Thursday, July 31, 2008

PAS-UMNO merger in a hudud-ised Malaysia?

Malaysiakini in its article Nik Aziz wants hudud, MCA flabbergasted tells us that Pak Haji Nik Aziz has upped the ante in the much tossed around ‘Malay unity’ merger of PAS and UMNO.

Pak Haji has proposed that the 2-party union be brough about by acceptance of Islamic hudud (and qisas) criminal laws for Malaysia.

I am not sure about UMNO’s reaction but MCA has, in the person of Wee Ka Siong, its MCA Youth sec-gen, objected like hell, stating: "I am disappointed and gravely concerned with Nik Aziz's statement to implement hudud and qisas laws as it would mean the creation of a theocratic Islamic state.”

My dear Wee, for Allah’s (swt) sake, don’t tell me you weren't aware that the creation of a theocratic Islamic state has long been the political aspiration of PAS?

Anyway, Wee said: “I urge Umno to object against PAS' proposal as it is a matter of principle."

Malaysiakini advised us that 'under Islam, crimes classified under hudud such as murder, theft and adultery carry severe punishment including the amputation of limbs and stoning to death.'

Jeez, we’ll become a nation of reduced population led mainly by cripples, theoretically assuming that the hudud will be applied to all and sundry, regardless of religion, ethnic group, rank, station or political affiliations.

But usually in such cases, as in the tragedy of the notorious Cambodian ‘killing fields’, the ‘prosecutors’ and ‘police’ and ‘executioners’ would remain the only group safe from the 'wrath of God’s will'.

But suppose UMNO accepts Pak Haji’s proposal? And we mustn't deny such a possibility, frightening as it may be for non-Muslims, for afterall AAB does possess strong Islamic pedigree, and 'Malay unity' is supreme in UMNO's political consideration.

Hypothetically speaking, or perhaps even practically forecasting, will the outcome of such a merger on the platform of hudud and qisas laws, see an alignment of MCA, Gerakan, MIC with Pakatan or what's left of it, (assuming that non-Muslims would even be permitted equal rights to participate in politics in an Islamic State?) versus a Malay-Muslim unity bloc of PAS-UMNO.

And will Charles Santiago ask of MCA's Wee Ka Siong: “Are you challenging Islam?”

And where will Anwar Ibrahim and his core chummy coterie in PKR stand in such a terrifying non's versus Melayu schism?


  1. I thought you have become a supporter of PAS and Nik Aziz? Why change again? Why don't you say "Amin" now, and be tearfully happy that Malaysia will now submit itself to hudud laws?

    I have to grant however, that you may be right on at least one count: that if the unholy alliance between UMNO and PAS continues, we may "see an alignment of MCA, Gerakan, MIC with Pakatan." It is still a big "may": a provision that I am sure you agree. In this light, UMNO might have gone several steps too far in its series of wishful meetings with PAS, and might very well find it virtually impossible to retrace its steps. Once this happens, and it may well have already happened,the main benefactors of this -- if they know how to play their cards well -- would be Lim Kit Siang and the DAP, and, much as you would hate it, Anwar Ibrahim.

    What is definitely not helping matters for UMNO, is the fact that the party is too stuck in the groove of obsessive concerns that it has increasingly lost track of its main principles and the dangers that lie ahead for it. Among the obsessive concerns, of course, is Anwar's arse and how to profit from it. In this, UMNO is certainly not helped by an IGP and AG who are also obsessively -- nay, insanely -- concerned with Anwar's backside, thinking that their salvation and maximum profit lie ensconced there. So the scenario that you predict may very well happen. And when it happens, it will be swift and merciless, and the top UMNO members will be left shell-shocked, much like they were after the March 8th elections, perhaps even more so.

  2. Islam adalah agama yang penuh toleransi. Diharapkan Nik Aziz dapat memberi penjelasan mengapa Hudud ini satu undang2 yang baik.


  3. One of the latest unsavoury method of political power-grabbing is the agenda of the talks between PAS-UMNO based on the unity of a certain race. Says TK Tan in this article Signs of Disunity: "Our country continues to be undermined by the self-interests of many. Agents of disunity abound. And very few work for the good of all."

    I agree that very few politicians work for the good of all, but that is why good politicians who do not appeal to our lowest instincs are a rare and much desired breed in this country today.

    Read how Msia can get out of its political stalemate

  4. Hey, I underestimated Nik Aziz! I thought there was no way he could stop the younger fellas from pushing through this muzakarah nonsense, but whad'ya know, he just went "all in", calling UMNO's bluff...

