Friday, July 04, 2008

Statutory Declarations - Malaysia's new 'surat layang'?

No matter what I say, I’ll be accused of being an UMNO person wakakakakakakkaka – you know why? 'Coz I am anti Anwar (this part is of course true), and to the anwaristas, anyone anti Anwar must by default be a pro UMNO person. That’s the pathetic poverty or sickness of their reasoning (sigh).

Yesterday, unfortunately a busy day for poor kaytee when the Gerakan Anti Najib sh*t hits the fan as Malaysiakini reported in Explosive claims linking Najib to Altantuya, I was sorely tempted to blog on it, but commonsense priority on my own bread and butter issues reigned. I had to postpone my blogging hobby.

Now, before I come to Balasubramaniam Perumal’s unsurprising withdrawal of his original Stat Dec (he has submitted a new one removing all references to Najib) I thought to myself: Look, it’s the same old bullsh*t of ‘I have been reliably informed …’

What had Bala declared originally? I’ll skip his self introductory part and go straight to the relevant portion, as follows:

(a) “When I enquired as to who this Mongolian woman was, Abdul Razak Baginda informed me that she was a friend of his who had been introduced to him by a VIP and who asked him to look after her financially."

Note the ‘… Razak Baginda informed me … yadda yadda ... who asked him to …’


(b) Abdul Razak Baginda informed me that:

1) He had been introduced to Aminah by Najib Razak at a diamond exhibition in Singapore.
2) Najib Razak informed Abdul Razak Baginda that he had a sexual relationship with Aminah and that she was susceptible to anal intercourse.
3) Najib Razak wanted Abdul Razak Baginda to look after Aminah as he did not want her to harass him since he was now the deputy prime minister.
4) Najib Razak, Abdul Razak Baginda and Aminah had all been together at a dinner in Paris.

There were more but suffice for us to consider the parts allegedly involving Najib.

It have been a series of ‘I was reliably informed …’, ‘he told me that Najib told him …’, etc, so what’s new then?

In fact, even Bala’s lawyer Americk Singh admitted as such when he stressed to Malaysiakini that the statutory declaration was not a statement of the truth but a statement of what he claimed was said to him by Abdul Razak and Altantuya.

Americk said: “We’re not saying what he heard is absolute gospel, this must be distinguished. Balasubramaniam is not in the position to determine what is true or not.”

But that didn’t stop Anwar from grasping at it as a much needed straw.

I detect a distinctive pattern of Anwar's diversionary tactics.

For example, when he was accused by Saiful Bukhari Azlan of a sodomising assault, Anwar claimed he was being targeted for assassination, having received such an intelligence report from a foreign power.

'... assassination'! '... intelligence report from a foreign power ...'!

;-) He's either suffering from delusion of hollow grandeur or attempting to divert attention from the nasty allegations against him.

The Drama King then let us know through Malaysiakini that he was given a bullet-proof vest - wakakakakakakakakakaka.

But when he was confronted with a terribly terribly terribly damning report by Malaysiakini article Posh condo: I didn't say I never went* I was expecting a counter attack.

* I don’t want to boast but I didn’t even bother to blog on this news that's devastatingly incriminating-to-Anwar vis-a-vis the allegation against him. I only want to whack Anwar through discrediting his bullsh*t reformasi or more correctly, Deformasi, and his political hypocrisy.

This came all too soon with Bala’s Stat Dec containing revelations about ‘anal intercourse’ allegedly (through hearsay evidence) between Najib and the Mongolian model. Hardly surprising as a sodomite is viewed with horror by the 'heartland'.

It should also be noted that when Bala appeared at the press conference to announce his original Stat Dec, dear old Anwar was right by his side ;-)

Well, Bala has now retracted his Stat Dec, on those parts involving hearsay evidence about Najib. But in Malaysia, the harm has already been done as had been the case with the RPK’s Stat Dec.

The Star reported on Balasubramaniam's new Stat Dec:

"I wish to retract the entire contents of my statutory declaration dated July 1 2008. I was compelled to affirm the said statutory declaration under duress," said Balasubramaniam in his new statutory declaration dated Friday.

