Saturday, July 05, 2008

Saiful sodomized? Bala sodomized!

Sodomy, sodomized, sodomites. Malaysia’s latest political interests.

Note I wrote sodomites (plural), to embrace Balasubramaniam’s revelation about Najib in his original Statutory Declaration, in which we all heard from Bala who heard from Razak Baginda who heard from Najib who heard from ........

Yes, if you can believe Bala (even if he had not withdrawn the Stat Dec), Najib was allegedly recounting to Razak Baginda that the late Altantuyaa loved being shafted in her rear end. That salacious allegation (now legally withdrawn but undoubtedly spreading like wildfire in the 'heartland' for which the contents of the Stat Dec have been gnam gnam) makes Najib a sodomite whether true or not.

Then, high drama (we all know about it by now) Bala did a go-starn (reverse) as Malaysiakini reported in PI retracts stunning statutory declaration after he was last known to have reported to a police station on the advice of his lawyer Americk Singh, when the police wanted to query him on the Stat Dec.

So, unaccompanied as Anwar himself definitely would NOT have been if the ‘world's greatest’ were to report to a police station, what would this former police corporal, alone by himself, have encountered?

After Anwar’s triumphant press conference where he presided in majestic moralising mood as Bala first announced to a stunned Malaysian media the alleged dirt on Anwar’s Nemesis, Najib, I find Anwar's complete apathy and tidak-apa (couldn't care less) attitude towards Bala’s post press conference protection amazing (or should I be?).

He was advised by his lawyer to report to the police station, as summoned, but unaccompanied by his own lawyer. Equally amazing!

Indeed, where was his lawyer? Why didn’t he accompany Bala to the police station? How could Bala, who looked like the type down and out financially, afford the service of a lawyer? Was it pro bono?

Like a used condom, Bala was already cast off after he had smeared Najib. A soiled tissue to be discarded to the vagaries of the winds of fate, to be kept at a distance as he was of no further use to the 'world's greatest'.

But wait, what if ........

If he was frightened out of his skin, into reversing his Stat Dec, I would not be surprised if that possible outcome could have been catered for in the strategic planning, because if/when that happens (and it has), the normal public conclusion would be the government, to wit Najib, must have terrorized poor Bala into recanting.

A double jeopardy for Najib whichever way – smiles all round and silent congratulations on a nicely rounded plan.

Beguiled Bala was to be the sacrificial goat, to trap the tiger.

Bodoh (not brave) Bala was the dead meat.

Not only that, now in Malaysiakini’s Did Bala commit an offence? Karpal Singh and many lawyers believe that Bala shouldn’t have withdrawn the original Stat Dec which they also reckon was the true one.

Therefore Bala must be investigated for perjury and in necessary, jailed.

Why don't those legal Solomons ask their lawyer colleague, Americk Singh, why he hadn't accompanied Bala to the police station?

Why don't they ask their political colleague, Anwar Ibrahim, why he hadn't made basic provisions for the protection of Bala, who didn't have the sanctity of the Turkish or US Embassy to scurry to for cover?

I suppose it's easier to bash Corporal Bala than Commander Anwar.

Like Altantuyaa, Bala has been used for someone’s political agenda - see my lamentation for Altantuyaa in this regard in Murdering Altantuyaa Shaariibuu Again.

Related: My earlier post Anwar Ibrahim - disruptive and divisive as ever.

Like Altantuyaa, Bala is likely to be punished twice – but unlike Altantuyaa he isn’t dead yet.

So Balasubramnaiam may well end up being the ONLY one in the politics of sodomy who would be truly shafted in his behind good and proper, in other words, sodomized for foolishly daring to believe in and play along with the agenda of an ambitious self-centred politician.

Bala has already been sodomized and, if those pious pontificating poorah Solomons would have it, will be sodomized again - and unlike the child in the Bible, to be split into two halves!


  1. u poor sod, Bala is not Bodoh Bala, he will come clean now with the inducments our poor desperate deputy PM Najis Razak and his goons in the PDRM offered him to withdraw SD1.