  5. Dingo, you take things too literally - you must be one of those ..... wakakaka.

    Have you considered that Pak Haji has been taunting UMNO, even causing discord among the BN parties - in the same way UMNO has been sowing discord among Pakatan by revealing the so-called secret talks.

    No doubt there are elements in PAS who want to cooperate with UMNO but Pak Haji isn't one of them - he distrusts UMNO saying that no one should be stupid enough to be bitten twice by a snake from the same hole.

    Which faction in PAS wins will decide whether or not PAS merges or more probable, cooperates with UMNO.

  6. i dont think the idea of UMNO/PAS in a party gonna be a seriously expect that two politics parties that had been in feud for a very long time to forgive and forget in just a blink of an eye?.

    about the hudud,i dont think as well they gonna implement it since Hadi used to say that "hudud was their in their old manifesto".

    so,no certain countries that practise hudud,they only implement it for heavy case/crime and from what i heard they rarely implement it unless ordered by court.

  7. Unkel,

    If u still have to ask where Anwar and PKR stands in this latest Nons vs Melayu scheme, it is most obvious that we have selectively chosen to ignore the on the ground achivements that they have made recently i.e. ketuanan rakyat principle, race breakdown of councilors in Selangor, etc.
    As for me, Harry Kok, my only hope is that Negara Islam or not, MPPJ will still approve alcohol license for my kopitiam.

    Harry Kok

  8. Wow. I agree too. Those are just political gimmicks. PAS wouldn't just forget UMNO had betrayed them a long time ago. PAS knew that UMNO would not tolerate such criteria proposed which make them dare enough to voice out.

  9. KTemoc, you are quite right again, IMHO. (BTW, I was only pretending to be literal, LOL!). Hey, if you get things quite right yet again, maybe I'll agree with you more. In fact, what you said in your reply was roughly what I wanted to say, except that my earlier comment was getting too long -- and adding this point would make it a little too complicated -- so for courtesy's sake, I had to cut it short.

    Anyway, crux of the matter is, don't underestimate the Tok Guru when it comes to the political game. He's been a political animal long enough, and knows what he's doing very well. He trusts the DAP more than he trusts UMNO -- he has said so himself, even if he did not make the exact comparison. It's UMNO who's gonna be the big loser here. And it looks like that already, and will increasingly not only look like that, but it'll be it. But UMNO, with frantic and obsessive support from the IGP and AG, will be stuck in Anwar's arse, and can't see the big picture. Their room for manoeuvre will be limited by this. This is where the big game players in the DAP and PAS will go for the big kill: increasingly, I seem to see this scenario being played out.

    Anwar's mid-September prediction of the fall of BN does look very likely now, although not perhaps on his own terms. A non-BN government without Anwar leading it will prove more dangerous to UMNO: I suspect there is some agreement with you on this last point.

  10. Hi everyone,

    Nik Aziz is really shrewd, first calling on UMNO and PAS to dissolve and form a new Islamic-based party. Do you think UMNO is willing to dissolve itself?

    Next, he upps the ante through his call to UMNO that the new entity practise hudud laws, etc. Again pushing UMNO into a corner? If UMNO agrees to this call, it spells the end of BN in its present form.

    He made both these calls, knowing fully well that UMNO is not sincere, just trying to gain control in Pakatan states. If not, why didn't UMNO offer Pas ExCo seats in states where BN controls and where UMNO rules.

    Yes, UMNO rules in the other states, as evidenced by Dr LKY open declaration that MCA, MIC, Gerakan and others are like beggars in BN! The others in BN are just mere beggars!

  11. Here's an article I happen to pick up , written by a guy call Anas Zubedy :

    The Debate, Anwar and Criteria To Be Malaysian PM

    Yes, I was at the debate and many of you saw me on TV.

    It is amazing how many people called, emailed and text asking if I am on Anwar’s side as I sat at the so called Pakatan’s half of the hall. Are you Anwar’s supporter Anas? You in Pakatan ka? What do you think of Anwar as the PM?

    Well, let me explain.

    We were early, my cousin Lola, my close friend Susan and I. (Susan is also for a long time Zubedy (M) Sdn Bhd’s lead consultant for presentation skills. I will tell you her one liner comment about the debate later). As we were the earliest we could choose where to sit. My cousin Lola chose the right side third row, Susan and I just followed. Then the Pakatan people came and sat around us. My cousin said ‘alamak ‘, we wished there was a middle section for those who are neither BN nor Pakatan!!! A real Barisan Rakyat who is getting a little tired of Malaysian politics today.

