Sunday, July 27, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim's by-election - ending hopes to rejoin UMNO?

Malaysiakini informs us that Anwar Ibrahim has finally sounded more firm in seeking entry to Parliament via a by-election. He indicated so in a ceramah at Taman Len Sen, though he didn’t commit himself 100% to such a process.

10 days after the general election I had posted Where will Anwar Ibrahim stand for Parliament?, where I wrote:

I mentioned in
Khalid Ibrahim to give way to Anwar in Bandar Tun Razak? of the likely possibility of Khalid Ibrahim vacating his Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary seat for Anwar to contest in an by-election. Khalid has plenty on his hands as MB of Selangor.

The voters in Bandar Tun Razak comprise 52% Malays, 39% Chinese and 8% Indians, a nice rounded multiethnic makeup.

With the coalition of PKR-DAP-PAS currently enjoying immense popularity in FT and Selangor, Anwar Ibrahim will in all probability ride on that goodwill to victory if he stands there.

It’s called the ‘halo’ effect – the ‘feel good’ euphoria about the new political alliance that will rub on to his by-election advantage despite any non-Malay suspicions, if any, of him.

Since then, some of the lustre of the Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor has lost its shine due to a couple of issues - (i) Khalid Ibrahim’s obvious (initial) reluctance in involving himself with, and the poor handling of, the Bandar Makhkota Cheras scandal and (ii) some hints of dodgy-ness in the new State administration which blogger What a Lulu blogged in her post Lulu Is Concerned That There Are Those In PKR But Forget They're In PKR And Behave Like It Was The Good Ol Umno Days.

But thanks to UMNO’s unchangeable behaviour, there’s still plenty of goodwill for PKR or more correctly, plenty of bad will towards UMNO.

I had also suggested … the Balik Pulau seat in Penang Island, Anwar’s home State. The victorious PKR candidate there is Mohd Yusmadi Bin Mohd Yusoff, who had in a pre election campaign mentioned he was willing to surrender the seat to Anwar Ibrahim. I recall Anwar, who was then with him in the campaigning, didn’t reject that offer.

But in the latest news report on Anwar Ibrahim by Malaysiakini, the man himself hinted at standing in the Bandar Tun Razak constituency.

He wooed the nearly 2,000 strong multiracial crowd at his ceramah

In Anwar begins by-election 'campaign' Malaysiakini noted that while he did go through a wide range of topics, his main agenda of the night was obviously to sound out the reactions of the crowd to his contesting in the area.

“Sokong, sokong, sokong” rang through the surau and its compound, as the crowd gave Anwar the nod when he asked if he could contest the seat.

But as I said, Anwar wasn’t 100% committed as he man man lai into a qualified "I want to say that maybe, I might contest here. But if I contest here, hundreds of millions would be poured in (to buy votes). Can you resist (the temptation)? If you cannot, please tell me beforehand."

Malaysiakini didn’t report what the response was, but we can make an intelligent guess.

Then Anwar said he and the Pakatan Rakyat alliance was not keen on seizing power just for the sake of it but it was a bid to save the economy from jahanam (being destroyed). Malaysiakini reported him saying that the weak economy and country's leadership require immediate change and thus motivated Pakatan to make its push towards Putrajaya.

Wow! Such sacrifice and sheer courage - just like his overnight ‘road to Damascus’ reformasi in 1998 after nearly two decades of silence in cozy comfy UMNO?

He warned [who? ;-)] that the move to contest in a by-election was necessary as Sabah and Sarawak MPs (meaning the frogs) had stressed that he should do so.

Aha, new condition from his earlier (numerous) boasts that they were on the verge of crossing over. But nonetheless, a final warning!

What is kaytee’s take?

As I have always unwaveringly said, I believe Anwar Ibrahim wanted (and still wants) to rejoin UMNO because that’s where the power is. Please read my post Why Anwar isn't interested in a by-election?

Why then has he chosen Bandar Tun Razak for his by-election candidature, which I alluded to as the strongest possibility, when in an earlier Malaysiakini (or was it Star Online) article, Khalid Ibrahim had discounted his own constituency for Anwar because he said it would become the most dangerous seat for his de facto leader, implying perhaps that the BN would pour in everything including the kitchen sink to make sure Anwar loses.

And Anwar anticipates that as he mentioned it in his man man lai speech.

While Anwar has now come to realize that his chance of getting back into UMNO has diminished gloomily, it could well be he's still giving the party leaders a 'final warning' (by his posturing to stand in a Bandar Tun Razak by-election) and their 'last chance' to invite him to 'come home'.


Malaysiakini just reported late this evening that "Opposition icon Anwar Ibrahim said today that he aims to return to parliament for the first time in a decade later this year if a court orders a by-election near his home town ...", namely Kulim Bandar Baru. Sorry lah to penyokong penyokong di Bandar Tun Razak.

Perhaps earlier, someone had ‘chong-ed’ him into believing that he would be welcomed back provided he gave Najib hell? And mind you, he had been cozy in his speeches about AAB, where one I saw on Aussie TV had him even complimenting AAB as ‘compassionate’. Earlier, only Najib was targeted.

