Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Waynamoorthy worried Thanenthiran taking Hindraf into BN?

On 01 December 2007 I posted my amateur effort of a poem titled 25 November 2007 which I dedicated to Hindraf.

Hindraf – that amazing people’s movement, who gave us that powerful mantra Makkal Sakti that brought the divine winds and waves to will us into smashing the status quo of 50 years on 08 March 2008.

I walked on 25 November 2007
In the man-made acid showers
Which burnt my skin and those
Of my brothers and sisters too
But the chemically poisoned rain
Could not burnt away the tears
That’s in our hearts for 50 years
But merely fertilised our resolve

Through the thick fog of tear gas
We held our hands together and
Marched on to tell the world of
An unjust economic caste system
That places us at the very bottom
As menial pariahs, harijans, dalits
Oh, don’t be shy, take your pick
Any, each would still read our lot

Just like a fusion bomb, our ‘H’
Gave a mega blast to hitherto
Silent acquiescence and equally
Silent dismissal of our cries for
Help against cold cruel inequality
Are we nothing more than serfs
Slaves, sherpas to failed Hillary’s
Or as prêt-à-porter criminals?

The explosion of our H-synergy
Tore away masks of hypocrisy
Ripping to shreds the snow white
Fleece of ethnic wolves, howling
At black sheep not cukup Bersih
Not even of de facto human status
To merit the march in messianic
Footsteps to the Arc de Triomphe

I had also written about the sad saga of Indian Malaysians in The Toddy Syndrome and Malaysia's Economic Pariahs?, on issues which I have no doubt galvanised Hindraf into taking its fated Long March on 25 November 2007.

But they have paid a heavy prize.

While the leaders were detained under the ISA, and Waynamoorthy lives in exile abroad, the national coordinator was RS Thanethiran.

Waynamoorthy has been adamant that Hindraf should not become political and remain a NGO, as a pressure group, to look after Indian affairs, whilst it reserves the right to support any political party which promotes the well-being of Indian Malaysians.

But Thanethiran is known to harbour ambitions in forming a new Indian-based political party.

I have been following Thanethiran’s statements very carefully and note that in The Malaysian Insider news article Chennai talks to decide Hindraf’s future he condemned PKR and DAP, particularly the latter.

Thanenthiran stated that Hindraf has been taken for a ride by opposition political parties like PKR and especially the DAP, though he didn’t explain how he came to that bizarre conclusion nor provide any examples.

Contrary to what he claimed, the DAP has been and still is the natural party for Indian Malaysians. First headed by Devan Nair till today’s national chairperson, Karpal Singh, the DAP has shown it is the only non-Indian based party that sets Indian Malaysians way up high.

Other than Nair, Karpal and now his sons, there were Patto and Peter Dason that I’ve heard of. Today we have Prof Rama (Deputy CM of Penang), Kulasegaran, Santiago, Manogaran and more.

To be fair to Khalid Ibrahim of PKR, MB of Selangor, he and his exco have been looking after the Indians in Selangor, more than ever in the entire 50 years of BN rule in that State.

So why has Thanenthiran condemned the only two parties which are looking after the welfare of Indians.

He said: “If we want to remain credible and fight for Indian rights the best option is to form into a political party and get the best from anybody for the Indians. This is the best option open to us.”

above underlining is mine

This is my take on Thanenthiran.

Like Enzo Bearzot in the final stages of the World Cup in 1982, Thanenthiran is beginning to entertain very very ambitious dreams. He knows that MIC is dysfunctional with BN losing confidence in the Indian-based party to perform.

BN needs an effective Indian component to wrap up the Indian votes to provide the vital tilt towards the BN in 2013, in places like, for example, Sungai Siput, Bukit Selambau.

Thanenthiran’ words suggest he wants to represent the Indians in BN by replacing MIC.

Just review his words:

(1) Hindraf has been taken for a ride by opposition political parties like PKR and especially the DAP.

