Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No ayatollahs for Perak please

Malaysiakini - PAS leader stands by 'Thai-style unrest' remark.

Much as I am a Pakatan supporter, by default of my preference to support DAP, I don’t think I am impressed by Kamaruddin Jaafar’s remarks that Perak could witness unrest similar to Thailand if the state assembly is not dissolved.

Kamaruddin Jaafar is the PAS secretary-general, and his irresponsible remarks can be considered as a veiled threat to incite the Perakians to civil disobedience, or perhaps worse.

That would not be democratic process, but ayatollah-ish.

While the Perak Sultan has been unhelpful by an unnecessary show of what former Judge Chan sneeringly described as HRH's pretend-power in dismissing Nizar as the MB of Perak (when HRH has no such power), ...

... the royal paradigm was apparent in, firstly, the palace over-ruling the Paktan Rakyat’s preferred candidate for MB, Jamaluddin of PKR, by selecting Nizar of PAS instead, ...

... and secondly, HRH chopping off Nizar at his knees (and undermining his authority as the State’s highest political representative) on the issue of a insubordinate public servant, and incorrectly too as pointed out by the Khalsa Warrior.

HRH, by choosing on his own accord to stray outside the royal preserves, has placed himself in the unpleasant non-teflon-coated world of public scrutiny and criticisms.

Incidentally, note that it was the palace serendipitous selection of Nizar as MB, which disproves UMNO's naughty description of Nizar as a DAP stooge.

Nizar doesn't have to be anybody's stooge because he could easily tell the Perak DAP exco's to f*-off and there was nothing the DAP could have done.

Be that as it may, what the Thais are doing is alien to our way of life for a variety of reasons - I won't go into it here. We have different societal characteristics.

And unlike the Nepalis we don’t have a cruel and arrogant Sultan of … ;-) ... Perak or HM the Agong.

Review Pakatan’s achievement thus far (but minus those 'BIG' bullsh*t's) – just by relying on the ballot box we have come a long long way. Let’s not f* spoil it by catching someone’s disease, namely, impatience, slime and an obsession for power even through illegal means.


  1. Thailand did arrive at today overnignt. The rot actually began in the 80s and took off in the 90s. So one has to be careful in his comments.Ramlax

  2. Why should there be another poll? Rakyat do not choose MB but only their MPs.

    The chosen MP remain the same. So he left the party after realising the Nger and Nga arrogance and crap.

    What if the tide is against Paktan Rakyat, would they want to have a state general election?

  3. They Malaysian Talibans already got license to make trouble, so what do you expect. They run riot when Kelantan was defeat 2-1 by Negri Sembilan in a FA Cup semi-final first-leg match in Kota Baru. Their threat should be taken seriously, if that were to happen, DAP should be blame for supporting them.

  4. Hi Ktemoc

    Check out this article by Farish Noor (posted on the website of the leader of the political party you claim to support):

    Xiean: Boy, are you paranoid!
    Football hooliganism is also the
    fault of PAS??


    Phua Kai Lit

  5. Some years ago , umno youth wanted to burn down the KL Chinese Hall.
    The umno youth really wanted to burn it down .
    Kamaruddin of Pas issued a bad statement and it is tasteless.
    He should vented his anger by doing some "gotong royong" instead of following a Khun Thai protest.
    That was his statement and it shows his mentality. We can skip him.
    Same as that kulim fella.Skip him.
    We dont need such people.
    PR do have morons and idiots but they are not "ministers" or "senators" .

  6. Phua,

    You are completely blinded, who is the government in Kelantan?

  7. Hi Ktemoc and other readers
    (including the usual
    pro-BN "psychological warfare" crew),

    Here are some interesting analyses:



    Xiean: I've been to Kelantan and it does not look like Taliban Afghanistan to me. How about your goodself? :)
    I am also quite happy with my PAS MP who is a PAS moderate :) :)

    Phua Kai Lit

  8. Phua, are you suggesting that we should emulate the Indons and hanker for our 'golden era' as well? And which era would that be? I hope you're not suggesting Malacca at its most glorious because the rule was then by absolute monarchy, which I have no stomach for. Or, would it be during Tunku's days? But Anwar would fit well into the former rather than the latter wakakaka.

