Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lim Guan Eng questioned Anwar Ibrahim's spirit of camaraderie & cooperation

The Star Online - Guan Eng still chafing over Fairus’ resignation!

The Malaysian Insider - Guan Eng 'less than happy' with DCM situation!

But alas, nothing from Malaysiakini today on one of the most disrespectful, uncooperative and self-centered act by Anwar Ibrahim! He didn’t have the basic courtesy to inform his ally, CM Lim Guan Eng, that Fairus was resigning from his Penanti State seat, and this after assuring everyone that Fairus would hold his seat until 2013.

CM Lim GE had to learn about Fairus' resignation from the media.

Apart from the discourtesy, Anwar Ibrahim has been up to his man man lai antics again regarding one of the two Penang DCM posts which has been reserved for PKR.

As CM, Lim could have filled it up as he wished with one of the other PKR ADUNs, and there had been suggestions that Lim had looked towards appointing Abdul Malik Abdul Kassim, the Batu Maung PKR ADUN (assemblyperson).

But because Anwar Ibrahim didn’t want this mamak, Lim had out of courtesy waited for Anwar to recommend another, whom we initially thought to be possibly Maktar Shapee, PKR ADUN for Sungai Bakap.

Instead he wanted his fave Dr Mansor Othman – that’s typical of Anwar for his faves. Mansor will now use the avenue vacated for him by Fairus, whom we have been informed wants to leave his ADUN post because he has decided to take up (more) studies.

It would seem that Fairus thinks being elected by the people of Penanti to take on the responsibilities of being their representative (as he promised in his campaigning) wasn't important enough to stop him from abandoning his post when he feels like studying again. That's the man the people of Penanti had voted for.

On the wretched issue of Anwar's faves, if we recall, Anwar told his erstwhile good friend, Nallakarapan (who was nearly sent to the gallows because of his close association and friendship with Anwar) not to stand as a VP candidate for the PKR party election, because Nalla would have been a sure winner, and that wouldn't do 'coz Anwar had wanted another of his faves to be the VP.

I don’t blame Nalla for being so disenchanted and leaving PKR. Reformasi? And I am the Shahanshah of Persia!

BTW, my mamak comment is based on
The Malaysian Insider report yesterday which stated: The frontrunner for the DCM 1 post is Abdul Malik but he has not been named due to intense last-minute lobbying. He is also not seen as a Malay as he comes from the Indian Muslim community in the state.

The Malaysian Insider had also reported that PKR was pissed off with Lim because the CM had favoured Abdul Malik an Indian Muslim, when it’s known that Anwar Ibrahim wants a strong ethnic Malay candidate. They felt that Lim was pressuring them to back off from the necessity of having a PKR Malay ADUN as DCM1.

See what I mean when I wrote about Anwar's 'core group'! (The Chinese PKR ADUN can sit back and relax – don’t ever dream of being DCM of Penang).

Trust Mr Man Man Lai to make another ‘BIG’ announcement, as reported by Malaysiakini in Anwar: Fairus stays despite tempting offers, that he “... hailed Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin for being a ‘gentleman’ by gracefully relinquishing all his elected and appointed positions in the Penang government. The opposition leader said PKR took pride that a young leader like Mohammad Fairus was standing up for his principle to clear his name from the graft allegations and prevent the party from being further tarnished.”


As we all know, Fairus had publicly threatened Anwar that he would spill the beans about PKR’s dodgy matters if he wasn’t looked after on the allegations of his corrupt conduct with an illegal quarry operations in Seberang Perai. Those allegations had been made against him by another Penang PKR person. There was also an allegation of a questionable loan involving a large sum from the quarry operator.

I wonder what Anwar had to ‘promise’ Fairus to get him to resign without making good his threat on washing PKR’s dirty linen in public.

But coming back to the main issue - Anwar had been grossly disrespectful to Lim GE in not informing the CM before the press, that Fairus had agreed to resign from his State seat. Anwar must have, would have thought he was by rank way above Lim.

Needless to say, the Star Online captured as much of Lim’s disgust as it could, quoting the CM stating: “The fact is, his resignation was faxed to me only after it had been announced in the media so as far as I am concerned, I was never informed and knew it only when the press contacted me.”

“I am not happy with how everything unfolded but if there is a vacancy, there must be a by-election. As far as the by-election is concerned, the whole operation is planned by Anwar Ibrahim -- I don’t know what is happening and neither do the PKR members themselves, so you have to ask Anwar.”

