Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Drama Qe5

L. Cassius ille quem populus Romanus verissimum et sapientissimum iudicem putabat identidem in causis quaerere solebat 'cui bono' fuisset.

The famous Lucius Cassius, whom the Roman people used to regard as a very honest and wise judge, was in the habit of asking, time and again, 'To whose benefit?'

- Cicero

In Malaysiakini news article Najib denies involvement in 'conspiracy', Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Shahrir Samad was quoted chiding Anwar Ibrahim: "It (the entire incident) is too much (and) seems to be like a drama, more so Anwar is a drama queen."

Hmmm, I hope that reference to Anwar as a Drama Queen (rather than kaytee’s ‘Drama King’ in my previous post Saiful Bukhari Azlan - Victim or Villain?) is not Shahrir’s Freudian slip.

None of the ministers (Shahrir Abdul Samad, Azalina Othman Said and Mustapa Mohamed) including DPM Najib, who were photographed with Saiful could remember him. They claimed they have posed with various people who visited them or their offices, as politicians are expected to do.

Meanwhile Ong Kian Ming and Oon Yeoh have written a piece for Malaysiakini titled Liwat-gate: Who's behind this? where, hardly surprising, they wrote:

"One thing that most people concur is that Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is not behind it. He had the same 'deer caught in the headlights' reaction when asked about the latest developments, just like when Sapp and Yong Teck Lee announced that they no longer had confidence in him."

"Furthermore, nothing in his style or demeanor gives us any indication that he has the kind of mean streak that would allow him to agree to this kind of ruthless and dirty tactic. He is no Dr Mahathir Mohamad."

I disagree – please see my post Underestimating AAB.

My uncle told me AAB reminds him of some aspects of a TV character called Lieutenant Columbo (played by Peter Falks) during the late '60s to '70s. Wikipedia has this to say of Lt Columbo:

"Lt Columbo is a shabby, seemingly slow-witted police detective (once described as rumpled, but loveable) whose fumbling, overly polite manner makes him an unlikely choice to solve any crime, let alone a complex murder. However, as the perpetrators eventually learn, appearances can be deceptive -- Columbo actually only uses his deferential and absent-minded persona to lull them into a false sense of security."

In my opinion, AAB is a master of 'act dunno' too, though of course, unlike Lt Columbo, he doesn't dress shabbily - no, au contraire.

But having expressed my opinion on AAB, I am not suggesting he has been responsible for the affair. At the end of all this, we must ask that question that Cicero attributed to the Roman judge Lucius Cassius, CUI BONO?

Indeed, to do so, we must look at the overall set of events and not just the sodomy allegation by itself.

Invariably Ong and Oon’s suspicions fall on Opposition Malaysia’s favourite punching bag and archfiend, Dr M, a man who, after leaving office, couldn’t even manage to speak to UMNO members during the pre UMNO annual assembly campaign when he attempted to get himself elected as a divisional delegate.

So, do you believe he's capable of organizing the highly complex scandal?

Ong and Oon's dislike of Dr M was evident in statements such as
“The second person who would benefit from this would be Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak. To be fair, nothing in Najib's character or demeanor suggests that he has the kind of Machiavellian streak that Mahathir possess in copious quantities.”

Doesn’t the term ‘… copious quantities …’ ;-) speaks 'volumes' (pun intended) of their prejudice?

Quite frankly, it's still early days to tell, but I concede in their favour that 'time, tide and journalists' deadlines' wait for no man.

As for Najib ..... Oh, please allow me to disgress for a while. l want to take this opportunity to share a Chinese belief my mother told me (not that I took any notice of it).

When I was young, my most luxurious dish was duck eggs (laid daily by the three ducks we kept), fried, scrambled, hardboiled, etc.

But mum would not allow me to eat any of the cooked eggs left overnight. Apparently only women and girls could do so. After persistent questioning of her seemingly unfair decision, which earned me more than a couple of slaps for harrassing her, she finally revealed the fear that Chinese have for males eating cooked eggs left overnight.

She whispered ominously that their balls would grow embarrasingly huge. What has this old housewife tale got to do with Najib? Quite frankly I AAB-dunno; ignore me, it's just kaytee's crazy mindless mental meandering.

But needless to say, I did check mine after I covertly ate the forbidden food a few times, but alas, there was no Godzilla effect ... well, at least for me.

