waiting for 4-digit numbers.
    It's nice to know rhe Chinese are in love with PAS.
    But dont go beserk if they implement Hudud law.
    Malays have no problems voting Indian and Chinese BN candidates.
    Sone even voted DAP.
    Kaytee, are you serious about the mantra Nizar the next PM?
    You wish right? May as well say out loud LGE the next PM.
    If the PAS-DAP marriage last to the 13th polls, PAS will choose Husam or some other PM material.
    Not spineless Nizar.
    To be continued below.

  6. Dear Phua

    I really don't see any major shift in voting patterns since March 2008at all. It is status quo whatever way you see it.

    I also don't think it is fair to equate democracy with Pakatan. I grant you can say so if you are speaking about DAP (though after a year rule under LGE, this is highly questionable but let's leave that aside for now).

    But only Senor Osama, Talibans or those Islamofascist of the Wahhabbi faction would consider PAS as a democratic and a progressive force. PAS' rule would mean the end of democracy and civil liberties. They would also curtain religious freedom and would destroy the economy.

    As for PKR, I think you have badly miscalculated the GSOS. The only thing GSOS wants is to be the PM and he would cut a deal with anyone including George Bush to Osama B Ladin to achieve his goal.

    Look at the political scenario. PKR, Gerakan, MIC, MCA and DAP are competing for the same non Malay votes. Further given the decreasing % of population of Chinese, DAP's influence likely to become less and less at the national political scenario. As such, it is likely that the GSOS will more likely to align himself with PAS policies than DAP's democratic ideals.Since PAS is a lot more conservative than UMNO, a win for Pakatan would mean a shift toward an Islamic state. While I doubt Pakatan would introduce Hudud nationally, it is likely that some states would do so. At the national level, more Islamic polices would be introduced. We have seen that the GSOS was the one who introduced much of the Islamisation program in the govt when he was the DPM. So we can expect more in the future if he becomes the PM.

    I think PAS is also playing a smart game by using the GSOS to gain power. Once Pakatan wins, I guess PAS would allow the GSOS to lead the government until it consolidates its influence. Their long term goal is Islamic State and they would eventually take over the country and install Mullahs as the leaders.

  7. Phua Kai Lit,

    If you have eyes, please look at Pakistan, that kind of freedom you talking about. Young girls been whipped in the open without proper trial. Is that what you guys want?

  8. Didn't Killer say PKR would be buried in Bukit Selambau, and Nizar was 'desparate' in Bukit Gantang ?

    Wakakakakaka..or maybe he was analysing another By-Election in another time and the Twilight Zone

  9. How BN snatched defeat from Victory

    Go look at Rocky's Bru for photos of Posters/Banners put up by BN. So who are the goons who have no respect for the rakyat? Looks like they will NEVER change.

  10. Idzan Ismail says this to MB Nizar Jamaluddin: "Please be your own man - the man we first loved."

    Ah! Now we know! You were in love with MB Nizar... He was your first love... How sad! What happened after that? He joined PAS and you couldn't have the freedom you once had? That's why you are now in UMNO with a vengeance: to seek revenge on your first love?

    Sad love stories always make me cry... Sigh! Didn't realise that even UMNO members have a heart...

  11. To stop calls of the EC being less than impartial, some ground rules need to be put in place.

    First, all elections must be held on Saturdays (as in many other countries) to maximise turnout. The right to set the election date can remain, so long as it is on a Saturday. This will then remove the whiff of favouritism via lowering turnout.

    Second, electoral rolls must be made accessible to all, and be updated/cleaned up every 12 months (or any set date-I'm just choosing one).

    Three, the EC must have uniform rules in setting up/changing constituencies by population with allowances for rural areas as done in many countries. This must be done transparently and the information be accessible to all.

    Four, and I think this is important, we should be allowed to change our voting electorate as we move around (like in Australia). I'm from the very centre of Likas (yet EC has me registered to vote in Inanam, and we all know why...) but if I lived in KL and have been there for years, my representative is not the ADUN/MP in Likas/Inanama/KK but the one in KL. I should have the say who to vote for where I live.

    In fact, if the PR people are right and the EC does all it can to lower the turnout of those who have moved to urban areas, this should help BN in rural constituencies. The negation of this would be that they'll be more urban seats (point 3) but as allowances are made for rural seats the balance need not shift too much.

    This should remove a lot of doubt of EC's impartiality. Well, let's be honest-impartial they are not-otherwise my entire neighbourhood would be voting in Likas and not Inanam and all the complaints in the world go unheeded. If they did all the above, they'll be forced to be impartial at least.

  12. A mind mired in hate and personality. A disease indeed.

  13. Every time the voters went to the ballot from March 08, PKR's fortunes have increased either directly or indirectly. But a certain "human being" (I'm not sure) is sitting there shouting hoarse and still fails to tell people why he does so and still fails to influence a single person to share his pathetic view that's steeped in masochism. A self serving consolational stooge who seeks solace in his concoctions day in day out. Yet everytime, he (not sure of) has been WRONG by a people and a nation of a Nation.

