Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Political assassination in Malaysia - the likely target

I wonder whether Anwar Ibrahim, who told the Australian media that when he was in prison, he was comforted by both the Quran and Shakespeare, would appreciate this quote from Julius Caesar: Act 3, Scene 2:

For Brutus, as you know, was Caesar's angel. Judge, 0 you gods, how dearly Caesar loved him. That was the most unkindest cut of all

We return to the person of 23-year-old Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, the alleged victim of sodomy or Brutus, the alleged UMNO villain of stealth, which I posted yesterday in Saiful Bukhari Azlan - Victim or Villain?

Yesterday, Malaysiakini also published Insider: Anwar was warned where an unnamed PKR source claimed that with regards to Saiful, Anwar Ibrahim had been forewarned and advised to be careful in accepting the young laddie as one of his personal staff.

The source stated to Malaysiakini: "I have also given addresses of several blogs discussing the boy (Saiful). I'm not sure if he (Anwar) read them or not."

This type of hindsight prescience has been making its round since the incident, where another story I heard (from somewhere) that the PKR elders had been fully aware that an UMNO mole or deep cover agent provocateur was already embedded inside PKR, and that they were keeping a beady eye on his intentions.

May I borrow and paraphrase the notoriously immortal words of one lawyer to say: “Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit – CUT!” to all these wise-after-the-event pontificating.

The reality has been that everyone including Anwar Ibrahim had been caught embarrassingly (pardon the pun) 'with their pants down'. Look, if they claimed they knew, then really, they had failed miserably to address the covert threat.

All these bullsh*t fall under the same category as the pathetic attempt to ‘distance’ Anwar Ibrahim from Saiful Bukhari Azlan. Remember that pitiful attempt to classify Saiful as one of those thousands who made coffee and open doors for the PKR leader?

The Malaysiakini report of Anwar Ibrahim filing a bizarre suit against Saiful as seen in Anwar files libel suit against aide has been a regrettable hasty (and self preservation) action by Anwar, even before the facts of the circumstances have even been established, on whether Saiful has been a villain or a victim as I discussed in my earlier post Saiful Bukhari Azlan - Victim or Villain?

I discussed this on gmail chat with my uncle, who had served in the Malaysian military during the Emergency and had seen combat actions. He said that you can tell the character of a leader when the pressure (of combat) is on.

He sneered at Anwar Ibrahim’s kelam kabut-ness (state of chaotic panic) culminating in the PKR de facto leader’s dramatic sandiwara (theatrics) in seeking asylum at the Turkish Embassy.

Unc offered the example where a cooler headed and confident leader in Anwar’s position could have adopted, regardless of whether Saiful was a victim (under duress) or a villain (under nefarious instructions).

He could have said (words to the effect): “The sodomy allegations are absolutely ridiculous and I reject them totally. My main concern now is for the welfare and well-being of my aide, Saiful Bukhari Azlan."

"I would like an opportunity for my medical representative to be present during poor Saiful’s medical examination, and to ascertain that he isn’t hurt, and to receive necessary medical attention if he has been.”

“I also want to ascertain that young Saiful had made the report on his own accord and without being under duress. If that has been the case, I’ll then take it from there.”

How statesman-like that would have been. Even if Saiful has been a treacherous culprit, Anwar Ibrahim would have emerged smelling of roses and looking like a demi-god of love, compassion and graciousness.

But alas, he failed his test under fire and has amply shown us that his concerns have been primary and mainly for ‘himself, himself, himself - CUT!’

If Saiful had made the report under duress, then Anwar Ibrahim has been the one who has made the unkindest cut of all.

Uncle told me Anwar Ibrahim is the type of leader or officer you don’t want to be under when the sh*t hits the fan, where he can so easily lose his cool, confidence and (self) collection.

Meanwhile, the Star Online reported in Family shoots down conspiracy theory that Saiful’s uncle said Saiful had initially approached the Bukit Aman police station to lodge his report against Anwar but they turned him away upon learning who he was accusing. He eventually found a police station in Kuala Lumpur which was willing to accept his report.

His uncle also revealed that Saiful had contemplated suicide. I am sure that both Muslims and Catholics know the religious significance of suicide!

Be that as it may, we know that Saiful and his fiancée have both been vilified on the Internet for Saiful’s nerve (under duress or otherwise) in tainting Anwar Ibrahim’s character.

If anyone is targeted for assassination, it’s not Drama King Anwar Ibrahim but Saiful Bukhari Azlan!

The police better bear this in mind.


  1. Did you uncle spend 6 years in jail for a false accusation, and find the same accusation being repeated ?

    If the answer is "Yes", then I accept his locus standi. Otherwise PORRRRAH !

