Saturday, April 11, 2009

None so blind ...

Malaysiakini - Hindraf offers Najib 100-day ceasefire reported:

Banned movement Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) will refrain from organising protests or submitting memorandums for 100 days to give new Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak a chance to reform.

And in that 100 days, Hindraf chief P Waythamoorthy said he hoped Najib would release the three leaders of the movement who had been detained under the Internal Security Act since Dec 13, 2007.

Now, that’s smart of Waythamoorthy. The end (release of all detained under the ISA) justifies the means (ceasefire) ..... especially more so when Malaysians, particularly Malays, are known to easily take umbrage at what they perceive as pressure tactics.

Pressure tactics in Malaysia would usually end up with counter productive outcomes (unless the pressure tactics were meant to produce exactly that).

So a Taichi (soft) approach gets better results than a Shaolin (hard) demand. I'll be bold and say that Malay culture indicates a preference for 'makan lembut'.

Priority No 1 for Hindraf - get their people out from ISA detention.

But I don’t suppose we can expect civilised non-grandstanding 2-party democratic practice from a man obsessed with becoming the PM of Malaysia.

What we have been getting has been a series of bull, smelling all the way from the Turkish Embassy (with flak jacket included) through to 916 and even Taiwan, …

... to his eulogy of revolving door UMNO-PKR-UMNO Nasarudin Hashim’s defection as reflecting “... the sentiments of his voters, namely the Malays in his constituency ... as the beginning of a new wave … ;-)

… which turn out to be mud in his Brahma-n face …

... and unrepentantly, to a ‘BIG’ announcement which I blogged in Anwar, elections' over, so ... what's your 'BIG' announcement to KO Najib? ...

… where I recall Malaysiakini reporting the consummate (wah!) PKR leader said that it would have to wait until after Tuesday's by-election because "The timing is not right now. It could be dangerous."

Oh yes, the Great Reformer said: "I was to make an announcement tonight but after a discussion last night, we have decided that it is too dangerous to do it now. When we win the three by-elections on April 7, then I will make the announcement."

But, after the by-elections, when reporters asked him about his supernova ‘big announcement’ that will screw Najib up kau kau, Anwar said that he had already made a big announcement in Bukit Selambau in regards to the defections of PPP members into PKR.

“We announced the virtual dissolution of Kedah PPP. Isn't that a major announcement?"

Hang on a ding dong minute, Great One, didn’t you say the ‘BIG’ announcement had to be AFTER the by-elections because "The timing is not right now. It could be dangerous"?

When I posted that, not one of his supporters dare say anything, or they deliberately chose to pretend there wasn't any 'BIG' bullsh*t, but instead brought up tangential items.

;-) as I deliberately provoked them on their sad yearning to believe in the political messiah, and what a blatantly false messiah he is, I received angry feedback that I’m intolerant of those who don’t agree with my disdain and disgust for, and dislike and distrust of the World’s Greatest Reformer.

Again, 'twas a reaction totally tangential to my point, namely, where is this man’s credibility? Why are you all keeping quiet to his unmitigated shameless bull, and still praising him?

Therefore I deem it as my blogging duty and right to highlight this sad ostrich-like refusal to see bullsh*t for what its has been, pure Grade 1 bovine poo that stinks to high heaven.

Indeed, what the hell has my dislike for him got to do with what’s blatantly obvious, namely, his words/promises have, time and time again, turned out to be unreliable.

Indeed, none are so blind than those who refuse to see … his bullshit!

And as for Nizar’s monumental victory in Bukit Gantang and his exciting journey to Federal Parliament, I must claim pioneer status in my admiration of Nizar and support for him to have a federal parliamentary role. See my posts:

(1) Nizar Jamaluddin - an MB for Perak-ians
(2) Nizar for Parliament? & various snippets
(3) Anwar Ibrahim is dispensable!
(4) Nizar in federal politics - unlimited potential

But to attribute the Pakatan’s success to Anwar Ibrahim is a fallacy. I am not denying Anwar his role but I would not be far wrong to say it had been a minor one (other than his ‘BIG’ announcement wakakaka).

The real story - the lion share of the credit contributing towards Pakatan's success must go to the hardworking PAS and DAP parties.

The heartland support is divided between PAS and UMNO, and in Bukit Gantang, there was even a 4% swing towards UMNO, thanks to a combination of fear (of Chinese domination) and the ‘mohon derhaka’ misinformation by UMNO, and perhaps the late entry of Dr Mahathir into the campaign.

But we cannot take away PAS’ contribution in convincing around half of the heartland, indeed, in both Bukit’s to vote for Pakatan's candidates.

The DAP did the rest, especially in Bukit Gantang, where the new swing among the anti-Hee Chinese electorate was a humongous 10%, raising the share of Chinese support for Nizar to a tsunamic 75%.

;-) tough if you don't like the facts.


  1. Anwar's Symphatizer9:30 pm, April 11, 2009

    I really sympathize Anwar !!!!

