Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Assassination of Anwar Ibrahim - Intelligence report

In Malaysiakini latest article PM assures safety of both complainant, accused, the PM, when asked about PKR’s claim they had received foreign intelligence reports about an assassination attempt against Anwar Ibrahim, advised PKR to make a police report on this in order for it to be investigated.

Hmmm, ‘foreign intelligence report’?

I wonder which foreign country liaises directly with or feeds intelligence reports directly to Anwar Ibrahim (and PKR)?

This direct communication outside of official channel is not unlike our Military Intelligence feeding reports directly to our PM about Rosmah, as we learnt from a recent Statutory Declaration.

But gasp, gawd, omigosh, and goodness gracious me, does this mean that PKR is associated directly with a foreign intelligence agency?

Before we ponder any further on this frightening mind boggling matter of potential foreign interference in Malaysia’s political system, let us try to identify which foreign country this could be?

Singapore? Nah, that’s KJ’s territory.

Thailand? Nope. Why the hell would Maipenrai Land bother?

Philippines? Hmmm, I’ll check with my sweetie, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo

Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma? Hardly likely.

Brunei? Wakakakakakakakakakaka

Indonesia? Hmmm, possible, through the old boys network of the ICMI. Remember Apcet II

Let’s move farther afield …

USA? High probability with its CIA poking its way into everyone’s business … oh, didn't it just warn Malaysia too about allowing a politically motivated sodomy allegation against Anwar? AAB has just directed Rais Yatim to tell the USA to f* off and mind its own business.

UK? Doubt it. Besides, Najib said he's not unlike Gordon Brown so maybe there's some karmcheng there? ;-)

China? ;-) it’s too busy with the Dalai Lama and its 10,000 people riots in the southwest because the son of an official had allegedly raped (not sodomised) a young girl and officials were allegedly trying to cover up

Japan? Ohayo gozaimasu! Unless it’s about supporting their whale hunting, don’t bother those Japs.

Hmmm, now it’s your turn ……..


  1. Could it be Zimbabwe, brought by Mahathir?
    And opinion left at Rocky's did say that the hired assasins are jewish loanshark (along) hitmen to collect debt as Anwar could not turn the country around after previous election?

  2. what about the land of oz?

    or bollywood land?



  3. Perhaps Tanjung Rambutan

  4. Dear Ktemoc

    1. It doesn't matter what the source of the intelligence report is
    2. What matters is whether PKR's claim is true
    3. If true, we are a long way on the road to Zimbabwe
    4. If untrue, shame on the PKR
    information/propaganda machine

    Finally, you can get rid of the leader but you can't get rid of the growing (and growing) popular movement for change in this increasingly corrupt and rotten politico-economic system. If Gandhi is gone, Nehru will spring up to take his place. If Martin Luther King is gone, Jesse Jackson will spring up to take his place.

    Phua Kai Lit

  5. Have to make a clarification here - somebody in PKR said something, but Kak Wan definitely didn't mention anything.

    If there's any truth to this, more likely came from Indonesia.
    Anwar Ibrahim has strong ties with Amien Rais and Gus Dur which go back a long way.

  6. I beg to differ. It could be any of our neighbours as no one wants an a politically instable neighbour. With the exception of Singapore, of course, who would benefit from the capital flight.


  7. More like The US . Are you aware that their embassy here in Malaysia is not just an embassy ? But rather its a complex housing all the surveilliance and monitoring equipment covering every damn thing happening here in Malaysia . Take for example , every mobile phone incoming or outgoing of every top brass , vips and poiliticians , emails etc are being monitored and taped/recorded by them . Any indication of any unwelcome activity and in this case in relation to Anwar , they will probably tell him that they have received info on a possible assassination . I am 100 percent sure its the US . Just go take a look , they have all sorts of transmission towers and satellite discs ,all sizes in their compound .That what they are also doing in Iraq where their embassy is the biggest .

  8. Come on, when do we get to see the stained mattress ?

    We're getting impatient for results, McDonald's fast food generation, you know.

    Either show us the goods or shut up.

  9. Dear Ktemoc

    Interesting item from the Singapore Straits Times:

    "Most M'sians believe Anwar is innocent: polls
    KUALA LUMPUR - OPINION polls showed most people believed Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim did not commit sodomy against a young aide after a similar charge landed him in jail for six years before it was overturned.
    A small survey by the independent Merdeka Centre research firm found just 6 per cent of respondents believed the allegations, and nearly 60 per cent viewed it as politically motivated.

    'It's going to be an uphill battle for the government because you are facing a more cynical public,' said the firm's pollster, Mr Ibrahim Suffian.The survey polled 225 ethnic Malays aged 20 and above.

    A separate survey by the independent news website, Malaysiakini (www.malaysiakini.com), showed that 94.4 per cent of its respondents believed the allegation was part of a political conspiracy against Datuk Seri Anwar."

    My comment: In plain English, "We don't believe you, mainstream media!"