  2. My Uncle was in combat action, under enemy fire. So don't tell him about 6 years in prison.

  3. Verdict: Anwar is selfish & a drama king (or queen).
    Evidence: Ktemoc's army uncle's art of war.

    As the previous poster said: Porah!

    Where did your uncle serve to gain this amazing insight into human nature?

  4. KT

    Have been reading your posts.

    I find that you are consistently bitter about Anwar and what he does.Your prejudicial judgement of Anwar really got too much.

    You may deny but at the end the truth will prevail.So don't make judgements, be it Anwar or Saiful being the villain/victim.

    By the way, I am no Anwarista.

  5. great article! that makes sense, who wants to murder anwar when all the hatreds are now channel to the boy.

    and who knows if he's really kena sodomised!

    but anyway, cannot blame malaysians, most have 3rd world mentality....

  6. Maybe it's difficult to wear so many hats at the same time; to fabricate a story of how eager the Turkish Embassy was to have him, that there is intel that his life was in imminent danger, and contacting his chummies in the US to watch his back..it's bound to eat into the careful planning required to handle a crisis (self-made or not) like this.

  7. Your uncle fought wars on equal footing -- both sides had weapons.

    Anwar was tied up, bashed in the face and the IGP walked out satisfied.

    And your uncle has the temerity to lecture Anwar on how to behave? Tell your uncle to swap places with Anwar and see if he (your uncle) still talks swaggeringly.

    Otherwise, tell your uncle to "Poorah!"

  8. I hence agree with many that the primary issue at hand is that of law and justice. Let us not forget that the news broke from a hospital where the alleged victim had to be admitted, I suppose for treatment of his injuries? He is still an alleged victim, and his loved ones victims by relation, so please treat him with the dignity of a victim, rather than cast doubt just because of politics.

  9. Quoted
    "Kami menerima maklumat daripada beberapa sumber termasuk dari Unit Perisikan sebuah negara jiran yang memaklumkan kepada kami ada cubaan untuk membunuh DSAI di mana beberapa orang pembunuh upahan (hired killer) telah dibawa masuk baru-baru ini." - Zulkifili Nordin, 30/6/2008
    The above statement is TRUELY meant for third world mentality to 100% believe, just like the majority commenting regarding to this posting.
    But can't blame the PKR members, they look at thing with only ONE EYE because that is the standard party procedure.

  10. to be fair on hindsight anyone could've pontificated on the ideal reaction vs the actual reactions to any event.

    furthermore as we are not in anwar shoes nor does we have inside information privy to him we can never be certain and to assume that he have over-reacted - esp after what he went thru.

    but i have to admit you did present an alternative view of the situation...

  11. Breaking News!!! After knowing the anger from the majority of Malaysian on this naive political conspiracy, but inorder to close the episod of this drama, the medical report on Saiful will tell the whole Malaysian that Saiful was having an insanity at the time he lodge this false police report. And then the PDRM close the case indefintely. Malaysia Boleh!!!

  12. I think the most likely story is Saiful is telling the truth.

  13. So this is a little peek: http://khalidjaafar.blogspot.com/2008/06/malam-yang-panjang.html

  14. Khalid Jaafar is one of the brainiest, knowledgeable and wise persons I've met who works with Anwar.

    He blogs exclusively in Malay, mainly to reach a Malay audience, though he's actually fluent in English.
    If language is not a problem, I recommend you read it.

    Very powerful antidote to Ktemoc !

  15. I'm no Anwar fan - but if we want to drive Malaysian democracy towards a 2-party system, we need to have Pakatan succeed as an alternative govt.

    Then no one can take the electorate for granted, and any poor governance gets pounced on by the succeeding party.

    So, KTemoc - can you hold back some bile on Anwar for us all? Let's getan alternative to BN put together

    Be he straight/gay/bi - neither is Sleepy, Sukhoi Najib, etc any better - but I know it's OUR money the present BN gomen is robbing.

  16. To KTEMOC,

    Refer to your comment that
    Anwar files libel suit against aide has been a regrettable hasty (and self preservation) action by Anwar, even before the facts of the circumstances have even been established, on whether Saiful has been a villain or a victim as I discussed in my earlier post Saiful Bukhari Azlan - Victim or Villain?

    I think Anwar had did the wise move by brinnging the case to court! Irregardless whether Saiful is villain or a victim, he has the chance to dlsclose /defence in court. The justice can then previal from the court.

    Here raise another funny question to all the smart Malaysian -why our current DPM doesn't want to files any libel suit against RPK?
    Is he concern of some hidden facts which may be discover when come to court case?

