Sunday, April 05, 2009

Anwar Ibrahim's earth-shattering 'BIG' announcement

Yesterday Saifuddin Nasution excited not only opposition supporters but also easily-excited kaytee, when he stated that Anwar Ibrahim would be making a ‘big announcement’ that night.

Wow, I thought to myself, or more like it, fantasize wildly ...

... has he got his numbers finally, the crucial 31 MPs to resurrect 916?

Or, he has evidence that his Nemesis murdered Altantuyaa Shariibuu?

Won’t one of those be just greaaaAAT? Wow and double wow, no wait, make it triple wow!

So 5000 people (admittedly his supporters plus the press) went to his ceramah with great expectation – the Great Reformer has a stunning BIG BIG announcement that would shake Malaysian politics forever more.

And what was it?

Malaysiakini told us in PKR: Mass defections from Kedah PPP some 300 PPP (wow!) members have defected over to PKR, the reformasi party of Malaysia.

Initially it was reported that a mass wave of defections totally some 6,000 former PPP members had tsunami-ed across to join PKR, but ... alas, former PPP VP Nadarajan, one of the defectors, admitted to Malaysian Insider that only 300 or so PKR membership forms had been filled ...

... but but but, no worries ... he said the rest of the 5,700 will follow after the April 7 poll. ;-)

Terrific reformasi in action – yay!

Oh, before some of you comment on why I haven’t used the ’froggie’ word, belay your nasty comment ... that's because none of those 300 former PPP - now PKR members (application forms were submitted last night to join PKR – Bravo!) were elected in the last general election ;-)

Therefore they should be free to move around (politically) as they please because they haven’t betrayed any voters.

But it has been a proud moment for Anwar Ibrahim, the world's greatest political reformer, for succeeding in motivating 300 former BN members to jump ship.

A truly stupendous act in which he excels, which explains why his party’s election campaign strategist, Saifuddin Nasution, informed journalists to turn up en masse for the earth-shattering news or face the wrath of their editors for missing out on the PKR's defining watershed announcement – imagine, 300 PPP members recruited into PKR.

Reformasi at its best! Democracy has been saved. Najib, eat your heart out!

Oh, another thing ... I don't want any of you to be hurtful ... to Anwar, Nadarajah and those former PPP by questioning whether that was it, the PKR promised so-called BIG BIG BIG announcement?

... coz Anwar pre-empted any of your disdainful sneering comments by insisting that the PPP defections were not.

The Great Reformer said: "I was to make an announcement tonight but after a discussion last night, we have decided that it is too dangerous to do it now. When we win the three by-elections on April 7, then I will make the announcement."

Huh? It's not safe now, but it'll be safe after the by-elections?

Truly vintage man man lai Anwar Ibrahim, wakakakakakakakakkakakaaa!


  1. Don't lah attack Anwar over everything and anything.

    I supported you when you criticised him over his froggie attempts. But there are no frogs here.

    I support PR to win in all 3 by-elections.

    What's your position ?
    Support BN to win in Bukit Selambau just to spite Anwar ?

  2. im BN hater for life, but im tired with anwar antics. enough is enough. anwar talks cock all the time.

  3. Anwar is like a comic segment of a Tamil movie. Nagesh?

  4. Wakakakakaka , just fell out of bed reading this - no comment

  5. Hi Chaptemoc

    Going off at a tangent, there are trained accountants who actually sign and complete a 3 or 4-year "Traininhg Contract" with a firm of Chartered Accountants and Auditors.

    But what exactly is a "Trained Economist"? Is there such an animal? I mean, is there an Institute of Economists where you can sign up for apprenticeship and on completion of the course you can call yourself a "Trained Economist'?

    Camera 2, take! Over to PM Najib and his Spin doctors.

  6. This freak G-bai snake make me stay up till midnite to glue to my laptop and get this shiok sendiri kejutan!


  7. Lah, just 300 je, last night over at anil netto, they reported abt 6000 crossed over with 10000-15000 people showed up at the ceramah. Turns out it was only 5k

    PR press is starting to turn into MSM, now i know who to hate if PR wins GE13

  8. Aiyoyo my kepala spining after reading this shiok sendiri guy proclaim I got Gargantuan Announcement to make .....

    So don't know how to reply this donplaypuk guy on Trained Economist .
    Train economist mesti mean trained economist lah ! Ape ini , tak tau ke ? Train economist ia lah olang yang ada degree atau masters dalam bidang economy , itu saja , simple ! to be become trained you must work under Anwar Ibrahim (under training ) for at least satu tahun , to become his Trained Economist , two years , to become his Aid de Economist to Anwar , three years , to become his Special Adviser on Economy , four years and Special Aid on all Matters ( macam Siful ) depends , kalau tau cara , banyak cepat , Siful did it in four months . Kalau donplaypuks buat lagi cepat naik jadi Anwar Special Aid sama Economist , saya ingat two months sudah confirm dalam bidang itu .