  2. What a sadistic and cynical piece of commentary, KT, with due respect to you, it's the worst I've ever seen. You write as if you yourself has been sodomized. And as usual, you can't hide your antagonism towards Anwar, whether on the subject of sodomy or otherwise

  3. I am no fan of Anwar, since I am well aware that he used his Malay / Muslim identity crap once in UMNO to his advantage when it suited him but then the first sodomy case made against him was so full of holes that only in 'Boleh-land' with a corrupted judiciary, AG's chambers, ACA and police can he be judged guilty, and so to some extent at least he has my sympathy. What problem do you have with Anwar, can you at least state that clearly without mere insinuations and innuendo? Badawi is an asshole who I suspect is as crooked as hell and without any shame whatsoever; Najib is clearly a murderer despite all his denials [he has proven that by not answering to all the major and relevant points raised by others on the complete set of circumstances leading to and beyond the Alantuya trial and in which he is clearly implicated]. Mahathir is a half-bred racist and these people are normally even more worse then the pure bred racists. That leaves us with only Anwar to perhaps clean up the government. There are the long shots like Muhiyidin and Razaleigh but it seems unlikely that they will gain power at this stage and even if they do they are also in some ways tainted for not taking action on murderers leading the party and the government. So what hope is there left but miniscule hope for Malaysian citizens?

  4. anon 7:36 PM

    Are we malaysian so ignorance to pick homo who create havoc in the street to be PM. To trade peace and stability for destruction. To imply that forgivable person like ABB as evil and maliciousness person like Anwar as saint. You must come form the dark age.

  5. Bala was sodomised?
    From your analysis it seems that Bala was given the shaft at all angles, not only front and rear, but sideways as well. But from who? Well many many many of this species are out there.

  6. To that particular Umnoputra asshole who has commented above on my comments:

    Since I don't know if Anwar is a homo, although I suspect that it is not likely to be true based on Mahathir's credentials and threats to the judiciary all this past few decades, my contention is that I prefer a possible sodomite rather then a clear cut murderer to be the leader of all Malaysians, especially since the present so-called leader is more interested in ripping off all M'sians as best as he can and as long as possible.

  7. What's happening? One thing for sure, these two had close encounters with Anwar. Have they been transported to Sodomite land like ET? Now they are crying "I wanna go home"

  8. Hi KTEMOC, very well written

    Bala must be paid to make the SD and then retract. The idea is to frame Najib once more

  9. I see Raja Petra surrounded by Sodomite followers. It's obvious his malicious SD that stirred the nation was nothing more than a product of "mens rea" since he may also be obsessed with men's rear like Anwar! He is definitely phoney as he lied that his blog is "No Holds Barred" but he barred mine! A phoney maverick!!!! I love to meet him in court if he dares to come to New Zealand where justice prevails.

    BobbyNZ @ ayoyosamy

  10. Ktemoc,

    You forever banging Anwar no matter for what.

    You got some pain up your arse is it?

    Take some morphine and chill out, dude.

  11. You can hardly blame Anwar if he already anticipated that Polis Raja Malaysia, on orders from powerful people Above, would next engage in an illegal witness tampering exercise.

    That's called Strategic Thinking, which BN dumbo is no longer capable of doing.

    I suppose you prefer the current crooks in power...

  12. hello anonymous moron 11.13pm.

    be fair la. if you merely base your opinion on that stupid RPK's I-was-reliably-informed SD, you really have nothing much to say. anwar is nothing more than a machiavellian politician who is willing to do anything including manufacturing SDs to fit his purpose. Next election is in 4 years time. He knew that it is uncertain PR would win again. That stupid anwar is 60 years old and is so desperate to get power. He has no place in malaysian history.

    Be mature la. why take it so hard when someone else has different opinion from you. that is not mature democracy.

  13. anon 11:30 PM

    I am Chinese and I am not an asshole as you have mention. In the last election I vote for PKR and now I realise it a mistake when he show his true colour.

    If you want me to believe you are civilize you have to mind your language.