But at the core of Lim’s anger has been this response when asked if PKR had failed to show respect and courtesy to Lim by not first informing the state of Fairus’ resignation before announcing it in the media:

“We have shown a genuine spirit of camaraderie and co-operation but whether or not it has been reciprocated (by PKR), you have to ask Anwar.”

It’s Machap all over again.


  1. Kesian Mamak tu.Well, Anwar will be the Dr M to Najib.

  2. Crack is getting wider and wider.....

  3. Jed Yoong wrote

    "I am gonna slow down blogging for a while as I am simply quite disgusted and disappointed by the Selangor government.

    But I live in KL. I pray that KL won’t go back to Selangor.

    I’ve removed all the PKR politicians from my Facebook, if it means anything since I don’t see them anyway. And anyone who I think is sympathetic to PKR. I’ve had enough of them."

    One down. Many more to go. People will soon realized the true faces of Pakatan. You can't see their representatives except during demonstrations and whenever there's ugliness.

  4. DAP marginalised9:39 pm, April 19, 2009

    sama lah, macam MCA dalam BN

    Fast forward if Anwar is successful to topple BN in future DAP will be a marginalised \in Pakatan Rakyat.

    Anwar has been UMNO before, he knows well how to mariginalised you LGE,! Remember what Lim Keng Yaik told you, "lu chiak lu too ngm chai"

  5. Here's another from Jed Yoong

    The thought of enduring a Parti Kangkang Raksasa Federal/State govt is enough for me to hope Barisan Nasional stays in power…

    Politics, a choice between the lesser of the two “evils”….

    I was disappointed. But have moved on. ;)

    Someone please save Malaysia from this bane upon the nation called the Parti Kangkang Raksasa (Parti Keadilan Rakyat)!

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  7. Let me give some views on this , to contest or not to contest . Either way PKR is heading for a split in Penang . This is because Anwar has already announced that the person who is going to become the candidate for the Penanti by election is also going to become the new DCM1 . This is exactly what happens during the last GE when Gerakan announced that there are three candidates in the running to become the next Chief Minister . The result was disastrous , it caused the supporters of the three to pull each other's legs resulting in the three knocking each other out .

    I foresee the Malik guy to be pissed with Anwar for not selecting and recommending him as the new DCM1 . Anwar has a bad habit of putting in new guys for new positions , take for example the nomination of Loh Gwo Burne to contest the Kelana Jaya seat over other more seior part members . I won't be surprised Malik will be telling his supporters over at Penanti not to vote for their own PKR candidate and so would the other guy from Nibong Tebal . Effectively PKR is split into three factions with those supporting Fairus .
    I don't think Anwar can control this infighting within his PKR . That's the reason why I suspect Najib doesn't BN want to contest and Guan Eng feeling disgusted with Anwar . If the new guy wins and becomes the new DCM1 , this is setting the stage for an internal battle with the new battle front drawn with the intent to cut each other's throats . Either way Anwar loses ....

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  9. Now I got it, it make sense now, that why PKR people themselves file the corruption allegation on their own people and PR's lawyers quick to jump to defend that guy if charge to cover up the bigger issue.

  10. CM Tak Tau , ape pun Tak Tau

    LGE is 'tak tau, tanya Anwar' CM
    If you ask is Fairus taking leave? The answer is tak tau, tanya Anwar.
    If you ask when Fairus is back from leave? The answer is tak tau, tanya Anwar.
    If you ask is Fairus resigning? The answer is tak tau, tanya Anwar.
    If you ask when will the new deputy CM named? The answer is tak tau, tanya Anwar.
    If you ask who is the new deputy CM? The answer is tak tau, tanya Anwar.
    If you ask when exactly you will name the new deputy CM? The answer is tak tau, tanya Anwar.
    Semua tak tau, apa dia tau?
    Better let Anwar be the CM if he LGE has no power and everything has to be refered to Anwar . So Guan Eng is now Anwar's errant boy .

  11. Fairus to AlimutuChan10:41 pm, April 19, 2009

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  13. Ktemoc,

    Hello, just who is managing the 5 or rather 4 PR states with all the UMNO/BN “Diversion” charades to “Overstretch DSAI, PKR & PR Resources.”

    DSAI, please ensure no more “Accidental Politicians” no matter how many “Academic Qualifications, etc” the Wannabes have.

    Honourable, Honest & Sincere LGE is fast losing his "Creditability” to hang on to the “Bastion” with this episode.....

    Looks like DSAI, PKR & PR do not need any outside UMNO/BN, or any "ENEMIES"....

    So just HOW do you expect them to MOVE FORWARD with their OVERSTRETCHED RESOURCES???