  9. KT

    Ha,ha, ha. Once again his admirers are fooled.
    They should know better by now.
    Now wetting hs pants over Najib and Tun M.
    Pity, pity.

  10. its like he's treating his supporters as if they're little kids

    "you vote for me, i'll give you a surprise!"

    probably they are, hehe

  11. or rather, there will be no surprise at all!

    There's no way BN going to lose all the 3 April 7 by-elections. In the end, there'll be no obligation of him to tell this big shocking news.

    But there are people who fall fot this kind of gimmick.

  12. Anil Netto dalam blog sendiri ladi teruk , Beliau dalam blog sendiri mengamukan bahawa ade sepuloh ribu sampai lima belas ribu orang ade di Bkt Selambau pada masa itu mendengar Anwar bercakap . Tapi yang di laporkan ia lah lebeh kurang lima ribu olang sahaja yang ade pada waktu masa dia bercakap . Why so much inconsistency ? Lagi only 300 people cross over to PKR and it was reported that 6000 people cross over . Again why this discrepancy ?
    Only one reason I can think of . Anil Netto is trying to out do Susan Loone to become Anwar's no 1 crony atau goon .

  13. Anwar ia lah Raja Penipuan ,
    Raja Katakrasi ,
    Raja Sodomee ,
    Raja HowSeowsi ,
    Raja Berita Explosi ,
    Raja Malangsi .
    Raja Main Emosi

    Kesian sampai sekarang nak jadi Perdana Mentri tak dapati .
    Pergi lah mandi ayer suci

  14. Wah , what's this ! So many Chaptemoc ??

    Anyway here's the latest from MKini

    200 opposition members join BN
    Apr 5, 09 7:18pm
    A day after 300 PPP members had defected to PKR with purportedly thousands more to follow, more than 200 opposition party members in Bukit Selambau have joined Barisan Nasional.
    'Anwar's claim a gimmick'
    Voters: We want a rep who serves us

    Looks like it's sure getting very hot out there in BS

  15. Chaptemoc: how come you fell from your bed at the late time of 2:26 pm or shortly before that? What were you doing the night and morning before? Were you doing a Chua Soi Lek?

    Chaptay Mok

  16. Here's another ! but read the last paragraph
    Julau PKR leaders quit party

    LUBOK ANTU, April 5 — Julau Division Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) chairman Dr Ambrose Labang Jamba, his deputy, secretary and committee member, today announced their resignation from the party.

    Meanwhile, Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) President Datuk Sri Dr James Jamut Masing warned PKR against using antagonistic style of campaigning in Sarawak.

    “In any previous elections held in Sarawak, there had never been incidents of violence or antagonism like destroying or damaging posters like what had happened in Batang Ai when opposition supporters damaged BN posters.
    “I would like to remind PKR to stop resorting to such action as it is not our culture to introduce violence or antagonism while campaigning,” he told reporters when met at the Lubok Antu Sports Complex here today.
    Masing said following the incident, PRS had lodged a police report and hoped police would conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

  17. This Chaptay Mok sounds like Donplaypuks to me hahaha wakaka

  18. i dont see any BN leaders making a big deal out of the PKR defections

    why anwar so drama?

  19. Hi Chaptemoc

    I write only under my own blog anme donplaypuks and never ever use anonymous or other disguises!

  20. Permatang Pauh worse than Batang Ai9:51 pm, April 05, 2009

    ANWAR BACKFIRE!!!! wakakakakakakakka!!!

    Anwar is saying that PKR will change the fate and livelihood of Batang Ai people if its candidate wins on April 7.

    "Let us now look at the constituency Anwar and his wife have represented for 27 years.

    "Pekan Permatang Pauh is not a remote interior area but yet it is still behind in terms of development.

    "If you take the location and everything else into consideration, I think Lubok Antu is better than Permatang Pauh," says Parti Rakyat Sarawak president Datuk Seri Dr James Masing.

    Anticipating the blame game that PKR and its allies have mastered, PRS had organised a "working visit" to Permatang Pauh for a group of longhouse chiefs, community leaders and party members from Lubok Antu.

