Monday, July 28, 2008

Bad faith from the so-called faithful

;-) so Malaysiakini has published heartening news for the anwaristas, that the first doctor who examined Saiful Bukhari Azlan, the victim of Anwar’s alleged sexual advances, wrote a medical report that says there was No evidence of sodomy.

In reality the sodomy issue has been a distraction to the real issue about Anwar Ibrahim. This has been a man who claims to champion democracy and who preaches reformasi (political reforms) but who has been arrogantly open about enticing BN MPs to defect over to PKR, a la Sabah State elections 1994, so as to seize federal rule.

Raja Petra Kamarudin has been right about the fanatical hordes who idolize Anwar Ibrahim, to the extent many of those reformasi disciples had actually attempted and still do to rationalize, justify and even promote the subversion of the ballot box through enticing BN MPs to defect.

This man will not respect the people’s decision made on 08 March 2008, yet he has the brazen gall to coin such words as ‘ketuanan rakyat’.

Now perhaps you may understand why I have held the view Anwar Ibrahim is a political hypocrite.

While Lim Guan Eng and his father questioned the UMNO-PAS talks as sinisterly ethno-centric and divisive, Anwar’s party man Mohamad Fairus Khairudin, deputy CM of Penang, openly voiced his desire for PKR Malay leaders to be invited to join the Pan-Melayu behind-closed-doors talks.

I find it unlikely that Fairus would dare to express such a desire without sanction from PKR’s top leaders.

In the Malaysian context, what is the objective of Malay unity other than at the expense of Malaysian unity.

‘Malay unity’ is such a well-known clarion call of the faithful to group together against (no, not against Eskimos or Martians, but) the Chinese & Indian Malaysians and other non-Malay Malaysians.

Of course it is also an equally well-known ploy of those attempting to distract from their own weakness or marshal support for their embattled positions, but it does appeal to those who cannot escape from their racist mentality, even those who profess to uphold the teachings of their so-called supra-nationalistic religion.

Malay unity but Malaysian solidarity - it’s the Sun Tzu classical strategic dictum of "make a noise in the East and attack in the West."

Winston Churchill put it more brilliantly: "In war, truth is so precious, it must be protected by a bodyguard of lies."

So PKR and PAS appease the DAP and the PKR's non-Malay members, whilst UMNO does the same to the others in the BN.

Regrettably, after giving so much respect to PAS for their puritanical honesty, I lament the reading of Malaysiakini news article Saari: Some PAS leaders keen on pact with Umno.

We are informed by an honest-enough Saari Sungib, the PAS Selangor information chief, who pulled the carpet right from under the feet of PAS deputy president Nasaruddin Mat Isa and the party’s commissioner for Terengganu Mustapha Ali, who both had denied that PAS would countenance cooperation with UMNO.

Saari told Malaysiakini that in fact those two leaders were keen to gabung with UMNO because they reckoned that if PAS leaders can hold some key ministerial posts in the UMNO-led federal government, it will be possible to initiate changes from within.

Hey, haven’t I heard this one before?

Yes, someone who claimed he would change UMNO from within but spent 16 lovely years within UMNO wallowing in power, luxury and hubris, but who suddenly remembered his so-called aspiration ONLY AFTER he was expelled from UMNO – wakakaka.

Karpal Singh has been spot on (as usual) in questioning PAS’ loyalty to Pakatan. The Lion of Gelugor said PAS had acted in bad faith by having covert talks with UMNO without telling DAP and PKR.

He asserted: "The assurance by PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang to Pakatan Rakyat partners that PAS will not abandon the alliance to join BN is not bona fide and not supported by past events."

The DAP lies among a nest of vipers.


  1. I like the Lion of Jelutong/Bkt Gelugor for his brutal honesty and courage and braveness...

    But then... it sounds a little bit too "politically unwise"... Ahhhh... See how Bernama use his statement to make news...~~

  2. Sir,

    I called up the hospital and nobody there evn heard of this doctor. Even their website does not list this doctor’s name.

    List of MOs in Pusrawi here :

    Is RPK the one fabricating the evidence?

    Now I am more confused.

    Thank you.

  3. jebatmustdie,

    Try here

    I bet you're still confused.

  4. I think the sodomy issue was the most effective way of rallying the people around AI.

    As for Karpal, I still think he should have kept his mouth shut. I prefer to watch and wait to see the true colours instead of someone hastily trying to cover up.

