Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Anwar, elections' over, so ... what's your 'BIG' announcement to KO Najib?

Malaysiakini - Anwar: M'sians reject new PM!

;-) tell me why I’m not surprised at all wakakaka.

After pontificating on the PAS win in Bukit Gantang as a sure-fire indication of the public’s rejection of Najib as PM (aiyoyo, someone’s jealous as hell, wakakaka), he made me wonder ...

... whether the BN win in Batang Ai was an indication too of the Sarawakian’s rejection of him as an alternate PM - afterall, Anwar has positioned Sarawak as his frontline State to secure majority rule in 2013.

A well-known sweetie blogger and I had a chitchat yesterday while we were waiting for the results, and laughed at the numerous but idiotic references to the by-elections as a referendum for this bloke and that bloke, mainly Najib and Dr Mahathir …..

… when those have been nothing more than by-elections, each with more than one issue influencing the voters’ choice.

For example, many Chinese in Bukit Gantang were out to show their wrath for the betrayal by former DAP Hee. Calling her a defector or frog would be very polite terms, compared to what those local Chinese have been describing her. The Chinese anti-Hee-pro-PAS surge went up to more than 75%.

Another example of local issue/factor was in PAS' admittance in Malaysiakini PAS admits dip in Malay votes that it lost 4% of its 2008 share of the heartland's votes in the Bukit Gantang because, according to PAS Perak deputy chief and elections director Asmuni Awi, BN's Ismail Saffian was seen by Malay voters as a local boy.

And as we (sweetie blogger and kaytee wakakaka) concluded, each side of politics would spin their way to fantasy … as in … we won, they lost, public has passed a damning verdict on them, oh we lost coz there was cheating … wakakaka.

Hey, the BN could claim that Batang Ai was a referendum on Anwar's suitability as an alternate PM ;-)

But whatever, the by-elections are now over so … do you still remember what Anwar Ibrahim promised us once the by-elections were over?

You can’t?

Please refer to my post Anwar Ibrahim's earth-shattering 'BIG' announcement on Sunday 05 April 09, where ...

... according to Malaysiakini PKR: Mass defections from Kedah PPP, some 300 PPP members (and not 6,000 as we were initially informed by pro PKR sources) have defected over to PKR.

PKR election campaign strategist, Saifuddin Nasution, had informed journalists to turn up en masse for the earth-shattering news by Anwar, which was said to have a ‘direct or indirect bearing’ on Najib Abdul Razak becoming the prime minister

… or face the wrath of their editors for missing out on the PKR's defining watershed announcement, but …

… when the press saw it was only a pffffft case of 300 PPP members defecting to PKR, they grumbled ‘was that all? And PPP on top of that?’

So to stop their disdainful sneering comments (as reported by Malaysiakini) the consummate (wah!) PKR leader said that it would have to wait until after Tuesday's by-election.

"The timing is not right now. It could be dangerous," he said in his ceramah at Dewan Hock Teik Soo, Sungai Petani, which is part of the Bukit Selambau state constituency.

The Great Reformer said: "I was to make an announcement tonight but after a discussion last night, we have decided that it is too dangerous to do it now. When we win the three by-elections on April 7, then I will make the announcement."

Today when reporters asked him about his supernova ‘big announcement’ that will screw Najib up kau kau, guess what startling news did we get from him?

That he has his numbers finally, the crucial 31 MPs to effect 916?

Or, he has evidence that his Nemesis murdered Altantuyaa Shariibuu?

Pffffft again - We were informed by Malaysiakini Anwar said that he had actually made a big announcement in Bukit Selambau in regards to the defections of PPP members into PKR.

"We announced the virtual dissolution of Kedah PPP. Isn't that a major announcement?" he asked.

And this is the person you trust to be your next PM?

As I said in the comment section in my post Najib, Anwar - 2 Ballsukits and one Batang

I don't think Ong Ka Ting is a man one wants to quote for succinct statements but having said that, Ong had been spot on at least on one occasion, when he described Anwar as a person "who talks human talk to humans and ghost talk to ghosts."