The new statutory declaration states:

"I wish to expressly state that at no material time did (Abdul) Razak (Abdullah) Baginda inform me that he was introduced to Altantuya Shaariibuu by a VIP and at no material time did Razak Baginda inform me that Datuk Seri Najib (Tun Razak) had a sexual relationship with Altantuya Shaaribu and that she was susceptible to anal intercourse.

"At no material time did Razak Baginda inform me that Datuk Seri Najib instructed Razak Baginda to look after Altantuya Shaaribu as he did not want her to harass him since he was the Deputy Prime Minister."

If Bala claimed he made the initial hearsay but no doubt damning declaration against Najib 'under duress', who then had put him under duress?

No matter that he has now cleared Najib of those originally damning association with Altantuyaa, Operation ‘Poo Flinging’ has been accomplished.

By courtesy of the unstoppable inertia of the withdrawn Balasubramaniam's (original) Stat Dec, Malaysia's new form of 'surat layang' (poison letter) Najib has been forced to join the ranks of Sodomites.


  1. Threatened? Bribed? Lied? (updated 1pm - Bala dropped off alone w/cops yesterday)
    Posted on July 4th, 2008 by Nathaniel Tan

    Update 1pm: Something in Malaysiakini you may have missed:

    “Balasubramaniam’s lawyer has told Malaysiakini that Balasubramaniam was contacted by the police soon after his press conference yesterday. He last saw his client after dropping him off at the Brickfields police station at 4.45pm.”

    Contacted by the police directly after PC? Last seen being handed over to the cops? Retraction first thing next day?………………………

    The truth is, I have no idea.

    But let’s be patient, I suspect more intriguing facts will reveal themselves shortly, and will try to update if I can.

    In the meantime, here’s a question for you. Who is this M. Arulampalam, Bala’s new lawyer? Who is he connected to? Why get rid of the former lawyer?


  2. "Najib has been forced to join the ranks of Sodomites."

    Do not worry too much, his keris will save him like it did in Operation Lallang. And also his father before him.

  3. Anwar suka sama India
    Dulu Nalla sekarang Bala
    Petang-petang main tenis
    Malam-malam main 'penis'

  4. Aren't Malaysians lucky? They are now treated to this blockbuster called Sodomy Saga which is head and shoulders more captivating than a whole season's worth of Desperate Housewives. The only thing one needs to be concerned about is whether there is sufficient beer and tidbits at hand. After that, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show! Mind you, you don't get such superb entertainment very often.

    There's an added benefit to the nation. With Sodo Mee as the main item among the nation's many culinary attractions, Anal Action fans should be telling each other:

    "Hey, let's bypass Thailand as our vacation destination this time and head instead to Malaysia. It seems to be the sodomy-happening place right now!"

    "That's great. Quick, let's book our air tickets right away. Malaysia - here we come! Woohoo!!"

    No doubt, the Ministry of Tourism people must be delirious with joy at this windfall happening! Malaysia is now on the world map. What more could a patriotic Malaysian ask for?! He should be bursting with pride!

  5. Bunch of Morons and Jackass the two of them . Don't these Morons know that everytime they do perform monkey acts on top of trees the whole lot of us Malaysians suffer ?? economically as well as our maruah ???

    Suggest we give Anwar and Najib a parang each and let the two of them slug it out in a ring .I don't mind supplying the ring .

    One is a Jackass the other a Sodomass.

  6. these bunch of morons (RPK the head moron) had made the Statutory Declaration lose its value.
    Now, SD has become a joke.

  7. To me it become crystal clear that these fiascos was designed to frame Najib.

    (1) The murder of Altantuya: intentional used of C4; the murder victim selected because of her close link with Najib's aides

    (2) Next, RPK "stat dec"

    (3)Then Saiful's allegation, clearly to kenakan Najiblah. Saiful purposefully went to najib's office and resident in the pretext of scholaship issue and complaint about Anwar

    (4)Bala "stat dec" which is full of crap, that I would think either only moron or fanatics would take it seriously

    (5)Bala retracting some statement in the "stat dec". Now he will say that the retarcation was made under duress

  8. hello all,

    I personally thin taht Anwar cannot be trusted. You know why? I got this intersting asrticle quoted, and they make sense either. Either please read it first and then give your views.