    The answer is for DSAI & PR to LISTEN, LEARN, be PRO-ACTIVE, DYNAMIC & ADOPT the BEST Brains, Academicians, Professionals, Economists, Bankers, etc & BEST PRACTICES - A Matured Personality with Integrity, Honour, Creditability & Proven Track Record....

    To not be “Bodoh Sombong” like the UMNO/BN....

    One year wasted on jumping “Froggies” when they could have DELIBERATED, IDENTIFIED, RECRUITED & GROOMED Thousands of “Honourable Qualified & Established Potential Leaders” for their 2nd & 3rd Line Echelons....

    This is why they are now losing many of their “Accidental Politicians” one by one....

    If only DSAI & his PR Leaders just Acknowledge their Shortcomings, Look, Listen & LEARN from LKY, our neighbour down South....

    Malaysia badly needs “Role Model” ESTABLISHED Leaders & Politicians of HONOUR with Calibre, Maturity & Tolerance without Fear or Favour – on BOTH sides of the Political Divide.

    Further this nation Desperately needs Intelligent, Time Proven Pragmatic Successful modelled, Financial & Politiical “SOLUTIONS” NOW on BOTH sides of the Political Divide, to MITIGATE the IMPENDING Political & Financial fallout.


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  15. For all these brouhaha, I wonder where is the voice of PKR leaders. Where is the VP, Sec General, etc.

    It seems like the entire party is a one man show. How will PKR run the country when they cannot even run their party well.

  16. Dear KT, Chaptokam.
    It took Jed Yoong so long to realise what PKR is about and who Anwar really is.
    I think DAP should go it alone with PAS.
    Divorce PKR and let it die a natural death.
    P.S. A four day holiday and eating nasi kandar in Glugor and the Penang island, all I hear is people talking about Anwar and the swearing that followed.
    You how how Penangnites talk - very loud.
    I feel like joining the chorus.
    But they are all anak Mami.

  17. Hence on, I will refer to PKR as Penipu, Kelentong Rakyat
    It means double cheats.

  18. The ultimate objective of Pakatan is to serve as the vehicle for the Great Snake Oil Salesman's (GSOS) wet dream of being the PM of Malaysia. All the talk about justice, democracy and rule of law is just to recruit those infantile youths and some naïve academics as the willing cheerleaders for the cause.

    LGE, Taliban Nik, LKS, Karpal the loud but toothless Kalsa Tiger, etc must accept the fact that they are just mere mortals whose job and mission is to serve and carry the Great Deformer to the throne of Prime Ministership. They are just coolies at the beck and call of the Great Mandore.

    LGE the Cheap Minister must realise that he should be thankful to the Great Mandore for his kindness and generosity in bestowing the Cheap Ministership to him.

    LGE must also understand that the Great Deformer is the real Chief Minister and he has dictatorial power to do anything he wishes. LGE can take it or leave it.

    It has been clear from Day 1 that the GSOS has been driving the direction of Pakatan and DAP being their No 1 cheerleader. Did anyone seen the GSOS outlining how he is going to make the Pakatan states as the showcase for democracy or the coalition's shared values or policies for the 4 states?

    No, the one and only thing he was interested was to bring down the BN govt via "back door" machination using his Grand 916 strategy that dropped like a lead balloon and came back to bite on his posterior.

    Of course the Saiful Gate, Perak fiasco and the numerous scandals forced him on the back foot and put him on defensive mode. However almost every action he takes is based on one and only criteria - to help him to consolidate power and put him nearer to his wet dream of power grab.

    KT, the situation in Penang is interesting and there is some gap in your analysis which I would be happy to fill. This additional info would clear some of the unanswered questions that would have puzzled you and others over this fiasco.

    LGE has been trying to play politics with PKR by trying to be the Numero Umo by having a tight control on the state with DCM 1 and DCM2 to be his close allies. However he does not realise that the Great Deformer is the Real Boss and easily out play the Cheap Minister.

    The GSOS has rejected Malik due to 2 reasons. One his ethnicity and 2nd reason is because Lim's extremely close relationship with Malik. The GSOS does not support Maktar because of impending bribery allegations that also awaits him.

    OK, coming back to Dr Mansor Othman this guy is also has a very fishy background despite the Great Mandore's endorsement as a senior leader.

    Mansor was the GSOS political secretary since his DPM days and stuck with him ever since. You might recall Mansor being fielded as a "back up" candidate during the PP by-election last year and withdrew after the GSOS' nomination was accepted.

