Monday, July 21, 2008

PKR leader wants in on UMNO-PAS 'Malay unity' talks

In my post Nik Aziz Nik Mat - Pakatan Rakyat's Optimus Prime? I discussed the extensive UMNO-PAS talks where Hadi Awang of PAS has indicated his preference to deal with a Malay-Muslim party like UMNO rather than a secular socialist (& satanic) party like the DAP.

Today Malaysiakini confirmed the UMNO-PAS (Hadi faction) talks in Hadi: Yes, we had talks with Pak Lah.

I had highlighted Pak Haji Hadi Awang’s political difference with his party’s spiritual leader Pak Haji Nik Aziz's. The latter prefers to have nothing to do with the UMNO ‘snake’ but I think he's under pressure from his Terengganu counterpart to show PAS' 'unity' on this Pan-Malay talks.

Malay-Muslim unity is big to some people, especially in times of trouble affecting their taken-for-granted political-social-economic-cultural supremacy.

I recall immediately after the 08 March 2008 general election, when UMNO realized to its shock that it had lost Kedah, Perak and the really big kahuna (the powder keg that led to the May 13 riots in 1969), Selangor, the UMNO man in the (ironically) Bandar Tun Razak constituency called for 'Malay unity', and proposed talks with PAS and the Malay elements of PKR.

He must have obviously been sh*t scared of the very idea of ketuanan Melayu being imperiled, and f* those MCA, Gerakan and MIC allies subordinates.

Since then there have been repetitive UMNO calls for Pan-Malay unity, with the (rancid) cream going to the Crown Prince of Kelantan, who in a speech on ketuanan Melayu had virtually slapped the face of his 2nd class non-Melayu subjects.

For more, read Kelantan Crown Prince 'slapped' non-Malays in face! where HRH claimed that Malays had been coerced into giving non-Malays citizenship, and therefore the latter should not seek equality or special treatment.

Anyway, on the call by UMNO Bandar Tun Razak for 'Malay unity', and proposed talks with PAS and the Malay elements of PKR, I suspect someone would have been smiling at the thoughts of having ‘talks’ with UMNO. But alas, PAS was the preferred partner for UMNO’s Malay unity gambit.

In fact Pak Haji Hadi Awang confirmed that talks between PAS and UMNO were held immediately after the elections, as called for by that UMNO bloke from Bandar Tun Razak.

Pak Haji revealed to Malaysiakini: "The first meeting held immediately after the elections was participated by Nasharudin, PAS central election director Mustapha Ali and Shah Alam parliamentarian Khalid Samad."

Wow! They certainly know the modus operandi of UMNO.

But Malaysiakini tells us that Husam Musa, PAS vice-president and obviously in Pak Haji Nik Aziz camp, slammed AAB's claim of having high level talks with PAS leaders.

Husam said AAB revealed that to "plant seeds of destruction in PAS."

Malaysiakini said Husam was pissed off with AAB’s use of the term ‘top leaders’. Husam was obviously reclaiming high grounds for Pak Haji Nik Aziz, perhaps in the shadow of a quietly creeping attempted coup d'état by the Hadi Awang camp?

Husam said that PAS is not owned by any leader no matter how high their positions may be.

We can see the Nik Aziz camp’s political preference in Husam’s criticism of AAB: "He is also trying to tempt the people to lose confidence in Pakatan Rakyat, hindering the post-12th general election agenda, and trying to distant non-Malay voters away from PAS (like the scenario) 40 years ago."

Malaysiakini reported that Husam stressed PAS will announce any political opinions/suggestions openly without keeping the people out of the loop, and UMNO may then accept or decline that suggestion.

Husam sure as hell doesn’t want UMNO to exploit the dearth of information on the two-party talks to UMNO’s benefits.

Husam stated that any suggestion shall be made "…without PAS being tied down to power sharing (arrangement) that indefinitely leaves PAS as the second fiddle."