  14. this is just like a Tamil movie.. Indians everywhere, Indians always play goodguys, other race badguys, The plot: woman gets murdered , but someone blame a politician who is not from Indian community as the murderer , come then a so called hero ( or is he a double agent?) who is also not from the Indian community, but have a strong bond with the Indians and the US ( world's police), this hero calling for street protest against the government, causing havoc . indians everywhere, be it from the estates, the human rights, the bar council all heed this call. But wait? who is the hero? what has he got to do with the murdered woman? isn't he g.y? but he has a family, but why do so many homo claim they were screwed by him? hmm? intriquing.. if we go back to history, everyone knows he wanted to be pm, but he was so corrupted that he had to go to jail. so now he's out.
    new twist now, the hero gets charged for sodomy AGAIN!. ahem! but wait, him and his lawyers used a poor sod, called Bala to produce an SD against this politician, his rival. Bala looked so scared during the press conf., then this Bala retracted his SD...another Intrigue. Since then this Bala has dissapeared! He's now a criminal now, thanks to his Indian friends.
    Story not finished...coz these Indians still haven't realise that they are actually living in Malaysia, not TamilNadu.

  15. Anwar sure made a tactical move when he promoted Saiful to be his assistant within 3 months. He was already obsessed to sodomise Saiful.

  16. Hello my dear Umnoputra,

    [Whether u are Chinese or Malay or whatever] : my question is only if you want a murderer [clear-cut based on his avoiding answering straight forward questions in law] or whether you want a sodomizer [unproved based on the fact that the Malaysian police, AG, judiciary, ACA have been clearly not living up to their job based on international standards] to be the Malaysian leader????

  17. So true Ayoyosamy, that was Anwar's Strategic Thinking hahaha

  18. To me, Anwar became a mass murderer like the Americans when he abetted the CROOKS to break people's ricebowls in 1997 thus causing depression leading to death. The China Chinese got a saying "2 faces 3 edge sword". Murdering American style.

  19. Nice to see you in this blog, bobbynz.
    You sure are going to feel at home in this blog.
    Too hot to stay in Susan's , huh ?

  20. My unscientific kopitiam survey of responses in the Malaysian Chinese community of the Anwar controversy.

    As has been pointed out in a number of surveys, an overwhelming majority of Malaysians don't believe the latest allegations against Anwar.

    But interestingly, a relatively larger proportion of Chinese are willing to believe that Anwar is Homo, but also somewhat relaxed about the idea. People just shrug, so what if he is like that ? Unless you can prove Anwar raped that other guy, otherwise the rest is just Bull.

  21. Saiful sodomized, Bala sodomized and KTEMOC sodomised! no wonder you are talking with your ass up!

  22. Ktemoc has been sodomizing Anwar every night for ages now.

  23. Anonymous said...
    Ktemoc has been sodomizing Anwar every night for ages now.

    1:12 AM, July 06, 2008

    ho ho and wen linked they play choo choo train stopping at every station.

  24. Just to show you how broad-minded Raja Petra is, he even posts on his blog Ktemoc's article, which is essentially part of the campaign to sodomize RPK.

  25. Hahaha Anon 1;03 I just luv your comment.

    I wonder whether arriving at the truth matters to you KT emoc. If Anwar is accused of Sodomy charge him in court with all the evidence. i.e real solid evidence that can withstand the scrutiny in any international court of Law.

    Vice versa if there are enough ground to investigate the DPM for murder then all relevant authorities must be galvanised. We are talking about future leaders for our country. For pete's sake(not RPK btw) we owe it to our children that our country is well managed and governed by leaders with impeccable principles!Only theh can they lead by example.

    How I wish we have journalist like Bob Woodward et al who will leave no stone unturned to get at the truth. Bring all those involved to court, sieve through the evidence and arrive at the truth!!

  26. kaytee, looks like your comments section has been downgraded to cheap under the belt comments. still very generous of you to approve them.

    one wonders how come there is no video evidence in this case. if chua soi lek could be caught candid on camera. surely it would have been possible if it had gone on for many times, like what was said.

    and in the other case, how about international witnesses, as the affairs took place in france, singapore, shanghai or wherever else, wouldn't there be witnesses. more are involved if dpm was there as there will also be bodyguards. and to think that only 3 person were involved in the gruesome act is to denigrate the entire public, is he that powerful to ask the other two to do his bidding. he was only a political analyst who hit the jackpot with the right connection. did he pay the other two to do it as professional hitmen? how did he know they were capable of such a job? and a thousand other unanswered questions that he public have no right to ask but all in the hands of the prosecutor and police.