During the JB-Singapore bridge fiasco, in A Bridge Too Far - Anwar Ibrahim I had written:

However, Anwar added a sweetener for PM AAB by expressing full support for the latter’s decision to abandon the project, as a commendable decision.

He crooned gently: “It takes a lot of courage and wisdom ... after weeks of massive campaigns against Singapore ... (for Abdullah) to suddenly say that the decision (to build the bridge) was faulty and that we have to scrap the’s commendable.”

“I support the decision taken by Abdullah because any responsible leader cannot proceed with a project affecting another country without that sort of arrangement being made.” […]

Anwar has offered assistance to the government, saying he could draw from his experience in the government, including as finance minister between 1993 and 1998. That’s a fantastic CV, man.

continued: “I would not discount any possible meeting with Abdullah if he were to ask my views on the issues ... like the negotiations with Singapore on the bridge and even information on the negotiations with Indonesia on border issues.” […]

And he explained his motive for offering himself to AAB: “I will not be serving the government. But I am a Malaysian and very loyal to the country and will do my best to serve.”

Thank you Datuk.

But a smart man like him would have realized by now, even with his chummy core coterie being able to offer AAB that extra 8 MPs to let the BN have its 2/3 parliamentary majority again, AAB has remained cool, aloof and distant to his ‘waiting’.

I am guessing but I reckon his hope to rejoin UMNO, perhaps even as No 2, had porpoise-d from an initial 75% to 95% immediately after the general election, and now to 5%.


Yes, I believe he hasn’t totally abandoned the aspiration completely - while there’s political life, there’s always political hope.

A successful by-election for him as a PKR MP would of course Ku-Li-ise him with all the attendant disadvantages, but won't permanently eliminate a future 'reconciliation'.


  1. So now he's hinting that he's open to discussion too eh? I too believe that his trump card is to rejoin UMNO, this of course he still keeps under wraps from his PR colleagues, that is where the real power is. Ain't no better time than now as his quarters have stirred enough dissen amongst all levels within UMNO to put in place his plans of doing so. Let's see what Najib does next now.

  2. KT still grasping for straws on issues of Anwar returning to UmNO! He is giving himself that 5% straws as reality finally hit him bit by bit.

  3. Let Anwar say he is interested in Kulim. Nothing to lose. Who knows the PKR MP may win the election case, and Anwar denied the chance to take part in the bye election. After all, Anwar was denied Kuala Kangsar bye election, so what so difficult about Kulim?

  4. When did Anwar ever entertain the desire to re-join UMNO? In KTemoc's imagination, that's where. Now that Anwar's thinking of contesting in a by-election, KTemoc's imagination says that he may no longer be interested in re-joining UMNO.

    Why does KTemoc's imagination decide to change its direction? Well, because Anwar wanting to join UMNO was never there, to begin with, that's why. Now KTemoc's imagination is feeling uncomfortable with the reality. It begins to repeat singing the old song:

    Anwar - interested in UMNO - that's where the power is

    KTemoc's imagination, of course, does not take into account the fact that it was Anwar himself, this year, who was a major force in the tremendous erosion of UMNO's power...

    Of course, KTemoc's imagination will next try to 'prove' its argument by looking for more facetious 'reasoning' ( = hallucination to other people). Tiresome, isn't it? The worse part is that such 'reasoning' is no longer even funny and entertaining. How sad.

  5. In politics today , there’s a lot of undercurrent . You will find the sea is choppy on the surface right now , but underneath it is tua lau , meaning very strong under currents especially during the full moon . Similarly there are a lot of undercurrents between PAS and UMNO , having a love ,hate relationship . Whether the current love affair will see them making luv in bed and producing a new offspring is yet to be known . The best strategy right now is wait and see whats the outcome of this rubbing and wringly session in bed . But I guess both their partners PAS versus PKR and DAP and UMNO versus all Non Malay Component parties are already getting very edgy .

    Guess the best option is to take the one step at a time action ,and see how it developes .
    This could be UMNO’s strategy to counter Anwar’s baiting of BN frogs . Its like tit for a tat . You try to bring the BN govt down by enticing 20 BN MPs to jump ship I wil give you your own medicine , all I need is just 8 MPs from PAS to get a two thirds majority in Parliament . Which one is easier ? 20MPs or 8MPs ???

    Further with PAS in BN , Kedah goes back to BN ( BN has 14 Aduns and PAS has 16 Aduns ) That makes it 30 out of 36 for Kedah .
    Kelantan goes back to BN (PAS has 38 and BN has 6 ) That’s 44 Aduns out of 45for Kelantan .
    Perak goes back to BN ( BN has 28 Aduns and PAS has 6 Aduns ) That makes it 34 out of 59 for Perak .
    Selangor with PAS having 8 Aduns BN 20 Aduns , PKR 15 Aduns and DAP 13 Aduns . So that makes it 28 against 28 . One more Selangor goes .
    Leaving Penang as sole PR controlled Govt.

    So Folks see it NOW with PAS in BN !!!!

    Federal Govt ( BN ) now has more than two thirds majority .
    Kelantan , Kedah , Perak back to square one ,
    Selangor hanging by a thread .
    Penang left .

