Tuesday, April 14, 2009

PKR - Pakatan Rakyat's weakest link

Malaysiakini - MACC in no hurry to charge Fairus!

The news online reported ...

... contrary to current speculations that former Penang Deputy Chief Minister Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin (of PKR) could be charged with corruption sometime this week, a high ranking MACC official who preferred to remain unnamed, dismissed the expectation, stating: "Why the hurry to charge him? There is still a long way to go (in the case)."

Does that mean the door to UMNO is open wide for dear Fairus (assuming he wants to go down that way)? wakakaka.

Frankly I would suggest to the MACC to stop f*-ing around and go investigate Khir Toyo for his Disneyworld million ringgit shingdig at tax payers’ expense. Until MACC does that, it's just an organization at the beck and call of UMNO.

But back to Fairus and PKR in particular ...

I’ve often said that though PR supporters may believe in Anwar as being indispensable to the continuing cohesion of the Pakatan Rakyat, …

… his inner core members (those expelled from, or who had left UMNO together with him when he was expelled, to form KeADILan) represent the weakest link in the loose/informal coalition.

Born of UMNO, and unable to shed off their leopard spots, they succumb all too easily to the corrupting influence of power, money and indulgence.

Examples would be the Perak frogs, who were mainly PKR. Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi and Osman Jailu, the two PKR (former) executive councillors in the Perak PR administration, were charged for corruption last year barely six months into their term of office. They are now in the arms of UMNO ;-)

There was also some dodginess regarding the placement of a certain someone’s brother in the new Selangor government.

And the MB there also experienced a sticky situation involving some kerbau’s – am not sure whether that’s solved yet. But regardless of whether Khalid had been directly involved, I wasn’t impressed that his federal constituency in the Wilayah had benefited from the largesse of the state of Selangor. Whether legal or not, that’s patently wrong in every sense of the word and carries the bad odour of ‘conflict of interest’.

Mind you, I still haven’t forgotten the Kulim Wonder – I question this person’s suitability to be a people’s representative. He’s better off joining the staff of the Perak Mufti ….. or perhaps UMNO as some suggested he might bunk off to wakakaka!

As with the Kulim Wonder, Anwar Ibrahim is again tap dancing around with Fairus' replacement.

Penang has reserved a DCM position for PKR but the Great One has been avoiding making a decision, as if the problem would go away – hang on, it might, coz PAS has put in a bid on the slim possibility that Lim GE may favour the sole PAS candidate, given the new bonhomie relationship between the two ideologically strict parties.

Anyway, the two PKR candidates are Abdul Malik Abul Kassim and Maktar Shapee.

The Malaysian Insider reported: An indecisive Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and a split in PKR Penang could force Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng postpone naming a deputy chief minister I tomorrow to replace a disgraced Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin.

Anwar has yet to decide between Batu Maung assemblyman Abdul Malil Abul Kassim and Sungai Bakap’s Maktar Shapee, the only two Malay PKR assemblymen apart from Fairus who represents Penanti.

Malik is the candidate everyone except Anwar wants.

I was discussing with a sweetie on why Anwar hasn’t been in favour of Malik. Perhaps it’s because the bloke is a mamak (a term in Indian meaning ‘uncle’, but also implying the person is an Indian Muslim), ...

... and Anwar may be allergic to mamak from his own bad experience wakakaka.


  1. A party made up of those who frog will be no different from the party they forged. Now, frog is ia verb.The only way PR can have a chance to come to power is if the members can demonstrate that they have shed their spots and become clean instead of cleaner than those in power. Otherwise it is only a matter of time they become Semangat 46.Good Luck

  2. Whoa KT you made Umno to be a dumping ground for corrupt politicians.
    Do Umno need Fairus or Kulim MP what's his name?
    No I don't think so,
    Why look for problemo.
    About Anwar's dithering, I don't think beause that guy is a mamak.
    Ut's just that he's so indecisive.
    Is that a good leader?
    By the way Anwar is also considered half mamak.
    Have you seen his dad?

  3. look, the mamak bit was just a joke; anwar has his faves - obviously malik is not one of them

  4. I may be wrong, but I think the M'sian Assoc for Cows & Cars probably has a very weak case and the DPP has told them they can't win in Court.

    That explains the dithering and old sour grapes Said is exerting some sadistic psychological pressure on Fairuz!

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  6. Only two candidates to choose from and Anwar is is in trouble. DAP used to laugh at MCA and Gerakan for being a lap dog, now it seems Guan Eng can't call the shots too.

  7. I have edited the following post by Killer:


    Killer said...

    As for Malik, the inside story is that he (Malik) is very close to LGE and in fact closer to the Cheap Minister than the GSOS.