    Is This We Want From Anwar?

    Source :

    It is widely accepted that Anwar Ibrahim, the defacto chief of Parti Keadilan Rakyat and the spokesperson for the coalition, Pakatan Rakyat always had only one thing on his mind, to reign supreme in Malaysia. Whilst BN Ministers were busy governing, Anwar drew up a master plan to bring democracy to its knees.
    Anwar knows that the reason for BN's poor showing was not based on his coalition's ideology or the quality of his candidates. That is why the need for him to form a Government through undemocratic means of party hopping and not wait for the ballot box in PRU 13.

    His proxies in Parliament namely Azmin Ali and Saifuddin Nasuntion had never failed to remind us the importance of 16th September as a historical date that will change the face of democracy in Malaysia. If we accept this assumption, then the rakyat must pose some very hard questions to the "new" Federal Government:

    1. Policy for The Future

    What would be the key policy thrusts of the Pakatan Rakyat Government? Malaysian Malaysia, Islamic Nation or Keadilan's brand of Socialism? These are some key questions that need to be answered. Even within the Pakatan Rakyat states, the differences are starting to appear in the public limelight. For example, PAS Youth's establish an Islamic State in the Pakatan Rakyat controlled States received strong resistance from the DAP leadership. PAS Youth's proposal to strike against two artists performing in the concert went against the Keadilan Menteri Besar and the Sultan of Selangor. What about the New Economic Policy? Is PAS, with its 23 MPs going to allow the abolishment of NEP and along with it the crucial support of rural Malays? The cracks are also beginning to show with the ongoing Penang and Kedah saga.

    2. The Strength of the Coalition

    Regardless of the 8th of March results, the Barisan Nasional formula works. Although there have been some minor misunderstandings, Malaysia's Government saw uninterrupted peace for almost 40 years. It has been working since Malaysia's first municipal elections under the banner of Alliance. Can Anwar Ibrahim's coalition guarantee Malaysians the same peace and stability? Or are we going to be further polarised like the State Government of Penang and Kedah, which will lead to distrust and racial tension?

    3. Who is Anwar's Successor?

    Judging by the current Pakatan Rakat's representation, Anwar Ibrahim will be the Prime Minister, as his party has the highest number 31 Parliamentary seats. Relying on the same parameters, Lim Kit Siang as the DAP (28 seats) head will be the Deputy Prime Minister. Nasharahuddin Mat Isa will be given a senior portfolio like International Trade or Finance. But that is not the whole story, PAS actually has more popular votes, 14.05% compared to 13.77% of DAP. So is Nasharuddin or Lim Kit Siang going to be the next Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia?. One thing for certain regardless of the outcome, there will be an unhappy party that will seriously undermine the stability of the coalition.

    4. Keeping it In The Family

    If Anwar Ibrahim assumes the Premiership, will he appoint his wife as the Minister of Women and Community Development? Will Nurul Izzah be the Minister of Youth and Sports?. If Lim Kit Siang becomes Deputy Prime Minister, will there be problems with allocation given to Penang with his son at the helm? What about Karpal Singh, if he is appointed the Minister of Defence, how will the public react to having his son Gobind as the Minister of Home Affairs? These are questions that need to be answered for the rakyat. Even if they remain backbencher MPs, the access to leadership will have a negative impact on the public.

