Tuesday, April 07, 2009

No ketupat in Selambau

You may not believe it, but Anwar Ibrahim and I share one common love wakakaka, Hindustani films ... where we would see (as the songs roll) the hero crooning to his darling in the Taj Mahal gardens, while in the next instant they'd be skiing down the snow slopes of Kashmir (minus ugly intrusions by terrorists) ...

... then flash, you find them on a boat in a Simla lake, before dancing with gaiety in the verdant tea plantations of Darjeeling. Oh, those songs - it's hard to ever imagine Indian movies without songs.

But alas, for Samy Vellu, he won’t be able to show off his 'Ketupat in Kashmir' - An MGR Extravaganza

… because his MIC candidate has more or less lost the Bukit Selambau by-election.

Frankly, Samy Vellu should spare his party and the BN further embarassment and leave his party post NOW! Those poor BN people had been cringing at his unwanted presence during the pre-election campaign. He must understand he's no longer relevant or wanted.

Malaysiakini reported, at 7.52 pm in Bukit Selambau, unofficial results indicated that, with 15 polling stations counted, PKR is leading by a comfy majority of 1,294. Only 7 more polling stations remain to be counted.

But strangely (again, as reported by Malaysiakini), though PKR has done well in almost all the non-Malay areas, the sole exception seems to be the predominantly Indian area of Bukit Lembu, meaning the PKR candidate has enjoyed principally strong Chinese support.

I guess like in Kuala Terengganu, the DAP should (again) be thanked for its sterling work and contribution to a PR victory. The DAP has been pulling more than its share of its political weight without those grandoise but meaningless and usless 'big' announcements ;-)

Incidentally, should we thank those 300 former PPP people? Wakakaka!

Anyway, the most reliable indicator of Humpty Dumpy (of the Must-I-Come party) falling down, where all the King’s men couldn’t put his crown back together is ...

... the MIC operations centre in Sungai Petani totally deserted way way way before the final election result is announced, with all party supporters gone. Aiyoyo ;-)

My matey Ong Kian Ming has been spot on with his pre-poll prediction that in Bkt Selambau: PKR to win by 1,500-2,000 ...

... because Malaysiakini reported, at 8.50 pm (unoffically) PKR retains Bukit Selambau, where with only one more polling box to be counted, Manikumar is leading with a 2,092-vote majority.

And Nizar is still leading handsomely in Bukit Gantang. Will Ong's prediction for Malaysia's most fave PAS person to win Bukit Gantang by 3,000 come true too?

In fact yes, coz Malaysiakini has reported the unofficial result for Bukit Gantang (at 8.50 pm) as Nizar winning with a majority of 2,945 votes.

PAS obtained 20,021, while BN received 17,076.

Malaysiakini reported that Nizar Jamaluddin leaves the party’s operation centre in Air Kuning in an open hatch SUV, and waves to supporters as if he has just won the US presidential race.

Well done, Nizar, a future PM of Malaysia.

But more than for Nizar and what's his name ;-) in Bukit Selambau, I congratulate Ong Kian Ming for his amazingly accurate analyses.


  1. Score:-
    Barisan 2, UMNO/BN 1.

    MahaRosemajibMuk -1 (own goal)

    Muahaha. Wakakaka. Ke, Ke, Ke?

    What now Chaptemoc and MahaRosemajibMuk? Back to the drawing board. Note that RTM1 Bernama 501 are only talking over and over about victory at Batang Ai Don't Know Where Man, as though Bkt. Gantang & Selambau don't exist?

  2. Yahooiiii!!!!!
    Where are those old buggers like chaptokan,xiean,and those killers!Lets not forget idzan too!Start eating humble pie lor!!!! wa ka wa ka ke ke!Man i m choking lor!
    Love to see their faces!

  3. Good job for the Pakatan people! Looks like despite BN's massive machinery & resources & 3 simultaneous by-elections in the weekday, they won very convincingly in the two.

    XieAn, I guess your hero Najib can unsheathe his iron fist now, which will only result in BN losing more support. And since you condemned the Detstar/Tun M in your previous posts, you'll probably be the first inmates of any new detention camps that will be built. Remember, in most Great Purges & Cultural Revolutions, they always start with people within the party first...

    Hope you've watched The Great Escape & Stalag-17...

  4. BN kalah kerana Tun. Nasib baik dia tak pergi berkempen di Batang Ai, kalo tak dgn Batang Ai pun lesap.

  5. BrighEyes,

    Yet, today is your day, celebrate as much as you can. Some day, our day will come. Don't forget Liu Bang lost many battle but he won the war to become the the founder and first emperor of Han dynasty. I take this as a hiccup for BN, but not glorious for PR either, you guys expected 3-0 which was not the case. Its status quo. My concern is more for the people who shall endue this endless unnecessary troubles.

  6. Dr Mahathir, Chua Soi Lek and Samy Vellu, these buggers are liability to BN should be caged in the old folks home for good if BN want to win the war. Still there are hope to beat those doom and gloom stirrers as the majority for the trouble makers is not big, trim those buggers will pull some vote back........