  17. I've see no problem with lodging report on DSAI. However, Justice and fair must prevail.

  18. I disagree. Who is to say that Anwar would be a credible leader despite what has happened?

    And for what use is to reduce the "bile" towards Anwar when there are countless other blogs throwing crap on Pak Lah and the BN's faces anyway. There has to be a balance in views. And it is up to a mindful and liberated mindset to determine what is right and wrong.

  19. anon of 3:36 PM said "... if we want to drive Malaysian democracy towards a 2-party system ..." to which kaytee humbly adds, we then need to have a 1st World mentality. To demonstrate we are serious about having a 1st World mentality, we should stop condoning, let alone abetting the undemocratic and disgraceful 'party defection of MPs or ADUNs'.

  20. One of the few UMNO bloggers I've come to respect in this episode is Ruhanie Ahmad.


    He's on record as saying he doesn't believe in the 1999 conviction of Anwar, and he has steadfastly refused to comment on the latest episode.

    Practically all other pro-UMNO bloggers have attacked Anwar intensely, either directly on the allegations or attacked his actions since last Saturday.

    Disclaimer :- I'm not implying anything about this blog.

  21. i think this Saiful guy is telling the truth.

  22. we need to stand up and fight! We have been silent for 50years!

    Not sure if Anwar is being do or doing something?

    I dont care, I want peace and posperity!

    we dun need a GAY leader but is he one?

    Any given day, I would take a gay leader over a MUDERER LEADER!

    But I still wish he is straight!

  23. He have done it again, he make it a big issue claiming that they have proof both IGP and Attorney General had concocted evidence for his corruption and sodomy trials a decade ago. however his police report is significantly difference.

    To me most of his statements are unreliable, ridiculous makeup nonsense, just to fire up his supporters to overthrow the government.

    Now I tend to believe that the latest sodomy allegation against him may have some element of truth.

    DAP if not careful may be dragged down as well.

    Our BN,s partner are watching and enjoying by the sideline, waiting for any opportunity to go for the kill.

    Cheers and have a nice day

  24. KT, I regularly read your blog. I don't always agree with you, but one part I agree in this post of yours is the necessity for a leader to be cool headed under pressure. I just wonder if Sdr Anwar succeeds in his struggle to Putrajaya as claimed in Sept, the aftermath until the next GE isn't going to be easy. He and his Pakatan Rakyat will be subject of scrutiny. Check and balancing act will be put onto them and will receive criticsm constaly. If he is not cool headed in his actions and decisions in government, then, sadly he is not capable to lead. Sdr Anwar needs to cool down, don't get too excited to fight. And this applies to his supporters as well.

  25. KTemoc, well said. The truth, in the end will reveal itself. We just have to be patient.

  26. ur uncle - He said that you can tell the character of a leader when the pressure (of combat) is on.

    so true. ur true colors show when u r under stress. u r a true bastard. go wakakakakakakak ur new fuckmates and the ugly lucia and fat susan loone.

  27. 1) In a perfect world, that would be the perfect answer. Unfortunately, Malaysian politics is far from perfect. It is worse than 3rd world politics. You could say it's as filthy and as treacherous as the mafia.

    2) It is easy to pontificate on the perfect reaction on hindsight. If you were in his place at the time and accused of the crime he allegedly committed, I very much doubt you or your uncle would think of making that statement you so nicely wrote out. You would be thinking of the police coming at any moment to take you away to be locked up for another 6 years.

    3) Fighting in a war is not the same as fighting secret, powerful enemies who want to politically, and also literally, kill you. Why do you think we have a well-defined division between the military and civilians?

    4) Why not pontificate on the reaction of your son, nephew, brother, relative, friend, or anyone you know who is a strapping, heterosexual, engaged-to-be-married 23-year-old, and see what their perfect answer should be when "forced", coerced, propositioned, persuaded or whatever you want to call it, by a 61-year-old grandfather and public figure who had been accused before of sodomy? To put it simply, if you were Saiful, what would your reply be to Anwar's sodomy intention? I'm sure you have the perfect answer. So why didn't Saiful say it to Anwar?

    5) Is it the right thing to do, and should Anwar reject anyone he suspects of being from 'the other side' from working for him? Don't forget that Saiful was appointed against a background of large numbers of, not only the electorate but also, members of the ruling party switching over their support to Anwar.