    But either way, Karpal appears to be right - so much for the respect I had for PAS.

  5. you are indulging in the same sun tzu tactics you accuse others of by going off at a tangent when confronted with some uncomfortable and inconvenient truth!!

    just admit that the latest evidence provided by rpk blows to smithereens dsai's guilt and increases 100 fold the conspiracy theory.

    and then retire gracefully!

  6. Kenapa gelabah sangat bila dah jadi macam ni kapal? Marah sangat bila ada perundingan macam tu? Kenapa? Sekarang nampak sangat Pakatan Rakyat sememangnya sudah begitu rapuh, daripada dulu mereka tidak begitu sekepala dalam ideologi perjuangan. Tak tahu apa nak jadi pulak lepas ni.

  7. Sir, what distraction? Don't patronize us Malaysians or your readers. The character of Anwar (whether he is a double headed snake opportunist or otherwise) is a completely different issue from the sorry state of our police force, judiciary and AG chambers. I am no fan of Anwar nor Najib but I do watch in utter horror and disgust the way public apparatus has been used by the present government. Yes, the word is üsed". It is beyond doubt our public institutions have been used and continued to be used to serve the sick self-interests of the ruling elite.

    So, sir, get on with real issues that pain us Malaysians rather than wasting your cyber real estate throwing your condescending character assassinating darts.

  8. aiyooh KTEMOC

    modal sudah habis kaaa???

    aiyoooo, repeat cerita lama lagi, froggie la itu la ini la

    sudah boring la cerita pasal katak

    ada cerita baru tak???

  9. ktemoc ni, bukan modal dah habis. memang dari asal takde modal langsung. ckp mcm org separoh gile: tidak lain, pantat je kalau ckp pasal hang anwar. kalau kite benci ngan anwar pun, jadi cian ngan die. tul2 tak sopan langsung, ktemoc ni. cam omputih kate: uncivilised.

  10. PR is just a dream, so near yet so far. PAS will never, never change their ideology of Islamic state. The non muslim can never, never except the Islamic state. DAP very well aware of that and they took the risk. They were wiped out before due to their alliance with PAS. This time PR said is difference, PAS is preaching for welfare state and have drop the Islamic state issue. That why the non muslim vote for them, but after the March general election, PAS talk strongly about Islamic state.

    Next election the BN people tell you I told you so.......

  11. KT boy, your "anwarphobia" can be cured by saying 1000 times the following:-

    Anwar is not a bad guy....
    Anwar is not a bad guy....
    Anwar is not a bad guy....

  12. donplaypuks®

    just admit that the latest evidence provided by rpk blows to smithereens dsai's guilt

    What evidence ?? You call that medical record a medical report ?

    Looking thru the two medical report , it is correct to say that Saiful did NOT have the services of a specialist to examine him . Since this is a private hospital he should have gone to seek the appropriate pakar . He did not but instead he went to the Emergency section of the hospital which involves Accidents and Emergencies ( see medical report heading ) That was why he was attended to by a MO (medical officer) or pegawai perubatan . These pegawai are not specialists in their field and are generally referred to as GP or general practitioners , or only good in all fields . That was why if you read the second page he has written at the bottom ; diagnosis : adult (sodomise) : rawatan : advise to go to the govt hospital. ( plan to do police report)

    So this tells you he is in no position to make a comprehensive report but a mere observation report .

    So this title by my most respected blogger YM RPK in MT “Doctor on the run: police want him to fabricate evidence against Anwar .” is MISLEADING and I wish to call a spade a spade .

    Further there’s no evidence to indicate that the poor doctor is on the run . Why should he be on the run when he has done nothing wrong . Are you saying that after spending six years studying medicine to become a doctor , by just examining a poor guy who came in thru the emergency , and making a report, you have to disappear ?? from the police ?? and throw away your career ?? No Way .

    I sense this article is written to whipped up public opinion against Saiful who has no way to set the records right .

    NO where had it MENTIONED in the record that “no evidence that he had been sodomised, either by Anwar Ibrahim or anyone else for that matter”, as what exactly was written by RPK.

    TRO (to rule out) in the medical context means a certain condition (e.g. sodomy) “can not be rule out”, and it does not mean that “the doctor rules out” certain condition, as what was exactly written by RPK.

    Saiful was asked to go to a government hospital to have a complete physical examination as Dr. Mohamed Osman is not an expert to conduct physical examination involving rape or sodomy case.