  7. XieAn (applies to friends killer, chaptowhatever, idzan, etc.)

    do you and your tax-sponsored colleagues know how to have your day and stop all of us enduring "this endless unnecessary troubles"?
    Simply fulfill your promises!!!
    Where is the IPCMC, when is the MACC joke going to stop, where is the follow-up to Lingam's RCI, where is the independent judiciary, where is the follow-up to PKFZ's inquiry, etc.
    If you want to have "your day" GET TO WORK! If you are not able to manage, let others handle it!

  8. Bukit Gantang --> PAS
    Bukit Selambau --> PKR

    Chaptokam, Killer, XieAn and Idzan, your celebratory champagne glasses must be filled to overflowing ... with your tears. But never mind, poor dears, here use my hankie.

    Hidup Be End

  9. Hi! xiean (incl.of the chaptos,killers and the idzans]
    Next time if you all have some time please be at the battlefront and put your dammed ears to the ground.There you will hear rumbles of the people .Please dont sit in your comfort of your homes and give analysis like mr.know all.
    Anyway in your hearts you knew very well who is the bad and the good guys but yet you all wrote otherwise.You all knew that this shitty government will meet its end next election.Are you telling us those voters are idiots?

  10. Nobody won, it is a stalemate. Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional entitled to celebrate for not losing.

  11. Dear Chaptokam, Xie Ann, Killer.

    No worries. We wait for Eli's and Fairus by-elections.
    All is not lost.
    If you analyse the majority for Bukit Gantang and Bukit Selambau it's only 10 percent.
    Compare that to Batang Air with a majority of 25 percent.
    That Nizar, for all the sympathy and emotional votes could have garnered more.
    Anwar should not be swaggering because who is the BN candidate compared to Nizar.
    And your campaign was dirty with slanders towards Najib and BN. Malaysians who loved scandals took in lock, stock and barrel.
    As for Bukit Selambau, BN could have won if you count the 1500 votes for the 13 independent goons and the 415 spoilt votes.
    Though I don't like Samy, he's not to be totally blamed.
    Ganesan is not the MIC choice.
    He lost in Lunas state constituency in 2004 and the MIC did not choose him in the 2008 elections.
    Then of course if you use racism like Hindraf and Makkal Sakri issues, PKR benefits.
    Batang Ai is a classic example of Sarawak voters who are the least racists in the country.
    They always deliver.

  12. Last night I was having an evening coffee session with my family at one of the well-known coffee outlets. The group at the next table was a large Chinese extended family - some three generations of them - Grandparents, adult children, their spouses, and grandchildren. They suddenly broke out in loud cheers, as if they had won the lottery (maybe they had). The woman sitting nearest to us smiled at my wife and explained they just got the SMS news confirming that Nizar had won in Bukit Gantang.

    Its a sign of how dramatically the politics in this country has changed that an urban Chinese middle-class family would cheer so loudly at a PAS win....of course, Nizar is no ordinary "Bulan" candidate.

    I do not like, and do not trust Najib, his current conduct and his past history. But I still have a soft spot for Barisan Nasional, as I supported them for so many years. BN WAS good for the country - I emphasise the Past Tense I use here.
    Today, BN stands for institutionalised racism, institutionalised corruption, institutionalised cronyism and institutionalised abuse of power.

    So here is my unsolicited advice for Najib and BN. There is still hope for BN. What it takes to win back the people is Sincere, Substantial, and Real Reforms. And you have to do it quickly. It takes a few years for these reforms to be felt by the common people - by that time it will be GE 13.

    Najib has got off to a bad start.
    He has failed the 1st Sincerity test. While he was rolling out his slick 1Malaysia advertising campaign, UMNO was running a blatantly racist election campaign in the kampungs in Bukit Gantang.
    I give him a bit of benefit of the doubt - maybe the 1Malaysia message hasn't gone down to the UMNO hulubalang on the ground.

    I can support BN again if it makes real, substantive changes in the way it rules the country. Until then my support goes the PR - PKR, DAP and, yes, PAS.

    If BN fails to take this seriously ? UMNO/BN will not get to form the Federal Government after the next General Elections.

  13. "And your campaign was dirty with slanders towards Najib and BN."

    I'm no Anwar Ibrahim supporter, but that comment even makes me shake my head in disbelief... anyway BN supporters just say whatever you have to say and believe whatever you have to believe to get through this day.

    But know that until BN starts to deliver reforms (and what better platform to do so than the Federal Government), you are going to continue to lose support, and the beneficiary, whether we like it or not, will be Raja Syok Sendiri Anwar Ibrahim.

    BN needs to focus on doing a good job at the federal level for the effects to be felt in 2-3 years time. During that time, there's no way that any by-elections can impact their control of Federal Parliament. So the best course of action is for BN to take the high road and deliver effective policy that is not influenced by silly politics needed to win the occasional by-election. Therefore, Najib has no excuse to neglect the big picture, and he will be judged in 2 years time, forget about the by-elections.

    If Eli and Fairus resign just put BN's best candidate forward and run a clean campaign, but for goodness sake let the government function as effectively as possible without distractions. If BN loses those elections it would just be status quo anyway, so what is there to be scared of.

  14. Thank You inti 12:24 PM,

    This is what I say a very unbiased opinion . We will take note .The stock market has hit rock bottom . There's only one way for it to go UP !!

  15. Killer, XieAn and Idzan,

    Who's this guy who calls himself Eric ?? No need to respond to unknown persons .