    5. Fulfilling Promises to the Rakyat – PR

    Election Manifesto The first thing on the rakyat's mind are the fulfilment of the Pakatan Rakyat's election manifesto. Oil prices must go down, education must be free, increase the police force significantly, each family below RM6 thousand will get RM6 thousand annually. The problem is how are going to finance all these election promises? Malaysia's budget deficit will increase, the country will need to raise sovereign bonds and investment in stagnant assets means our money will not grow. Eventually, the borrowing will have an adverse impact on the country's credit rating and then what?. The Pakatan Rakyat, other election promises are highlighted below:

    1. Membuka tabung permulaan RM100 bagi setiap anak kelahiran Selangor. BELUM LAKSANA.

    2. Memberi bantuan RM75 sebulan bagi setiap anak yang dihantar ke nursery. BELUM LAKSANA.

    3. Memberi bantuan RM50 sebulan seorang bagi pendidikan pra sekolah. BELUM LAKSANA.

    4. Memberi hadiah RM1,000 kepada setiap anak Selangor yang dapat tawaran IPT. TIDAK DILAKSANA. Hanya bagi keluarga berpendapatan RM1,500 ke bawah. Hampir tiada atau mungkin tiada yang menerimanya.

    5. Memberi biasiswa pelajaran untuk anak Selangor. BELUM LAKSANA.

    6. Memberi bantuan kepada anak muda untuk berkahwin. BELUM LAKSANA.

    7. Membuka pusat sukan mini dan rekreasi bagi belia. BELUM LAKSANA.

    8. Mencarum takaful bernilai RM2,500 untuk warga emas, oku dan anak yatim. BELUM LAKSANA.v 9. Memberi elaun ibu tunggal yang layak. BELUM LAKSANA.

    10. Memberi elaun khas suri rumah yang memilih menjaga untuk sepenuh masa anak-anak. BELUM LAKSANA.

    11. Membantu setiap rakyat Selangor mendapat kediaman sendiri. BELUM LAKSANA.

    12. Mewujudkan institusi menyelaraskan hal ehwal agama selain Islam. BELUM LAKSANA.

    13. Menurunkan cukai pintu sebanyak 20 peratus. BELUM LAKSANA.

    14. Menurunkan cukai premis komersial 10 peratus. BELUM LAKSANA.

    6. We Have Passed the 100 days mark – Let's Show Our True Colours

    The problems highlighted in the Selangor State Government over the past few weeks proved that it is not easy to deliver on election promises. Just passing the 100 day mark, tales of corruption and donation funds going straight to the party and not the State made headlines even in the new media. Discrepancies with contract awardment, led to the resignation of the Menteri Besar's special officer. The Menteri Besar of Selangor, is a key figure in Anwar Ibrahim's party, so Anwar must be answerable to all these incidents. Worse, the appointment of Anwar Ibrahim's brother in KDEB raised questions of the proposed change in governing under Pakatan Rakyat.

    7. Anwar's 4th Floor

    It is an open secret that Anwar Ibrahim relies on the best and brightest to think of policy issues and help him in the decision making process. When he was the Minister of Finance, the late Adlan Benan was his principal advisor. Now, it comes in the shape and form of Nik Nazmi. Already Nik Nazmi has locked horns with other state representatives including the powerful Teresa Kok over land issues, State appointments and other matters. Nik Nazmi, an inexperienced, unproven entity with no strong grassroot have raised many eyebrows within Pakatan Rakyat itself.

    8. Lack of Moral Leadership

    If forming a Government via undemocratic means is not reason enough to question the morality of Anwar Ibrahim as a Prime Minister, the latest allegations of sexual misconduct involving Anwar Ibrahim and his special assistant has cast a longer shadow of doubt on Anwar Ibrahim's claims of a moral leader. How would PAS react to this? Would DAP give Anwar a strong backing?

    Anwar's Enduring Legacy

    The key question in this party hopping saga is who from Barisan Nasional will jump ship? The latest claims by Keadilan leaders are Peninsular MPs from the Barisan coalition will join them to form a Federal Government, which means MCA and MIC.

    If this is true, the Barisan Nasional formula will cease to exist. UMNO with its 78 seats will have to form a new coalition based on a narrow platform, championing the Malay cause. Who will join the fray?. Malay and Bumiputera based parties including PAS. The ongoing talks between top leadership from UMNO and PAS are surely reflective of this last case scenario.