    Because of all the lies he made, I shuder to think all the punishment he would have to face in hell, when he died!! Surely he must know the karma!!!

    Haven't he read about those tongue cutting, cili padi stuffing at a**hole, etc

    For goodness sake, Anwar, please repent and be remorseful. Tell that to your inspired or sponsored bloggers.

  2. Well, Anwar is a politician and I believe he knows what he is doing and talking about, he knows how to play the game to different tunes and scare people in the ruling party to death, remember his 9/16, which sent half the BN MP's scrambling to Taiwan. Anwar is no easy man to naik kuda anymore, he had learned his lessons the hard way, he will not give up till he become PM and sent the UMNO team to become the opposition the first time in Malaysian history, we wait and see....

  3. Prince Principles8:44 am, April 12, 2009

    Although he blundered big time with that 'big announcement' statement (you'd have expected him to be more careful with what he says), I think we need Anwar and PKR and should not undermine them. Reason? Cuz they serve as the moderate buffer to keep in check PAS's influence. So we need PKR. If we assume PKR goes down in flames and we are left with DAP and PAS being the dominant ones, guess to which party the Malay votes will go to? And what are the consequences of this? An Islamic Malaysia?

    This is why despite his blunders, I support Anwar and wish that he would shut up his mouth more and work harder to strengthen PKR and solve its 'lack of talent pool' problem instead.

  4. Ok ok, we just treat Anwar like prostitute lah!!

    Just make sure he will not be PM .!!!! OK to let him buat kacau (to check and balance of BN) but in restrained manner , not like what happen in Thailand.

    Don't think Anwar can be PM anytime soon in view of PKR dead end in Sabah and Sarawak.

    In that way, i don't mind to use Anwar's "service"

    Think about it, not a bad idea of having Phakatan Rioters but make sure they can be control, a fine-tuned ISA should be use to tackle them if they deviate from the objective of using Anwar's service.

    So let PAS and DAP use Anwar sparringly !!!!!

    Anwar Boleh.


  5. An extremely blind man calling others blind...

  6. MCA Pantai Remis12:51 pm, April 12, 2009

    I strongly dislike Anwar Ibrahim (obviously) but let me give my little bit of feedback about Anwar Ibrahim. I was out in the streets and narrow lanes of Kuala Sepetang and Simpang, doing my little bit for BN. We got trashed.
    The young DAP team outcampaigned us, and the raw emotion related to the Perak takeover was simply impossible to counter. Nizar was, of course, a great candidate, and BN had no answer to him.

    Make no mistake about it - Anwar Ibrahim or AnHwa as the Chinese call him, is a superstar.

    If you notice, BN has stayed away from making personal attacks on Anwar this time round. Post mortem from GE12 and previous by-elections has shown that attacks on Anwar's person are worse than ineffective - they make BN look vicious and nasty, and you lose vote that way.
    Some pro-BN bloggers still aggressively claw at Anwar, but no one officially connected to the campaign was involved.

    We're going to have to find some other way to counter Anwar.

  7. Pakatan gonna reveal shadow cabinet

  8. MCA Pantai Remis,

    If you want to counter Anwar, just start coming up with policies to curtail corrpution, curtail the extreme Malay Nationalist elements, repeal ISA and other draconian legislations etc...

    Anwar is not your problem-the opposition could put a monkey up as opposition leader and your problems won't disappear. Go on and waste your time countering Anwar when you should actually get on with the real tasks at hand. Lose more support and waste more time.

  9. If PR's lies to the people are allowed to continue unchecked, we will end up like Thailand

  10. I'd suggest annonymous (2.08pm) that any action that sees the events in Pattaya repeated here would be the responsibily of all politicians on all sides of the political divide, not just Pakatans. Life is not black and white and all those who view it that way are falling into the trap of categorising each other into 'good' and 'evil.' Such simpleton statements backed up by no explanations or evidence are hollow and superficial indeed. Your statement is serious, your explanation absent. Would you care to give us your reasonings, or are we supposed to accept your statement at face value?

    Mind you, I hope Najib sits up and takes notice of Pattaya. A government overthrown by the insidious power of the military and landed aristrocracy is clearly not acceptable to a significant section of the citizenry. Parallels to Perak are frightening.

    I will say one thing in favour of Anwar here-he did say of his grandiose scheme to topple the govt that once in power he would abolish draconian legislation and call for fresh elections. Abhisit went out of his way to state that he will not do this, that his govt, which used demonstrations as a means of forming govt, will not only not seek legitimacy through the ballot box but will also clamp down on the new demonstrators now clad in red.

    Recent by-elections have strengthened Abhisit's position, but clearly only fresh elections will see him become a legitimate leader, yet he refuses to do so. Again, the parallels with Perak will be drawn by many.

    Just go back to the ballot box. Such insidious grabs of power reek of illegitimacy.

    So come on annonymous-I may well be wrong and you right, but I try and explain my view. Would you care to do so and enlighten me?