    Phua Kai Lit

  10. Phua Kai Lit, I too don't believe the allegations but I think that while Anwar had initially handled it badly (in panicking), since then he has exploited the issue to his advantage ... which gives substance to a claim that (either Anwar himself or) someone close to him had instigated the whole affair (but without telling Anwar) for a boost in publicity and much needed (already faltering) sympathy.

  11. did u purposely left our Israel in your inductive reasoning? naughty...

  12. aiyoh Brian, lu so suspicious one ;-)

  13. The negative perceptions on Anwar over this case seem to be

    a) Saiful is telling the truth i.e. Anwar is a sodomite and a rapist.
    b) Anwar panicked after the case surfaced, hence his is not fit to be a leader.
    c) Saiful is an innocent victim of coercion, even if Anwar didn't do it.
    d) Anwar instigated the whole thing to boost his collapsing popularity.

    Folks, let me give you a free lesson on Logical Thinking 101.

    The four postulates above are mutually inconsistent i.e. if one is true, the other three cannot be true.

    Yes, it turns out Anwar has benefited tremendously from this charge (unless actual incriminating evidence surfaces). But that's the mistake and miscalculation of his accusers.

    Find it hard to believe there is a conspiracy ?
    You should check out the Mykmu forum.

    There are plenty of UMNO people who are convinced that Anwar is guilty. In fact lots of UMNO loyalist have been urging their leadership for months that the surest way to neutralise Anwar's progress is to nail him for homosexuality.

    I don't think Pak Lah is involved, but plenty of other UMNO people have the motive.

  14. Good analyze...


    Singapore is also Anwar's territory... ;)

    Singapore is playing 2 cards... If KJ's fail... Anwar will be the one... :)

    Aren't we always sodomised? :)

  15. IF the foreign intelligence report thing is true, I'd say the US. they very kamcheng with Anwar cuz Anwar likes his strings pulled that way. IF. funny tho, those boys there are better at sniffing out *gasps* assassination attempts on our country's fav kecoh boy better than their own president eh?

  16. without any doubt US!!!!
    With their very bold statment.
    besides they have historieS of doing the same thing to other countries around the world.

  17. My perception

    a) Anwar not Guilty .

    b) Najib and company also not Guilty

    c) BN leaders not INVOLVED

    d) Conclusion ; a) the joker got caught in the act with someone else . Blame on Anwar . Medical report would still show penetration .
    b) Photographs doesn't tell much except that he has been to these places and taking photos with VIPs who normally would oblige .
    c) he has a score to settle with Anwar . Still can't figure out yet at this stage .

    d) Anwar making use of this issue to turn it to his advantage by implying Najib and company involved . Najib already has a ton of bricks on his head already , doubt he would be prepared to go for this episode too.
    e) All points to that joker is probably a AC/DC guy who would go for anything including freelancing as a gigolo .

  18. Yeah, it must've been Swami Maha Sri Ali-G Ellison Shripashtusaktivel Bassui Basho Bodhi Elektrik Smith... After all he knows and sees everything... even things that aren't there.



  19. There are 2 sources of foreign intelligence that has given Anwar infos all these while :

    1. Indonesian - through Jusuf Kala
    2. Turkey - through Erdogan

    Anwar was the DPM of Malaysia, of course he has international allies.

    In terms of funding - it has always been Islamic Development Bank (IDB) ever since he was DPM.

  20. call me white-ass supporter but i'd rather he has a friend in the US- OK US can be and is the arrogant a## (just using the popular lingo nowadays)and big 'satan' than he getting support regimes such as iran, syria, lihya, afghanistan, those feudal oil-rich islamic kingdoms, talibans or al-kida sympathisers. I'd rather prefer a satan i can see in the face and whom the world seem to depend to get us out of a bigger sh## than our politicians seem to be too engrossed in their self-serving interests to realise we are all suffering than be befriended by some holier than thou 'demons'.
    Anyways, the sad state of affair in our country just reinforeces what boleh-land has always reminded us. To get what you want, 'belakang masuk', 'back door way' has always been the convention. So what's so surprising that 'rear ends' or 'back door' issues is up again. (pun intended).
    I just wish we suffering rakyat can in unison just tell all these goons out there ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH of all these koreking, WE ARE ALL EXPERIENCING A GREAT 'S' ISSUE- SUFFERINGGGGGGGGGGG
    ps. kt it's great u try to be objective but noone can be a fence-sitter- Why all you get is your ass pricked by doing that! so it's ok if yr pro-ness or anti-ness show-no need to be defensive. we are all prejudice in our own ways. me too with my pro-democractic, justice, fairness-leanings-its which side of the fence i prefer to be in - if u break the fence n go into the other side you will need to shift/lean yr stance to accept other side right? i may be wrong.

  21. The word "Assassination" when broken up is "Ass ass in nation". Sounds familiar? Right, that's Anwar.