    Before the specialist doctors in the government hospital conduct examination on an alleged rape victim, a police report needed be made ‘first’ (and not after the examination, as alleged by RPK).

    I see what RPK wrote in that post were totally nonsense.

    In the first place nobody question the authenticity of the record .

    As an A&E attending doctor, there is a system known as triage, which mean, any cases of emergency cases will be seen first, cold cases will not be seen and would be referred to the OPD.(Out Patient Department)

    I may not be a medical doctor but I am familiar with some of the procedures . Cold cases , not urgent cases will still be seen and prescription will still be given . However in Saiful’s case which is deemed not an emergency case don’t you think that he would have been referred to the endoscopic specialist for rectal examination and a proctoscopy be done since there is no evidence of ulcers or tears in the anal verge? And not be done by him since he is not the specialist and you need those special equipment which I believe is not available in the A&E section.

    His examination sheet is that there is no evidence to suggest a “forced” penetration, which is based on Observation . A final medical report will only be generated after he has been seen and examined by the Endoscopic Surgeon or a Proctologist .

    So how can you conclude from a observation , preliminary report that since there is no evidence of ulcers or tears in the anal verge, which strongly suggest that Saiful is lying. ?

  13. No "tear and scar"? Of course not. Why? Anwar uses high quality lamb oil from BobbyNZ's country hehe. Why the doctor refered Saiful to specialist hospital if nothing wrong? He prefered the specialists look at sperm samples by this sodomite of course. Why disappear? Must be paid heaps for his early retirement in his home country. I prefer to rely on the specialists report whom the govt have brought in foreign experts to deal with baseless denials by Anwar and his cohorts!

  14. Some body must be very, very rich in making those Medical record/report of Saiful.

    Why must the anwaristas so interest of the Saiful's medical record/report ?

    Either that doctor is a anwaristas, who make the report/record not accounting to ethic and sold those paper to anwaristas, made some money and fled. Or anwaristas may have approached that doctor and paid him handsomely to destroy the original record/ report and fabricate another record/report for anwaristas and fled the country.

    The anwaristas operation tactic is more or less the same. PRK' SD, Bala's SD and now the medical report are all intended deliberately to deceive the people into beleiving. What is important to them is the people perceptions, the truth doesn't matter. MT and Malaysiakini are their operation platform and USA is their backer.

  15. Chaptokam,
    It is true this just a medical observation record, not a comprehensive medical report. And the doctor is likely not experienced in examining sodomy victims.

    But a doctor's word is a doctor's word. If a doctor's medical observation says "No sign of tear in anus" that's exactly what it means.

    In a court case, where the prosecution must prove guilty BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT, I would say its probably time for the prosecution to pack their bags and go home.

  16. Unkel,

    Back in my p**lam school days, I, Harry Kok, also one time joined the Form 6 mafia geng, hoping to change them from within. But in the end, I got immune to the easy protection money from rich nerdy students and forget my original vision to turn them into MCA Youth hopefuls. When Unkel was young in Penang, u ever join triads or not?

    Harry Kok

  17. Ktemoc

    You hit the nail on the head. I fully agree your statement about Anwar. "Now perhaps you may understand why I have held the view Anwar Ibrahim is a political hypocrite." So are all those western hypocrites who support him. Their CIA are losing their game so calling their bosses for help. What a bunch of losers!!!

  18. Of course no "tear and scar". The lubricant used is of highest quality like "NZ lamb oil" hehe

  19. The questionable doctor's report didnt say "zero sperm" !!!! What does that tell you? He is afraid of imprisonment just in case get caught.

  20. I'm just curious since the DAP (i'm assuming KS is speaking on behalf of DAP) is clearly uncomfortable in an alliance with PAS. Furthermore DAP has spoken against party hopping in the past but is strangely silent on PKR claims of forming the government from defections... Is being this close to power has clouded DAP to their ideals?

    Looks like DAP is not all you dreamt it up to be eh KT?

  21. Anonymous ;
    DAP has spoken against party hopping in the past but is strangely silent on PKR claims of forming the government from defections...

    Hii anonymous
    1) DAP has spoken against party hopping in the past cos they are very experienced on this matter . They had lots of their blokes joining MCA each time after a GE .

    2)strangely silent on PKR claims of forming the government from defections... .. They are aware its all a sandiwara , Royal Albert Hall drama standard . Wasting of time and effort to comment since it will never happen . DAP has learnt the art of seeing thru body language .