Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Silver blackens easily, Silver State more so

As a young boy I was given a silver chain by my uncle to wear my ‘siam-mah sampoh’ (Thai amulet) which I inherited from my paternal great grandmother, who hailed from Thailand.

Those of you who are from Penang, Kedah-Perlis, or Kelantan would have some idea of what the Phra Kring I wore was.

Well, I don’t anymore and one of the reasons was the silver chain kept turning black despite my regular cleaning. The black colour the chain assumed rapidly, even after the cleaning, was due to the reaction of the silver with my body sweat.

Silver has never agreed with me unlike for my cousin whose silver chain somehow shone beautifully.

Well, the Silver State has like my silver chain turned black too. In fact, the politics in that State is pretty rotten, and I blamed both Anwar Ibrahim and Najib Razak for their tit-for-tat froggy business which has brought about the nasty blackened state of affairs.

Anwar Ibrahim has always been a trouble maker, but many people (not me of course wakakaka) thought that perhaps his years in prison might have changed him completely from his old UMNO nasty self, making him the Great Reformer as he has been portraying himself.

But what did he do at the first opportunity he had post-incarceration?

Yes, he attempted to deform (note: not reform) the democratic process by seizing government through political defections. A black case of subversion of the ballot box. Yup, he is still his old UMNO self, trying to re-enact his 1994 froggie coup of Sabah.

His greater sin was to allow Najib Razak to upstage him in the sorry saga of fostering, encouraging and egging political defections. Even as a Deformer, Anwar couldn’t do the indecent job well enough.

And as an opposition leader (which Lim Kit Siang has to play, and with dignity, dedication and panache, in the frequent absence of the Great One) he couldn't even form a shadow cabinet.

What more as an alternative PM?

Najib? Well, he's UMNO, isn't he? wakakaka

Let’s move on to the State judiciary. There was this judicial commissioner in Perak who kept popping up everywhere and every time (even when it was said his contract had already ended) to frustrate State Assembly Speaker, Sivakumar during the attempted BN coup d'etat.

Then it was the High Court judge, Justice Datuk Balia Yusuf Wahi who saw fit to meddle with the State legislative, despite Article 72, Clause (1) of the Federal Constitution which clearly states: The validity of any proceedings in the Legislative Assembly of any State shall not be questioned in any court.

Highly respected (former) Judge NH Chan asked the rhetorical question: What do you call a judge who has defied the law of the land?

... provided with the suggested answer: A renegade judge?

So, with Justice Balia seeing fit to ignore a sacred cow of Westminster democracy, the separation of powers, he has now encouraged Gobind to challenge suspension in court, as reported by Malaysiakini.

Gobind, son of my hero Karpal Singh, had called Najib a ‘murderer’ during a parliamentary session. Despite my admiration and support for his father, I didn’t have any doubts that Gobind had gone too far, more so when he is a lawyer himself.

He was suspended from parliament for 12 months by the Speaker of the Federal Parliament. And quite frankly, even as a DAP supporter I reckon he deserves the suspension, though I wonder whether 12 months might just be too long.

It’s simply outrageous for anyone, even and especially a DAP MP, to accuse someone of being criminally this or that without a shred of evidence, under the sarong of parliamentary privilege.

I suspect poor Gobind had been, like many others including sweetie Hannah Yeoh, mesmerized by the miasmatic mist of malarkey.

While I am not too sure of the correctness in the process that led to Gobind’s suspension, which Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang termed as a ‘blatant case of abuse’ by a BN majority in Parliament ...

... I thought denying him his allowances and benefits as an MP was wrong as that would deny him the financial support to service his constituency as their federal parliamentarian.

Parliament should never punish the innocent rakyat regardless of the sins of their MP or ADUN.

Anyway, Gobind has now seen our great Justice Balia daringly intruding into Legislative territory hitherto forbidden to the Judiciary, and thought what’s good for the UMNO goose should be equally good for the DAP gander.

Let’s now see how the court weasels out of this one.