What has been apparent in the Gomorrah* case has been the dearth of facts but bountiful availability of strange and coincidental claims.

kaytee is an equal opportunity blogger, and decides that Sodom has been unequally favoured in comparison to Gomorrah. I encourage bloggers to practise equal opportunity by resorting to terms like "He accused so & so of gomorrah-ising him."

And what have been the bountiful availability of strange and coincidental claims? I personally reckon these would be:

(a) Anwar advisd of an assassination attempt on him by the intelligence service of a foreign power just immediately after the police report on the alleged gomorrah-ising was submitted. It would appear that Saiful was a failure as a Judas when there was amble opportunities for him as a personal aide to poison Anwar one way or another with untraceable poison;

(b) a high drama played by Anwar in seeking media-attention grabbing political asylum in the Turkish Embassy, where it was claimed that the Turkish Ambassador had invited him to take refuge in his Embassy. The Ambassador has discredited that claim in assuring Foreign Minister Rais Yatim that there was no such invitation, averring that Anwar himself had asked to stay, and he obliged on 'humanitarian' grounds;

(c) an unexplained resignation email purportedly from Saiful Bukhari Azlan, sent inexplicably one day after the date of the alleged gomorrah-isation and judiciously one day before the police report;

(d) Anwar’s claim of an earlier intention (but disrupted/aborted by the police report) to announce his candidature in a by-election as well as the party defection of 4 UMNO MPs ..... though the supposed defection of 2 SAPP MPs, who had been most conspicuous by their silence and truancy from voting on the fuel subsidy motion in Parliament, has yet to eventuate.

Alas, if not for the most kacau-ing police report, he would have had 40 4 UMNO MPs in the PKR bag by now. Blast!

But what has been factual has been the diplomatically insulting warning to Malaysia from the US State Department, but then we know that the USA has an arrogant disposition towards meddling in other nation’s internal affairs, but lamentably has never been balanced nor consistent in its treatment of nations around the world (eg. Israel).

What has been factual too is that Anwar has certainly marshalled international attention to his alleged ‘plight’, coincidentally when his campaign to undemocratically unseat an elected government through his disgraceful deformasi encouragement of party defections by BN MPs a la the 1994 Sabah state election, was faltering.

What has been factual too is that Anwar has managed through his Turkish Belly Dancing drama to force the PM, DPM and 2 ministers to provide official assurances for his personal safety (perhaps with some behind-the-scene gentle raps on their knuckles by Uncle Sam), thus acknowledging indirectly his now even more elevated political status.

What has been factual too is that the UMNO ministers right down from the PM, DPM even unto retiree Dr M, and not excluding KJ, have all been 'found guilty until proven innocent' by the usual suspects via the Malaysian manoeuvre called 'Fling enough poo and surely some will stick'.

One wonders who has benefitted from all the drama ensuing from the police report?

Indeed, what a serendipitous 'blessing in disguise' has been the police report for the Deformasi movement!


Footnote: See this for an explanation of my post title ;-)


  1. Dear Ktemoc

    Never forget who is on the team of AAB's closest advisors!

    This Pretender to the throne did not go to the place where the bovine creatures ford the river for nothing.

    Phua Kai Lit

  2. All this provides is evidence that Anwar Ibrahim is a master at extracting political advantage from whatever situation he finds himself in.
    He could write a book on "How to Turn a Lemon into a Lemonade".

    Even when he was badly beaten up in 1998 (defintely not a pleasant experience) he turned it into major political capital.

    Even though no credible observer believes it today, I am sure there is a certain blogger today who would have happily concluded at the time that Anwar deliberately injured himself to score political points.

  3. KLSE down 24 points


  4. KT, now is the best time for the 4 froggy MPs to defect coz the act can be translated as much wanted moral support, thus gaining more public sympathy.

    A pharase from song made famous by George Micheal (a gay man, but no relation to Anwar......or maybe there is, noooooooo... I can't be, but there is possibility, I don't know, only God knows).


    Looking at Anwar's reaction, he was quite kelam-kabut. Anwar could have simply dismissed the allegation by telling his whereabout during that particular moment.

    I remember once back in early 90s when Bush senoir was confronted with allegation that Ross Perot claimed Bush Republican camp threathened him with assasinaton, during presedential campaign. Bush senior confidently answered to it with a laughter, made everybody realize it was the joke of the year.

    Or perhaps Anwar knew that by keeping the public wondering, there is more momentum to gain.


    good support for your secretive Abdullah Badawi... ;P

  6. I give conspiracies the full treatment here: Seven Conspiracy Theories of the Anwar Sodomy Allegations

    Us Ziono-j00 neocons do know our cospiratotial cover-ups, after all!