The added danger is Anwar has been gifted with a silver tongue that he's quite capable of convincing people of whatever he chooses to project himself as. Take for example, his reformasi - was that compatible with his froggie campaign and 916?

Yet, despite his arrogant discarding of his reformasi mask in that raw grab for power from what he thought to be low brow AAB (someone he considers below his intellect), many still believe he is a reformer, and even attempt to justify his deformasi conduct.

No wonder in Malaysia we frequently hear of gullible (and well educated) women allowing themselves to be shagged by low brow Chinese mediums, bomohs and rascals. Those women had wanted to believe in the same way Anwar's supporters want to believe.

In some ways I feel sad for them.

... for being prepared to be shagged over and over again.


  1. Ah, classic KTemoc. Blame Anwar Ibrahim for everything under the damn sun...

  2. The main reason Ktemoc is pretty useless as a reliable commentator is he has gone absolutely for personal attacks, ad hominem...

  3. KT, your spin has so much more venom compared to rocky.


  4. Read Bridget Welsh's very intelligent and knowledgeable post-election analysis in Malaysiakini.

    She's a foreigner; an American, mind you but she's really impressive with her knowledge of Malaysian politics and society. I heard she speaks Bahasa, too.

  5. What do you expect? of course, trouble ahead that will be Anwar promises......

  6. She's a foreigner; an American , 24 gun salute at Pentagon , red carpet welcome ? what do you expect of Americans supplying funds and providing funds for anti govt activists and human rights activists for Tibet , China , Burma , Malaysia !and what not !

  7. Is it a referendum on the Federal Government ? Yes it is.

    You have to know a bit of history and understand the huge mismatch of resources and government fiat power between BN and PR to realise the historic significance of 4 consecutive by-election losses in Peninsular Malaysia by Barisan Nasional.

    The basic rule in Malaysian politics in 50 years of independence is BN/Alliance ALWAYS WINS by-elections. BN's machinery combined with its use of Federal government facilities is ALWAYS overwhelming.

    Since March 08, 2008 this previously overwhelming BN superiority has been effectively neutralised.

    Why ? Its not just some minor local by-election issues. They have all been fought on national matters, with local flavour, of course.

  8. Barisan Nasional....err...Parti Sabah dan Sarawak ?

  9. Anwar is a compulsive liar. How can anyone trust a man who words are not worth a bag of salt?

  10. Regarding the 1st four comments inclusive of Observer's:

    I must say I'm disappointed. One of you claimed I attacked Anwar ad hominen. I haven't but OTOH you have, at me wakakaka.

    I have called Anwar to account for his 916-ish bullsh*t, again. And he had obviously lied blatantly, saying his so-called 'BIG' announcement that would KO Najib as a PM was 'too dangerous' to release until AFTER the by-elections ...

    ... when he had already released it PRIOR to the by-elections, namely, the news of 300 ex-PPP defectors, ...

    ... as he subsequently admitted, effectively admitting he had lied about the news being 'too dangerous' to be released before the by-elections.

    Yet none of you had the bravery to comment on that, to tackle that head-on, but instead avoiding that niftily (embarrassed?); a couple of you attacked me ad hominen ;-)

    As I had blogged, "No wonder in Malaysia we frequently hear of gullible (and well educated) women allowing themselves to be shagged by low brow Chinese mediums, bomohs and rascals. Those women had *wanted to believe* in the same way Anwar's supporters *want to believe*."

    I feel sad for you guys coz it's obvious you're *want to believe*, and are even prepared to be shagged (idiomatically, of coz) by his lies over and over again.

  11. Dear Brighteyes

    Ktemoc says he is a DAP party man.