    "I witnessed how there are still poor people living in plywood squatter houses and huts in Permatang Pauh.

    "We spoke to the people there and they are still waiting for development," a Lubok Antu district councillor, who visited Kampung Bagan Serai, Seberang Prai, said.

    The 40-year-old mother of three is now going around Batang Ai to relate the actual situation in Permatang Pauh where Anwar and his wife have served as elected representatives to the Parliament since 1982.

    "It was a real eye-opener. We have been made to believe that only the natives in Sabah and Sarawak are living in neglected longhouses without water and electricity, and that we are being discriminated against.

    "That visit showed us the actual situation in Semenanjung (West Malaysia). Not everybody there is living in air-conditioned houses with all the necessary amenities.

    "The poor in Permatang Pauh are worse than us in Batang Ai.

  21. But the strongest counter strike against PKR's allegations came in the form of a billboard erected in Lubok Antu town centre on Friday.

    Displaying pictures of ageing wooden shophouses and squalid pre-war buildings in Permatang Pauh, the billboard carried a catchy phrase in the Iban language.

    "Pasar Permatang Pauh Nadai Berubah Dalam 27 Tahun" (Permatang Pauh town has not changed in the last 27 years) and "Ulih Orang Tu Ngubah Penghidup di Batang Ai?" (Could the person change our life in Batang Ai?)

    Several PKR supporters protested loudly after the billboard was erected, but isn't that the way the game is played? If you turn politics into the art of blaming others, you should be prepared to be blamed, too.


  22. Yo donplaypuks

    Who are you actually referring your message to ? KT or me ? I am confused .

    But what exactly is a "Trained Economist"? Is there such an animal? I mean, is there an Institute of Economists where you can sign up for apprenticeship and on completion of the course you can call yourself a "Trained Economist'?

    I don't think I am able to answer you on this , truthfully speaking . Maybe Kaytee might be able to help !

  23. ISA detainee Vasanthakumar to support BN?
    Rahmah Ghazali | Apr 5, 09 8:35pm
    In a shocking move that could hamper Pakatan Rakyat campaign in the run-up to the by-elections next Tuesday, some Hindraf supporters have shown support to the new Najib Razak government following the ISA release.

  24. Barisan Nasional's Ganesan (BS) cheated low-income housebuyers of RM 200,000 ? Police report filed.

    Aiyoyo...BN ship is sinking very fast...Is there any honest man left in Barisan Nasional ? I very much doubt it.

  25. Chaptemoc

    Our new leader who went walkabout to buy fake Rolex watches and Waterman pens in Petaling St claims he's a 'Trained Economist.' That's the annoucement I heard on TV.

    I hear tell he is a Uni drop out although Wikipedia says he 'received a bachelor's degree in Industrial Econs.'

    What's the truth?

  26. a Uni drop out although Wikipedia says he 'received a bachelor's degree in Industrial Econs.'

    From which university? When PhDs can be bought from the Internet, so can a bachelor's degree.

  27. donplaypuks

    Truth is I don't have an inkling of it ! Try Ti Lian Ker , he's from Pahang .

  28. Today our demented blogger from Malaysia Today has posted another Tom and Jerry piece called:

    Another day to go and Najib is going to eat humble pie

    The police have visited the gangsters in Bukit Gantang and told them to make sure that Barisan Nasional wins this seat. If Barisan Nasional loses, then the police will launch an operasi and crackdown on the Bukit Gantang underworld. This means two things. First, the police are more gangsters than the gangsters. Second, the police make deals with gangsters. Now, are we surprised by that?

    Anyway, the gangsters have told them to go to hell. They are not going to allow themselves to be used by the police or Barisan Nasional as bouncers to threaten the Bukit Gantang voters to vote for Barisan Nasional. Hey, even gangsters have principles and code of ethics. And that is more than what I can say for the Malaysian police who are even less principled than the gangsters.