Would this be a pre-emtive strike to clear his path into BN, and to also endear himself to Najib?

(2) If we want to remain credible and fight for Indian rights the best option is to form into a political party and get the best from anybody for the Indians.

I think it's obvious here who 'anybody' is, especially after his condemnation of PKR and DAP.

(3) We have to chart a new course for Hindraf or it will become irrelevant.

Joining the BN will most certainly be 'charting a new course'. In fact it'll be a radical about-turn.

I wonder whether his ambitions could be the reason Waynamoorthy had recently (and dramatically) replaced the movement’s coordinators, including Thanenthiran.

Waythamoorthy told Malaysiakini that coordinators and other Hindraf leaders who were interested in forming a political party (who other than Thanenthiran?) would be advised to temporarily detach themselves from Hindraf, to protect Hindraf from allegations that it is converting into a political party.

And since Waynamoorthy instructed his followers to support Pakatan Rakyat recently in Bukit Selambau, which political party do you think he wanted to protect Hindraf from? Yes, why did he remove Thanenthiran as a national coordinator?

Let's see what will be the outcome of Hindraf talks in Chennai, especially between Waynamoorthy and Thanenthiran. Will Thanenthiran be as successful as Enzo Bearzot was in 1982?


  1. If Thanenthiran takes his Hindraf supporters to BN, Waythamoorthy will have the last laugh!

    Thanenthiran might as well get all his supporters and himself to take off from the top pf KLCC Tower since no Indian will ever go back to MIC and BN as long as this lot of politicians - Firaun, Samy, Najib, Muhy, Kerismudin, Toyo etc -are still around!

  2. Thanenthiran does not understand how many shit-encrusted UMNO feet he will have to lick to become UMNO's dog. The Indians have had enough of being the pariah of BN. Even more Indian votes will go to the PR when the Indians come out to punish this musang during elections. To Thanenthiran Go Ahead, Make PR's day.

  3. KT

    As someone who understands the HINDRAF situation, this is my take on this issue.

    HINDRAF has been broken up into several factions almost since the Hindraf 5 were held under ISA.

    Uthaya was not just the leader but also the main driving force. Without Uthaya, Hindraf was just a car without a steering wheel. I know Uthaya personally while I was doing NGO work around 10 years ago. He was and is not someone whom I respect due to his unstable and sensation-seeking personality.

    Hindraf came into being almost by accident and as a stroke of fortune for Uthaya. Many people do not know that Hindraf was a product of MIC in-fighting. Some of those MIC people who was expelled by Samy went on to start newspapers with the same aim of toppling Samy. They started to report sensational stories in their papers until the whole thing took a life on its own.

    Uthya was hiding away in the UK after his clashes with the Police. When he finally came home, he discovered the raging anger in the Indian community fanned by the newspapers opposed to Samy. So all he had to do was to collect a bunch of NGOs and gather them under the umbrella of Hindraf.

    Hindraf was never a stable or long standing organisation with members or structure or even leaders.

    So that's why they could manage to sustain the momentum after 25th Nov 2007.

    RS Thanedran was actually Wahthya's choice as the national coordinator but he was hardly popular. Thus Hindraf split into a few factions. In meanwhile the Hindraf 5 also split into 3 groups with Uthaya alone.

    The situation now is that RS Thanendran is determined to form a political party that likely aligned with MIC. He was so badly treated by PR that there is no going back.

    Kalaivanar leads the NGO group. While another group aliged with ISA detainee Vasanthakumar.

    Finally the Wathya is aligned with the PR based Hindraf leaders like Mike (Kapar MP), Sivanesan, etc. These PR leaders are nominal Hindraf members and have damaged the group in the eyes of nuetral Indians by their inability to help Indians.

  4. End of the day, Indians will only be more divided than before.

    My take is, hell with Hindraf and politicians, Indians should be confident to believe in themselves and strive on their own.

    We should proudly say we dont need handouts and to be spoonfed to survive.