    I think he means
    "Damn Anwar and his Politicking"
    party. :)

    Assoc Prof Bridget Welsh from
    School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University
    and her analyses reveal the utter
    bankruptcy (intellectual and perhaps even moral) of the
    so-called analyses of our usual group of BN apologists. They need to go back to propaganda (psy ops)
    school. :)

    If you can't counter the message, shoot the messenger :)

    Worst fears of UMNO/BN are coming true: Chinese supporting PAS, Malays supporting DAP, multiethnic PKR growing from strength to strength, mainstream media propaganda losing out to bloggers reporting from the ground :)

    I too will vote for moderate PAS candidates :)
    In fact, my MP is a PAS moderate
    :) :)

    Phua Kai Lit

  12. KT,
    What IS with your usual barrage against Anwar each time he do or say somethng!It's mudane and your tirade is getting sick each day.Getting paranoid over someone is not you.
    Always remember you are nothing compared to Anwar!
    So what !if there are women allowing themselves to be shagged by low brow chinese mediums,bomohs or rascals.?
    So what!
    if people wanted to believe in Anwar as the same way as his supporters?
    SO what !if he sells his stuff
    just like you sell your tirades here?
    Hey! there are more damming things the present BN is doing you can voice about and what are you going to do about it?
    No! it has to be Anwar thats is a pain to your @#$2 to get you off tangent!

  13. cakap tak serupa bikin9:46 am, April 09, 2009

    How come no more phantom votes cry from Anwar?

    How come Anwar didn't scream of dead of democracy?

    Anwar has painted doomsday of Malaysia. but with these 2 bukit wins, he suddenly mute on his cry of dirty BN tactics, manupulated electrol roll, brutality of police, etc.

    I thought he under security threat, that he need to hide in Turkey embassy!! He was campaiging every nite, Oooi suddenly he realise Malaysia is so safe now:))) hahahahhaah kelakar betul tokong belit ini!!!
    wa kakakakakka

  14. Anwar is UMNO born and bred. The leopard may call itself a reformasi pussycat but it sure as hell can't change its spots, its sneaky predatory nature, especially when it's Anwar.

    As for my "usual barrage against Anwar each time he do or say somethng" what can I do if he keeps demonstrating to all of us he hasn't changed at all from his old nasty UMNO days & ways (if we ignore his mouth which would say any damn thing).

    He knows people like you would still believe in him even he had bull you about the so-called 'BIG' announcement (which he told us would be only safe to be released after the by-elections wakakaka) ...

    ... which has been why he has now cast aside all pretences or attempts at covering his 'BIG' nonsense, ...

    ... and arrogantly told the reporters who questioned him (words to the effect) 'so what - didn't I inform you we had 300 defectors from PPP?', which was never the 'BIG' bullsh*t he promised.

    He knows he has a ready supply of lemmings to be used as cannon fodder.

  15. KTemoc laughingly considers:

    "A well-known sweetie blogger and I had a chitchat yesterday while we were waiting for the results, and laughed at the numerous but idiotic references to the by-elections as a referendum for this bloke and that bloke, mainly Najib and Dr Mahathir ….."

    If KTemoc actually believes in his categorisation, then Lim Kiat Siang has made multiply idiotic assertions by saying that: "the by-elections yesterday have become a multiple referendum." For a list of referenda which the elections were supposed to have voted on, please consult Lim's post. I am sure that he is now no more than a multiple idiot to KTemoc, for having made so many "idiotic references"! How nice! I'm sure that Xiean, the Killer, Chaptokam and Idzan Ismail will celebrate.

    I think KTemoc should also include, in his list of people who have made "idiotic references" (I am trying my best to follow KTemoc's obligatory line of reasoning below {following his premise}, not mine):

    o Jeffrey Ooi, who calls Bukit Gantang, "a perfect sample for a national referendum." If Lim Kit Siang is a multiple idiot, shouldn't Jeffrey Ooi then be called a perfect idiot on a national scale?

    o Tony Pua, who says that the "by-election results call for the dissolution of the Perak State Assembly." Now, since when did the election for the MP of Bukit Gantang become a referendum on the governance of the state of Perak?

    o The whole Perak DAP (yes, the whole lot of 'em!), for describing the Bukit Gantang by-election as "a referendum not just on the rightful government of Perak, but the impending premiership of Datuk Seri Najib Razak."

    o Theresa Kok, who engaged in a Cheng Beng ceremony for the death of Altantuya during the Bukit Selambau campaign. Errr, since when did the Bukit Selambau election become a referendum on bringing to justice the real murderer of Altantuya?