… precisely the same feelings Pak Haji Hadi Awang has vis-à-vis Anwar Ibrahim and PKR.

Now, in my previous post I also commented that PAS is a political party that sometimes can’t make up its mind as to whether it’s an Islamic Party or a nationalistic (Malay) party.

Well, I can say the same for PKR, because yesterday I read in the Star article titled Open dialogue with all Malay groups, Umno urged, that Mohamad Fairus Khairudin of PKR and Penang’s Deputy CM, urged UMNO to invite all Malay organisations if it is serious about holding muzakarah (discussions) on
Malay issues and Islam.

In fact he pointedly said that UMNO should be inviting PKR's Malay leaders, besides those from PAS.

Note his "PKR's Malay leaders" as opposed to 'PKR leaders', or even 'PKR's Malaysian leaders'.

He reckoned it would be an interesting development if all parties representing the Malays were able to gather at one table for discussion.

Interesting only? In fact I would dare say someone in PKR would be totally ecstatic, rapt, and in blissful nirvana.

Fairus of course chanted the agama dan bangsa mantra: “It is a big issue of finding common ground for the betterment of all Malays and Islam.”

And Fairus said these ethno-centric 'Malay unity' stuff at the same time as Penang CM Lim Guan Eng was asking PM AAB whether he was the PM for all Malaysians or only for Malays when he promoted secret PAS-UMNO talks?

Indeed, like Lim Guan Eng, I must ask PKR to make up its mind as to whether it’s a multi-ethnic party as it claims, or a nationalistic (Malay) party as demonstrated by an ethno-centric enthusiastic Mohamad Fairus Khairudin.

As I said, you can take the blokes out of UMNO but you sure as hell can’t take UMNO out those PKR blokes!


  1. As I said, you can take the blokes out of UMNO but you sure as hell can’t take UMNO out those PKR blokes!

    Hell yeah.

  2. Politicians love to play the musical bed with strange bedfellows
    They don't care too much as long as they fit inside as follows:
    There will be unequal sharing of the birdnests as with the swallows
    They must be able to float even when the water level in bed is shallow

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 210708
    Mon. 21st July 2008.

  3. PAS spiritual adviser Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat today called for a stop to any muzakarah (discussions) between PAS and Umno as it could cause a split in the Islamic party.

    Poor YB Loh Gwo Burne was punched and got whack by PKR people.

  4. What of their manifesto during campaign leading up to the GE? suddenly we were reading how tolerant PAS-led states were to non-muslims..and my mum had PAS reps bringing her mandarin oranges and saying "give us a chance"...ppl's mandate, betrayed?

  5.'ve been buggered by your Pakatan mates! Serves you right for playing with fire! How can you boys ever believe that these ultras could ever change their mind-sets. All those talk about abolishing the NEP were pure bullshit! In fact, the rakyat should sue them, especially PKR for deception!

  6. ktemoc,
    i particularly like this article of yours.... safe for the last sentence!

  7. Anonymous said..

    Poor YB Loh Gwo Burne was punched and got whack by PKR people. That's not so bad .

    Somebody's aide got poked from behind
    by that somebody's boss . That's real bad .

  8. To all those proPKR (Pakai Kasut Recon)

    Siapa untong ?? UMNO , PAS , PKR Malays

    Siapa rugi ?? Semua Cina semua India

    Siapa bodoh ?? Semua Cina dan India yang support PAS dan PKR .

    Siapa pandai ?? Semua orang yang hantam PKR punya Anwar . Dia lah yang buat PAS merunding sama UMNO .

    Bodoh betul ini Anwar .

  9. KTemoc is worried that he would have to stay in Oz for good if Anwar and Pakatan does seize federal power. So we can understand his intensified attacks on Anwar + co. So transparent.
    How nice for someone to talk so much without even being on the ground.
    To KTemoc, blogging is just a way to kill time in Australia.
    That his views are skewed we all now. Now they are deranged.