  5. Waythamoorthy will have the last laugh! The guy who is a coward to run off to London ? Another LTTE commander in the making . Be a man , come back and face the music . Only cowards run away .

  6. This Vinnan guy talks as if he's been going round licking Waythamoorthy , Uthaya , Kalaivanar , Vasanthakumar and others feet. Won't be surprised he's been licking Samy's balls too .

  7. Balan

    You are the guy , well said . unlike some idiots here which I feel like they have just arrived by boat from sri Lanka .

  8. This vinnan always talk cock , unlike this killer guy who talks with sense . Been watching this vinnan guy who hails from johore bullshitting his way around . I wonder what he gets by doing this ! Maybe under the payroll of this Kapar guy Sivanesan .

    Dei vinnan ! pordah ! tangachi waiting for you in Sri Lanka . Ramasamy can arrange for your safe passage .

  9. What can the indians do but fight ,fight and fight ??Gandhi had his proplems and he could'nt do much so dont expect malaysian indians to be civilised!
    Nothing runs smooth in them .Power and greeds takes the day for them!
    Even a small outfit like Hindraff they cannot get their act together.

  10. Hi KT and followers

    Indians think they are second class citizens with supposed lack of MIC clout in the BN.
    They will be Pariahs if they continue to back Hindraf.
    Mr Thane, bring the flock to BN.
    Let Waytharmoorty walk alone, lost his way and muerte (Spanish for die).

  11. This Chinese fella dontplaypuks , trying to play us indians , voluk fella . What he say only shiok his backside . I am a supporter of Thanenthiran and he the chelaka fella ask us to jump from the top of KLCC Tower . I go jump with him together if he got balls to jump with me . Stupid chinese fella with his stupid photo sitting down like a stupid idiot . Who said no Indian will ever go back to MIC ? We all go back MIC when Sami no more president . So go and let the babi screw you .

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    You don come see my sister anymore .

  13. Balan

    Already the Indians are very split . They are either in MIC , PPP , PKR , IPP , Hindraf , DAP , Gerakan and not forgetting the Mamak organisation .

  14. Yo Killer

    What impact would you see if the the rest of the Hindraf chaps currently detained under ISA were to be released ?

    Thanks for your post on the other side .

  15. Hi Malai

    You said it well.
    Only cowards like him and RPK the fat sod ran away from the truth.
    Irresponsible people operating via remote control.
    Might as well subscribe to Astro Box Office.

    Hi Chaptokam.
    If the ISA-ed Hindraf chaps are released, they will join MIC.
    Huhu. Samy will be value-added.

  16. Idzan Ismail

    Change is coming under Najib .
    Ap's will be a thing of the past and there will be no more AP queen .
    New Media czar .
    ISA under review ! Hopefully they'll be released . Not repealed !
    Crime being seriously look into starting with the mat rempits !

    There is hope and the light at the end of the tunnel getting brighter !

  17. The total number of Indians in this country is less than that of the Indon illegal immigrants. So the best way to control them is to split them up in teeny weeny political parties which will then fight among themselves. That's what the Americans are doing in Iraq and see how many Iraqis are killed by other Iraqis every day.

  18. Chaptokam, always in agreement with you.
    Great minds think alike (sic).
    Please read my letter about Mat Rempit in the Star today.

  19. All those BN fellas are coward worst that the Irealis regime hantam everyone with ISA or using polis,MACCA and judges as cover to silence the opposition.
    BN have no solution because they do think that they are only bumis and treating Sarawak and Sabah as gold mine - digging and leave dust for them to eat. If the opposition comes to power, they undermine like the did in Sabah and Perak. BN talking about religion has no morals.

  20. Anonymous 4:57 PM

    What are you mumbling to yourself ? something wrong or belum dapat yu punya " shot" in the arm ? tak de fikir !