  9. XieAn: To equate football hooliganism with a ruling government is patently stupid. Just where is the relationship between governments and football hooliganism?

    We had massive amounts of hooliganism at various football stadia in the 1970s and 1980s in the UK (led at various points by secular left or centre and right of centre parties); we continue to see it today in places like Argentina in recent years (secular centrist party).

    It goes on in Italy (last 10 years alternating between various left of centre and right of centre parties. All relatively secular for a Catholic nation).

    I myself was invloved in such acts, being personally evicted in a Sabah versus Kelantan relagation-promotion playoff in 1992. Yes, I took it out on the talibans....well actually on the certainly bribed referee...

    One thing I learnt in my days being an idiot at football matches was that my fellow idiots were made up of people of various backgrounds; rich, poor, rightwing, leftwing, young, old. We shared a passion for football which went overboard beyond the realm of reason. Back then I was a passionate PBS supporter who railed against the BN. Of my 2 partners in crime, one was also a mad PBS supporter, the other a dyed-in-the-wool USNO man. Mad Mahathir supporter. Politics had little to do with our stupid activities.

    Also about these Kelantanese Talibans, I recall Bobby Chua being hit by an object back in the early 1990s when we played them in Kota Bharu, and the Tok Guru himself personally apologised to Pairin Kitingan about it-the leader of the talibans apologising for the actions of an idiot, who could well have been an UMNO supporter for all we know.

    I've read some truly silly things in this blog-but your must take the cake! I'll take it all back and make a grovelling apology to you if you can show me that the acts of violence at the FA Cup match was run and orchestrated by PAS, but till then, if you wish to have your views taken seriously, I suggest you start by making comments that can be at least substantiated with either reason or anecdotal evidence.

  10. "I am also quite happy with my PAS MP who is a PAS moderate :) :)

    Phua Kai Lit"


    Dear Dr Phua, "Pas Moderate" is an oxymoron for there is no such thing as moderate in PAS. This is akin to calling someone as a moderate mass murderer or kindly child rapist or a likeable suicide bomber.

  11. Dear fellas

    Fakatan is playing the double standard game again.
    A glaring example is Eli Wong who is now back again as Exco and rep.
    If it is BN, they will be crying for her blood.
    In fact when it first surfaced BN was the victim but when the real culprit was exposed, they bit the dust.
    As usual teir reps are given leave and as usual they ran overseas.
    If yi remember I spymphatised with Eli being a woman because it is an infringment of her privacy.
    But I get cheesed off because she should have stayed in the country and do some damage control.
    Last week her Kota damansara people rallied for her support but she did not appear though expected to.
    Did BN exploit her case into a big issue.
    Nope not even in the by-elections.
    I can imagine the brouhaha is if it is BN women.
    Welcome to the world of PAS.
    They are all holy moly when it comes to Umno.
    Bur Eli, well she's special.
    Does it sit well with The Talibans (quoting KT) in their midst?
    We'll see.

  12. Parvinder Kler,

    Your brain are retarded and eyes are covered with cow dung, you don't have the intelligence nor the eyes to see the culture of PAS, their leaders involvement with various demonstration and riot in KL as well as Perak. They have this so call hooliganism mentality which have cultured into some of the people in Kelantan, that explain why such hooliganism cultivation is very common in this particular state.

    Have you seen what is happening there before you open you big mouth? Shouldn't the state government take responsibility?

  13. XieAn,

    I ask you again-what does the govt have to do with football hooliganism?

    Please answer. What evidence can you furnish me to prove the involvement of PAS in the incidences outside the stadium? Which members were present, and which ones orchestrated the riot?

