Saturday, April 25, 2009

Realpolitik - Anwar Ibrahim and DAP

My good matey Ong Kian Ming has written Silver lining in Lim-Anwar spat in Malaysiakini.

He was referring to the recent verbal stoush over the Fairus resignation between Lim GE and PKR (rather than Anwar Ibrahim himself). Of course Anwar being always the ‘good bloke’ left it to his subordinates like Dr Syed Husin and Zahrain Hasim, the Penang PKR chief, to do the nasty bits for him against Lim.

This was one of the points Ong stated about the ‘silver lining’: And Anwar, by apologising for having kept Guan Eng in the dark, has shown that he is using a different leadership approach compared to his Umno counterpart.

Well, the reality is Mr Man Man Lai had no choice but to adopt a different approach. Vis-à-vis the DAP, his PKR is not the comparable juggernaut that UMNO had been and still is to the MCA.

(Note I haven’t mentioned Gerakan because this party, after Dr Lim Chong Eu relinquished the party controls to eventually fall ino the hands of Koh TK, has become the obsequious UMNO puppet to the degree which I must say MCA at least hasn’t, so its relationship with UMNO is more like serf to lord - sorry Darren).

PKR is not the UMNO-ish Taikoh by any means, much as it may wish to be or had behaved. It has only 31 seats to DAP’s 28 (of which 1 so-called PKR’s seat is actually occupied by PSM’s Dr Jeya).

Now, a good chunk of the DAP's holdings had been won in its own heartland while PKR obtained theirs through the windfall (or wavefall?) of the tsunamic political change of March 2008. The DAP's position is far far more solid, stable and settled.

Thus Anwar knows that, unlike PAS and the DAP, he lacks a historically dependable power base. Also, unlike PAS or UMNO he doesn’t have a hold yet in the heartland and depends mainly on Chinese and Indian support (yes, younger and urban Malays are supportive too of PKR but not so the heartland). Therefore a friendly association with DAP has been and will be more to its advantage.

I believe that DAP has contributed more substantially to the coalition than PKR. The contrast between the PKR versus DAP by-election campaign efforts in Machap and Ijok was a classic case study of who had been the more committed party and more sincere ally.

In recent times, the by-elections in Kuala Terengganu, Bukit Selambau and Bukit Gantang also demonstrated the DAP's total commitment, effort and sincerity towards the coalition.

Even in Parliament, it’s Lim Kit Siang who’s playing a substantial, significant and scincillating role as Opposition Leader while the Great One goes globe-gallivanting for reasons known only to himself and his own agenda.

Look, what has Anwar done substantially thus far for Pakatan, as in his promiseS to form a shadow cabinet?

Well I'd say that goes into the same category as his promiseS to discipline the Kulim Wonder, make a ‘BIG’ announcement to shake Najib's legitimacy as PM (300 PPP frogs? wakakaka), reform Malaysian politics by deforming the supremacy of the ballot box through frogs and his half-past six 916, and his pathetic failure at even political defections in Perak!

Unlike my matey Ong Kian Ming, I am not prepared to put him in the commendable position of his using a different approach to UMNO because he had believed that to be the right thing.

His lack of real power makes him realize he’s not in a position to annoy the DAP, contrary to the MCA people's belief, jibes and jeers at Lim GE as Anwar's political stooge. Au contraire, Anwar had to apologize to Lim GE because he had no choice and more to lose.

Maybe Ong might have forgotten or forgiven Anwar Ibrahim for the way he behaved towards Chinese and Indians and their parties when he was in UMNO?

But Ong is completely correct when he wrote: But by making the decision to go ‘public’ with his dissatisfaction of being kept out of the loop by Anwar in regard to the situation with former DCM1 Mohammad Fairus Khairuddin, and with his possible replacement, Guan Eng has shown that unlike his predecessor in Penang, he is not afraid to ‘flex his muscles’ vis-à-vis the de facto leader of Pakatan.

Ong then went on to explain in some details the position of Penang’s DCM1, as follows:

Guan Eng clearly did not usurp Anwar’s authority when he stated that the DCM1 position was, and still is, very much Anwar’s decision, and Anwar will demonstrate this authority by nominating the person who stands in the Penanti seat to be the next DCM1 in Penang. Hence, both sides can chalk up a ‘win’ in their respective scoring columns.