  10. Chaptokam

    Spot on matie,

    PKR stands for "Pakar Kasut Recon"

    That's the best they can offer!!!


    PAS disillusioned with Anwar. Wants joint venture with UMNO. Selangor test case. America consoles Anwar. Will appoint him Chairman of World Gay Association. September 16 to launch World's Gay Day.

  12. KT, why not put the title of this post as :-

    "Anwar Ibrahim wants in on UMNO-PAS 'Malay unity' talks "
    rather than,

    "PKR leader wants in on UMNO-PAS 'Malay unity' talks" ?

    This will make Anwar Ibrahim looks bad which is what you would have wanted.

  13. Thanks, Jed, for your perceptive comments. We all know about KTemoc's troubled state of mind: that he has gone bonkers. I can't say that I feel sorry for him, because his madness is actually quite amusing, and, except for his occasional spurts of homophobic paranoia, is quite tolerable. Nevertheless, his irreversible mental decline is a pity, because his blog used to be readable a few years ago.

    We know too about KTemoc's modus operandi: that he is dead worried that "he would have to stay in Oz for good if Anwar and Pakatan do seize federal power." This irrational fear might have been the prime mover of the intensification of his insanity. Looking at KTemoc's problem historically, I am sure that his mental decline was initially triggered by his burst of nostalgia for the beautiful island of Pulau Pinang when he landed on the continent of kangaroos and wallabies, and realised that he might have to stay there forever!

  14. Jed Yoong,
    You are spot-on with your observations on Ktemoc. He's just a "Google journalist" with a cheap Malaysiakini account and free access to Star. Oh, plus a jumbo-sized prejudice passing as analysis.

    When was the last time he sat in a Malaysian kopitiam or warong or walked the streets in Penang or KL and smell what's really happening in the country ?

  15. Deranged or not, I look forward to it.

    It's always good to have differing perspectives, though I grudgingly admit to agreeing with some.

  16. Jed yoong + string of supporters:

    It's called having an OPINION. You don't like reading it, stop. Just like how I chose to stop reading your blog.

    Really, if you must leave comments, have some facts to go against Kaytee's arguments, simply saying one is deranged without having factual counter arguments makes you sound bitter you don't have as much blog traffic. And like you're making these outrageous comments in hopes of getting some.

  17. Hi KT matey,

    I still opine that u're better off taking up gardening or surfing in Oz, instead of continuing your abroad-based arm-chair blogging disguissed as "political analysis".

    On second thoughts, I still need my morning coffee and my morning laughs, so please dont stop churning your precious "analysis".


  18. Kaytee darling,
    Don't worry about all these detractors. I just LUUVV reading your blog.

    You back side is looking very attractive. Can I come in ?

  19. hypergal,
    We too, are expressing an OPINION.
    If he doesn't like it, he can always turn off the comments in his blog...then we'll see how much traffic his blog gets...

  20. Whoa, Ktemoc!

    1. This actually reveals the weakness of UMNO and the current FIL-SIL (Father-in-Law and Son-in-Law) regime.

    A drowning man will even clutch at a straw.

    2. It shows there are factions within PAS. Question is: how strong is this faction that is willing to talk to UMNO?

    3. If PAS forms an alliance with UMNO (which I consider highly unlikely), they will hemorrhage members like crazy. PAS will even split.

    Phua Kai Lit

  21. Hi Ktemoc and other readers
    (including you UMNO cybertroopers pretending to be ordinary readers making honest comments),

    Take a look at:

    Phua Kai Lit

  22. It may or may not cause any real problems to PR.

    But actually see the "talks" as a symptom of UMNO's current weakness.

    No such talks existed before March 8. Get the hint ?

  23. hypergal, are u one of ktemoc's underaged fuckmates to cater to his desire/addiction to anal sex? does he pay you? this is just my opinion.