    And no, I don't think the state govt should take responsibility for acts of football hooliganism, though as I noted earlier, Tok Guru did do just that when Bobby Chua was attacked years ago. He did not have to, but he did. Here in Sabah, (and also in Sarawak) we were more than unfair to visiting peninsular teams making terrible remarks about them and their mums just because they are west malaysians. We stopped them from going back to their changerooms, we tried stoning their buses, we kept them at the stadium for hours whenever we lost (admittedly rare in those days, only when those bastards from selangor with their dodgy referees came...).

    In those days, the BN was in charge of Sarawak (ah, the real Ngap Sayot days...) and the opposition PBS in Sabah. Should the PBB and PBS now come out and apologise for our pretty pathetic, parochial behaviour?

    Those responsible for safety at football matches need to take responsibility for such actions-this includes KAFA, FAM, the police, stadium security, and ultimately the idiot hooligans themselves. If people are hell bent on making trouble, it is pretty tough to stop them anyway. I mean like you on this blog, listening to neither rhyme nor reason; just spouting poisonous venom. You're the online version of those idiots outside the stadium in Kota Bharu.

    At a governmental level, the police will come under the purview of the federal govt in all likelihood, and KAFA is probably run by the state level ministry of sports. Thus, indirectly you are probably right to assign some responsibility to the govt, but both state (PAS) and federal (BN).

    PAS=riotous behaviour eh? May 13 probably saw the most riotous behaviour in Malaysia, and it sure as hell was not led by PAS. In my dodgy past, I've been involved in quite a few riotous incidences-never saw no skullcap around (but then again PAS would hilang deposit in Sabah).

  14. Hi Killer 11:45 am

    I certainly beg to differ.

    We can "agree to disagree" on this one :)


    Phua Kai Lit

  15. Thai-style Democracy means the PEOPLE decide while the Police and Army stand by to keep the peace and not start the conflagaration by firing pepper-laced water cannons, tear gas and rubber bullets!

    You got a problem with that?

    Except of course, Abhisit cried foul when it got real hot and called in the troops to interfere. He forgot that when he brought the previous democratically elected Govt down, he got Royal & Generals' support to keep the Police and Army in their respective barracks.

    That's cheating! Abhisit does not like the taste of his own medicine but tha'ts exactly what you expect from these elitist Oxford educated poncies!

  16. The Hypocrisy of the Great Lim Kit Siang .

    I was shocked when I read that Kamaruddin Jaafar who is the PAS secretary-general, making irresponsible remarks that can be considered as a veiled threat to incite the Perakians to civil disobedience . The PAS leaders who wrote that if the Perak issue is not resolved, it might degenerate into the exact situation in Bangkok. This is uncalled for and an irresponsible threat. More so coming from a PAS leader, when PAS has always advocate that Islam do not promote violence.

    You don’t have to be a political scientist to know the vast difference between the political situation in Thailand and that of Perak. In Perak, both BN and PR have gone to the court to resolve what is essentially a state constitutional crisis. In Thailand, they have taken politics to the streets and Malaysia of all political divide should not try to be a copycat of the Thailand’s model whereby street politics have replaced the ballot box. Obviously, there are powerful people behind the opposing forces. The yellow shirts are backed by people linked to the royalty and the red shirts have Taksin .You can never be a street demonstrator for weeks if you do not have the financial resources.
    And its very obvious is this a threat to more street violence ?

    As for Kit Siang's hypocrisy , he took Ong Tee Keat to task for the " ungrateful " remarks made by DPM Muhydeen but he is surprising very quite in this remark by Kamaruddin Jaafar . Why is he so quiet ? I have NOT seen a statement by him to repulse such irresponsible and uncalled for remark which would put all Malaysians at war with each other ! . Kit Siang where are you ? Has your mouth been glued ? Or have you lost your tongue ?

    And btw why are the others also no voice ?the Cheap Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng also hilang voice , the Circus Ring Master of PKR also so quiet ?

    When BN people make a mistake the mole hill becomes Mount Kinabalu . But when PR people make stupid remarks all the alternative media in low volume . The Mt Kinabalu , they say is just the size of an ant hill .