    Can you believe what he says ! Its crap ! He has not said which type of gansters like the 08 , the cell40 , the Peh , the Sio Sam Ong , the mamak gang , the 04 , the Wah Kee , etc etc . For the Chinese gangs they normally have a Tai Kor (boss) . The police need not see the soldiers , again RPK indication is the police went to see the foot soldiers , so this is crab to me . To try to make deals with these gangsters is totally bullshit and trying to paint police as worse than gangsters when its the PKR chaps who are turning violent and out of control .
    He has even mentioned that the the gangsters have told them to go to hell. They are not going to allow themselves to be used . He was not there , how did he know what they ( the gangsters ) told the police ? Furthermore how did he know the gangsters told the police to go to hell ? Wah ! suddenly the gangsters are so brave ? Aren't they afraid they might end up like Kugan ? Now he talking like a gangster himself when he says the gangsters are more principled than the police . He is principled by exiling himself from Selangor , he persona non grata himself from Selangor even to the extent his auntie died and he refused to attend his aunt's funeral ! Can anyone here believe that gangsters have principles ! Bullshit of the day , they may have their code of conduct but principles ! ha ha ha .

  29. I wrote earlier Bukit Selambau is now practically a lost cause for MIC and Semi-Value.

    Last night at Bukit Gantang was the "Han Chiang moment". There were 5,000 paying guests (RM 30 per head), many, many more who turned up to listen.

    The massive multi-racial crowd spilled out of into the the surrounding area.
    Nizar, Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Nik Aziz, Karpal Singh, Teresa, if someone used some C-4 there, they would have solved Najib's headaches all at one go.

    Only problem for PR now is Batang Ai, too tough to crack. Too many people still don't have electricity after 45 years of BN rule , let alone heard about blogs.

  30. Anwar's earth shattering big annoucement make me vomit, they thought they can fool the people to get votes? But I think the reverse will be the likely scenario.
    The people's votes is not a tool for politicians to use as a referendums of any kind nor a license to make trouble but rather to elect people's representative who is able to fulfill the people wishes. Majority of Malaysian will opt to live together in peace and harmony, an opportunity to create wealth and a predictable future for their children. So voting should be based on which party and representative are in a better position to provide those demands.

    If this logic were to be applied, clearly BN will be the outright winner, they are no angels but definitely a a better hope. The voters not should stay with the loser and fall into the PR's trap and swallow the venom they spitted which will be deadly and difficult to cure. If PR wins, nothing but trouble ahead will be a foregone conclusion. Anyway their leader are going to jail why must a wise voters waste their votes. Its an opportunity knocking at the door, take it for the sake the your welfare that only BN have the resources and substance to to carry out developments.

    Take a look at Pakistan, before and now. Before the Taliban was crush by a strong leadership and the people enjoy peace, now the Pakistan Taliban take roots and cause havoc to the country with almost daily people got killed.

    Do we want Malaysian Taliban to take root and such thing to happen in our country? Do not forget PAS want Hudud law and DAP support PAS to win election. If the answer is NO than we should wipe them out before they even begin.

    Take a peep at for the same intent.

  31. Chaptemoc: This one is for you:

    Interesting picture of the BN Bukit Gantang candidate with some friends. Just in case you don't know, he is in the front row (not the sexy woman, but the Mamak beside her). It is not certain if this was taken during one of his various visits to Thailand. Whatever it is, I am sure this would win a lot of votes from the Bukit Gantang Malay voters, who are tired of PAS' Talibanism, and want a progressive Malay, who is not only not afraid of committing khalwat, like Razak Baginda, but could get away unpunished for it. I do not know if I should call this the Altantuya factor (the ladies in the picture are too sweet to be C4ed)? Maybe we'll call it the Chua Soi Lek factor, shall we (at least his video partners are still alive, even if they now lead deservedly miserable lives)? After all, MCA has a lot of unacknowledged contributions to Malaysian politics. Why don't we include YB Chua's monumental contribution as well?

    Chaptemoc: I am trying my best to satisfy you. I am sorry if by doing so, I misrepresent the issue, and actually make things worse than before.

    Chaptay Mok

    (I am not donplaypuks, and donplaypuks is not me. Donplaypuks is just a blogger whose comments I respect. We are not each other, I can assure you). :)

  32. BTW, where are the 6 boxes of document on the corruption cases of BN? We have been waiting for more than a decade now!!!

    Please expose the 6 boxes, what are you waiting for? Najib is already the new PM?

  33. I think this whole circus of "great revelation" is getting rather tiresome. Even those die-hard PR supporters are actually pleading with the GSOS to stop making a fool of himself and his party of hoodlums by promising some "sensational news" and in the end delivering lead balloon.

    Wasn't it just a few weeks ago after making similar promise, he came up with a pathetic story about his PKR MP being offered millions being caught in a camera ? Only small problem with the story that there was no such recording since there was no such incident.

    The battle at Bkt Selambau is over for all practicle purposes. Some BN folks are predicting even the Indpendents getting more votes than Money...oops..Mani Kumar the crony candidate of Anwar and the bigamist ex-ADUN Arumugam.