  14. Anon 11.21am said "Didn't Killer say PKR would be buried in Bukit Selambau, and Nizar was 'desparate' in Bukit Gantang ?"

    Well, Anon, that's was my prediction and like many I was off the mark basing on ground sentiments. Of course a lot of PR cheerleaders also made all kinds of prediction and came away with eggs on their faces too.

    Any way as I said, the results are nothing to gloat about. PR merely retained their seats.

  15. Old chap Chaptokam

    As for the two DAP leaders being connected to the messy quarry corruption scandal, it seems that these 2 high ranking leaders are being questioned not on being suspected on the take but for withholding or supressing information.

    Since I don't want to upset the TOM (Tiger of Melbourne), I won't reveal their names. Just to give you a tantilising clue, one has a motor mouth and a penchant for mega self advertisement while the other tambi is known being an office boy for his boss.

  16. Phua Kai Lit ,

    You and DAP think that PAS can provide a true democracy. Go and ask PAS a straight and simple question, what is their direction, an islamic states or a secular states. I think they don't have the balls to tell you. You think they are very nice and cozy to the non-malays, then go " if you are allow to" listen to PAS ceramah agama in suraus and masjids. Then come and tell what they are talking about.

    DAP is not blind but selfish to mask PAS intention from the non-malay. The day will come that they be sorry about their act. Clearly PR able to defend Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambua with PAS strength and DAP help.Without PAS, PKR and DAP will be nothing.

  17. What has happened to my good friend Chaptokam? He hasn't contributed since 7:08 pm last night. It is now, according to my watch, 2:30 pm (the next day). As you know, that is a VERY LONG TIME for Chaptokam! I hope he's still alive. Or could it be that he's just too depressed that BN lost the two bukits and only got a small batang?

    Chaptay Mok

  18. Chaptay Mok @ kitty

    Me depressed ? you must be out of your mind ! People like us takes what comes our way . What happen to your spin on the fictitious and doctored photo ? Have you seen BN having to resort to those low brow ( new word learnt from KT ) tactics ? Only PR craps does that , don't you agree ?

    Since you are so concerned , I went to Cheng Beng my parents this morning and sent my car for servicing and repairs . Satisfied ? Or you want me to clock in clock out , report to you where I go , see who ! None of your Business ! There will be no further reply to you Chaptay Mok from me , find somebody else to satisfy your ego !

  19. Killer
    Rgding the
    one has a motor mouth and a penchant for mega self advertisement

    I have received a report from someone regarding power abuse by him . Already file to the relevant people .

    As to the BS issue from what I heard some people wanted back that seat from MIC which accordingly should be theirs since they formed the majority in that constituency . If you take a good look seven of the independents came from a certain political party compared to two or three ex PKR ind. candidates . As I mentioned earlier the independents are there to disperse support for BN .
    During GE12 it was a rather straight fight . But with 13 independents ( do you have the total / breakdown of each and every ind and the votes they got ? ) tally that up and times 2 and if that is more than the majority , you can guess who is responsible !

  20. And BTW Killer

    Samy's refusal to step down might have some dissensions from the MIC and the Indians there . I think MIC has lost BS for good . There's no more excuse and reasons for them to claim BS for their candidates . The next candidate will be from some other party in BN .

  21. Phua Kai Lit

    We don't resort to spins , half truths and lies . And for you to equate your alcoholic contaminated insinuations "I'm waiting for the spin and damage control from the usual group of BN apologists and cybertroopers." that we are BN apologists and cybertroopers only speaks ill of you .

  22. Nothing for Nizar to shout about, he does not have the support of majority of the Malay in Bukit Gantang. Even in the constituency of Changkat Jering which was held by former PKR man who then jump to BN, they lost the Malay votes. I do not think PAS would be happy with such scenario obtaining the seat with Chinese strength.

  23. Yello I am curious.

    Nizar to me is a nonentity.
    I didn't know of him until he became Perak MB.
    Wasnt even interested in how he ran Perak.
    What more a love affair with him.
    What I meant was we kinda like him and sympathise with him when the Perak crisis crops up.
    But when he became unbearably uncouth with urgings from DAP, phew he's off my pity party list.
    My love is always BN. Always have and always will.
    But I have a long association with PAS leaders like Hadi, Tok Guru and DAP leaders like Kit Siang due to my work.
    I can safely say they dont make the new young DAP and PAS leaders like they used too.
    I have a great respect for the PAS and DAP old stalwarts.
    But became disillusioned with them when they are in cohorts with Anwar.
    By the way KT I love the song Sad Movies Always Make Me Cry.
    The Carnival Is Over is also a favorite song of mine.
    If you know Anwar the carnival starts now.