  7. On second thought, I am convinced Anwar has sodomised Saiful and he should go to prison for it!!!

  8. Police have already received the medical examination report of the victim, but they remain silent on the result. I presume silent means there are homosexual activities in the report and expect more follow up investigation, otherwise they would announce immediately no homosexual activities and charge the victim for false police report.

    More drama to come


  9. on the contrary, i have an opposing view of anony 6.04pm. since most people believe this to be fabrication, meaning that the sodomy did not occured. if so, and the medical report said so, then the authorities will remain silent as it will proof anwar's point - yes it was a fabrication. if the medical report showed there are homo activitie, i bet the authorities will be pleased to release it at once.

    sign the memo

  10. Don't ever be fooled by Abdollah's "Well-I-have-been-buggered" face. Look at George W Bush with the perpetual idiotic expression and then count how many millions have died from his wars to secure oil wells in the world.

  11. Hi lucia,

    Warm greetings to you

    Agree most people at this moment believe this to be fabrication because there is not enough evidences. Anyhow I choose to believe otherwise, base on my simple reasoning below.

    • Why hired somebody without checking the person background and within three months make him his personal assistance?
    • If some people want to nab him as claim, he would be nailed by now without exposing the poor Saiful. Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek case is a good example.

    Slowly facts are coming out , in Malaysiakini report, he did not deny that he had been to the luxury condominium where the alleged sodomy took place. When these facts one by one are patch together, a lot of people will change their mind about him.


  12. Anwar is acting on CROOKS advice on what to do. The truth remains to haunt him. The process of law will catch up on him and finds him guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. Pray you thinking Malaysians are convinced this sodomite is obsessed with men's rear. If those CROOKS interfere further, then you must stand up against them because they are murderers of your Muslims in other parts of the world!!! And Anwar is bloodguilty too!!!

  13. Hi Anonymous 9:02 pm

    Here's what I read from other blogs:

    1. Maybe Saiful was hired without proper background check because PKR was eager to get volunteers. Remember that the BN machinery is flush with cash to hire personnel while the other side is not.
    2. Why did he become a close aide so fast? Well, PKR suspected that he is a mole. So he could have been used to pass PKR disinformation to the BN people.
    3. As for Anwar Ibrahim being at the site of the condo, some blogger thinks he was there to plan his "jumping frogs" strategies.

    I still think Ktemoc's imagination is overly active and his conspiracy theories are far-fetched! We need to remember the principle of parsimony and Occam's Razor!

    Phua Kai Lit

  14. Dear Ktemoc and other readers

    May I take the liberty of posting one more message.

    1) Malaysiakini reports that the Special Branch is being used to monitor East Malaysian BN MPs.
    (Get that? BN MPs!)

    2) Inspector-General of Police says Army can be used together with the police to maintain order if necessary.
    (Is this Malaysia 2008
    or Chile 1973?)

    Phua Kai Lit

  15. Hi Anonymous 9.02 pm

    Let me give you my take on it, based on (almost) the same logic as yours.

    If Anwar is an active Homosexual - he would be nailed without any room for doubt by now, complete with High-Definition Video, and Dolby Stereo.
    Datuk Seri Dr. Chua Soi Lek's case is just a very distant example.

    Anwar is probably the most closely watched person in the whole country as far as Special Branch is concerned.

    Cheers !

  16. Hi Phua,

    I still have my doubt, both of them went for oversea trip??? The resignation mail form Z to A and reply is also a soft spot that Z is a mole. The mention of new office is also interesting.

    Coming back to the condo issue, they claim they are planning the jumping frogs strategies, must be a secretive and important issue that case why the mole was there??? for him to tell BN who is jumping???...I am just wondering in such a important strategies, LKS, PAS or even the wife were there or not or aware of the condo meeting place???

    To KK46,

    That is exactly my my point, if the claim of conspiracy carry any weight he would be nailed by now, they would have all the solid evident and release to the media and finish him off, they are not so dump to only come out with police report which make them look so stupid that the people do not believe in, which anyway they cannot afford. That is why the claim conspiracy is rubbish.

    You are also right to said if Anwar is an active Homo, he would be nailed without any doubt, that is if they want to nail him.

    Cheers and have a nice day

  17. Politics are not for the weak! Who is friends? Who is foes? only time can tell!

    who is RPK working for?

    Anwar... what is he up to?