  24. Anwar Ibrahim is IRRELEVANT,
    repeat IRRELEVANT

  25. My immediate neighbourhood is surrounded by mostly Malay working-class living on low-cost flats. Its a PAS stronghold, and most of the folks I talk to laugh at the idea of PAS joining with UMNO.

    One guy told me "I'd rather support DAP than UMNO - they may be mostly Cina but they are clean. UMNO ?....forget it"

  26. Yes KT, don't take the comments to heart. I, for one, am convinced that you are mad, but I like to be amused, and you are quite good here.

    I do understand the fons et origo of your mental state: if my heart is in the enchanting isle of Pulau Pinang, but I am permanently exiled in the land of the koala and the eucalyptus, and no longer a fair dinkum Malaysian, I would go mad too!

    You certainly have every right to blog, just like everyone else. After all, blogging may be a therapeutic exercise for you. It gives you, I'm sure, a sense of release, which others may do sperm-wise, but you do it of course, in your own way, with words, even if they do not always make sense.

  27. Hi Anonymous 12:32

    The Mainstream, Khairy-controlled Media mentions that the Cabinet wants to pass a DNA law.
    (The "Anwar Ibrahim Law?")

    Anwar Ibrahim is irrelevant??

    Phua Kai Lit

  28. Phua Kai Lit,

    I am not a pretender ok. I dislike UMNO as much as I dislike Anwar. Can't you see that Anwar is the product of UMNO and he is the real pretender. He have not change at all, he is still playing the same drama as 10 years ago. PKR no place for the non-malay lah, he is making use of you people with all the unrealistic promises. I do not blame the boys and girls, but you as a lecturer I am disappointed.


  29. "Anwar Ibrahim is IRRELEVANT,
    repeat IRRELEVANT"

    ??? Why must you post such an irrelevant comment here? Are you an admirer of Augustine Paul?

  30. get real people, Anwar hater does means it UMNO lover.

  31. Oh, I assure you, Anwar Ibrahim is definitely relevant.

    Grey areas certainly confuse you, don't they, Anonymous lecturer? You're just unable to see beyond black and white.

  32. Hi Anonymous 12:58

    I've mentioned twice that I am wary of Anwar.

    Whatever your reservations about Anwar, can he do worse than the current FIL-SIL regime? The current FIL-SIL regime is taking Malaysia on the road to ruin. We are in grave danger of becoming a banana republic on the Central American mold:

    1. Corruption and rent-seeking programmes continue unabated
    2. The degradation and abuse of our political institutions (began with Mahathir) continues and even intensifies
    3. The army is being dragged in to politics. A very dangerous development in my opinion!
    4. We have a PM who's "economy with the truth" is an embarassment
    5. The SIL has placed his lackeys all over the Mainstream Media and is manoeuvering to seize the top post
    6. Ad nauseum

    In other words, I am taking the "lesser of two evils" position.
    Let's give Anwar and PR a chance. If they don't do a good job, throw them out of office! Anway, like I have said earlier, the movement for change is gathering momentum and it is much more than 1 man (devious or otherwise).

    Phua Kai Lit

    P.S. I actually wish that our politics can be like that of Scandinavia, with strong trade unions, vibrant civil society and powerful social democratic parties. But that is wishful thinking for the moment.

  33. Jed Yoong said

    " How nice for someone to talk so much without even being on the ground."

    My question to Jed is; have you, yourself being to ground, real ground ? meaning when to all the states in Malaysia and get the feeling from all communities, fishermen, farmers, businessmen etc. I think there is none.

    If I understand you from you blog you made an opinion only talking to one or two hawkers. I will not buy that OK.


  34. Hi Anonymous 2:02 pm
    I think Jed Yoong did spend a fair bit of time travelling around the country, talking to various ordinary people.

    Likely not a scientific sample, but certainly a long way ahead of someone Googling from a desk in Australia...Kakakakak.g..

