Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lim Guan Eng feels betrayed by Anwar Ibrahim!

Malaysiakini - PKR: Fairus quits Penanti seat!

What Anwar Ibrahim has been waiting for … or more probably working behind the scene to bring about this!

He had tested Lim Guan Eng’s patience to the utmost, by refusing to appoint a current PKR exco member to the post of DCM1 when Fairus resigned from the position (though not yet the Penanti seat).

Poor Abdul Malik Abul Kassim, the Batu Maung assemblyperson, whom Lim Guan Eng wanted to move into Fairus' abandoned post, was rejected by the Great One.

I has started a mamak joke as a humorous explanation for Anwar's inexplicable dilly dallying over Fairus' substitution, but it would seem from what I read in The Malaysian Insider, I have been very near the truth.

The Malaysian Insider reported: The frontrunner for the DCM 1 post is Abdul Malik but he has not been named due to intense last-minute lobbying. He is also not seen as a Malay as he comes from the Indian Muslim community in the state.

This is racism which we have accused UMNO of, and ... ooops ... forgot his origin ...

I feel sorry for Malik, who I understand is quite a capable person, which has been why Lim GE wanted him as DCM1. Maybe he should join DAP instead.

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini reported:

Penang CM Lim Guan Eng, who is in Singapore on an official visit, said he was not aware of Fairus' resignation.

"I don't know anything about this resignation. If you (reporters) want to know, please ask Anwar," said Lim through his press secretary.

Lim Guan Eng is well and truly pissed off with Anwar Ibrahim who has been far too economical with the truth, even with the Penang CM, a man who had gone out of his way to accommodate the wishes of a political ally, the World’s Greatest Reformer.

According to The Malaysian Insider CM slighted Anwar didn't inform that Fairus quit Guan Eng was peeved because it was only last week that Anwar had said Fairus would remain as Penanti assemblyman until the next general election.

But apparently the Renaissance Man was already in possession of Fairus' resignation letter in his hands, and had planned to nominate one of his faves, Dr Mansor Othman, to stand in the Penanti by-election and become DCM1.

The delay had been due to some frantic behind-closed-door negotiations when Fairus turned ugly and threatened to expose PKR's dirty linen. But couldn't the Great One at least keep Lim GE informed of the 'broad' truth of the negotiations if not the PKR's grubby details?

It would appear that in man man lai fashion he had kept all these from Lim Guan Eng. Now, based on this shameful example, can we ever ever trust the words of the World's Greatest Reformer?

The Malaysian Insider reported on Lim’s anger at the way the Supreme Leader had played behind his back, as follows:

The Penang chief minister is slighted that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim had kept mum about Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin’s resignation as Penanti assemblyman, which he only found out today when quizzed by the media.

Apart from not informing Fairus’ resignation from the state seat, the de facto PKR leader had also been concealing the matter for some time as it is understood the resignation letter is dated March 19, a few days before Fairus sent a letter quitting as deputy chief minister I.

Lim Guan Eng, who is in Singapore on an investment promotion, only knew all this today when asked by the media and later informed of the letter by the state officials.

Dap insiders revealed to The Malaysian Insider that “Lim is in a foul mood now as he feels that he should have been informed about happenings in the state.”

... and surely we can understand why! Alas, as a supporter of the DAP, I have constantly warned of the snake oil salesman's words - 31 frogs, 916, 'BIG' announcement, etc ..... alas, the consistent flow of bullsh*t should have sprung the alarm long ago.

In fact Lim has been so incensed that he is not speaking to reporters about Fairus, telling them to refer to Anwar.

As usual Anwar has been unavailable for comment. Kaytee ‘has been reliably informed’ ;-) that the Great Man is currently in serious consultation with the Presidents of the USA, Russia, China, and the Sec-Gen of the UN … oh, and the Chief Mufti of Cairo, Pope Benedict and the Dalai Lama as well ... on his preferred candidate for DCM1 (reserved for an ungrateful PKR).


  1. Poor Guan Eng. Must be frustrating dealing with the Everchanging man

  2. ".....Kaytee ‘has been reliably informed’ ;-) that the Great Man is currently in serious consultation with the Presidents of the USA, Russia, China, and the Sec-Gen of the UN … oh, and the Chief Mufti of Cairo, Pope Benedict and the Dalai Lama as well ... on his preferred candidate for DCM1 (reserved for an ungrateful PKR)....."

    Kay Tee,

    What about consultation with the Assembly of Taikor, Kidnappers & Warlords, Ah Long Association, Pirated DVD/VCD Guilds, 120lb-Chicken Farm Traders, Esctacy & Syabu-Syabu Syndicate, Luxury Car Thefts (Opps, should be Movers) Czars, 4D & Football betting Undergrounders :) wakakakkaakakaka

  3. Anwar mesti bertaubat !!!!10:26 pm, April 16, 2009

    Lim Guan Eng (Please tell your father aslo !!!!) to listen to Karpal Singh!!