    Apparently Malik is LGE's favoured candidate and both have a good working relationship.

    That's the reason for the GSOS' reluctance. And that's the reason for LGE getting a wee bit impatience and angry at [deleted].

    In any case, whoever gets to be the DCM1, PKR will split into 2 or 3 factions.

    The real reason for Fairus' [alleged] corrupt activities was exposed is due to certain PKR folks' power struggle and ambitions to be the DCM1.

    To me it looks like things will get very messy in Penang and likely end up in one or 2 by-elections.

    10:10 PM, April 14, 2009

  8. DAP used to laugh at MCA and Gerakan for being a lap dog,
    So it looks like the Cheap Minister is a lap dog the Circus Ring Master .

  9. ... contrary to current speculations that former Penang Deputy Chief Minister Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin (of PKR) could be charged with corruption sometime this week, a high ranking MACC official who preferred to remain unnamed, dismissed the expectation, stating:
    "Why the hurry to charge him? There is still a long way to go (in the case)."

    Aiyaah KT
    Why lift the net when there's only one fish inside , wait lah , there are some more fishes swimming around /near the net , waiting to be netted .

  10. "Undilah" Phakatan Rakyat !12:35 pm, April 15, 2009

    The Machai of Mr Man Man lai talking about transparency :))

    Once in power you can see these Anwar Ibrahim and gangs true color !!!


    "....However, certain sub-committee meetings might need to be closed-door due the nature of their discussions. I think a balance between being transparent and having an efficient decision-making process must be struck,” said Nik Nazmi...."

    Look here even teruk, this Derek Fernandez!!!

    Declassify documents, PJ folk tell MBPJ


    "...During the MBPJ full board meeting last month, councillor Derek Fernandez said he would lodge a police report against the person who has been distributing government documents that were classified under the OSA...."

    All Petaling Jaya, Selangor Resi-dents’ Association Coalition (APAC) chairman Liew Wei Beng said that Pakatan Rakyat has been championing transparency and the threat to use the OSA was inconsistent with the stand made by the political parties.

    “If the issues raised in the letters were not true, MBPJ should sue the person for slander. Using the OSA is just another way of saying that the council refuses to answer the concerns that were raised,” said Liew.

    Liew further noted that when MBPJ was under Barisan Nasional and meeting minutes concerning the billboard issue were leaked to the public, the councillors then did not threaten to use the OSA, even though the incident painted a bad picture of the council.

    Journalism lecturer Wong Chin Huat said that if the issue at hand is of public interest, there was no reason why the documents should be protected from public inspection.

    “The state has the power to declassify documents. If there is a need to classify documents under the OSA, the public needs to know why,” he said.

  11. More "good news" from the Talibans of Pakatan folks....

    So much for multi-culturalism...

    Protest is mounting against the construction of a public toilet at the car park right in front of Klang Sri Maha Mariamman temple, popularly known as Chettiyar temple.

    Businessman K P Samy is spearheading the protest group submitting a memorandum to Klang Town Council.

    A press conference will be held today 12:30 PM at KPS Travels, Klang, pertaining to this.

    The construction of a row of public toilets in front of Sri Maha Mariamman Temple in Tengku Kelana - known as Klang’s ‘Little India’ - has been suspended after coming under a storm of protest.

    The 70-percent completed structures have been the centre of a spat between the Klang City Council (MPK) and local residents as well as temple committee members who are unhappy with the close proximity of the toilets to the temple.

    Selangor executive councillor Ronnie Liu (left) said that the project has been put on hold.

    "I have asked the MPK to prepare a report on the viability of the project. I will then make a decision on whether the project should continue once MPK submits its report to me."

    The construction of the public toilets is funded by the federal government under the Tourism Ministry, although it is subjected to approval by the state government and the project to be implemented by MPK.

    Sri Maha Mariamman, reputed to be the most elaborate temple in the country, is a major tourist attraction.

    The toilets, apart from facing directly the well-known temple, are also situated behind a mosque and near two churches.

    Norfiza Mahfiz, an administration officer from MPK, argued that the location of the public toilets were inevitable as there were no other suitable spots nearby.

    But this was disputed by Samy, who said he would propose alternative locations for the toilets at a press conference tomorrow.

    He added that one of the MPK councillors had promised him that the toilets would be converted for other purposes but the council had yet to make any official statement on the matter.

  12. Don't play play with Najib, just one sentence he humble the UMNO rebels.

    All the 10 assemblymen, who were absent from the Terengganu assembly on Tuesday, turned up in full force for the morning sitting Wednesday. This comes after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak told the 10 to attend the proceedings.