    Okay, let’s deal with this. My position on Anwar …

    I am not an Anwar hater but I was never a fan. Well before he fell from Tun Mahathir’s favor and the first sodomy case against him I found him lacked in depth. I found his speeches and writings mostly as grand lectures with little meaning. Lots of air and entertainment value, but not much to take home or profound enough, that is why we always remember how a great speaker he is but not the contents. That’s the Anwar branding in my head; as the Malay saying goes “Indah kata dari rupa’. My apology to Anwarites if my position hurts you. . In my books, message must be bigger than the speaker. We can agree to disagree on this, but before you jump and send me nasty emails go analyze carefully. Read for example his writings as compared it to Dr M or the late Tun Razak or Tun Dr Ismail. See if you can find something really original in what he proposed.

    Need not go too far, go listen to the speeches he made during the PR12 campaign period. I do not deny the hype, he is good at that. Go listen not as a fan, not as an Anwar hater too, not as an UMNO, Barisan, DAP, PAS, PKR or any partisan person or worst still someone who wants to be entertained. Listen with a balanced mind, as a thinking human being, as someone who wants to unearth the truth, as an economist, a manager, a mother, a father, a student, etc. Be someone who listens without any emotional attachments to any particular likes and dislikes and then generate both the positive and negative aspects of his speeches and you will see what I mean. Do the same with the recent debate too (I will comment on the debate before this article ends).

    Please don’t get me wrong, I respect and really like many things he did when he was in the government. He has done many good things and worked to eradicate poverty and provide cheaper homes for the poor. Furthermore during his tenure as DPM there were more cultural dialogues and sharing of values within the spiritual traditions. And, I love that!!!!

    Let’s say that I am not warped about Anwar or anyone for that matter (Dr. M, Pak Lah … not even the Prophet Mohamad) as I do not believe in idolizing anyone but God. What is due is due, what is not, is not. You will find my approach to be consistent here not just when dealing with Anwar. Read the articles below about Dr M’s episode of swearing with the Quran twenty years ago in 1988 which was carried by DAP’s Rocket and the misunderstanding about Dr Chandra and the ghost of Mahathir (written 14 years ago) carried by Aliran Monthly. No one is 100% perfect or 100% flawed. Would you follow a similar balanced approach too or at least allow others to?
    (note : i also wrote on the mahathir-anwar crisis of 98. If interested click here

    Let me put it straight.

    Anwar’s supporter will hate me for saying this, but for the longest time I have maintained that Anwar is not Prime Minister Material. At least not yet, even now when he is already 60 years old. This has no connection with him being a sodomite or not. I cannot prove if he is or is not. Let’s deal with things we can deal with. Let me say this loudly, I HATED AND DO NOT AGREE WITH THE MANNER HE WAS TREATED IN THE FIRST SODOMY CASE AND YET AT THE SAME TIME I AM VERY UNHAPPY WITH HOW ANWAR IS TREATING THE CURRENT CASE ESPECIALLY CASTING DOUBTS WAY BEYOND REALITY ON SUCH AN IMPORTANT INSTITUTION AS THE PDRM.

    PM Material?

    Anwar is not PM material yet because he still lacks the conceptual ability and ‘group to group’ skills plus the attitude to be a PM. Furthermore unlike BN leaders, he lacks an organization that can back him up in both the conceptual framework needed and ‘group to group’ actions. Why do you think till today he has not announce a shadow cabinet? He needs BN - especially UMNO structure and manpower to lead the country. In other words, even if Anwar becomes the PM, UMNO and BN component parties will still run the show albeit in another form. Have you not seen how PR has been courting GERAKAN and MCA managers and at the ground level UMNO penghulus?

    (Those who have attended my workshops may recall that I suggested that even if the opposition takes over the government (even back in 99), the alliance will collapsed within six months or at most one year. Watch Pakatan Rakyat these next few months).

    To be Top Management and especially the number one person in any organization be they political, business or social a leader and his team must have the conceptual ability to understand and deal the complexities of the total organization/country and see how his/her operations and actions fits into the whole. This allows the leader to seek for the total success of the organization rather than fight just for the needs of his/her own immediate group or any specific group of people – the problem of the day. You cannot please every group each time you want to win them. That will in the long run create an overrun. That is exactly what Anwar has been doing. To a certain extend in reacting to Anwar’s pressure, PM Abdullah is doing a little of the same thing but he is far more checked. He and his team know that there are limits in pleasing the various demanding parties or the balance will slowly crumble and the country tumbles. That is the brilliance of the UMNO lead government. In fact, it was the slow but sure dilution of this balance over the last 20 – 30 years that cause BN’s poor showing in PRU12.

