Thursday, April 23, 2009

UMNO seems unable to capitalise on PKR's mess in Penanti

Malaysiakini news article Penanti voters unhappy with rep's resignation indeed reflects what many Penangites have been saying “Just WTF is this Fairus bloke up to? After being elected as Penanti’s ADUN, he has simply abandoned his responsibility to go for further studies!”

According to the Malaysian Bar website, Fairus declined to elaborate when asked when and where he would do so.

Then, when Fairus was sulking in KL, PKR publicity chief Tian Chua said Fairus had taken leave to go to Mecca - wakakaka - I thought that was the Kulim Wonder. I think it would be appropriate to demand from Tian Chua a photograph as proof lah - wakakaka again.

Hmmm, it seems to be that when PKR people are in trouble, they would be in Mecca.

Mind you, not that the Penangites haven’t been aware of certain alleged dodgy stuff hanging over Fairus' head at that time (MACC has just cleared him, so the latest news reported).

But they weren’t impressed by the attempted bull by PKR leaders. Some PKR supporters have even suggested that Fairus' resignation indicated a higher moral standard of PKR politics, wakakaka, not when dear Fairus was singing like a bird to Nanyang Siang Pau.

Look, this is what Din Merican (of PKR) wrote at his blog just 1 week ago:

As recent as late yesterday, Mohammad Fairus told Nanyang Siang Pau that he was exploring a number of options including switching parties or becoming an independent in addition to resigning.

He claimed that the corruption allegations were made by his party colleagues who were out to kill his political career and was bitter that top party leaders are not standing by him.

In the interview with the Chinese daily, he gave PKR two weeks to clear his name, or he would otherwise reveal dirt involving the party.

above underlining are mine

Being the gentleman he is, Din was very kind with his comments on Fairus ;-) but alas, we would never know what Anwar must have promised Fairus to persuade him to resign and go quietly wakakaka.

OK, next - Sim Kwang Yang, who was a former DAP MP (for Bandar Kuching, Sarawak) wrote in today’s Malaysiakini an article titled War clouds over Penanti.

It’s basically a roundup of the events surrounding the paradox of Fairus’ expected yet mysterious resignation, plus his usual experienced and wise analyses.

I was caught by his concluding paragraph, which states: In retrospect, I have to conclude that the people do not really like the Pakatan Rakyat all that much. Fortunately for the opposition, people just dislike the BN more!

… which seems to support Athi Veeranggan’s news article in Malaysiakini Penanti voters unhappy with rep's resignation.

But what Uncle Sim said of PKR vis-à-vis BN is UMNO’s ar$e luck, as witnessed in Bukit Selambau.

BN could have won that by-election in Kedah when PKR was confronted by Anwar’s ‘personal’ and inexplicable choice of candidate a la Loh Gwo Burne. Manikumar had been an extremely unpopular choice of candidate even amongst the PR people. But the local people hated BN more than they do Anwar's personal but unpopular choice of Manikumar.

Maybe Anwar and Mani may have Waynemoorthy (Hindraf) to also thank for his last minute endorsement of the PKR candidate, again an action indicating what Sim has succinctly put it as people do not really like the Pakatan Rakyat all that much. Fortunately for the opposition, people just dislike the BN more!

And Mani enjoyed an increased majority too wakakaka.

There’s also rumours that a so-called ‘independent’ candidate may be put up by a certain party against PKR Dr Mansor Othman in the Penanti by-election.

I look at the Malaysiakini electoral chart and note that 27% of the voters are non-Malays (with 24.2% being Chinese), and thought to myself that the so-called ‘independent’ candidate, if indeed he is who I heard he may be, will be very very koyak when the votes are counted ;-). All Dr Mansor needs to do is to just get around 25% Malay votes and win the by-election easily.

If there is to be a so-called 'independent' candidate, it better not be that bloke wakakaka.


  1. Is Fairus yet another PKR frog wannabe?

    It is strange BN afraid to contest. LOL. Nevertheless, PKR can always spin it and say by-election will bring in BN money nothing but BN money , lol.

    Actually, I don't believe the media of saying the Penanti people don't want by-election. The people are NOT STUPID. By-election bring money to Penanti, WTH they want to refuse it. We are not talking a mature Malaysia politics that in 20 years later, but present.


  2. Yes, if I am from the Penanti constituency, I would like to have the by-election, not just to exercise my voting rights but to get all the benefits that the BN will be dishing out.

  3. Frogs in Perak an Anwar disaster. Manikumar winning with a bigger majority vindicates Anwar's choice. Maybe he knows a thing or two after all, at least when it comes to Malay electoral sentiments. Fairus is a first class breakdown of PR coalition politics. Why then is UMNO so afraid of a PKR which is in obvious disarray.