    With other MP rich Bumiputera parties like PBB joining in the new Malay-Bumiputera based coalition, they can form a sustainable Government. With 60% population that are Malays and Bumiputera, they will almost certainly always hold enough power to form the government.

    In this unimaginable setting, what will happen to the rest of the races?. Will there be mass racial conflict? Will successful Malaysian companies bring their business elsewhere?

    Will you be a part of Anwar's Legacy for Malaysians?. A polarised country where development, morality and stability takes a back seat? Is this the future we want?

    I want wha tis best for my country. How bout you guys?

  9. According The Star newsbreak sms, “the private investigator in the Altantuya murder case P. Balasubramaniam announced on PKR platform that the Police omitted the information between a senior politician and Altantuya in his statement”.

    If any of these were true, why Balasubramaniam chose to talk about this on PKR platform? Why did he not do it on the stand in court, since he was a prosecution witness?

    Is this the HINDRAF thingy that PKR enjoyed so much from Indians, lately?

    Is this another morbid obession on perpetually sordid PKR ’sponsored’ attempt to gun down a senior politician, who is our most realistic hope to make things slightly better for most of us?

  10. The Balak’s (sorry Bala) honesty is very much doubted since he had his chance to say it out in court and he did not. Even if he did, as per the SD, there’s too much hear say and unlikely to stand in court. Those who have been involved in making police reports and taking up cases without written and solid evidences would know the difficulties in taking up such cases.

    Bala’s SD therefore:
    1. Part of a consistent smear/ slur campaign to caste doubt on certain top personalities by reinvigorating fruitless discussions on the case and to catch public attention by blowing certain perspectives out of proportion to get the psychological impact.
    2. A desperate attempt together with the PKR SD to caste doubt on the credibility of the case handled by court and the other hands of the law.
    3. Suitably crafted in both SD’s, the continuous (mis)use of SD’s to put forward a point irrespective of their entire truthfulness show’s the sophistication of DSAI/ PKR’s in misusing the law and in this case the purpose of SD; expect future refinement and heavier penalties in the misuse of statutory declarations

    Truth will hopefully prevail in this country for the betterment of the rakyat.

    Enough of such foolish sagas, the present focus for UMNO is to consolidate the akar umbi in bringing down PM as the branch elections is just round the corner. Najib is wise to take up the challenge against PM before it’s too late for everybody. The majority of the UMNO akar umbi who is behind Najib will not swayed the least bit with this Balak’s deception.

  11. if anwar ever become pm, then there will be a massacre in malaysia, patriotic malays will fight to death for this country. only stupid malays will support him…, and the racist indians and oppurtunistic chinese in pkr and dap will sit by the side while the malays fight each other for their survival. if you want malaysia for malaysians, then give up your chinese and indian language, identities,and schools. learn to speak proper bahasa, learn jawi, respect the Sultan, respect islamic and malay culture, tell your women to wear baju kurung, no more saris or cheongsam, tell your men to wear the songkok and baju melayu. malaysia means malays + asia, but see that the word malay comes first. respect history. say no to dirty politics. say no to foreign interference, say no to anwar. we don’t need a dajjal

  12. "Even though reading the appeal record, we find EVIDENCE TO CONFIRM that the appellants (Anwar dan Sukma) were involved in homosexual activities and we are more inclined to believe that the alleged incident at Tivoli Villa did happen sometime, this court, as a court of law, may only convict the appellants if the prosecution has successfully proved that the alleged offences as stated in the charge, beyond reasonable doubt".

    Yang jelas daripada apa yang di sebut di atas ialah hakim-hakim ini mendapati ada cukup bukti yang mengesahkan Anwar dan Sukma terlibat dalam kegiatan homoseks dalam apa yang dikatakan berlaku di Tivoli Villa, memang berlaku. Tetapi kedua-dua hakim ini mengguna selok-belok undang-undang untuk mendapati Anwar tidak bersalah.