    The system didnt failed us, we failed to build a working system!

    Sodomize cases are consider less important than a c4 murder but acted in such haste!

    Drama Anwar? It seems 95% msian doesnt believe so

  18. Aiyooo.....another SD???...

  19. Anwar, Najib & Razak share the same interest on asshole?

    What about Bodowi?

    Hollywood might wanna make a movie about Msia!

    All msia politcian gay?

  20. Seriously after those debates, the situation is not getting any better but worst, soon we see blood on the street. So what are the solutions. One thing is very clear, Anwar and Najib cannot lead, too many controversial issue. There must be some compromise, one of the obtion would be PR joint BN to rule. AAB remain the PM and LKS DPM.


  21. Najib sama Anwar berjuang...

    Rakyat mati ditengah2...

    Why dont we just lock the two up and see who play who asshole?

    at the end of the day... sure one is a sodomizer and another victim!

  22. Extract from Malaysiakini..

    Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak today admitted that he met Saiful Bukhari Azlan a few days before the latter lodged a police report against Anwar Ibrahim for alleged sodomy.

    Najib however denied that he had advised Saiful to lodge the police report against Anwar, the PKR de facto leader and opposition chief.

    He also strongly denied being involved in any conspiracy against Anwar, as claimed by the latter.

    The admission by the deputy premier today was a shocker as previously he had only admitted of Saiful meeting his special officer three months ago to seek government scholarship.

    At the time, he did not disclose about this personal meeting with Saiful.

    "There are two elements. He (Saiful) came to the office to seek help for scholarship and he only met with my special officer. He came to my house because he needed help because he was so traumatised, so that was it."

    Dear all, one would begin to wonder, how convenient?? And sejak bila, any Tom, Dick and Harry can go to DPM's house??? Memang lawak.. saudara ktemoc, being a staunch UMNO man, have you been to DPM's house? Pelik tapi benar...but UMNO people continue to believe otherwise, in their eyes, Anwar is guilty irregardless of the events leading towards the police report.

    Mr Wanttogo DPMHouse for Scholarship

  23. To me Najib link to Altantuya is history already and no more a hidden secret, so what so explosive about the SD claim??? another disappointment, I am more interest with solid evident where is it, Najib will obviously denial, so what?

    But damage was done to two persons, the private investigator himself about his professionalism and Altantuya which suggest that she can sleep with anybody and susceptible to anal intercourse.

    What a heartless selfish animal to complicate her further just for their personal gain knowing very well she can't be here to defend herself. I hope those selfish animal can sleep very well.

    No wonder they are dreaming of people trying to assassinate them, too many sins already.

  24. The Best show on earh...

    *WHo is the Mole?*

    Saiful 1st work in DPM office

    Then work as PKR volunteer

    No the victim of sodomize

    CGPA of 0.8, that's near to impossible score.

    P.balasubramaniam, a mole? or revealing the truth now?

    We The Rakyat really need to work together, be smart!

    Between, Najib, Badawi & Anwar...

    I will give Badawi a 2nd chance

  25. The greatest reality show is now on Malaysian scene. The participants are vying to be Malaysian idol. And lately, we have new apprentice bursting to the scene. The survivors would be those with x-factors! Isn't it like a fantasy??

    I am just wondering who's the Big Brother??

  26. I nearly fell out of my chair when Najib admitted on TV - YES, he met Saiful in his house a few days before Saiful lodged the police report. Obviously he realised by now its hopeless to deny it.

    So did the earlier photos of Saiful at the Timbalan Perdana Menteri's office signify anything ?


    All this week, I had a nagging doubt in my mind why I shouldn't think this is a conspiracy. Can these UMNO fellas be so stupid to rewind the 1998 playbook ? I thought the answer is "No".

    Looks to me like the answer is "YES".

    Anybody want to drop by to visit the DPM's home this evening ?

  27. Hi KK46

    Some comments:

    1) The innocent have nothing to fear -- just take a lie detector test!
    2) Observe the non-verbal communication (body language)closely. It is difficult to lie with one's body unless one is a trained actor.
    3) It's not easy to lie convincingly because you need to tell more lies to cover the original lie. And the lies may
    contradict each other and not match up.

    Anyway, in hardball politics it is perceptions that matter most i.e. even if something is an outright lie, it hardly matters if most of the population is fooled into believing in it (such as "Saddam Hussein was being the 911 terrorist attacks on America" or
    even worse, "Aryans are the Master Race").

    Phua Kai Lit