    Karpal Singh has said "Anwar Ibrahim has created enough of trouble for the country"

    "Anwar mesti bertaubat"

    "Anwar tidak layak mengetuai Phakatan Riot"

  4. Well Ktemoc,
    I agree with you LGE is quite pissed with Anwar's late decision in announcing the resignation of Fairuz as state assemblyman. However, like it or nor, Anwar is still the man leading the country in the future. People do make mistake.
    LKY & PAP founder folks also went into danger especially with the left faction who has cabutted Lotsa PAP branches to form Barisan Sosialis. There was one Ong fella also not happy with LKY taken away his mayor post and not giving much power to his ministry (National Development, cashcow of Singapore). That Ong fella went to form United Progressive Party.
    Anyway, Fairuz has resigned. Lets see if Anwar can choose a candidate who has high calivre in terms of education as well as credibility. Else, let Tunku Abdul Aziz become DAP's candidate for DCM1. Yup, having 20 seats majority is much more secure.
    Still assure that PKR would have 3 exco members. Better still let PKR have 2 senatorships. With such arrangement. Gerakan, MCA & MIC will surely die. UMNO can't do much because Tunku Abdul Aziz is a towering malay.
    I am still waiting for Zaid Ibrahim to join DAP


  5. Anwar Ibrahim - The Renaissance Man who talks ghost language to ghosts , animal language to animals , Chinese language to Chinese , Malay language to Malays and Tamil to the Indians . Truly versatile . Reformasi to Deformasi . Anterior to Posterior ! Welcome to the world of the Great Deformer !

  6. A little after one year later....

    PR, RPK with ALL his Barisan Rayaat Bloggers, Haris of Peoples parliament with ALL his Anak Bangsa Malaysia & many, many other “Defenders of Truth, Justice, Eqality and Freedom”....

    Have given their “Best” in the 5 states from their “ZERO FILES”, NO Federal Fundings & many other “SABOTAGES” & “Distractions”....

    By the “ex UMNO/BN, its Leaders & their federal MACHINERY & MINI NAPOLEANS”....

    So just HOW do you expect them to MOVE FORWARD with their OVERSTRETCHED RESOURCES???

    The answer is for DSAI & PR to LISTEN, LEARN, be PRO-ACTIVE, DYNAMIC & ADOPT the BEST Brains, Academicians, Professionals, Economists, Bankers, etc & BEST PRACTICES....

    Do not be “Bodoh Sombong” like the UMNO/BN....

    One year wasted on jumping “Froggies” when they could have DELIBERATED, IDENTIFIED, RECRUITED & GROOMED Thousands of “Honourable Qualified & Established Potential Leaders” for their 2nd & 3rd Line Echelons....

    This is why they are now losing many of their “Accidental Politicians” one by one....

    DSAI's creditability is now showing many weakness.

    If only DSAI & his PR Leaders just Acknowledge their Shortcomings, Look, Listen, Learn from LKY, our neighbour down South....


  7. Kaytee,

    We've got to hand it to you. Your consistency on 'four-face' has been proven right all along.

    You deserve the last laugh. Now don't rest on your laurels just yet, restock the verbal ammunition.

  8. This the latest from Susan Loone , nothing on the Anwar , DCM1 thing , Fairus ? Nothing at all !

    Still harping on this stale news !

    Utusan Malaysia yet to accept Najib as PM

    What a damned blog , hell intent on bringing down the govt .

    Should put her in the category of terrorist .

  9. So now LGE has been sodomised ?

    This is just incredible. Anwar the GSOS has been saying that there won't be any by-election just last week and he will name the DCM1 but suddenly we find out Fairus has "resigned" last month !!

    Even a Cheap Minister was deceived by the GSOS. If the GSOS can cheat DAP on this, wouldnt he also sodimise them on other issues when it for his advantage ?

    I am very sure that when the time comes, the GSOS will side PAS on Hudud and play out DAP.

    It is shocking that PKR do not have any candidate for DCM1 post and had to call for a by-election to find one.It shows most if not all PKR guys are corrupted. I wonder what will they do if and when they take control of the Federal govt.

    I do hope that this candidate for Penanti won't turn out to be another Fairus.

    And another thing that Pakatan cheerleaders fail to address is that since Pakatan is for clean governance and CAT, why can't they admit the real reasons for Fairus to "resign" ?

    Perhaps Dr Phua can help to enlighten us how corruption cases by PR can help to march toward full fledged democracy.

  10. Anwar infected Flip Flop from Badawi10:59 am, April 17, 2009

    Fairus remains an assemblyman, says Anwar
    By Lee Wei Lian

    PETALING JAYA, April 8 — Former Penang deputy chief minister 1 Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin will remain as Penanti state assemblyman until the next elections, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim confirmed today.