  27. Aye, your report card marks are getting worse, and close to red!

    You love hearing yourself and reading your thoughts. What a bummer.

    KT seems unsbale to see the greater cause beyond himself. Maybe he is trying to curry favour with the Government because they know who he is. There he plays the coward's part ... panderising to the UMNO rulers.

    Must be. Can't think of any other explanation!

  28. msleepyhead said...
    "kaytee, looks like your comments section has been downgraded to cheap under the belt comments."

    I hardly bother to read Ktemoc's blog these days, but my 2 sen worth -

    This is what happens when a blog degrades into an Anti-Somebody blog. The blog loses credibility, cause it has become a personal vendetta.
    Most of the comments end up being rubbish comments either by fanatics who share your personal agenda, or fanatics who support the other side.

    Almost all bloggers have some sort of agenda and world view, otherwise they wouldn't be doing it. But most of the respected blogs still maintain some form of balance and fairness in what and how they write.

    Happy Blogging and Good Luck to you...

  29. With the benefit of hindsight, KTEMOC have concocted his grand conspiracy theory abt DSAI.

    Granted that if KTEMOC have such great vision on the "evil plots" of DSAI, why not for once KTEMOC writes on what he anticipates DSAI would do next. Perhaps then i would be satisfied on KTEMOC sageness or wisdom. Otherwise KTEMOC so-called "penetrating" thoughts are nothing more than just "rear-ending" comments on a chain of events for which KTEMOC is clueless as my 3-years old kid.


    To "BobbyNZ @ ayoyosamy"

    You said - "A phoney maverick!!!! I love to meet him in court if he dares to come to New Zealand where justice prevails."

    Why not in Malaysia courts since you are commenting on a Malaysian about a malaysian issue? Does it mean that you have ONLY "FAITH IN NEW ZEALAND WHERE JUSTICE PREVAILS"? No justice in malaysian courts? Then how do you expect RPK to get justice in Malaysia when you have to seek the safe heaven of NZ courts to challenge RPK, a malaysian on a malaysian issue.
    What a joke !!!!


    Anonymous said...

    anon 11:30 PM

    You said "I am Chinese and I am not an asshole as you have mention. In the last election I vote for PKR and now I realise it a mistake when he show his true colour."

    Ahem, during the past 12GE when did you EVER EVER have the privilege to have voted for DSAI until "now I realise it a mistake when he show his true colour " ... ??? Correct me please or are you screwing the wrong person? Face up to your PKR MP whoever he or she is if you have regretted your voting decisions. For once i am sure it wasn't DSAI. Nevermind that he's not a MP, DSAI don't even hold a proper official position in PKR.

    Being a chinese voting for PKR is nothing to shout about when you consider how many more millions of voters have done the same. Pakatan Rakyat won on the back of 49% of the votes. Besides, the voters having done so consider themselves malaysians. Perhaps when you are "colour blind" on your skin colour, your comments would have been more objective.


    sad that you have your facts all screwed-up literally ...

  30. kaytee will be vindicated on latest bernama report that "To date, we have recorded statements from 18 witnesses including several doctors who had examined the complainant (Saiful)," said CID Director Datuk Bakri Zinin at a media conference at the Kuala Lumpur Contingent Police Headquarters (IPPKL), here Sunday.

    He said the case was being investigated under Section 377c of the Penal Code.

    "Police are still in the process of identifying several other individuals believed to be involved in the case and they will be called up very soon to assist investigation," he said.

    Anwar is finished. Long live kaytee.

  31. " .. Asked when police would record Anwar's statement, he said: "It's all up to the findings of the police

    investigation." ..." - CID Director Datuk Bakri Zinin said at a media conference at the Kuala Lumpur Contingent Police Headquarters (IPPKL), here on Sunday.

    "I believe Malaysians are sick and fed up of these desperate maneuvers by the government." - Malaysian

    opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim reacted strongly to sodomy accusations.

    Anwar said the evidence used in that case was fabricated. At the time, the current police chief was the investigating officer in the case. The attorney general was the then prosecutor.