    PR gloom and doom stirrers you turn will come, it will be sooner rather than latter.......

  13. Folks

    DAP used to call KTK as "Lame duck CM". But it was reported that our dear Cheap Minister has yet again postponed the naming of the DCM1 waiting for the GSOS to decide.

    So my question is this, "Who is running the state ? LGE or Anwar ? If LGE does not even have a say on his DCM, then he is truly a Lame Duck Cheap Minister.

    I also find it strange that Pakatan has rejected Malik due to the fact that he is a Mamak and not a Malay. Isn't PKR & Pakatan supposed to be multi-ethnic party that eschews racial quotas and embraces meritocracy ? So why the pre-occupation with race and religion ?

    If Pakatan believes in meritocracy, the post should be open for all, be it Malay,Chinese, Indian,etc who has the necessary capability and experience.

    Phua, perhaps you could enlighten us on this and unburden me of this puzzling and burning dilemma.

  14. Meritocracy, transparency, accountability, multi- racial, anti-rasuah, impartial judiciary, press freedom etc are gimmicks that Pakatan Rakyat leverage on to con the Rakyat!!!

    One in power, then these words suddenly evaporated :))))

    anwar boleh percaya, gajah pun boleh terbang, kancil pun boleh jadi Ferrari :))) wakakakakakakka

  15. Who said Malik was rejected for being a mamak? That is pure speculation. Where is the evidence? But certainly the need for DCM1 and 2 based on race is just not on. We in the opposition cannot argue that teh federal govt is bloated when we have 2 DCMs in Penang to accommodate the different races. Bit of a joke really.

    LGE should also not have to wait forever for Anwar to make up his mind-giving him the chance to nominate the candidate is good grace; giving him forever is just poor taste.

  16. Parvinder

    That Malik wasn't being considered as he is an Indian Muslim is no speculation. Read on at the below link at PRInsider...oops... MalaysiaInsider.


  17. KT

    MB Sgor wants Eli Wong to remain as exco and state rep.
    Waiting for your point of view.

  18. Guan Eng doesn't know how to do a proper ultimatum... he gave Anwar 48 hours, but forgot to specify a penalty, so why should Anwar listen to him? As a favour? Dream on.

    Guan Eng should have clearly stated, nominate within 48 hours or no DCM spot for PKR, just go back to having a single DCM, which is the sensible approach anyway.

  19. Yo Killer

    Just to update you , should be ok since the case has not yet been brought to court .

    My sources tells me that the Fairus guy is being investigated on ten offenses of corruption . That means he has ten investigation files open on him on various offenses . How that ? No way he is going to get off and this confirms there will definitely be a by election , no way his Ring master can avoid a by election by asking him not to vacate his DUN seat .

    With ten cases on him , what's the probability on him acting alone ? And what's the probability on him having accomplice or other PKR leaders involve ? Any guess ? How about you Phua , care to do some statistical analysis ?

    All these within one year in office , he has broken the record .

  20. Parvinder

    We in the opposition cannot argue that teh federal govt is bloated when we have 2 DCMs in Penang to accommodate the different races. Bit of a joke really.

    Is it the state government that you intend to say that it is bloated rather than the federal govt ?

  21. Idzan Ismail

    MB Sgor wants Eli Wong to remain as exco and state rep.

    Whats the repercussion should she remain and more intimate photos were to surface ?
    At this point of time prefer her to remain rather than someone else taking over as I don't foresee anyone from BN to win .

  22. Guan Eng should have issued a DCM to Anwar over this . DCM - Don't Cheat Me

  23. Idzam Ismail

    Looks like chua Soi Lek cannot eat sleep now and kicking his own ass.

    He must be thinking I should have said looks like me , sounds like me but not me and should not have resigned .

  24. Yo Chaptokam

    10 offences ? Wow ! This is trully a case of "Pakatan Boleh" and "Macam macam pun ada"....

    I had been hearing so many stories about Fairus and his "exploits".I think you are right, this is not just one man being rotten but the whole basket of rotten apples.

    BTW I heard the GSOS been delaying the annoucement so to prepare the candidate for the Penanti by-election. I heard he is also bracing for other PKR pirates...oops..reps to be charges as well. At this rate, Penang might not even have any candidate left for DCM1.

    Read the below story. I also providing the link. Truly shocking. These guys been in the office for just a year and already become millionaires.

    Did you hear about the DAP exco member who was accused of being on the take as well in Selangor ?

    I am still waiting for Dr Phua's academic lecture on this and how such PR's corruption can actually make democracy stronger and be vibrant in Malaysia.