    Mansor was appointed as Penang PKR head but was ousted due to his unpopularity (non grass root member and a Kedahan). The GSOS tried repeatedly and in vain to get him a secure place. This crony of the GSOS contested in 1999 (Balik Pulau parliamentary seat), 2004 (Seberang Jaya state seat) and 2008(Pulau Betong state seat) general elections but failed to secure any seats. He is known as one of the GSOS' closest loyalists and the plan was to make him a senator in the current state assembly session. However, the GSOS changed his mind as LGE objected strongly over the back door entry as the DCM1.

    One of the main reasons why LGE is angry is not due to the Great Deformer's lack of consultation on DCM1 post. But LGE fears that putting someone very close to the GSOS would undermine his own position as surely the Great Deformer will use Mansor as a proxy to drive his own agenda and promote his cronies. Up to now Penang PKR was too weak to stand up to LGE but now the equation has changed completely. Now with Mansor the GSOS has the real power and influence over every aspect of Penang administration. LGE will no longer have a free say and power to decide. He will have to get Mansor’s endorsement and the crony will get the GSOS’ green light before any decision is made.

    So, we can expect 2 things. One, Penang PKR to break apart. Second, power struggle with DAP and PKR in Penang.

    I m sure KTK will be delighted to see the Lame Duck Crown has been handed right back to LGE. From now onwards, LGE is not just a Lame Duck but a Sitting Duck…LOL

    Chaptokam...let's get some popcorns and wait for the show to begin...LOL....I m sure KTK will be delighted to see the Lame Duck Crown has been handed right back to LGE. From now onwards, LGE is not just a Lame Duck but a Sitting Duck…LOL

  19. Yo Killer

    Hahahahaha LOL...Lame Duck alias Sitting Duck ...I thought only in the Americas you'll find Red Indians knowns as Lame Bull or Sitting Bull ....its Sitting Duck , I like this new name .. I think I should go and join the Penang Rifle Club for some clay or pigeon trap shooting ...opps sorry should be sitting duck shooting .

    Btw , just like your input , to contest with BN candidate or independent ? or not at all ?
    As I mentioned earlier , either way its the break up of the Great Snake Oil Company .
    Imagine there's so many names now to PKR , Penipu, Kelentong Rakyat , Parti Kangkang Raksasa ,.. great .
    Regarding The GSOS does not support Maktar because of impending bribery allegations that also awaits him. I understand from UMNO guys recently that the one implicated is another MP the one from Nibong Tebal , not him , and the guy is the son of a former Gerakan YDP of MPPP .

    That fella has harboured great intentions of becoming or hoping to become the next YDP of MPPP since the post has now become vacant . Looks like there's going to be another "contest" between him and Jeff Ooi who has made his intentions known .

    So now LGE is effectively Anwar's Machai since everything he has to ask or refer to his Supremo . Wakakaka !!!!!

  20. Idzan Ismail

    You were in Penang recently ? Aiyoo how come never invite me to join you at the famous nasi kandar in Glugor ! Its quite well known , use to go there for my lunch .
    So you heard people talking about Anwar and the swearing that followed.
    Yeh we know how Penangnites talk - very loud.
    Chinese or Malays or Indians talking ? Age group ? Care to share with us what they were saying ? Just curious know .

  21. Yo Chaptokam

    I also think this Penanti by-election is a waste of public resources and a diversion. But letting the Supreme Sodomite... oops sorry shld be the Supreme (Alleged)Sodomite away free will encourage him to repeat this nasty habit.

    SO BN should field a candidate as an Indpendent so the SS won't have a free ride.

    It would be very intresting to see how LGE going to manage the proxy of the Great Madore or make major decisions. I guess it will take the Cheap Minister a few weeks since it has to be cleared by the DCM1 and then by the GSOS.

    I also wonder if LGE becomes the DAP's Nizar in reverse. That is LGE becoming PKR's puppet. So we might yet have yet another Ali Baba state government.

    As for names, I have a few for PR and PKR. Pengkhianat Raja, Penderhaka Rakyat, Penyanggak Rakyat, Parti Kuat Rasuah, etc.

    Any, the fun is yet to start. The credits have just started to roll, movie yet to begin. Let's buy some popcorns and get ready for the fire works and the sandiwara.

  22. Yes ChatoKam. The ones taking loud are of course the mamak tanjungla..
    They were reading the papers about Najib saying not contesting Penanti.
    There's this one guy saying itula tak pikiak. Dulu nak kawin dengan DAP. la ni nak tekan DAP. Macam ni si Guan Eng tu k.... lembik.
    Goyang telork lagi baik.
    Guss we know what Najib feels. To contest, waste of money, waste of time.
    It's a classic case of damn if you dont, damn if you do.
    Not to contest, its simply sacrilegious to just give Penipu Kelentong Rakyat the walk-over.
    But I thnik they sohould contest.
    With all the goings on in PKR, people may want change.
    Give the Penanti folks the chance to set things right.
    Its as though the BN do not care for them.
    How about Tun Abdullah be the director of the Penanti election?
    Can BN win?