    With the MCA and MIC and Gerakan being shunned by a large number of non-Malays in the Peninsula UMNO has no one left to con the non-Malays while they play their 'ketuanan Melayu' shit during elections to draw the Malay votes. At the same time PAS and PKR are eating into their Malay voter base. Thus, BN strongholds such as Bkt. Selambau, Bkt. Gantang and Kuala Terengganu which used to be strong BN areas are now opposition held.

    This change in voter sentiments has to do with Malaysians in general getting fed up of being bullied by a greedy UMNO. As for the greedy Gerakan and MCA more need not be said When the Raja Pandamaran before he croaked influenced the local authorities in Klang to tear down a rival satay stall and stole land for housing the poor he became a warlord in the eyes of many Malays in Selangor. Malay culture has a 'tabur-menabur' concept in that wealth is shared by all in the village no matter how small the quantum may be. UMNO warlords like Zakaria and Toyol forgot this concept in their greed. Multiply this greed thousands of times all over Malaysia and it is no surprise UMNO now has to fight tooth and nail for the Malay vote in areas which use to be their stronghold. Simply put, it is very difficult to believe in the 'Ketuanan Melayu' thing when you see your satay stall being torn down while that of your rival is left standing.

  4. Kaytee

    What rumour ?

    There’s also rumours that a so-called ‘independent’ candidate may be put up by a certain party against PKR Dr Mansor Othman in the Penanti by-election.

    Yes we have a contest in Penanti and there's no walk over for the PKR chap and its no rumour .

    The first to announce she is contesting is the former Penang Wanita PKR chief Aminah Abdullah who will contest as an independent .

    She said that she decided to contest for the sake of justice and fairness for the people.

    “When Keadilan was formed, we were fighting for the people and it was a good party to be in,” she told mStar Online in an interview yesterday.

    “After Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was released from prison in 2004, many people fought for posts in the party instead.

    “I feel that the party has lost its direction.”

    Aminah, 56, joined the then Parti Keadilan Nasional in 1998. She was Penang Wanita PKR chief for three years before leaving the party in July 2007.

    rest of article here :

  5. Incidentally... Uncle Sim is yet another Anwar's ass licker (if you read his previous articles)... wakakakakkaa...

    I hear the humming of Karpal's Anwar should resign comment getting louder and louder... hehe~

  6. Do you agree with the proposal by Tan Keng Liang (Kedah Gerakan Youth Chief) which wanted the penalty of RM50k for ADUN and RM100k for MP if the resign without good reason?
    Dato' Mukhriz (deputy minister of MITI) had also agreed to it and it has been reported that EC is considering this proposal.

    I personally find it hard to believe that EC chairman is so serious about a proposal sent by this small chief in gerakan.
    I think we must work hard to tell EC to stop all ridiculuos proposal.
    see which call this proposal silly

  7. Alamak! Anwar is playing a game lah! Najib and BN are playing along. Only the great Mamak a/l Kutty doesn't get it! I would suggest, like many others, that the great Mamak contest this election. He would make a fool of himself -- and maybe that'll help Najib to be his own man (if his manhood is still intact, that is).

    BTW, if I were XieAn I would contest the by-election too. Don't worry about losing your deposit: I am sure, if there is a campaign for funds, you will get several times the amount of your deposit money. We all simply LOVE to have some fund at XieAn's expense!


  8. Here's a translation of the article in Anwar's blog which was posted by Killer in the previous article and has since been removed or self destructed with C4 and shows Error C404.

    Najib mansuhkan kuota Melayu dalam sektor perkhidmatan awam
    post info
    Najib Abolish Malay Quota In the Services Sector
    By Anwar Ibrahim
    Posted by Amin Iskandar

    Perdana Menteri yang baru, Najib Razak hari ini mengumumkan satu perkara besar dimana kuota 30 peratus ekuiti bumiputera dalam sektor perkhidmatan awam dimansuhkan. (Sila baca petikan berita di bawah)