    HYPOCRITES these PR people especially Lim Kit Siang .

  17. Parvinder Kler,

    The riot happen in the State of Kelantan is good evidence enough for the PAS government to take responsibility, any intelligence people will tell you that . No need for you to put words into my mouth. Since you said it than prove to me that Pas people are not involve in the riot, Otherwise stop taking nonsense.

  18. XieAn,

    It is you who is talking nonsense. Plenty of riots happen everywhere around the world, do you demand all govts take reponsibility?

    But you're right about putting words in your mouth. Better not, otherwise people may think you are a reasonable human being. I best let you speak for yourself, so everyone can see you for the fool that you are.

    I'm no lawyer and neither do I have much knowledge of the law but I do believe that the prerogative is to prove guilt (e.g. that PAS was involved in the riot) and not to prove innocence (e.g that PAS was NOT involved in the riot).

    On the nonsense front, clearly I am unable to compete with you. Your control of the subject matter is truly extraordinary.

  19. Parvinder Kler,

    Obviously I am talking to a retarded, who can't stop talking nonsense.

  20. XieAn,

    Please, I implore you-stop talking into the mirror.

  21. Yo Killer

    Time for the carnival ! As what we predicted !

    Fairus quits Penanti seat, issues ultimatum to Anwar (Update 3)

    GEORGE TOWN: After weeks of speculation, former Penang Deputy Chief Minister I Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin has quit his Penanti state seat, paving the way for a possible by-election.

    He also took aim at PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, issuing an ultimatum through a Chinese daily: Help him clear his name or risk the exposure of a state and party scandal.

    His resignation comes less than a week after he officially stepped down from the state’s No 2 post following allegations of his involvement in illegal activities with local quarry operators.

    In a press statement, he said that he would now focus on his post-graduate studies and on clearing his name from the allegations hurled against him.

    In an immediate response, the Election Commission said it was awaiting official notification of Fairus’s as Penanti assemblyman.

    Help him clear his name or risk the exposure of a state and party scandal. Wah lau ae an ultimatum to the Circus Ring Master Prof Henry Higgins ! wah you so brave ! Reminds me of this song from MY Fair Lady
    Just you wait Henry Higgins just you wait , You'll be sorry and your tears will be too late I'll expose all that in the party , I'll go town to MACC , and you be caught with all the scandals Henry Higgins ,just you wait .

  22. Xie An

    You are really retard. Your Najib said one malaysia - Kelantanese is not malaysian in the eyes of your hero? So who is really retarded and a hyprocrite?

    Chptokam - In PR, at least the 3 parties express themsleves. But in BN, they teel sammy to shut up and PPP to fly kites and MCA, Gerakan - pendatang. Apart from UMNO, all parties keep quiet. If your name is Chaptokam, why don;'t to tell UMNO off?

  23. Parvinder Kler,

    No thanks....

  24. MCA, Gerakan - pendatang.

    Anwar Ibrahim in 1998 - China balek Tion San
    Zulkifi Noordin in 2008 - Cina Balek China
    Ahmad Ismail - UMNO in sheeps clothing - actually more like Anwar 's comrade in arms - Chinese pendatang ? If UMNO said it , Najib and Pak Lah got to apologise on his behalf ? We in Penang know better .

    PPP to fly kites - Ali Rustam - kick down the ladder already !

    Any further info refer to KiityKat46

  25. Chaptokam,

    This by-elections probably has you all excited but don't you think this will be a non-event? The majority is huge (in the locality and in the state assembly) and BN will probably just put in a local candidate and be done with it. It'll probably be the quietest by-election since, well since before the Ijok by-election I suppose.

    It'll be a one man show, that man being Anwar Ibrahim. I doubt BN will bother much about this seat. Or am I missing something here?

    At any rate, hopefully after this we can all get back to our boring daily lives and wait for the next general election. If it gets too boring I can always go to Kota Bharu to watch the football. I hear their after match entertainment is quite something...