    Kereta BMW RM275,000.00

    Risikan kami mendapati selama ini, semua sumbangan si budak Fairus kepada beberapa kerat penduduk miskin diambil daripada peruntukan khas TKM 1 yang berjumlah RM500.000.00 setahun dan bukannya menggunakan sumbangan yang dipungutnya daripada tokoh-tokoh tertentu.

    Nak harap sumbangan daripada duit kocek si budak Fairus sendiri ? Alamat tunggu kucing bertanduklah-kedekut tahi hidung masin. Rakyat di akar umbi dah tahu sangat tabiat tangkai jeringnya itu.

    Apa yang sebenarnya berlaku, si budak Fairus mengambil kesempatan atas kedudukannya sebagai TKM mengumpul dana peribadi daripada tokoh tertentu, dengan alasan kononnya untuk membantu rakyat bawahan.

    Mereka yang ikhlas untuk membantu rakyat, tanpa banyak soal akan segera menghulur bantuan.

    Korporat tersebut adalah salah seorang daripada sejumlah mangsa penipuan Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin, Timbalan Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang.

    Pihaknya juga jelas korporat berkenaan sedang menimbang untuk melaporkan hal berkenaan kepada Badan Pencegah Rasuah (BPR).

    “Dia juga minta kami belikan dia kereta BMW berharga RM275,000.00 di mana ansuran bulanannya kami yang tanggung.

    “Pemimpin Umno dulu pun tak seteruk budak ni, dia dah melampau ni,” tegasnya yang merah padam mukanya.

    Tambahnya, “kalau dia nafikan semua ini, aku bersedia berdepan dengannya, bagitau di mana sahaja, bila-bila masa. Aku juga bersedia jumpa Anwar Ibrahim.”

  25. Chaptokam,

    In my opinion, the Federal govt is bloated. Penang, I actually have no idea whatsoever. No knowledge of the politics there or whatever-all I know is 2 DCMs on the basis of race is not something I agree with.

    And Killer,

    I read the malaysianinsider article-still speculation on the mamak thingy mate. nothing more, nothing less.

    And great news on Eli Wong-she has nothing to be ashamed of, nothing at all. I'm surprised PR actually did the moral rather than the political thing. I congratulate them. She is a victim, just as Chua Soi Lek was. Those who support her now but not him before are hypocrites. At least she defended him when he was in the mess he was in.

  26. The GSOS will offer himself as candidate for the Penanti by-election lah.Win become Cheap Minister and LGE downgrade to DCM lah.......

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  28. Parvinder

    Can you pls elaborate on your statement that the Fed cabinet is bloated ? I am curious to know the basis of the statement.

    As for DCM1,what would qualify as "not speculative" in your books ? If a report in MalaysianInsider and similar webportals are considered as speculation, then almost 90% of what's happening in the country can be considered as speculation as well.

    As for Eli Wong, I don't think we have seen the end of this sorry saga yet. I for one, not convinced that she is completely unblemished, having known about her "background" for a while now. Though I think the act of distributing her pics is not just criminal but reprehensible as well, I am not prepared to absolve her of blame. There is more to this story that what was publically admitted. I would rather wait for the result of the police investigation to be completed before making my judgement.

    It is generally been speculated that the opposing factions in PKR to be the source behind the release of these pics. Their intention being taking control of the exco seat held by her.

    My reading on this issue is that the supporters of Eli Wong in the state exco has won this round. But the powerful forces opposed to Eli would regroup and renew their attack. I really don't think Eli has long term future as a politician and an exco member.

  29. Killer

    The result of the police investigation to be completed is in limbo without the till death do us part partner still missing until now . Suggest the police look for him not in Jakarta but in Kolkatta , Pundecherry or Mumbai as KT would have like to put it ? Oooops I think I got my spelling wrong , but never mind as long as you all understand it . Who knows he could have gone for further studies in Mecca , just like Fairus as announced by Anwar !


    Federal govt is bloated. Penang, should be State Govt of Penang is bloated , Federal would mean KL .

  30. Chap ToKam, Killer

    Nicelah Fakatan people got places to run to when they are in trouble.
    Reminds me of the Beatles song Here There Everywhere.
    And then the age old excuse of studying in Britain, in US etc.
    Just look at Fairus's file. How many masters and PHD has he got?
    That'w why I said Anwar is soo economical with the truth.

  31. Guys, I suggest one best way. Just leave it empty. I don't see LGE being indecisive of reserving the DCM to PKR to choose. He's being courteous. Since you guys love to speculate, how about this theory. DAP demanded good malay candidate for the post, it's a diplomatic way of rejecting any PKR candidates. Looes74

  32. Killer,

    "He is also not seen as a Malay as he comes from the Indian Muslim community in the state."