    I could go on and on, listing members from a particular political party who are deemed to have made "idiotic references" by KTemoc. But I would like to end on a positive note: who has made a non-idiotic reference, according to the wise judgment of KTemoc? Well, there's one, and voila!, here he is, as quoted by Bernama: "MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat said the Bukit Gantang by-election would be no referendum for Barisan Nasional (BN) and new Umno president Datuk Seri Najib Razak as deemed by the opposition."

    I'm sure that Chaptokam will not only be celebrating, but will be positively drunk tonight on discovering that the president of his beloved MCA (in this instance at least) has NOT made an "idiotic reference"! What an achievement!

  16. Anwar is full of shit-always has been, always will be. He joins any vehicle to get him to his perceived god-given right to be PM. Years in Mahathir's cabinet and not one peep about democracy. Challenge Mahathir for the PMship and he gets kicked out, what do we here? Reformasi!

    Just waiting for his apology for his role in the Sabah election of 1994. Caused a change of govt by getting PBS assemblymen to jump 3 weeks after he personally lost the election to Pairin. Precious little difference with Perak 2009, only it was on a BIGGER scale.

    Anwar is a hypocrite of the highest order. Pity he is my hypocrite now...

  17. Dear Kaytee

    Huhu. How I love this.
    When it comes to Anwar bashing, we are in total agreement.
    He's the classic vintage Mat Jenin who dreams, dreams that the tree he hugged was a princess.
    Being a Malay studies scholar he sometimes be Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Arjuna etc depeing on the sitation.
    His mind is forever churning on what else to "chong" his worshippers.
    The false big shocker was just a ploy to ensure he is not forgotten since his nemesis is already PM.
    Believe you me, we will not hear the end of his bluff now that Fakatan won the two bukits.
    Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau majority percentage was just 10 percent as compared to Batang Ai's 23 percent.
    But his euphoria was as though they captured Perak.
    The reality is they lost the Malay votes.
    The Chinese do not love Nizar but their hatred for Hee inadvertently benefit that spineless guy.
    Its not at all a referendum for Najib because it's just a constituency and not the whole Perak state.
    P.s. Whenever I see Anwar I think of the song Tapestry by Carole King. A coat of many colours, yellow green on either side.

  18. Oops typo error on my beloved name.
    Still the same person. haha

  19. At least its good news for Chaptokam and the rest .

    MCA has managed to retain its four Ministers . With OTK in Transport , Liow in Health , Kong who finally got squeeze in for the Housing and Local Govt , replacing the OKC guy ( end of era for the Ong Sdn Bhd ) and Yen Yen retained in Tourism which was originally thought would go to Wee . that is good news as I always thought that Yen Yen would be a good Tourism ambassador for Malaysia as she was previously a Deputy in that Ministry before .
    Its good riddance to Azalina , Botak Hamid , M2M , and as expected Khairy didn't make it ( what a fiery speech he made after winning the Youth , much to my disgust , never learn idiot and no FIL to be his Au Suua . That dummy Mukhriz thru back door negotiations and compromising by the Mamak TDM managed a Dep . Minister . The winner got dropped and the loser went in , setting the stage for another showdown .

  20. Well Pua Khai Lit... it should be clear to every regular reader here, that to KTemoc, the DAP can do little wrong, and Anwar must be "hantam" at all cost & at all times, till the sun turns itself off.

    Anwar must have done something during his UMNO days that really upset KTemoc's uber-Chinese Malaysian sensibilities.

    Or he fears the ideologically-similar PKR might eventually eclipse his DAP. After all, PKR has done something the DAP can't do... attract members from the 3 main races. DAP still needs one more piece of the puzzle... Malay membership. As for Malay support... that has already been settled somewhat in 2008.

  21. Damm! anuar..Pising on PKr and PAS head..still anuar is hero..if anuar say shit is delicious..and eat shit ..they also eat..