I disagree with Ong on the concept of ‘Anwar’s authority’ vis-à-vis the DCM1 position because it’s solely, wholly and undoubtedly the Chief Minister’s sole perogative to fill it with the ADUN of his choice. Even Lim GE had stated so several times.

Admittedly there is a power sharing arrangement in Penang between DAP and PAS as political allies, but political protocol dictates that only and only the Chief Minister decides who his deputy or deputies shall be. It’s only courtesy and cooperation, as part of the coalition power-sharing arrangements, that Lim GE has left it (as his/Lim’s perogative) to the PKR leadership to fill the post.

I believe what Ong meant as ‘Anwar’s authority’ would be more appropriately the PKR’s decision to select its candidate for the Penanti constituency, because that seat was assigned to PKR prior to the last general election.

And recall, as a mark of DAP's ire at Zahrain Hashim (and thus its show of power vis-à-vis PKR), DAP has stated in no uncertain terms it will not accept Zahrain as DCM1 if that bloke were to stand as candidate for Penanti.

But I fear for the DAP when/if the time comes for Anwar Ibrahim to believe he no longer needs the DAP as much as he does now, and unleashes Tian Chua, Gobala and the Chinese/Indian components of PKR to ‘chneow tian’ (fighting for the throne = power struggle) from the DAP.


  1. I was under the impression that Ong KM was a nuetral and independent political observer but alas I was wrong.

    Only a card-carrying Anwar apologist would even bother to attempt to chose such a spin on this Latin novela which I would call as "Internal Affairs : The Friendly Fire".

    First of all, we only have LGE and LKS's version that the Great Deformer has apologised. Even if he did, one can clearly feel that the Cheap Minister is still sulking and seething, seeing from the earlier snub.

    And if the Great Deformer had actually apologised, why this matter has not been closed ? Should it be that a DCM1 would have been chosen from the current PKR reps and the issue settled amicably ?

    By still having the issue of DCM1 decided his way and still going ahead with Penanti by-election, the Great Deformer is still sticking his middle finger to DAP to show who is the real boss.

    Some Pakatan cheerleaders have claimed that this is a clever political strategy but to me it looks like just another political machination that is poory thought out by Anwar. Any fool can see that this issue completely destroyed the Cheap Minister's remaining credibility (not that it was high to begin with) and undermined his control over the state. If Dr Mansor is elected as DCM1 as everyman and his dog expects to, then the politicking in Penang will make Terengganu look like a poorly made drama swasta to Penang's sleek Bollywood tearjacker.

    This episode has given BN so much ammunition that they have firing at the Cheap Minister at "full auto mode" (to use a military term here). So BN folks just cannot thank the Great Deformer enough.

    While I can't speak on behalf of BN, nevertheless I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the GSOS for conceiving, writing, acting and directing this novela.

    With this I predict the Cheap Minister to be the first and last DAP Cheap Minister for Penang.

  2. Killer, Ong Kian Ming is a political analyst, specializing in polling trends, and is indeed politically neutral. But as a pollster he has to translate his analyses, his take on the lie of the political landscape, into a digestible article for the readers - it doesn't mean that his comments would be pro this or anti that. He is a good political scientist.

    As a blogger I can take a more casual stand, and I have done so to express my take on his take. Just because I disagree with some parts of his comments doesn't make him a card-carrying anwarista. The world is not in black and white, unless you're an anwarista or 'Killer' wakakaka.

    As I had stated in my post, due to the power-sharing arrangements amongst the members of the PR, seats were allocated to each component party, and PKR was assigned Penanti. What it does with it (even to forcing Fairus out without reasonable grounds, now that bloke has been cleared by MACC) is its business, political strategizing and perhaps the covert interest/plans of its leader.

    On the basis of national political stability, the by-election is unnecessary and Fairus should be given the option of withdrawing his resignation as Karapl Singh has remarked.

    But alas, the aim of Anwar Ibrahim and PKR core group appears to be to create an unstable political environment to make Najib's job difficult and hopefully unsuccessful, and if a rolling stream of by-elections with a high assurance of PKR success, then it may do just that. It looks like Anwar/PKR will not permit Fairus to withdraw his resignation. So, the issue will be one between PKR and the voters of Penanti constituency.