    The new PM Najib Razak today made an important announcement that the 30% quota in the bumiputra equities in the services sector has been liberalised .
    Persoalannya ialah dimanakah pejuang-pejuang Melayu yang kononnya ingin mempertahankan hak Melayu sehinggakan menganjurkan demonstrasi yang berbau perkauman di negeri-negeri yang dimenangi oleh Pakatan Rakyat selepas PRU 12 yang lalu?
    Question is where are these Malay defenders who profess to be championing the Malay Rights when they demonstrated in various states won by PR after the 12th GE .
    Apabila Najib mengumumkan pemansuhkan ekuiti Bumiputera:
    When Najib announced the liberalisation of the 30% bumi equites .
    Dimanakah Umno yang kononnya memperjuangkan hak Melayu?
    Where is UMNO who proclaim championing the Malay rights ?
    Dimanakah Ibrahim Ali dan Perkasa?
    Where is Ibrahim Ali and Perkasa ?
    Dimanakah Osman Bakar dan Badan Bertindak Perpaduan Melayu?
    Where is Osman Bakar and Malay action organisation ?
    Dimanakah Prowaris?
    Where is Prowaris ?
    Apa lagi yang Najib tak lakukan?
    What more did Najib did not do ?
    Kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan dah dimansuhkan.
    Ministry of Entrepreneur Development has been abolished .
    Ekuiti Bumiputera sebanyak 30 peratus dah dimansuhkan.
    Bumiputra 30% equites have been abolished .
    Sahlah bahawa pertubuhan-pertubuhan yang disebutkan diatas tidak pernah berminat untuk memperjuangkan Melayu dan Bumiputera.
    Is it that the above named organisations have no interest to protect and champion Malay Rights and Bumiputra Equites .
    Mereka hanya buat bising apabila Umno dan BN kehilangan kuasa.
    They only make noise when UMNO and BN loses power .
    Wahai orang-orang Melayu, jangan jadi bodoh lagi. Jangan ditipu lagi oleh golongan-golongan pengampu ni!!!
    Wake up Malays don't be stupid anymore . Don't be cheated by these ball carriers !!

    Can you believe this Anwar fella who says Kita Semua anak Malaysia ( We are Malaysians ) but here asking the Malays to rise up against Najib for Abolishing the 30% Bumiputra Equites .

    Forgive me if my translation is not perfect .

  9. Yo Chaptokam

    I did post the translation on the other post. Here's that translation again.....

    This only proved that the Great Deformer is a multi-hued snake who dances to a different tune to a different audience while hiding the deadly poison within.

    Najib abolishes Malay quota in public services sector

    The new Prime Minister, Najib Razak today announced something very important, namely the abolishment of the 30% equity quota requirement for Bumiputeras in the public services sector (Please read the news below).

    The question is where are the so-called defenders of Malay rights who supposedly wanted to protect the Malay rights to the extent of carrying out racist demonstrations in the states ruled by the Pakatan Rakyat parties after the 12th General Election?

    When Najib announced abolishment of Bumiputera equity requirements:

    Where is Umno who claims to defend the Malay rights?

    Where are Ibrahim Ali and PERKASA ?

    Where are Osman Bakar and the Badan Bertindak Perpaduan Melayu ?

    Where is Prowaris?

    What else Najib has not done?

    The Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Co-operative Development (MECD) have been abolished.

    Bumiputera’s 30 % equity requirement has been abolished

    This only confirms that the above organizations never been interested in fighting for Malay and Bumiputera rights

    They only make noise when Umno and BN lose power.

    O Malays, don’t be fools anymore. Do not allow to be tricked again by the group of sycophants (bootlickers)!

  10. Chaptokam

    This is going to be one hell of a movie, more body counts than a Rambo movie and more tears,betrayl, songs and dances than a Bollywood flick.

    Now that Fairus has been cleared, this is going to be very intresting indeed. He still can withdraw his resignation letter. I bet the Great Deformer would be having hernia while reading the development at home (heard he is in Saudi Arabia..which incidently the home of the Talibans' inspiration- the Wahhabis).

    You noticed the Chicken Cheap Minister saying that he was not informed of the selection of DCM1 depended on Penanti by election. Miscommunication or deliberate snub ?

    I wonder what will happen if there is no by-election...would the Cheap Minister accept Fairus back since he has said ex-DCM1 resigned to clear his name. Now that Fairus is clean, isn't that fair Fairus is re-instated ?

    I also puzzled why there is a parallel probe by PR on the same quarry issue when MACC doing the same. Does PR has better resources to do the investigation ? Who headed the team and will the result be released in the name of CAT ?

    BTW, did you hear some news floating around on the possible "incentives" that Anwar promised Fairus to resign ? Could it be that these "incentives" also been bankrolled by the mysterious Datuk Ravi of Daya Group ?

  11. Yo Killer

    Thanks for the translation . I didn't see the piece you posted at the other article until now , thanks anyway .

    Are you aware that article in Anwar's blog which you just translated has been deleted ! Blown up by C4 ? If you go to that page , using that link it shows Error C404 !!! Very quick to delete that but luckily you managed to lift it up before POW!!!
    gone!!!! That's a very good piece , it shows the hypocrisy of him using all means to fool all gullible Malaysians and as the way KTemoc would have like to put it fooling all those "Low Brow people ".
    There are banners are flying proud and high in Penang, proclaiming Lim Guan Eng as a “powerless Chief Minister”.