  13. could it be...

    that DSAI's ppl had anything to do in Altantuya's murder??? Just to frame Najib?

    no I dare not dwell on this..


  14. Let's say you are a PI and being one, is it not normal for you to ask questions?

    I would think what he has affirmed in his 1st SD would be something I would ask if I am on the job. It's heresay that's all but for him now to rebutt the contents of the 1st SD seems fishy to me.

    It is difficult to accept he took up the job from Baginda without knowing what is going on. If Baginda has not said anything, he would by nature of his training, done background checks.

    And don't discount the fact that at 4.45pm he was at the police station, what happened there we do not know.

    So the issue is, based on probabilities, which SD do you think is the truthful one?

  15. Anonymous 3:29 pm

    "Why did he not do it on the stand in court, since he was a prosecution witness?"
    If you ever been a witness in a court case, you would realise that you are required to provide an answer to questions put to you either by the Prosecution or the Defense.


    Anything more which you say will be struck off the court records, and you may even be charged with contempt of court.

  16. The 1st SD was to trap anwar. Najib is 1 step ahead of the sodomist CIA operative.

    Now the smile is wipe off anwar face. He can be a turkey and run to the embassy before he get another turkey session in sungai buloh.

    This time Najib must nail him properly so badawi don`t let him out again. Even MCA and MIC will support Najib then.

  17. This anwar try to trap najib using the mongolian woman. He must have got her blown up and put blame on Najib.
    If you know Najib, he is very honest and god fearing person and will not go around killing people.
    Tapi anwar very capable. Even mahathir got proof anwar is sodomist.

  18. Underneath the face of the person by the name of Anwar Ibrahim is more than flesh and blood.

    Underneath that flesh and blood is an idea. And ideas are bullet and pen proof.

    The idea of a fair and just government; of the need to be free from fear and terror; have caught on like wild-fire amongst the people. It is what frightens UMNO's despots the most.

    You and your pen are working for this rotten Establishment, like it or not when you try to debunk the Anwar Ibrahim. You have become no better than UMNO's propagandist.

    All that is written here ... - is this a product of a sick mind?

    If the idea is no more than the man Anwar Ibrahim why are you so against him?

    What is it you fear? Ideas?

    Jesus was ridiculed in his time for his "ideas". Go look in the mirror, Pharisee KT.

  19. It's all Anwar's plans la, and this one is biting him on his arse cuz Bala is chickening out, unlike RPK. Really, all he's capable of doing is staging one after another juicy drama. the sooner we be rid of him, the better. SO he said his life is under great threats and he dun trust the gov, and yet now he's grand-touring nation-wide bcuz the gov assured his safety?

  20. I am neither a fan of both and I have critised and I firmly believe Najib is involved , however the latest chain of events have led me to be pissed off and I feel I ought to express my distaste and feelings.

    These are a bunch of jokers plainly there are two persons involved ,one a Jackass and another a Sodomass with their only intention of becoming the Prime Minister of Malaysia without due consideration to Malaysians in general and the image of the country in general . Today Malaysians are already bracing for hard times with or without these Wong Sa and Yeh Fong soap operas . Today instead of trying to solve our economic problems with oil and petrol price increases affecting all daily usage comodities , transportation , bus fares , electricity tariff increases , super inflation of around 12 percent , we have these two Morons fighting to see who delivers the knockout punch . What a joke , this is the greatest joke of the century in Malaysia .

    All these sandiwara's are done for the purpose of only one thing . I want to be the PM of Malaysia . I don't care what happens to Malaysians , you die by the roadside , cry ,curse , go on rampage , no food to eat, no place to stay , kill out of frustrations , I don't care and I don't want to know as long as my opponent gets kick out and I become the PM .

    What is the point of everyday trying to get the rakyat to protests , making use of the rakyat for that purpose ? or to hold a one million rally ?? for whose benefit ?? for the jackass own benefit!!!

    If you have the PROOF , bring it out and settle it once and for all .