  3. "Gerakan because this party, after Dr Lim Chong Eu relinquished the party controls to eventually fall ino the hands of Koh TK, has become the obsequious UMNO puppet"

    U R so right. The subservience displayed by the one you used to call Raja Bodek is so breathtakingly over the top it's almost creepy!

    Hidup Be End

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  5. Ktemoc,
    Being in Singapore for long so long, sincerely your comments remind me of 2 important characters. One of them is Devan Nair and the other is David Marshall
    I believe DAP has been doing consolidations in capturing more seats in future. However, at this moment, there is no choice one got to rely on PAS & PKR. I never consider Anwar as messiah. However, at this moment, Anwar has played a very important role bringing all opposition parties together.

    I am more interested to understand why you are much hatred against Anwar. I don't have a PHD. I am not so smart as you are. But I do have a brain to think. I can't simply accept wholesale all the vulgarities that you spewed against Anwar. Well, everybody has a fair share of weaknesses. Devan Nair, too have axes to grind against LKY even though he admired LKY deeply. Are you Devan Nair?

    In politics, there is no permanent friends but permanent interests. Don't sell me the idea that Karpal is very principled fella even he's willing to anger his friends. Come on! Everybody has his agenda. Even that Killer also has his agenda

    Tell me the truth (I don't think you never will)! What's your agenda? Your objective? Your mission? You proclaim yourself as DAP members, spend time strengthening DAP. I dare to say I or rather my dad knew Karpal Singh far better. Ask him what happen to an isolated case against ahem.......immediately after the Lalang episode.

    I repeat again! Elections are essence of democracy. You have no bloody right to say that whatever election inclduing Penanti. You are no happy, stand for election. Use election as a plataform to hantam Anwar


  6. The PR coalition is only to defeat BN, that their real objective. They can't govern, look at the four states they rule, going from bad to worst. In Penang people now are cursing LGE that he is useless. They have realize now that the only hope depend greatly on Najib how he will quickly turn around things.


    LGE is GODSEND and never will I or most of Penang folks will trade for some murderer, womaniser, scandal ridden Pm to pull us of the mess. Pls wake up. Have you been asleep ???

  8. Anonymous 9:57 PM,

    I am also from Penang , not only you , LGE may be your angel from heaven , but to me he's a devil cum satan from hell .
    And prove your damn accusations he is a murderer ! Otherwise damn you infidel to the deepest in hell for slander .

  9. LGE is GODSEND ??

    or Hell Angels ??

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Yo Chaptokam

    While I was riding to work this morning a new slogan came to my mind which no doubt will come handy to you though KT might not share our joy and mirth.

    DAP - Docile Anwar's Poodle

    As for LGE, yes, he is indeed a hopeless, useless CM who is DAP's own version of BN's Syed Albar.

    He would want us to believe he is a dynamic and CAT Chief Minister. In reality he is just a gostand & lame duck Cheap Minister who talks Penangite to death.

    Anon 9.57pm is right about LGE being GODSEND,yes, he is indeed GODSEND for BN.I can see the glee on the faces of Penang BN folks as they train their automatic rifles and machine guns on the bumbling and lame duck Cheap Minister and shoot him to pieces.

    KTK indeed had to contend with UMNO but that was understandble because UMNO had more seats than Gerakan did.However now even with far bigger majority, LGE had to kow tow to the Great Chameleon King.

  12. Killer, you're trying too hard lah wakakakakaka


    Q - "How powerless do you feel, having to defer to Pakatan Rakyat leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim in selecting a new deputy chief minister?"Lim - "I don’t find that deferring to him. That position is allotted to (Anwar’s) Parti Keadilan Rakyat ... and they have decided to choose only a Malay to hold the post now. Now, if I appoint somebody without the blessings of Anwar, do you think that member would dare to accept? I’m not going to sacrifice long-term unity for short-termism."... precisely what I wrote in my post ;-)

    Q - "But you may not have that long a term."

    Lim - "I have at least five years. That’s long enough for me to try and implement changes."... hmmm, maybe another 5 years more? wakakaka

  13. Not to worry Kt. We know who Anwar and the PKR are. I think even PAS now understands PKR true character.

    PKR = Rojak version of BN.