  24. Nothing for Nizar to shout about, he does not have the support of majority of the Malay in Bukit Gantang.

    But he has the support of majority of the MALAYSIANS in Bukit Gantang and this includes a majority of the MCA members. So too bad lah. Welcome to the new Malaysia!

  25. Chaptokam and friends, do not forget to make your forecasts before the next by-elections, this will be precious when I go and see my favourite bookie:

    "chaptokam said...
    Yo Ong kian Ming
    There's still time for you to retract your story ! You still think PKR to win by 1,500-2,000 ???"

    (you are right Manikumar won by 2,403 votes!)

    "Killer said...
    The question is now if it going to be 3-0 or 2-1 in the favour of Najib."

    "Idzan Ismail said...
    Dear KT
    I think Chaptokam, Xie Ann and I will be celebrating tonight.
    Yam Seng"

    "XieAn said...
    What is your take?
    Killer 3-0 for BN
    Idzan 3-0 for BN
    Me 2-1 for BN"

    "chaptokam said...
    3-0 for BN"

    Jokes apart, you guys have to wake up your colleagues and friends if you want to relive BN before it is too late (cf Haris Ibrahim in This would also save you the above embarassing dust-biting in the future.

    I do not believe Malaysia wins anything by keeping a clueless government any longer. It should be cause for concern to all, that BN is fast heading into a merciless collapse in the Peninsula without its leaders or even supporters (our above-mentioned commentators) even realising it. You do not believe me? Hear day-dreaming Hisham: "You must understand, this is not our seat and not our state, we did not lose our own seat. So to look at it in such a defeated manner... I am not prepared to do that" or Muhyiddin: "Maybe the people have a feel-good factor relating to Najib's premiership, but they have yet to absorb the good feelings". BN is still ruling the federal government until the next GE, no matter what trick Anwar may pull off tomorrow, and shall stay an important political force thereafter.

    Do not expect any improvement so long as the main concern among BN is all about positions. Reading from Ti Lian Ker, MCA should be worried by creeping islamisation from either UMNO or PAS, right? No, they are worried about how many sinecures they can secure at the time many Malaysians are worried about their job (

    It is a dangerous sign when even the new UMNO president does not dare show his face during elections campaigns for fear of becoming a handicap to his team. BN has to stop denying the reality and start working earnestly. BN has its Ktemoc (I'd say Dato Sak or Wenger J Khairy) and its Karpal Singh (my take is Ku Li). If they were heard, Malaysians would really have a dilemma and Malaysian elections would stop being ridiculous wastage of flags and posters.

    Well, that's my lengthy 2-sen.


    PS: Aside to Idzan. Before you go on compromising your credibility any further by talking nonsense about BN's and EC's fairness, do read a neutral article by Bridget Welsh, a well-read political analyst (Pakatan's rising hills, Najib's declining slope at
    I invite you to make a trip to the next by-election to see how much your understanding on Malaysian elections' fairness is ill-formed. Zorro may be happy to lend you a seat in his "Special Bunch"'s true Blitz as an eye-opener. Alternatively, impartial MAFREL should be enough to open your eyes (e.g.

  26. Eric, its so funny reading the commenters here who so proudly proclaimed & wagered on a Pakatan defeat. Come today, they are now in Full-Spin mode.

    I hope none of them placed serious money on the outcome. Nanti kena pinjam dr along... lorrr. Ha Ha Ha.

  27. Eric,

    You talk so much only after the election. Idiot also can do that.

  28. But you XieAn, talked so much before the election...

    I know you're talking to Eric, but I couldn't help chipping in...

  29. Hi Chaptokam 3:36 pm

    My worthy right-wing friend,
    I don't drink alcohol. Ho ho!

    Hi Eric 9:11 pm

    In psychiatry, this condition is
    called "denial" :)
    Some of the BN apologists also exhibit signs of "delusions of persecution". Take a look at their conspiracy theories and have a good laugh :)

    Phua Kai Lit

  30. Ever come across this word Psychological Warfare , if you can't figure that out go dunk your head in shit . Didn't Anwar also used that tactic ? Oh I have something big to announced ? Make sure you come otherwise your editors will regret ? Balls !! talk about psychiatry ?

  31. Dear chaptokam 10:28 am

    Thank you for your outburst (in what is obviously an unguarded moment), chaptokam, my worthy right-wing friend. :)

    Just as I thought, BN apologists here are engaged in psychological warfare against the "other side".
    I suppose that some of you are well paid for doing so?? Probably not chaptokam but most likely the lady Ms Idzan who says "Who Cares?" to news that the two police guys have been sentenced to death. Another unguarded moment?

    Try reading some of the blogs from people from the other side, you can
    learn lots of things from them e.g. Anil Netto's blog. You can learn more than from reading the mainstream media. Otherwise, you will come to believe in your own propaganda (err.. I mean "psychological warfare") :)

    Phua Kai Lit