    Coming back to the issue on the PI
    His lawyer has this to say when he made the SD;
    Americk said: “We’re not saying what he heard is absolute gospel, this must be distinguished. Balasubramaniam is not in the position to determine what is true or not.”
    So does this imply the PI is either lying today or yesterday. Basically he is paid to do the wayang for the benefit and to sway public opinion to the Jackass .
    How can you make a SD based on HERESAY ???
    A SD is a document recording accurate chain of events that happened NOT on heresay .
    Today's SD is to do away with all the heresay .

    So whats there to say ? how can a court convict someone based on heresay ??
    If you Anwar as you say have SOLID PROOF , bring it out OK !!
    NO more wayang please .

    RPK is still the most reliable and still the BEST when it comes to bravery and on willing to stand up on what he writes . He should be the PM of Malaysia, not you two opportunists.

  21. i guess the ongoing saga also goes on to show that the current system of electing the pm through umno is no longer suitable in this day and time. it was probably the same system since the malaccan sultanate. can people change in 600 years? the chinese have not changed much in the last thousand years.

    since the current culture continues on pretty much the same, what have we got to lose.

    if you look at how najib carries himself, reading from a prepared speech when denying the allegations, think of how he will carry himself as a pm. he can't even speak bahasa properly.

    can anwar do an even worst job of running the country to the ground than what is happening now?

    the time is now. when will another scenario and, to a certain extend, another man, as ambitious, call him power crazy if you like but which leader is not, and able to lead and mobilize people to work for him, come along.

    i agree with anon@5:12 PM, that it's much more the idea of a change, that toss of a dice, the hope of a new beginning and not really who's selling it.

    the people are already being screwed one way or another, so what if we're screwed again?

  22. Well say chaptokam but one, RPK SD also hearsay.

    This week KLSE down badly due to the planned PR one million people rally this coming Sunday in KL. Pray nothing happen otherwise deep shit again.

  23. Under current circumstances, I think AAB is still the best person for PM. Act Dunno is actually watching who is not loyal, for sure he will use the axe when the time come.


  24. They are still hope as more and more people are coming out to voice their concern of Anwar saga. Within twenty four hours SD1 transform to SD2 I see the probability that next week onward we will be debating who from PR will be crossing to BN and will PR Perak government be stable?. They keep on screwing other people ass but do not know how to jaga their own ass.

  25. Who is this lawyer americk singh sidhu? Talks like an englishman.
    Curious Cat

  26. Bala SD and Anwar saga aside, Altantuya's murder case should not be confused and the role of Najib via Razak baginda is clear. In this context what Anwar or Bala said seems to tally with other happenings in the context. Only, now because of the high drama all under question. So let us not mix up the two and let the killer away, atleast in the public court of perception.

  27. If this were a soccer match, Anwarfool were being very offensive on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday while Real Najib didn't play the ball at all, and still no goals scored.
    Anwarfool 0: Real Najib 0

    On Thursday striker Bala came in for Anwarfool and the impact was revealing, Bala scored one goal with his Stat Declaration.
    Anwarfool 1: Real Najib 0

    However, a few minutes later, the mighty captain Anwar scored own goal for showing guilty face when was asked his where about on that particular night.
    Anwarfool 1 : Real Najib 1

    Come Friday morning, striker Bala scored own goal with the retraction of his SD. So the latest score is
    Anwarfool 1 : Real Najib 2

    But the funny thing is that Real Najib camp is hardly playing the ball, and still ends up as winner.

  28. wisdomthinker your article is very well written with all the points . If only you can add in a few more points like for eg , When Anwar was the Education Minister he was the one responsible for the removal of English from Govt communications .All correspondence to the Govt has to be written in Bahasa Melayu, all lawyers have to use and talk in BM in courts , etc . When he was Finance Minister all his immediate family members including his father, mother,brother were all made directors of nothing less than 30 companies in Penang earning directorship fees for doing nothing .There are lots more But I can't remember right now. Suggest you email your article posted here to MT under letters and let the Rakyat ponder over all the points . Or do you want me to do it on your behalf ?

  29. Heard of an ASS PIMP? Answer : Raja Petra