  21. To all the asshole Malais, prema, Idzan Ismail, and company. Look at what Annon 1:07PM, April 29 2009 has to say. PPP, IPF, MIC three fucking Indian dogs licking UMNO shit with a population smaller than the Indons in Malaysia. Pathetic assholes. UMNO is able to put the Indians lower than the Indons because they are not able to speak as a single voice.

    Now just change Americans to UMNO, Iraq to Malaysia and Iraqis to Indians.

  22. "prema said
    Dei vinnan i know you very well , you everyday come see my sister in Batu pahat . You think we so stupid we don know what you want ? Come ask my mother for money all the tiem . Next tiem you come to my house I use brrom sweep you out of house .

    You don come see my sister anymore .

    10:52 AM, April 29, 2009"

    Listen prema,

    Since you have taken the liberty of getting your sister and mother involved. Let me assure you that I do not and will not ever want to know you sister or your mother or any other female member of your household. Something that puzzles me with what you said though. Why would your sister and mother be such an attraction for unsavoury characters?

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  25. Dei, you guys, watch your language, and no throwing of chairs please! ;-)

  26. I hate this down caste indian calling other indians pathetic assholes . Must be born thru his mother's asshole . this blady half indian bastard vinnan now no talk , afraid to talk .
    If PPP, IPF, MIC three fucking Indian dogs licking UMNO shit , this pariah vinnan eating shit from ramasamy's output hole and drinking pee from Sivanesan water sprout.

  27. Yo Chaptokam

    No problem, will try to come over there more often..now pressed for time with many urgent issues that requires attention. Looks like the market is picking up, at least we see some recovery in certain industry sectors.

    As for the Hindraf 3 still enjoying free stay at Hilton Kamunting, let me be frank upfront and say that I never had much respect for any of these guys. There are others who have contributed much more to the Indians despite not being aligned to BN/MIC.

    Problem is that these guys have no track record in the past or any plan for the future. All they have is just to agitate the masses using inflammatory racist and emotive issues.

    Many non Indians have no clue on what these folks have done. Some non Indians think they are merely fighting for justice. But they are wrong. Hindraf is the Malaysian version of Hamas.

    In fact Uthaya at one point did threatened to take up arms. The link between LTTE and Hindraf is real though this has been denied later by the Police due to security reasons.

    Many people have no idea for example what actually happened at Batu Caves on the night of 24th Nov. I did watch a Hindraf produced video of the incident which was heavily edited and censored. But it was enough to show the true colour of that so-called Saffron Rebellion.

    In my view, all 3 remaining Hindraf leaders should be released and Uthaya should be charged in court for sedition.

    However, I am pretty sure that releasing Uthaya will result in Hindraf being re-energised and we will see more street demos. Uthaya is a kind of person whom I would describe as the closest thing to an Indian Anwar. He will do anything to achieve his goals.His release will result in more chaos.

    Frankly, Hindraf for all intent and purposes has ceased to exist and the support from the public has declined drastically. Their infighting and lack of leadership caused their downfall. So whether RS Thenendran and Kalai Varnar join MIC or not, will have little effect. In fact to be truthful, these 2 guys don't have much credibility morally or politicaly.

  28. Yo Killer

    Thanks for the update . Will keep you informed .

    The show upstairs nearly had me in stitches . Wow what a drama , phew ! until KT had to pre warn no throwing of chairs !

    Ya the markets are on the uptrend , right time for investments . Don't miss this opportunity , might have to wait for another 10 years .

  29. Dear KTemoc

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  30. prema,

    "Why would your sister and mother be such an attraction for unsavoury characters?"

    It is you who claim I am unsavoury. Since I am unsavoury in your eyes have you taken a close look at your sister and mother to ascertain what makes them attract unsavoury characters.

    By the way the MIC, PPP and IPF ARE the Indian assholes of BN. I do not see another way to explain the disproportionate level of abject poverty found in the Indian community after 50 years of BN rule. Any of you BN Indian heroes care to provide another reason for this poverty?

  31. vinnan,

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