And I have finished this post without the need to even mention the Perak royalty ;-)


  1. more cases to come.

    all DAP fellas have to do is to irk the proud Speakers and they will be thrown out. After that, just sue the Speakers lor.

    May be, whenever the Speakers deny any motion, DAP should also take them to court.

    Let the ultra vires judges make themselves look more stupid by the day.

    Howzat, KT?

  2. The best Phra Kring comes from Wat Suthat in Bangkok . I know what the Phrs Kring is . It has magical properties for protection as well as for medical purposes . Somehow or other it is associated with Kuan Yin or the Medicine Buddha in Tibetan Buddhism .

    I collect Buddhist Amulets and have something like 1000 pieces with me .

    Chaptokam actually derives from Jatukam in Thai from Nakon SiThammarat .

  3. Hi Ktemoc

    Listen to this lament about the present sorry state of Malaysia:

    Phua Kai Lit

  4. RPK went into hiding, turn yellow, no guts to face what he have been talking.........

  5. Xiean,
    if you were RPK you will do the same!The judiciary has gone to the dogs lor! Sorry no believe in the police ,the judiciary and the whole government works!This country is like a Gulag!

  6. Xie Ann, he's a scaredycat. No proof. Lies, lies and more lies.
    He has just one dream. destroy the nation.
    KT, it irks me that you keep saying Anwar is Umno to the core.
    Please, please do not tar Umno with the same brush as Anwar.
    Anwar is of different ilk.
    His background is a rebel from Yayasan Anda, Abim and a Nationalist pretender.
    We dont have street protests before him.
    He simply doesn't fit in the Umno mould.
    As obnoxious as some Umno people are, none is more obnoxious as the frontal challenged guy.
    Like the Malays say: Sebusuk-busuk orang Umno, tak sebusuk peliwat.
    Sebusuk-busuk Umno, Kita sayang juga.

  7. Anon 10:43,

    No I will not do the same and I stand by what I said. I have faith with our judiciary and the police.

    Its is folks of your type that have gone to the dogs.

  8. XieAn says: "Its is folks of your type that have gone to the dogs." Metaphorically speaking, most of us are of the considered opinion that it is actually XieAn and not Anon. 10:43 who has gone to the dogs. Anyway, much of the rest of Malaysia has gone to the dogs under Najib's reign, so XieAn is in good company, especially with Chaptokam, Idzan and the Killer around!


    PS: I am not the same Anon. as Anon. 10:43.

  9. Chaptokam = Tao Kadtukam ;-)

  10. anon 11;47,

    Who are most of you, faceless people isn't it. So what are the value this faceless people, NOTHING......

  11. (1)XieAn says: "Who are most of you, faceless people isn't it. So what are the value this faceless people, NOTHING......"

    My dear XieAn, in times like this, the best people go faceless. Those who put faces on have no shame, because, very often, the faces do not tell us WHO they are: just like the mask that Najib puts on: if you take it off, the face of a stunningly beautiful Mongolian lady appears. I wonder who she is... As W. B. Yeats asks, "How can we know the dancer from the dance?"

    (2)If Chaptokam = Tao Kadtukam, then could Chaptokam also be Chatukam? The mystery deepens...


  12. anon 1:13,

    Hahahaha.......I know who you are....

    Mama''s boy again talking big under the mama's sarong.

    Still where are the proof ? otherwise you better follow RPK into hiding

  13. KT

    Tao Kadtukam ? Aiyoo Wa Liak Bo Kiew Lu Kong Ha Mik ! Wakakaka

    Anonymous 1:13 PM Chatukam = Jatukarm = Chaptokam = ? The mystery deepens.......essence is basically the same , those who believe in the power of the jatukarm shall be freed of bad influences ..and shall be protected from all evil thoughts in politics ..

  14. donplaypuks

    This is the first time I see you writing something very Unusual , but anyway good for you !

    Government rules on children’s conversion

    Kudos! Justice is done
    written by donplaypuks, April 23, 2009
    Kudos to Najib's Cabinet.