    "Do you expect me to have full trust in the Inspector General of Police ... who has been involved for 10 years in the personal vendetta and battle against me? ...."

    How was kaytee vindicated by the latest Bernama report? I'm blur by the previous "Anonymous" posting at 6:55 PM, July 06, 2008. Please enlighten me how you managed to arrived at the foregone conclusion? Did you drop-out from UNITEN too due to your pea-sized brain or was you involved in the "screwing-up" fest to have an insider fact?

    How can Anwar be finished when the police have not even finished "identifying several other individuals believed to be involved in the case ..." let alone interviewing them. LOL, the police have not even charged Anwar.

    What a "screwed-up" conclusion based on flawed logic ...!!! Perhaps you should go begging for a scholarship to study logic at Oxford. Mr "Nice Guy" house is always open for people with low CGPA dropouts.

  32. Police have interviewed 18 witnesses, including the doctors who examined Saiful.
    And yet they haven't recorded Anwar's statement ?

    This may or may not be a "normal" police investigation.

    But based on what I know of normal police procedures, that means they haven't found any shit on Anwar.

    If during the course of investigations the police find strong evidence pointing to a suspect, it normally becomes a matter of urgency to record the suspect's statement, whether or not they arrrest him. This is to prevent the suspect from "inventing" alibis or plausible stories or tampering with witnesses.

    Based on what I perceive, it seems Saiful was sodomised, but that doesn't mean a thing by itself.

  33. How was kaytee vindicated by the latest Bernama report? I'm blur by the previous "Anonymous" posting at 6:55 PM, July 06, 2008. Please enlighten me how you managed to arrived at the foregone conclusion? Did you drop-out from UNITEN too due to your pea-sized brain or was you involved in the "screwing-up" fest to have an insider fact?

    Somebody pee in your brain? At least I drop out of UNITEN but you idiot graduate from UNITEN.

    Once kaytee talk to his uncle all the facts of that bugger anwar will on the table. Remember kaytee from penang and he got better info than you.
    So shadddup. Stupid goat.

  34. Kaytee is from Australia, lah.
    He don't know shit about Penang

  35. When you are under pressure you show you true colour.

    This is what happening to PKR people here. Its simply a bunch of mob running wild, instead of convincing me that I have made the right choice, they put me off forever. Think again, such character fit to rule, perhaps in the zoo.

  36. Hi Uniten Anonymous dropout

    "Remember kaytee from penang and he got better info than you."


    If kaytee or his "uncle master" is from Pekan, Pahang then maybe i might admit he got better info than the rest of us here but then if he's from Penang, maybe kaytee is sleeping now after his other "UNCLE master" got ALL the nominations yesterday for the President post.

    Speaking of irony -
    Zzzz ..... in Penang.
    C4hot in Pekan.

    Defintely PKR will be fit to rule in the zoo of the dropouts and the corrupts. BN will only be exhibits or relics in the museums and zoos after they are wiped off politically. Extinct ditto ...

  37. goodddd....

    At the Kelana Jaya stadium a singer showed his rear to the crowd.

  38. great piece of article...
    keep it up.. just watch your back case anwar is looking for new ass....

  39. I don't agree with everything u said here and m no fan of Anwar or anybody, though I did vote for PR and probably still will. All i'm concerned here is truth and justice.
    However i do agree with u that Anwar seemed couldn't careless about Bala's safety after the 1st SD PC.
    Worse still the lawyer advised and dropped Bala at the police station without accompanying him as any lawyer would. Couldn't him at least inform Anwar that Bala was reporting to the police station?
    It's does appear that Anwar couldn't careless about Bala and his family's safety or they are simply idiotic morons or moronic idiots!

  40. I find it hard to reply to someone using "anonymous" blog name. It's like talking to someone wearing a mask! Elephant man?

  41. hi ayoyosamy: u looked for me? if u c me, don't cry "ayoyoyo" & call 4 help frm semi-value. k?

  42. aiyoh !! the 'late woman' loved her belakang to be xxxxed , what about Rxxx !?

    bala should be RICH-ed by now eating 'kepala ikan' more often cos 'paid' to make 2 SD !

    Hamidah osman has said, " if you see an indian & a snake, KILL the xxxxx first !!"