  12. it's hard for Malaysia to do that because even though Malaysia is an Islamic country but we are a multi-racial country. To implement hudud will surely send an 'impact' in the non-malays/islam communities.
    This should be reviewed and scrutinize carefully so that it benefits Malaysia as a whole and not only meant to serve a group only.

  13. Wow.. you PR people sure are still covering your eyes. Still can't see.

    I've been telling my "Non" friends, whatever it is, don't bet on PAS. It's based on RELIGION.

    You honestly think PAS would tone down later?

    You guys still think it's a "game" when it comes to Tok Guru and his followers... tsk tsk.

    Ever since the PRU12, I have imagined this scenario.

    Apart from ACTIVE UMNO members. The Malay grassroot voters are in the rural areas who have been voting for UMNO all these years. FOR UMNO to DISAPPEAR, THESE VOTERS WILL NOT disappear. Their next option is PAS. Not PKR and never will DAP.

    PAS> PAS> PAS.. GETTIT? We're talking orang kampung here. Which is 99% of MALAYSIA. Not KL or Penang or JB.

    Once PAS have the INJECTION OF FORMER UMNO VOTERS... You SERIOUSLY THINK they still want to be in the Pakatan????? Once they got the numbers you think they would consider the Non Muslims???

    Get ready for HUDUD my Non friends... and get ready for the death of your alcohol liscence, massage houses and Bak Kut Teh..

    The 2 party system will not be BN against others.. It'll be PAS against NON MUSLIM.

    You've been warned.

  14. "it's hard for Malaysia to do that because even though Malaysia is an Islamic country but we are a multi-racial country. To implement hudud will surely send an 'impact' in the non-malays/islam communities.
    This should be reviewed and scrutinize carefully so that it benefits Malaysia as a whole and not only meant to serve a group only."

    Seriously.. PAS don't care. You think it's half baked To Guru's cry for HUDUD? tsk tsk..

    In Saudi, beheading is still law, what law is implemented in Saudi, will be implemented here if HUDUD is on.

    Bear in mind, since PR12, Magnum 4D shops are closed down all in Kedah.

  15. "i dont think the idea of UMNO/PAS in a party gonna be a seriously expect that two politics parties that had been in feud for a very long time to forgive and forget in just a blink of an eye?."

    Hello Angel..

    Just about when Anwar was still in UMNO. Mat Sabu was the first one to accuse Anwar as a sodomite. All hell bent with the support of Pas Media Harakah and a nationwide roadshow calling the campaign "Anwar Al Juburi" etc.

    Karpal also joined the fray. I WAS AT THE SEMINAR, in KL, and I still remember till this day Karpal giving a speech of "having evidence of the DPM's (Anwar then) homosexual activities"!

    ... forgive, forget, blink of an eye? aiseyman.. not impossible lah.

  16. Hi Kaytee

    It's already aborted and this comment is just a polemic. As a Muslim and a Malay, I was exhilirated when I first heard of the proposed muzakarah. Like a cool breeze after the heat of the sodomy case. Finally peace overture between our kind. The Anwar/ Saiful case caused quite a split among the Malays. The rest are enjoying it and laughing behind our backs. Malays fighting Malays, good. Though everyone knew never the twain shall meet with regard to certain principles, it was still a good start. If the Malays are united, the others will follow suit. But sad to say, Dollah Badawi fail to see that he's being trapped. Understand he's now singing Elvis Presley's Suspicious Mind song. Suspicion was also cast whenever Malay unity crop out. What are the non-Malys scared of?. Do you hear people in Kelantan complaining? An example,The White House Restaurant is doing roaring business there. Seriously, Malays are giving, forgiving and accomodating. We can go without food if a guest comes for dinner. Like Winstedt said, a True Gentleman.

  17. hello 'tak buta'\
    have u ever been/live in kelantan? have u ever talked to non-muslims living in kelantan? if not then i suggest u do so. FYI what u said above are slanderous and PAS could sue you for it. In kelantan non-muslims can consume and sell alcoholic beverage, pork etc..even they are allowed to sell pork at the open market area, amidst a specially allocated section but definitely at the open.Ever seen that at open market area in KL or S'gor? Before u 'buta2' condemn and hurl accusation to PAS govt please make the required research first. For a 'Tak buta' id you sureky are 'buta'