  23. Idzan Ismail

    Looks like Tun Abdullah might be appointed to head the Penang UMNO . If this does happen , then there's a good chance he might take charge there provided BN contest .

    Yeah you are right ,it's a classic case of damn if you dont, damn if you do.

    I hope they don't give Penipu Kelentong Rakyat the walk-over. Just field any candidate , give them $8000 for the deposit and viola we have a candidate . If any tom dick and harry candidate can get just 5000 votes , even losing will be a pleasure , many bookies will be making money . Chances are they place the bets with 6000 votes handicap in favor of the PKR fella .

    Can BN win ? Hard to say , on current perceptions BN will lose , just like we predicted to win in the two Bukits but ended we lost . Who knows this time we predict to lose and might end up winning . Depends on many factors as I and killer mentioned before .

    So as killer says buy popcorn and enjoy the movie .

  24. Who is this Jed Yoong. Changed her leapord spots after went to lockup - quat, makan curry and questioned by Anti crime, anti pimp, Shaw brothers and Tindakan Polis?

    The real spit is happen in Trengganu - We see one malaysia allow by our Pimp minister. What a joke - UMNo hits against UMNo which is worst that one party misunderstand anothe party. No wonder, there is killer and chatocum

  25. I think it would be interesting for BN to field an Independent candidate. It would allow the people to show their utter contempt for the Great Madore's political machination at the expense of the rakyat's money and time.

    The longer it drags, the more this sorry affair is destroying the credibility of PKR and DAP. For all the Great Wise Leader act put up by LGE so far, this is making him look stupid and truly a lame duck. The ease and way the Supreme (Alleged)Sodomite has played LGE out has destroyed the carefully orchestrated image of the Cheap Minister as the one in control.

    So by putting an Independent, the rift between PAS,PKR and DAP will be exploited. All votes for the Independent will be contsrued as protest votes against the GSOS' manipulation and the Cheap Minister's lame duck-ness.

    It will force Penderhaka Rakyat to work desperately to campaign so that the Ind candidate don't get too many votes.

    While we will be stuffing our mouth with pop corns and enjoying the show. I bet there are enough Anwar haters to turun padang to help the candidate on their private capacity. We might even see Fairus, Maktar and Malik join hand to campaign against the GSOS' crony.

    I can only foresee the Talibans of PAS to campaign since they will even sell their own grannies to come to power.

  26. kILLER

    Are U really a killer? Show your bravery and killer instint by standing in the election. In Kedah, we have 24 being slaughter. But if you really do kill, you can get Millions - after it is nothing - kacang to the Pimp Minister who get 500M as commission. You have your buggers here to angkat kaki you.

    Otherwise, it is just Chatocum only.

  27. Guys

    Is Jed Yoong a girl or a boy?
    Like Anonymous 4.57 pm, I too wonder why she changed her spots.
    Be like me, Chaptokam, Xie Ann and Killer. We stand by our beliefs though people condemn us.

  28. Hmmm... PKR is getting more and more big-headed it seems... according to TMI...

    DAP for Penanti!

  29. Annoyingmous 4:57 PM,and 6:26 PM is me .

  30. Chiller @ 2:02 PM, April 20, 2009 said : "SO BN should field a candidate as an Indpendent so the SS won't have a free ride.Cheaptokam @ 4:34 PM, April 20, 2009 said "Just field any candidate"

    Apasal, tak berani nak tanding ka?

    Dah tak da kote kah ?
    Semua sudah jadi pondan kah!!

    Sudah tentu lah, BN = Barisan Nazak.

  31. Oops, for got to add to the above.

    Whilst eating the popcorn don't forget the stale champagne opened during the last by-elections!!


  32. Better for you Annoying mous to drink Anwar's pee than stale champagne's

  33. Main belkang jilat kote10:28 pm, April 20, 2009

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  34. Guys, I'd not be so alarmed over this incident. Remember Hee did the same thing. I believe it's LGE's brinkmanship of placing Tunku Abdul Aziz as DCM1. Tunku Abdul Aziz's far more competent than Mansor. Plus ultimately DAP'd run Penang just like PAS runs Kelantan. I still have faith in Anwar but well, he got to leave Penang entirely to DAP. Perak election might materialise. DAP wants a larger share. So does many states including Johor in the future. It's brinkmanship. Montgomery's feud with Patton