    I only come here to read his rather well written and sometimes funny articles...but not for their credibility...

  35. Further to anonymous 4:10 pm: Yes, she did. In fact, she has mixed around with the hoi polloi more than the average journalist. Anything more than what she has done will qualify her as a journalist with an ulterior mission, and hence someone with a slanted view of what she writes. Of course, objectivity is a myth, at least in the absolute sense. But any journalist worth her salt would want to be as objective as possible in the relative sense, and not be too near to the crowd, and in the process, remove herself away from whatever objectivity that could be attained. Needless to say, Jed Yoong the professional journalist is of a different calibre from the joker and armchair Aussie blogger, KTemoc.

  36. Back off my KT, u guys !!!!

    U r hurtin' KT luvy? Come here, i give some manly-luv.

  37. Back off my KT, u guys !!!!

    U r hurtin' KT luvy? Come here, i give some manly-luv.

    Ok, ok, ok,... we'll back off while u do your back in with KT (Katie?).

  38. Displaying the Malaysian sense of maturity, are we? Can't agree to disagree?

    Resorting to stoop so low as to get homophobic and personal?

    Bunch of cowards, leaving insults under the guise of anonymity.

    And you wonder why the country is in such bad shape. You have third-world mentalities!

  39. Phua Kai Lit,

    I share your desire for change but you viewed that Anwar/PR is a lesser evil, that is debatable.

    I said again, Anwar and his supporters were manufactured form the same mould as the current UMNO's leaders. And PKR were made up of these people including those MCA and Gerakan rejects. To me PKR is like the smaller brother of BN, do you seriously think that they with the same mentality can affect the change you want. No way......

    PR is further compound by PAS trustworthiness. Before the election, one of their manifestos was welfare state and after they won, they are talking about Islamic state. Now PAS and PKR malay leaders are taking to UMNO and you know what they are talking about.

    DAP on the other hand are lost. Thinking that they are still the opposer. Some body must teach them how to engage tactfully to get things done. They still have those confrontation mentality which they will bring war instead of peace.

    What ever you put it, PR is not ready yet.

    Anwar should be patient, he should focus on making PR's foundation strong, deal with PR's weaknesses and built on PR's strength, Show us that he care and they can successful manage the five states, instead he played backside game and trying to topple the government undemocratically and making our administration look bad in the eye of the world. Who are those administration poeple?, they are all Malaysian.

    In that sense I prefer to stick with AAB even though he have his weaknesses which is better compare with Anwar. Anyway within two years many things can still happen.


  40. why all of a sudden there are so many of these anonymous comments popping up (and some are vulgar too)?? who are they (or who is he/her - 1 person perhaps?), i wonder? kaytee, can't you do something with them. it kind of put people off (the genuine commenters) to comment in your blog.

    PAS should NOT join UMNO. no. not at all. never. when we voted for PAS, we do it because we don't want UMNO. so if PAS join UMNO, PAS will be selling out on us.

  41. Phua Kai Lit,

    Change as we want it depends on our capability to effect that change for our livelihood and our quality of life .
    in fact in all religions it is said god help those who help themselves , in Buddhism it is effected by our own actions which is term cause and an effect or reaction takes place . In other words our lives are entirely determined by us ourselves. We effect the changes .

    We are not in a position to effect the current spat between Anwar and the polis /Govt/ Pak Lah . What I am saying is nobody cares what we write or comment here . Maybe some comments will be noted but this is merely to let us let of steam otherwise we will be blown off by our own C4 . These people already have their own private agenda unknown to us and they are having their sequel being played out among themselves . The end story we still do not know how it is ending , perhaps god is directing from up above and god should know how its ending . We are merely spectators in this case as we are not in a position to effect a change ie to get Anwar and the govt to settle the issue . We shall not be made use off as tools by them .