    The decision is the right one and is a major coup to UMNO and the BN Government.

    A very refreshing start to a new PM's leadership.

  15. Folks

    While we are rejoicing over the major new reforms of Najib (service sector liberalisation and child conversion), the dirty old Snake Oil salesman has resorted to his real self being a racist. To attack Najib now he is using the race card...This is trully disgusting....How low a man can get ? This is the same guy who spoke to much about equality for all Malaysians just a few weeks ago at the ceramahs at BS, BG and BI.


    Najib mansuhkan kuota Melayu dalam sektor perkhidmatan awam
    post info

    By Anwar Ibrahim
    Umno Oleh Amin Iskandar

    Perdana Menteri yang baru, Najib Razak hari ini mengumumkan satu perkara besar dimana kuota 30 peratus ekuiti bumiputera dalam sektor perkhidmatan awam dimansuhkan. (Sila baca petikan berita di bawah)

    Persoalannya ialah dimanakah pejuang-pejuang Melayu yang kononnya ingin mempertahankan hak Melayu sehinggakan menganjurkan demonstrasi yang berbau perkauman di negeri-negeri yang dimenangi oleh Pakatan Rakyat selepas PRU 12 yang lalu?

    Apabila Najib mengumumkan pemansuhkan ekuiti Bumiputera:

    Dimanakah Umno yang kononnya memperjuangkan hak Melayu?

    Dimanakah Ibrahim Ali dan Perkasa?

    Dimanakah Osman Bakar dan Badan Bertindak Perpaduan Melayu?

    Dimanakah Prowaris?

    Apa lagi yang Najib tak lakukan?

    Kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan dah dimansuhkan.

    Ekuiti Bumiputera sebanyak 30 peratus dah dimansuhkan.

    Sahlah bahawa pertubuhan-pertubuhan yang disebutkan diatas tidak pernah berminat untuk memperjuangkan Melayu dan Bumiputera.

    Mereka hanya buat bising apabila Umno dan BN kehilangan kuasa.

    Wahai orang-orang Melayu, jangan jadi bodoh lagi. Jangan ditipu lagi oleh golongan-golongan pengampu ni!!!

  16. Fairus cleared of all MACC charges!

    Now what? What was all that 'we have forwarded the files to the DPP' by MACC about?

    Is MACC playing politics?

    MACC should be disbanded and be replaced witha new body that is answerable to Parliament, like the Auditor General.

  17. donplaypuks®

    Now what? What was all that 'we have forwarded the files to the DPP' by MACC about?

    Aiyah files forwarded to DPP doesn't main he is guilty . DPP needs to study each individual case on whether there's there's enough evidence for prosecution lah !

    Tak cukup evidence , case dropped lah ! Cleared of all charges lah !
    But then your good friend Anwar jumped the gun in clearing him out to replace him with his lap dog .

    They should have waited until MACC made its move , He should have as KTemoc says man man lai .......

  18. Chaptemoc

    You miss the point.

    If they can have press conferences and say 'we have a strong case', they can equally have a press conference to tell us Fairus has been cleared. That's the least they owe Fairus.

    As for Khalid, I suspect they have no case and used the 'we have forwarded the files to the DPP' as a ploy to save face!

  19. Chaptokam

    Quick, get more popcorns for the fireworks gonna start. Now that the case against Fairus dropped, the volcano going to erupt. I can imagine Fairus going amok at his PKR and DAP opponents and his own boss (the real one that is), the Great Deformer. Of course his Lame Duck boss will not be spared in the amok for dropping him unceremoniously as the DCM1.

    All these only serves to support Fairus' claim that it is the work of internal saboteurs.I wonder if Fairus will withdraw his resignation letter.

    If the Cheap Minister thought the matter been closed after the purported apology from Anwar, then he is terribly mistaken. In fact things going get even hotter.

    I was under the impression that only Penang had a stable govt among the 4 black sheep...ooops...4Pakatan ruled states. Alas, I am mistaken. Compared to Selangor, Penang will loke like a little Nepal or Thailand.