  26. Folks

    My take on the issue of Kelantan since I have lived there for a while and also had many Kelantanese friends while I was at the university.

    There is a strong kinship among the Kelantanese that is hard to explain. They stick together as one even when they are away from the state.

    And there is a streak of violence that runs true them that is not present in any of the people from other states.

    I have lost count of the number of times when the Kelantanese students attacking people from other states for all kind of reasons when I was at the university. I have seen the same when I was working too. So people from other states do not mess with these folks and leave them alone. No one in their right mind would want to make friends with "kapak siam".

    I have noted that PAS has a strong control on students. This control starts from TAKSI (Kindergarten) and extends up to university. The students are given special training (more like political education) before leaving the state to the university. At the university, they have these Kelantanese society and they meet quite regularly. Almost all of these controls are political and managed by PAS folks. I heard the same control is applied to overseas uni students as well.

    I don't really have any direct evidence but I have seen in any election that PAS gets involved, there will be violence. It doesnt matter where. To me it seems violence is a big part of PAS. I don't know how this came about. Even if we note the recent by-elections and street demos, the ones on the fore front is the Talibans of PAS and not so much PKR or DAP guys & gals.

    As for football, well, I have lost count of times when Kelantan players and fans have created problem. While I don't have the data, I can say that Kelantan has the worse record as far as the hooliganism is concerned. It happens in other places but not on such alarming regularity as Kelantan.

    As for living in Kelantan itself the life there isnt as rosy as those apologists from DAP seems to suggest.

    They normally do not trouble the non Muslims as long as we remain invisisble and follow all the rules. But you will be in deep trouble if you try to live like you do in elsewhere. There are so many direct and indirect restrictions that enforced. Most of these do not get reported in the media as there are so few non Muslims live there and most of them try not to antagonise the PAS folks.

    I studied in a university that was controlled by student council that was 100% consisting of PAS Youth members. Though the non Muslim % at the university was significant, there were so much restrictions placed on us.

    We had to obey ridiculous rules like having to wear track bottoms for football instead of shorts. We had the girls having to wear scarfs in public, no music,etc.

    So I think, based my observation and not empirical data or evidence, there seems to be a thread that connects PAS, Kelantan and violence.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. Killer,

    Your description of long pants and scarves are hardly restricted to Kelantan and PAS....

    If PAS people are violent as they are from Kelantan, then surely BN people from Kelantan are too.

    BTW, I'm suppose to be proud of it, but I'm sure football fans in Sabah are a little bit worse. Its just that we've been shit for so many years now nobody goes-but once numbers pick up again, we'll make trouble for sure! We may not have won the Malaysia Cup but hey, we'll always be at the bottom of the fair play table!

    Anyway, that still does not prove XieAn's assertion that PAS was behind the violence at the football match that day, which is what I was trying to get an answer to.

    Hey, UMNO via the BTN also tend to have a strong link with the students they send overseas-I've observed it plenty of times myself...just saying...

  29. Yo Chaptokam

    Yes, the millionaire from Selayang has "resigned" (more like issuing pre-signed resignation letter). It's party time again !!

    I don't know the chances of UMNO in Penanti but PKR seems to be confident but that confident could come back and bite them on their posterior later.

    I think this is a huge slap on the face of the Cheap Minister's CAT government. I think if LGE has any integrity at all he will resign immediately since his no 1 man has been caught with his pants down, stealing public money.

    Just to put things in perspective. What would Pengkhianat Raja (PR) will do if DPM is charged for bribery ? I bet the GSOS, LKS and the Cheap Minister will screaming for Najib to resign.

    So by same token, I call upon the Cheap Minister to resign after this massive blow to his administration.If Cheap Minister can't convince his DCM1 of CAT, then how would he convince the other Penangites ?

  30. Parvinder Kler

    This by-elections probably has you all excited but don't you think this will be a non-event? We Penangites will make sure this will be the event of the year !!!

    Or am I missing something here? You'll wish you'll be here when the fireworks start . You are missing not something , many things , but if you cannot make it , just stay on this blog and there will be regular updates .

