Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PKR thinks it's the UMNO of Pakatan Rakyat

Malaysiakini - Pua to PKR: Stop the attacks on Lim!

DAP's information chief Tony Pua lambasted Penang PKR chief and MP for Bayan Baru Zahrain Mohamed Hashim for his rude and unwarranted attack on the CM. I blogged on Zahrain's boorish behaviour yesterday in Biadap-ish arrogance of PKR towards Lim Guan Eng.

The title of my post last night was most apt because apart from lacking good manners expected of a civilised person, let alone a political ally, Zahrain was too arrogant, forgetting who he is.

Tony has been absolutely right in accusing Zahrain of behaving like UMNO, for imagining PKR is the Taikoh of Pakatan Rakyat, and DAP can be bullied or whipped into place.

It would explain in a way why PKR people like Zahrain had the brazen nerve to attack Lim, quoting protocols which he (Zahrain) must have believed apply only to lesser mortals (like Lim GE), but not himself, ...

... just like an UMNO ultra, arrogant, self centered and inconsiderate.

Zahrain could have been under the arrogant impression that Anwar is in charge of everything Pakatan. Well, I have news for this bloke:

Come down to Earth, the Pakatan Rakyat is merely a loose coalition of three independent parties. Anwar has been nominated to be just the federal Opposition Leader, and not the leader of a new single party nor the Pakatan leader in every states.

In Penang, the nominated leader of the Pakatan is Lim Guan Eng, not Anwar Ibrahim. And I applaud Tony Pua for slapping (metaphorically of course, wakakaka) Zahrain's face to wake him up from his ketuanan Melayu wishful thinking.

I used to have lots of respect for Dr Syed when he was in PRM, but his post PRM conduct has, in my observation and agreed to by former PRM members, gradually deteriorated into a less than admirable state. We attribute that to a case of rotten contamination, by you-guess-what/whom.

Incidentally, his merger of PRM with KeADILan to form PKR had been an unhappy unwise decision which was NOT unanimous amongst PRM members, with some still not forgiving him for joining up with a bunch of UMNO rejects, and defiantly hanging on to their original PRM identity.

Dr Syed is of course the No 2 man in PKR. In many ways, the way he is viewed now is not unlike that for a certain Sultan – ‘nuff said!

Tony also blasted Dr Syed Husin for daring to place a gag order on Lim over the sorry saga of Fairus's resignation, basically a botched up job in inter Pakatan communication by Anwar Ibrahim. To be fair to Dr Syed he didn’t used the ‘gag’ word - Malaysiakini provocatively did.

But nonetheless Dr Syed should have ameliorated Anwar’s faux pas, instead of pretending that didn't happen, and going on to lecture Lim on not expressing his (Lim's) unhappiness with Anwar through the media.

And a sad sorry striking example of what I had mentioned as the 'less than admirable' conduct of Dr Syed, has been his cakap ta’serupa bikin, a gross case of double standards, where he himself used the media to lecture Lim on not using the media (to criticise a so-called political ally).

Recall that Dr Syed was the bloke, who immediately after the Pakatan’s election victory in Perak, demanded that members of the new Pakatan State exco should reflect the ethnic makeup of Perak State, regardless of which member party won the most seats, meaning PKR should get the lion’s share.

And coupled with PKR’s current insistence that only an ethnic Melayu ('no mamak please, we’re PKR!') may fill the DCM1 post, it has become a race party, no different to the UMNO it criticises … or at least Anwar’s core group is.

The KeADILan single 'colour' is coming through the so-called PKR multiracial hue, and sadly, Dr Syed has become part of this former UMNO coterie.

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  1. How dare you question Anwar Ibrahim?He is the man who made the Malays vote for DAP instead of MCA.He is the man who made the Indians vote for DAP and not MIC.

    Ungrateful DAP!

  2. Ktemoc,
    It's LGE's brinkmanship of making sure that LGE is still in charge & plus in future, rest assured DAP would demand for at least 21 seats of 40 seats.
    For Perak too.....Sorry to say, I am quite disappointed of the performance of PKR Perak and that PKR should relegated to a junior party. Settle your party problems and leave lion share of seats to DAP if Perak decides to go for SNAP election

  3. Ungrateful Anwar11:19 pm, April 21, 2009

    Anwar Ibrahim?
    He is the man who made the Malays vote for UMNO instead of PAS.
    He is the man who made the Indians vote for MIC and not MCA.

  4. You've already said it - many in PKR are ex-Umno or Umno rejects.

    So, the saying applies: a leopard never changes its spots. Maybe put another way - we can dye a leopard a different colour but when the dye washes away the spots still stays.

    Hidup Be End