  11. MCA Pantai Remis said, "We're going to have to find some other way to counter Anwar."
    How about sending Saiful and Azizan to him, together this time so as to form a threesome?

  12. Hello, who and what is Hindraf?
    How dare they set an ultimatum.
    Be thankful that two of them have been released
    Najib will not be bothered with them.
    Anwar can stew in his own juice.
    Heard there's a dearth of capable leaders to sit in his shadow cabinet.
    How about recruiting RPK, Haris Ibrahim, Susan Loone and Uncle Zorro.
    Its intersteding to see these myriad personalities fighting for power.
    What about you KT? You can be the Information Minister.

  13. Idzan Ismail

    Not KT , Anwar will never make him Information Minister ! Oh yeh ! they have many capable people besides the ones you mentioned , there is KittyKat46 , WitsO , Menyalak -Er besides Susan Loone . These will probably form their boys from the fourth floor . Monsterball ? more like Orang Tua minister , harrison ! Hmmm lah but Jean we would love her to be on our side .

  14. PR Campaigner - doesn't matter which party I belong to.1:12 am, April 13, 2009

    PR - PAS, PKR , DAP ran an inclusive and cohesive campaign in both the Bukits.
    Contrast that to the racist propaganda UMNO ran in the kampungs.

    Anwar Ibrahim is a superstar.

    :-) Tough, if you don't like the facts

  15. Giving an ultimatum a soft approach? More like a threat.I should say, charge them or realease them. Why 100 days?

    Say what you will, Anwar is a thorn to BN and Umno. Makes Bolehland political climate interesting. Better than Umno goons making racist, sexist remarks.
    What has Hindraf's ultimatum got to do with Anwar?
    You on a crusade against Anwar or what?

  16. PR campaigner - was that the 'BIG' announcement? wakakaka

  17. Another Malaysian Lallang in Australia8:28 am, April 13, 2009

    What the fuck does a desk jockey blogging from Australia know about what happened on the ground in Bukit Gantang ?

    And he has the cheek to denigrate the feedback of people who were there, with the own eyes, sweating in the sun.

  18. ;-) he can provide an objective view - for example, he can point out when a 'BIG' announcement is sheer Grade 1 bullsh*t, and not ambrosia from the messaish wakakaka

  19. Observer 1

    It will be a cha-cha merba cabinet.
    It will be a riot
    WitSo, Menyalak-er and monsterball, they are all wierdos.
    Do you know the song Delta Dawn by Helen Reddy or is it Carole king?
    That's Susan looney to a T.

  20. WitSo, Menyalak-er and monsterball, they are all wierdos ? I thought they were devilish characters from Neverland , not forgetting the witch from Kittyland .
    Delta Dawn is by Helen Reddy .
    Susan must be having fun of her life with Bangkok under emergency . Won't be surprised to see her sporting a red tee shirt . Learning the ways of the red coats or is it the red cultural revolution hoping to bring it back to our shores with the help of the three stooges excluding monsterball who is just an ass blower .

  21. Menyalak-Menyalak9:51 am, April 13, 2009

    Looks like someone here posting under various aliases
    Prince Principles = Lrg Hj Taib = PR Campaigner - doesn't matter which party I belong to = Another Malaysian Lallang in Australia = Observer = Kittykat46

  22. Another Malaysian Lallang in Australia10:19 am, April 13, 2009

    I live in Phoenix Street, Lane Cove, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, and I don't know who the fuck the others you mentioned are.

  23. Menyalak-Menyalak

    It dos not matter what monikers they use.
    The more the merrier.
    KT will get more hits.
    Another Malaysian Lallang in Australia, g'day mate. Nice knowing you.
    Observer I, Susan is itching malaysia will do the eed shirts act too.
    Can you imagine 62 year old Anwar in that Red-shirt?

  24. In the Dewan Rakyat, the BN MPs have often hijacked the debate by denigrating their opponents with innuendoes,

    sexist remarks and scare tatics.

    In keeping with the propaganda that they so easily swallow, the BNers here are truly running to form. Once the

    three musketeers from the North get here the party will surely swing.

    Your simple question Parvinder Kler, will not get an answer, any answer.

    Koh Lai Huat

  25. Menyalak-Menyalak1:22 pm, April 13, 2009

    Another Malaysian Lallang in Australia = wandererAus ?

    Never mind if you don't know the other fuckers I mentioned , they are slimmers , worse than eels with all that slime covering their whole body ,not only their ass and their 010 .

    Glad you are not with those shady characters , too slimy to hold .

  26. Idzan Ismail

    Over there in Susan Loone , its dog eat dog blog . Full of dog shit with those shitty dogs mentioned above , one who only knows how to menyalak , another from a kittykat into a shittydog and the full of spits Wiskydog splattering hatred and barking at any shadows that moves in that Neverland .

    If you need to shit or pee that blog will do fine otherwise that monstrous balls will choke anyone to death with his placed over one's intake valve .