    We are in a position to effect a change by way of the democratic process which god has given us . This is by itself the change that will see our children and grandchildren see better days ahead . Humans evolved no matter what condition to adapt to those conditions and for our children we can do a lot for them but I wouldn’t worry about our grandchildren because what sort of conditions that will exist during their time nobody knows. We may leave them with millions , what becomes of it after we are gone nobody knows . Like what the Chinese use to say , won’t go thru three generations .
    But we can as I say effect change thru the ballot box . We have given the PR the chance to govern five states . This is the time for them to change whatever is deem not right in their states . We have also denied the BN two thirds majority . We have actually denied them the right to change and pass laws as they please . We have put in enough Opposition MPs to effect changes in Parliament . We have seen matured parliamentarians in other countries like England voicing out and fighting for their people’s betterment . Unlike them we have the opposition instead of doing just that , we have them passing vote of no confidence on the PM , enticing frogs to lompat , dramas being played out in and out of parliament .This is what i detest . When will they start to get down to do what is required of them ?? to effect changes the proper way ?? I think I have to stop here . To me these people are just a bunch of monkeys .

    The longer these dramas drag on with the main actor Anwar Ibrahim , the longer are we going to suffer , politically , economically , our country's maruah all going down the drain . I would never accept that drama king to be PM .
    Cheers !

  42. hypersexual said...

    Lay off hypergal , you remind me of a sex maniac , go find Anwar he's waiting for you . clean your ass first , he might want to lick it . This is just my opinion .

  43. It comes to one conclusion, September 16 is far reaching as Anwar is struggling with the liwat thing, and faith on PKR is eventually fading.
    Bye bye Anwar Ibrahim, enter please YB Mr Lim Guan Eng.

  44. Aha, so now we have a discussion on Jed Yoong vs. Ktemoc? ;-) Boy, politics is a funny business!

    Jed is a good writer, and she does put in the effort to go places and talk to people. She is undoubtedly "on the ground". But that doesn't mean she really understands the ground.

    I recall in the aftermath of the general election, with some political tensions in Perak, Jed was "on the ground" and she concluded based on the lack of hospitality that she got in some warung manned by Malays that the Malays in Perak were angry and things were uncertain. She even went so far as to suggest that Perak should go back to BN. That was her assessment, based on what she sensed "on the ground".

    I think her judgement can be off sometimes. That's in line with what one of her former colleagues in The Rocket mentioned to me some time back, but of course you may want to take that with a grain of salt since her departure from The Rocket was not exactly amicable, although the circumstances weren't really crystal clear.

    So when she now judges that Ktemoc's views are "deranged", we should just nod along politely, but take it with a grain of salt.

  45. Nothing new in poliotics. DAP did the same in elections a way back then to stifle PAS from gaining more seats. Anyway did Hadi Awang said DAP satanic? Typical of nonmuslims to add to the flavour of their articles.

  46. Hi Lucia,
    I'm the Anonymous 2.02 pm person.

    The quality of the comments here have dropped, mainly because....the quality of the blog has dropped drastically since the Anwar episode started.

    Kaytee is almost hysterical these days with regard to Anwar...

    I still come here to read Ktemoc's articles because they are well-written (in language terms) and sometimes quite funny.

    But the quality of the contents ??...neneneneh....

  47. KT

    hypersexual said...

    hypergal, are u one of ktemoc's underaged fuckmates to cater to his desire/addiction to anal sex? does he pay you? this is just my opinion.

    please delete this comment from this sexually deranged person.

  48. "Unlike them we have the opposition instead of doing just that , we have them passing vote of no confidence on the PM , enticing frogs to lompat , dramas being played out in and out of parliament .This is what i detest . When will they start to get down to do what is required of them ?? to effect changes the proper way ?? I think I have to stop here . To me these people are just a bunch of monkeys ."

    I can certainly understand this frustration, and I agree to an extent. Let's take, for example, the issue of local government elections. One excuse for not having them is that the Federal laws are an encumbrance. So isn't the logical course of action for PR MPs to propose amendments to the Federal laws to allow local government elections to return? Has any PR MP seriously touched on this?