    Been reading all the barbs between you , xiean and killer .
    Maybe I'll just add this .
    If PAS people are violent as they are from Kelantan justto refresh your memory . Tok Aziz's son was caught and sent to Kamunting under ISA for I think 4 years for his involvement with the Islamiah Jermiah who's objective is to overthrow this democratic govt and install a Taliban govt in Malaysia . What Killer said actually throws an insight into the workings of PAS in Kelantan . They also know very well they need the support of the Non Malays to win in the Parliamentary seats as well as the state seats , hence this strategy of enticing the non Malays with policies deem acceptable to the Non Malays . The rest I leave it to you to think about what will happen as this is not the correct thread to discuss PAS .
    Parting shot ! MB's son involve in planning to overthrowing the legitimately elected govt . Think about it ! Xiean and Killer has their points .

  31. Parvinder

    I was shocked not such by the violence last week, after all Kelatan and violence are Siamese twins.

    But there is some truth in what Xiean is saying. You see I was shocked by the scale of the violence. Overturning police cars and setting them of fire is unprecedented in Malaysian football (based on my recollection). There is no way these fans would do so without the boldness provided of being backed up by the political power of PAS.

    As for BTN, these people are a bunch of bumbling clowns. Don't like them much. But what PAS does is a lot more pervasive and systematic. It extends from the cradle to grave.

  32. Yo Killer

    Remember what we were saying ! that there's more to it than meets the eye . What we were saying is he ( Fairus ) is not alone in these cases . It goes without saying , more are involve . The delay in announcing the DCM1 has something to do with negotiations with DAP and PAS . By saying that , the decision is for Fairus to take all the rap , that he is the only one involve and NO others are involve ( remember we were saying 2 PKR leaders also involve ) . With ten cases being filed and waiting to be prosecuted , he's getting restless , that's the reason he's giving Anwar an ultimatum to clear his name or risk the exposure of a state and party scandal.
    Failing with , he will sing like a canary with the possibility of bringing down the whole state govt . He will disclose and expose all the fellows involve in the Pakatan Rasuah . If that does happen and someone was telling me give them six more month and its bye bye .

    Ever wondered why Kaytee wrote the previous article headlined -
    PKR - Pakatan Rakyat's weakest link
    Malaysiakini - MACC in no hurry to charge Fairus!

    Should ask him that why he chose that , maybe he might also know something we don't know or he knows something we know but not posted as its still classified and unconfirmed .

    Ya they are in no hurry , the most terrible time is the waiting time , psychologically speaking . You can't eat , you can't sleep , this is the time which will crack you up . This is the time where you will spill all the beans . The moment they charge you , they will know what MACC knows and how to defend it . With this in no hurry stuff , its trying to figure out what they ( MACC )know which was not disclosed .

    I wouldn't want to be in his shoes right now . More ultimatums will be coming out , just watch !

  33. Cheap Minister Guan Eng in foul mood - Not told DCM1 resigning

    CM slighted PKR didn't inform that Fairus quit

    By Lee Wei Lian

    KUALA LUMPUR, April 16 - Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is feeling slighted that the media knew ahead of him that his former deputy Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin had resigned from the Penanti state seat.

    It is understood Lim only found out when the reporters peppered him with questions over Fairus' shock resignation today although the chief minister had hinted yesterday that PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim might force a by-election to choose a new deputy chief minister.

    "He is in a foul mood now as he feels that he should have been informed about happenings in the state," a DAP source told The Malaysian Insider.

    The chief minister is not speaking to reporters about Fairus, telling them to refer to Anwar.

  34. Killer, chaptokam,

    Thanks for reading me well....

    But that bastard twist my remarks and put words into my mouth. When did I said that PAS orchestrated the riot?

  35. BN loves to have main belakang ministers - all those failed in the last election.

    See now BN have dynasties from Samy Velu MIC to MCA, Gerakan and UMNo- all like father and sons. People like Chap, killer cannot find their places have to main belakang have to come here.

    We are straight here