    When asked, Lim said that in a democratic country everyone has a right to express their opinions in whatever way they wish. You believe this guy? Didn’t he not so long ago was banning reporters from NST from his press conferences for publishing negative opinions about him?

    Well he said they can put up those banners as long as they have permit approval from the council MPPP and he would get the council to tear..oops take it down if they don't have a permit from the MPPP !! Think they will give approval ? bet my 2 cents that approval will NOT be given !

    Now that Fairus has been cleared, this is going to be very interesting indeed. He still can withdraw his resignation letter but leave it to the party as his resignation was submitted to the party . The GSOS will probably be cursing him until his dentures drop out . It makes sense now , come to think of it , that Najib had probably guess that Fairus will not be charged , and the possibility that he might withdraw his resignation and therefore no Bye election . But he didn't expect the Great Deformer to jump the gun and announce Fairus resignation . Now that's a great misstep for the Great deformer . He will now have created more ghosts and shadows and factions within his PKR , that's Karma in my humble opinion . He reaps what he sows .
    Re-instated ? highly unlikely ...

    I also puzzled why there is a parallel probe by PR on the same quarry issue when MACC doing the same. - My guess is that all this while they had strongly assumed that Fairus will be charged and the need to counter all those so called premeditated charges by the MACC , they started their own investigations to gather more facts to counter all those charges .
    BTW, did you hear some news floating around on the possible "incentives" that Anwar promised Fairus to resign ? Nope , maybe you like to bongkar those juicy incentives ...!!

    Before I forget to add (heard he is in Saudi Arabia....My guess is as good as yours and probably Kaytee since he's the top expertise in the country on all that you want to know and everything on the Great Deformer . Wonder whether he's in the mood to give his opinion . He seldom responds to us nowadays ...
    What I can guess is a) badmouthing Najib and country while selling himself with the conspirarcy by the govt to take him out of circulation pending his up coming sodomee case . b) Sourcing for Financial help from the Arabs for his party and for those of his Comrade in arms bloggers involve in the alternative media . c) moving out his assets and an alternative hiding place instead of the Turkish Embassy .

  12. contd

    Seems that Guan Eng is again caught with his pants down when question by reporters for his input that Fairus has been cleared by the MACC . Again he red faced when he claims he has not been told and unaware of it .

    PKR has not informed him the CM of Penang that his DCM1 has been cleared by the MACC !! Anwar has also not informed him , didn't he apologise a few days ago ??

    To quote from KT "Guan Eng gagged on Fairus issue where PKR deputy president Dr Syed Husin Ali had the nerve to tell Lim Guan Eng "On behalf of PKR, I ask him not to raise this matter through the media."

    And guess how Dr Syed passed that message to Lim?

    Yes, through the media.

    And how did they passed the message to Lim on the Fairus being cleared by the MACC ?

    Yes, through the media.

    Sounds great isn't it , The Wa Tak Tau , Tanya Anwar Cheap Minister .

    Killer I also suggest you read this article from Dr Spin ..
    Between construction and destruction

    Here's some of the extract :
    And, no, Malaysia Today is not pro-opposition and anti-government per se. After all, not all states are under Barisan Nasional. Some are under Pakatan Rakyat. So Pakatan Rakyat is also the government. And we do criticise state governments as well, meaning Pakatan Rakyat. The only thing is, Barisan Nasional has been in power for 52 years while Pakatan Rakyat, with the exception of Kelantan, has been in power for just over a year. So there is more to criticise Barisan Nasional then there is to criticise Pakatan Rakyat. But even with just one year as the state governments there are already enough to criticise Pakatan Rakyat.

    For example, Anwar Ibrahim is running Parti Keadilan Rakyat like it is his personal fiefdom. Maybe ten years ago, back in 1999, this would have been possible. Then, Parti Keadilan was like a sundry shop. So you can run it like a sundry shop.

    However, since the last ten years, Parti Keadilan has grown from a sundry shop into a hypermarket. But Anwar is still running the party like it is a sundry shop, not like the hypermarket that it has grown to become.

    This is Anwar’s failure. He thinks he is a good leader because he can run the party all by himself. But this is not the mark of a good leader. A good leader is not one who can run the party all by himself. A good leader is one who can manage the people in the party.

    Anwar must learn about people management. He must learn how to manage people and allow these people to run the party. There are many talents in the party. Delegate to these talents and let them run the party using their good judgement and wise discretion. That is the mark of a good leader.


    " But even with just one year as the state governments there are already enough to criticise Pakatan Rakyat." -- RPK --

    Looks like a spiritual conversion is in pogress ... Wakakakakaka

  13. Sorry
    Forgot to provide the link