  49. This comment has been removed by the author.

  50. PAS dah mula berasa kedudukan mereka dalam PR tidak memberi apa2 makna lagi. Banyak keputusan yang dibuat kelihatan seolah2 membelakangkan PAS. PR pakatan yang semakin hari semakin ranap.

  51. KT - no sweat, mate. I still reserve the right to argue with you in the future. ;-)

    Anon @ 5:33 PM, July 22, 2008,

    I know you were engaging Phua Kai Lit in debate, but I just had to add my 2 sen worth.

    I understand that you feel Anwar, being in a lofty position could potentially pose a threat. Yes, he comes from the UMNO mould, and he has exhibited signs of racism in the past.

    But I am more optimistic about the situation because as I remind myself everyday in my blog, "Politicians are a lot like diapers. They should be changed frequently, and for the same reasons."

    I see Anwar as a stepping stone. The first step in dislodging the 50 year tyranny in Malaysia. You evidently feel that the direction of the country is in the hands of the politicians, whereas I believe that we have the power to make huge changes.

    But only once we remove the biggest tumour. BN.

    I'm not going to defend Pakatan Rakyat. They screw up quite a bit as well. But they've never had governing experience and at some point, they can only learn from the experience and not by observation alone.

    Would I encourage defectation? No. But around the corner, I see PR being the government of Malaysia.

  52. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  53. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  54. crankshaft, I agree with your "Would I encourage defectation? No. But around the corner, I see PR being the government of Malaysia" but only if it is achieved legitimately through the ballot box, and not through enticement of party defection.

    It's shameless hypocrisy to talk about reformasi while actively boasting about the subversion of the ballot box through party defections.

  55. I have deleted two obscene comments because the imposter had used the names of innocent people. It's shameless and unacceptable. I am fed up with such unconscionable abuse of other people's names.

    I have been tolerant but am now prepared to expose all, using emails and other material in my possession to connect the culprit to those abuses, and expose the abuser, if the disgraceful practice continues.

  56. I see your blog has become a ground for libel.
    I suggest you remove the comment about me and Rocket.
    I've already answered those issues raised.
    I would rather not embarass Tony Pua for being a TOTAL CHEAPSKATE BOSS by publishing his emails to me TOO, just like you.

  57. Hi All

    Yes. We have to "agree to disagree" without being disagreeable. Obscene and rude comments should be excluded to keep up the quality of the debate.

    Although I may disagree with Ktemoc, I must appreciate his courage in presenting his views on Anwar in spite of strong criticism from some of us. I also think it is an unhealthy fixation of Ktemoc's :)

    What I urge Ktemoc to do (since he is safe in Oz with its genuine freedom of speech) is to not only criticise Anwar but also comment freely and fearlessly on those in power who are leading our beloved nation further on the road to ruin.

    I think we are debating on a few basic issues i.e.
    1. Is Anwar trustworthy?
    2. Is it advisable to support Anwar's "jumping frogs" strategy?
    3. Should Malaysians of Chinese ancestry support a party like the PKR (which contains a faction of ex-UMNO types)?

    Let's stick to these 3 main issues.


    Phua Kai Lit

  58. KT, you have a point about going to the ballot boxes. But I have also seen how the government stoops to all kinds of dirty tricks.

    Dislodging them may be difficult as they're now forewarned and possibly more ready during for the next elections.

    Though I'm happy to note that UMNO is still busy cranking out the old machinery of Malay unity.

    Reformasi is just a bandwagon. But while I'm not super-fond of the man, I support the cause.

  59. hey mate ... I can't really understand why you're so skewed against Anwar. With almost every issue, you'd find an angle or two to attack Anwar/PKR.

    Am beginning to wonder if you're not a paid agent of BN to sow doubts among the Chinese.

    your fellow Oz mate!