    6) My late father too fought in the Emergency, perhaps alongside your uncle, and also fought in WW2. He was in the British army. He said you can always tell the character of a person when the pressure (of combat) is on. Excuse me, but this is going to sound racist. His first-hand experience of the Malay soldiers he had to fight alongside, was "when the shooting starts, they throw their guns and run". The point is, many Malays take the easy way out. Saiful, a college drop-out and still very young, who either allowed himself or made a choice to get into this situation, appears to be a good example of this trait.

  28. It's glaringly simple...

    Corruption has cost this country some RM330 BILLION! Can those responsible, who treat the country's resources like their personal bank account, afford to have Anwar form the next government!? Is there anything they would not do, just to be able to remain in power, with their grubby paws in the cashtill?

    The Mongolian lady was a translator in the submarine deal, privy to secrets... if the commission for the deal was a cool BILLION, what would they not do, have her C4'ed, in order to keep us from finding out more..?!

    If you're an apologist for the BN government, you're either a naive simpleton, a misguided fool, or you have your hand in the same cashtill!

  29. Are Malaysian that naive to put an ex-convict and person of highly controversial character to become PM...to replace the devil with demon?


  30. I notice Ktemoc has been unyieldingly bitter about Anwar in all his blog posts, without even considering the other pros along with the cons. He is preoccupied with the cons.

    An interesting lack of balance.

  31. Anonymous 12.29 said"My late father too fought in the Emergency, perhaps alongside your uncle, and also fought in WW2. He was in the British army.His first-hand experience of the Malay soldiers he had to fight alongside, was"when the shooting starts, they throw their guns and run".
    saya baru baca blog ni,kena jawab suara sumbang pariah ni..

    Aloo my fren,awak jangan persendakan nyawa orang melayu yg terkorban dlm pra dan pasca perang demi kebesan kita sekarang.Semak senarai yg terkorban , berapa kerat askar keturunan keling yg terkorban lepas perang berbanding melayu??(jangkaan saya kamu keling sbb british army bawak dari sana)Ayah awak askar upahan.dia berjuang sbb duit, jadi.. kena buat kerja lah, tiada pilihan ,..kalau tak balik negeri,ini bukan pengorbanan iklas,
    Ini pengorbanan bermotif wang, tiada yang nak dibanggakan ,sori..Bukti: britis suruh tembak perusuh bangsa sendiri diIndia pun semua sapu.ingatlah prestiwa black hole dll..

    Keling? kenapa tidak?..nama tu panggilan sinonim,terhormat dan iklas org melayu kepada bangsa itu tanpa niat jahat.Bukti..jalan Kapitan keling, tanjung keling, dll keling ..bukan kah ini satu penghormatan setara dengan kapitan cina,bukit cina dll diera yg sama?India ni timbul lepas kemerdekaan disana je.Cuba jelaskan kenapa nak pariahkan perkataan keling yg sahih, cocok dan berkurun kurun hanya sbb nak gah dng bangsa pasca kemerdekaan.Tak salah kearah tu,cuma tiba tiba org melayu jadi rasis sbb guna perkataan keling yg dianggap degaratori walhal perkataan tu dah terima pakai bezaman.kenape?
    Corak bangsa atas usha .tiru macam Jews panggilan berzaman ,walaupun terbentuk israel dan israelis era moden.
    apa yg jelik nya perkataan keling ni, aku pun tak paham.tolong jelaskan

    macam awak kata ,saya pun tak rasis.cuma nak paparkan kenyataan .jangan sesekali cop melayu bangsa yg pengecut ,"buang senjata ,lari lintang pukang dari perang".sejarah banyak membuktikan sebaliknya.tentu kamu tak baca sejarah tetapi kalu kamu skolah.ingat pribahasa melayu"biar putih tulang jangan putih mata",,iban "agi idup agi gelaban"...ini slogan perang anak watan ,bangsa bermaruah.tak dengar pun slogan perang tamil disini( oops terlupa. ayah kamu askar upahan,mungkin "ada gaji ada perang"slogan dia)

    sumbangan bangsa kamu ke persekutuan tanah melayu dulu? tak payah cakaplah..working class macam ayah awak ni,sumbangan kerana perut...sanggup belah belantara untuk cari sesuap nasi,macam mat indon skarang.bukan atas semangat perjuangan membela tanah air.Jenis ini , kalu tak dia, gurka,siam atau sape saje yg boleh diupah ..jadi jangan nak dibanggakan sangat "perjuangan" dan "sumbangan " bapa awak tu.. pendek cerita pengorbanan dia dah berbayar dengan tunai..jangan nak mintak lebih lebih lar

    kamu lahir sini ok,rakyat malaysia tulen saya terima..tapi ia datang dengan tanggung jawab besar..awak fikir sendirilah