    This was an unsourced statement, not one attributed to someone specific or even group in general-hence, speculation, pure and simple. Who said it. It is a statement in an article, where even the author's name is not available! Excuse me for taking it as speculation for the reasons I have given. I think my reply is quite reasonable.

    If you can give me the source of the statement, then that is another story altogether-till then, I cannot agree with you.

    As for bloatedness, we will have some ministers in certain 'thumb-twiddling' tasks like setting KPI's for other ministers....that is not a minister's task. That is a bloated cabinet.

    I'm not commenting on Penang-i know some of you are clearly Penang oriented and seem to have a certain inclination toward LGE
    as a certain someone here has about Anwar. I'm not saying it is unfounded; as I've made clear earlier I have no idea about Penang, and can't say anything. I'm merely commenting about it being odd that a PR govt talking about the end of race based politics having 2 DCMs based on race. It is hypocrisy.

    I fail to see the need for some pro-BN and pro-pakatan people to constantly defend their organisations. No one's perfect, what's wrong with putting your hands up sometimes and say 'yup, our side is wrong?'

    Kaytee has got his head screwed on right by being largely objective (bit much on anwar I think...) and most people here could do well by taking a leaf out of his book.

    I get the feeling that if LGE does something good, some people here will interpret it any which way they desire. Same if and when Najib does something good; some will never accept it. Others will never believe Anwar can do anything wrong.

    Wake up people-stop carrying the party line all the time. Think for yourselves..

  33. Talking about the Indian Muslims , of late seems like the center of attraction are all focus on them , the Perak MB Zambry is a Mamak , the BN candidate who lost in Bukit Gantang is a Mamak , the DCM 1 to be Malik is a Mamak .

    No wonder Najib thinks that the Indians are well represented in Cabinet and doesn't see the need for more Indians to be made Ministers . Sorry lah MIC you have enough representatives already ! Wakakakaka . Perhaps the Mamaks can represent MIC , UMNO and PKR !!Wakakaka .

  34. Parvinder

    As I had said, based on your criteria 90% of what we read must be pure speculation since no source is given. In fact 100% of RPK writes also must be taken as pure speculative garbage as well.And by the same token all allegations against Najib too must be disregarded right ?

    As for the cabinet being bloated, I don't think your view is objective. Just because we have a minister in charge of KPI it doesnt mean the whole cabinet is too big. On the contrary I think KTK's role is very important.

    In business, meansuring and monitoring projects and plans are as important as conceiving them. Many Malaysians have a short memory but recall that we used to be (and still are) good in planning but piss poor in implementating and maintaining.

    For a developing country, the cabinet must be always bigger than a developed country since the role of government is larger and more important. The important thing is efficiency and effectiveness and not the size. The result is the only thing that matters.

    As for the Cheap Minister, he is such a walking, talking disaster. Even that bumbling clown Khalid Ibrahim (Selangor MB) looks like Bill Gates next to the Cheap Minister.

    As for the DCM1 post, the problem is that the GSOS has such a shallow pool of people can be selected from. All of them are either corrupted, tainted or simply unqualified. In fact Fairus was from Selangor and not Penang.

    So I really fail to see the claim that Pakatan stands for cleaner and more democratic choice for Malaysians. They can't even find a DCM1, imagine what will happen if they win the Fed. Probably they need to import ministers from Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and other countries to fill the posts.

  35. Old chap Chaptokam

    Hahahaha....that's correct, the Indians have been over-represented. In fact we even had an Indian PM before Pak Blah.

    As for MIC, though I am sympathetic to their plight, it is rather stupid of them to ask for more senior posts. Many years ago Indians had 2 ministers in the cabinet but Uncle Sam requested it to be 1 minister and 2 deputies. The reason is because he wanted to be the No 1 star of the Indians and didnt want competition to his status.

    Now, it is silly to demand for a senior position after their thrashing at the GE. What they should do is to reform and that should start with Uncle Sam getting out of the way and let the 2nd echelon leaders to come up. There are more than enough good leaders in MIC so there shouldnt be any worries on succession.

    As for Eli Wong, I think this is a sandiwara. I don't see how she can get to keep these 2 positions at all. I beleive this is a temporary solution to keep the rakyat fooled and her supporters pacified until they find the time to get her out of the way. I heard that the Khalid's own position is in danger if he doesnt removed Eli. So there is still plenty of fuel remaining on this sorry saga.

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  39. I don't appreciate salacious comments on Eli Wong - that's not chivalrous.

  40. KT,

    I believe Killer and Chaptokam had their mothers in mind when they spew all their lascivious remarks. It's called V-envy.