    I predict open war between PKR vs DAP, PKR vs PKR and DAP vs DAP.

    BTW did you see the on-going fued between Chow and the equally blur Jeff Ooi the Great Blogging Guru? They are tearing themselves into piece. I also heard that Jeff's relationship with the Chicken Cheap Minister is almost at the breaking point.

    Ok, now let me head to the nearest shopping mall to grab some popcorns...

  20. Yo Killer

    Expect that to happen now that Fairus is cleared . Yeap you are right its gonna be open war between PKR vs DAP, PKR vs PKR and DAP vs DAP.

    Matter of fact I didn't expect it to be blown out of proportion . Like they said the higher it goes , the harder it falls .
    Oh yeah , of course , things like these one shouldn't miss . Its all over the Chinese newspaper the on-going feud between Chow and the opportunist Jeff Ooi also known as the Great Blogging Guru?

    Ho ho , they are tearing at each other , more like pulling at each others hair like you use to see ladies fighting in movies .

    If he doesn't get to become the council president , I think he is going to kiss the Cheap Minister goodbye , wow this is something , in Perak they are still cohesive , but in Penang , its gonna be free for all .

    I don't think Fairus will withdraw his resignation letter , but I foresee him to come out during campaign time to do the most damage . MACC is just great in clearing him . First time they are so efficent . There are people not happy , he is not charged , you know who lah !

    Just waiting for Fairus to bongkar a few more goodies . I am gonna buy a few bottles of beer (tiger ) for that matter and popcorn , cashew nuts , sit tight and waiting for the advertisements to end before the show begins .

    Btw , rgd the post on Anwar , anyway it could be translated ? My BM not that good , boleh tahan sahaja . Need your help in the Meiyenn's blog . you can access thru here , its linked .

  21. donplaypuks®

    They MACC may say 'we have a strong case',at that material time in investigations , however as new evidence surface or someone decided to reveal more intrigue evidence on the case ( not Kugan evidence gathering procedure ) negotiated , self preservation procedure , people sing very well as the tunes are played .

    I think they did call a pc to officially clear him .

  22. Killr

    Good show. You have exposed the real frontal challenged guy.
    He is inciting the Malays in particular Umno for keeping mum about the many liberalisaton moves by Najib which clearly favours the non-Malays.
    Hoped there will be no one trapped by him. No one melatah that is.
    The man has a lot of damage control to be done in view of the latest Faiirus issue.
    Yes indeed. Fieworks will flare since Fairus already promised to expose all.
    I am all stocked up on snacks and drinks to watch the Malaysian sinetron.

  23. Yo Chaptokam

    Here you go, the English version specially for my fellow comrade.


    Najib abolishes Malay quota in public services sector

    The new Prime Minister, Najib Razak today announced something very important, namely the abolishment of the 30% equity quota requirement for Bumiputeras in the public services sector (Please read the news below).

    The question is where are the so-called defenders of Malay rights who supposedly wanted to protect the Malay rights to the extent of carrying out racist demonstrations in the states ruled by the Pakatan Rakyat parties after the 12th General Election?

    When Najib announced abolishment of Bumiputera equity requirements:

    Where is Umno who claims to defend the Malay rights?

    Where are Ibrahim Ali and PERKASA ?

    Where are Osman Bakar and the Badan Bertindak Perpaduan Melayu ?

    Where is Prowaris?

    What else Najib has not done?

    The Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Co-operative Development (MECD) have been abolished.

    Bumiputera’s 30 % equity requirement has been abolished

    This only confirms that the above organizations never been interested in fighting for Malay and Bumiputera rights

    They only make noise when Umno and BN lose power.

    O Malays, don’t be fools anymore. Do not allow to be tricked again by the group of sycophants (bootlickers)!

  24. Yo Killer

    Thanks , I thought you didn't do it , I did my own translation which was haprak and not very accurate .

    Thanks alot .