    As for Batang Ai, there is no need even to discuss. I think PKR Sarawak only exists on paper, for it has imploded and the Batang Ai campaign never really started.

    As for Bkt Gantang, Nizar is getting desparate since UMNO has effectively destroyed his credibility with the Malays. PAS never been strong and the only reason PAS won before was the weak UMNO. Now with Tun Mahatir campaigning and a local candidate, there is a good chance the BN candidate will win. From what I hear is Nizar is only focussing on Chinese and Indian majority areas. It seems the Indian votes has been compromised by the ISA release and likely to go to BN. The Chinese votes seemed to be no longer safe. It seems one of the problem of PR is that they over-played the "illegitimate takeover" issue and this has actually backfired on PR. This is akin to the blunder BN did in using Saiful issue in Permatang Pauh b-election. So while Nizar has a chance, the win probably go BN's way.

    So, in all likehood, it will be Nijib 3 Anwar 0. So now the question is, if PR loses badly, will the GSOS resign as the Opposition Leader ?

  34. Najib 3 ?
    Wet dream-lah...

  35. Another big surprise that is postponed to a later date! And perhaps this one is in discussion with middlemen in the government!

    Seriously, Anwar. This shit is getting old.

  36. Chaptay Mok

    In all my postings I have tried to expose lies , spins , half truths to those gullible believers .

    In the
    Interesting picture of the BN Bukit Gantang candidate with some friends.

    I have this to say . The picture could be a doctored picture , nowadays with the advance software in photo shop , you can practically superimpose anything on any photo or picture . I am Not saying that the above picture is a fake but then if you look closely most pictures taken with today's cameras normally are very clear as the pixels increase and with auto focusing . The picture is kind of not sharp with the pixels overblown , meaning it has been blown up with the sides cut or cropped . This picture could be of a group picture meaning more than ten people in the photo taken and zoomed up to just the four of them and all the rest cropped and chopped . This accounts for the slightly blurred picture and the shady colors .
    If the person can produce the photo as it is , then it again doesn't show much as it just means he has taken a photo with some people in a public place and not in a private place .
    The guy in the photo also looks like Ian Wright of lonely Planet to me and am not surprising its him with all those beauties .
    As for CSL , which you have been mentioning in the two comments , sound like you wish to draw me into making a comment on him . I think its best to let sleeping dogs lie , as my comments will not be able to change any decision that anyone wishes to take .

  37. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  38. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  39. chaptokam, stay clear of that area please. thanks

  40. chaptokam,

    Your are right, it is a doctored picture. See how low these people willing go. Their actions again demonstrate what I have been saying about them.

  41. Chaptay Mok

    In all my postings I have tried to expose lies , spins , half truths to those gullible believers .

    In the
    Interesting picture of the BN Bukit Gantang candidate with some friends.

    So I am right !

    BN man denies he is man in Thai bar girl photo
    By Adib Zalkapli

    TAIPING, April 6 — With less than 12 hours before polling for the Bukit Gantang parliamentary election begins, Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate Ismail Saffian found himself to be a victim today of what he claims is gutter politics.

    He was forced today to deny his involvement with a Thai bar girl in a photograph allegedly taken of him in a border town in Thailand.

    In a specially called press conference late this afternoon, Ismail said a doctored picture showing him with a girl in Southern Thailand was circulated to discredit his credibility.

    “It was done by desperate parties ahead of the polling day tomorrow,” he told reporters.

    Recently a booklet detailing Selangor state executive councillor from PKR Elizabeth Wong’s alleged sex scandal was also circulated.

    Ismail, who is facing Pas’s Datuk Seri Nizar Jamaluddin and an independent, also denied that he had written a letter addressed to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak apologising to him over corruption cases.

    The ‘letter’ was also circulated in the Bukit Gantang constituency.

    Ismail added that he was selected to be the candidate after he was cleared by the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC).

    “I have strong evidence from MACC that I am clean and can contest here,” he told reporters.

    Ismail later lodged a police report at the Simpang Police Station near here.


  42. Look at it this way.

    When you are in the arena with the lions, with your hands and feet tied and only you mouth to make noises, and if these noises are able to scare off the lions in the interim, don't you think that is something to celebrate about? or,

    For a starved person to have a meal of bread and beans and said after the meal that is the best meal of his or her life, would you still want to belittle him or her for not really tasted the best meal?

    It's relative. DSAI does not have the advantage of "abundance". David and Goliath?