    He refuted rumours that Fairus, who officially quit today under a cloud of allegations linked to illegal quarrying activities, would vacate the seat for a by-election.

    “He will remain as an assemblyman till the next general elections,” Anwar told reporters today.

    “His resignation effective today is as executive councillor and deputy chief minister.”

    Observers have expected Fairus to declare himself to be an independent and possibly crossover to the Barisan Nasional and that Pakatan Rakyat will try to pre-empt that move by declaring his seat vacant thus triggering another by-election.

    One news website has reported that PKR is expected to produce a letter signed by Fairus resigning from the state seat this week.

    The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has questioned Fairus on March 26 over the allegations.

    They have also taken statements from Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng and deputy chief minister 2 P. Ramasamy.

  11. Dr Phua can help to enlighten us how corruption cases by PR

    Dr Phua ??? You mean the the Phua Kai Lit kid ?? When did he receive his Phd ? Which University ??

  12. Aiyaah as if you didn't know University of Haprak , Chancellor - The great renaissance man Dr HSBC - how seow bo choon .

  13. Killer

    Not killed by PR yet? Things in BN are so boring as all those ADUNs and MPs do not care about you. They are very minding their business - 10 or 20 % and looking for overseas trip like our Dr Gigi.

    At least PR are enertainting you and makes Chaptokam - chap2.

  14. PR is from the same mould. Like a former goalkeeper from Zimbabwe who played in the English league, they will dive to the side where the goodies are. If ever the opposition has a dream to run this country they must, when given the opportunity, demonstrate that they are squeaky clean and not cleaner.They must not only be clean but they must be seen to clean.If you are just cleaner than the others it will not do Ramalx

  15. Yo Killer !!

    The Balek Cina kid has finally opened his mouth . When BN guys have self imposed zip including Chaptokam from this issue , its the Kulim Bandar Baru come back kid who has opened fire !!!

    Zul Noordin slams Selangor for keeping Eli
    [Zulkifli has distanced himself from the party's decision.]

    Zulkifli has distanced himself from the party's decision.
    By Neville Spykerman

    KUALA LUMPUR, April 17 — Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim is facing the brunt of a budding backlash against keeping Elizabeth Wong in the state government despite the circulation of intimate photographs of her.

    Distancing himself from the party's decision, Kulim MP Zulkfili Noordin said it reflected Selangor's disrespect to Wong's offer to resign from her executive council post and Bukit Lanjan seat.

    "The decision by the mentri besar and Selangor government will add pressure on Eli. It is certain that there are parties who will take the opportunity to put pressure on Eli," Zulkifli wrote in his weblog on Wednesday, referring to Wong by her popular nickname.

    Khalid on Wednesday announced that Selangor had rejected Wong's resignation from the Bukit Lanjan seat and the state executive council, two months after she tearfully left when the intimate pictures surfaced.

    Zulkifli is no stranger himself to controversy after there was pressure for him to be dropped from PKR for barging into an interfaith forum organised by the Bar Council last year. But PKR has not taken any action against him.

    "Eli chose to resign and had in fact resigned. That is her personal right. I am confident Eli knows and understands the problem she faces," he wrote in the post.

    Read rest of article here :

  16. What a shame, even ANWAR ( A Nation Without Any Ringgit) kentut also smells good to these ANWARISTAS.


  17. Is The New Captain Another Football Captain Just Warming Up? It May Be Worse, The Team (i.e. Advisers) Is Still In The Dressing Room! - By Matthias Chang.

    Have fun reading it all, especially the warning!! Lai Huat

  18. Glad that this Kulim kid did not toe the line to not chatocum. Afterall PR is freedom of speech unlike UMNO used to whip and pimp minister telling nation wide not to mention the Mongolia girl. Why Pimp Minister so takut?

  19. I only hope DAP files a candidate for Penanti instead of PKR...

    Which is not gonna happen... zzzzz

  20. I was informed by the inner circle that the moment fairus had problems and a successor was sought, malik being over confident of his selection as the new dcm checked into a 5 star hotel (as eligible for dcm's even before any decision was taken...this pissed off anwar and swore that malik will never gett he position). i know this as a fact. you can check it out. or you can go on harping on the racial card.

  21. CM Tak Tau , ape pun Tak Tau

    LGE is 'tak tau, tanya Anwar' CM
    If you ask is Fairus taking leave? The answer is tak tau, tanya Anwar.
    If you ask when Fairus is back from leave? The answer is tak tau, tanya Anwar.
    If you ask is Fairus resigning? The answer is tak tau, tanya Anwar.
    If you ask when will the new deputy CM named? The answer is tak tau, tanya Anwar.
    If you ask who is the new deputy CM? The answer is tak tau, tanya Anwar.
    If you ask when exactly you will name the new deputy CM? The answer is tak tau, tanya Anwar.
    Semua tak tau, apa dia tau?
    Better let Anwar be the CM if he has no power.