    So still want to bash MCA !! think twice . Want MCA to dissolve ?? think twice .
    Want MCA, MIC, Gerakan, and all those BN component parties in Sarawak and Sabah and DAP and PKR to merge to form one big party ?? Wait and see , one step at a time .

  6. are u out of your mind KT?

    any human being, whatever role they may have, they are still human beings with emotion and soul.i dont understand your conviction that anwar will again return to UMNO after what the party has done to him.they destroyed six years of his life in the most indignified manner they could.

    do you still remember the day that Anwar came out of prison?he didnt walk out, he was bound to a wheelchair.the people who were in power left him in the prison until he was in that state.they were people in UMNO.

    even if he forgives them, it would be inhuman not to feel bitter about the whole thing.even when someone slaps you,you will become angry, what more if someone humiliates you and throw you into prison.

    Anwar will never go back into is full of his enemy.even when he is outside, his enemy managed to plant a spy in his office, what more if he returns to the enemy's is suicide.

  7. when anwar contest and wins the by-election under PKR flag, kt will still give 1% chance that anwar will be back to UMNO.
    hey, give him redit for his consistent stand which is his absolute distrust for Anwar.
    Anwar can sacrifice himslef on the altar but KT will call it suicide. thats his consistency, and you readers will have to respect his stand coz this is his blog.

  8. Should PAS be allowed to remain in Pakatan? That's the question asked by DAP veteran leader Karpal Singh in light of recent events involving the Islamic party. PAS can't run with hares and hunt with hounds.

    PR finish lah, faster than I expected. Even if Anwar able pull off this time, the damage is already done, the trust is no more there. As I said before, Anwar should focus his energy to deal with PR weaknesses rather than behave like a panicky madman with his daily dramas and bullshit. No strategy, on plan just like a bulldozer charging to nowhere.

    Just a few words from cool headed AAB that PAS and Umno were talking is good enough to put PR into disarray mode.


  9. Anwar is the idiot who created this crap .
    What do you expect UMNO to do with his daily rumblings of BN frogs jumping to PR , and the vote of no confidence to the PM , September 16 , his by election .?

    So what happens now , habis lah PR senang sahaja . Talk some more , lebeh cepat mati .

  10. Kaytee

    Is it snowing in Sydney ? heard over the news , never happen before ? Is it true ??

  11. Anwar to join Umno? Hahaha. We CIAs think thats a joke. He had already become our undercover CIA to take over Malaysian govt as we got a hold on him as we have videos on his gay activities. Our secret and classified information. Only to be declassified if Dr M becomes President of the USA. Fat chance!!!!

  12. Anwar memang asyik memperalatkan orang je. Dia memperalatkan PAS dan DAP untuk mendapat sokongan lebih kuat. Memperalatkan konon2nya simpati dengan rakyat padahal apa yang lebih beliau inginkan hanyalah menjadi PM. Anwar juga memperalatkan simpati daripada rakyat. Dan yang paling besar sekali Pakatan Rakyat ini diperalatkan oleh ANwar. Entah2 sebenarnya dia memang nak masuk UMNO balik.

  13. Hi chaptokam,

    I believe you from MCA, if that is so , do me a favour. Please go to and explain to Michelle the MCA election process. She have doubt in the MCA election methodology.


  14. "Kaytee

    Is it snowing in Sydney ? heard over the news , never happen before ? Is it true ??"

    No, the "snow" there is very much like the "Lingam" in the celebrated video filmed by the punching-bag MP, Loh Gwo-Burne: it looked like snow, it felt like snow, but sorry mate, it ain't snow. But unlike the "Lingam" who is really, authentically him, in spite of his denials, the snow there was not really snow.

    Just in case you are bored of the authentic Lingam video, here is an inauthentic one: the "Lingam" in the video (unless one looks inside his trousers) is utterly, unashamedly fake.

    To be honest, it's more fun than looking at inauthentic "snow" in Sydney, although literal-minded members of the MCA, like Chapkotam, may not be able to appreciate it. :) Anyway, I suspect that the "Lingam" here is a PAS member: it is the kind of surprise that PAS will spring on UMNO if UMNO decides to gay ahead (sorry I meant "go ahead") with its now well-discussed haram gay union with PAS. :)

  15. Like Anwar, I, Harry Kok, also wants to enter UMNO. Aledi approach the cawangan side, but they says must "potong" first. I donno whats that mean. Unkel can help me understand why is it

    Harry Kok

  16. chaptokam - not snow but ice - in small pellets (hail) - very cold these couple of days - good weather for indoors drinking of aw kau or brandy

  17. Hi everyone,

    KTemoc is so deadset against AI that he spinned and opinioned it is more probable that AI must have sodomised Saiful. Now that a medical report by a Dr Mohamed Osman from Pusrawi Hospital is being circulated in cyspace, can KTemoc care to comment on the medical report and its significance!

    Or, is he conveniently keeping silent on something that is not favourable to his bias?

  18. This blog is KT's. What he writes is his opinion. Its ok, but I don't share his opinion entirely however.

    Anwar is his own man. He has leadership quality par excellent and a good thinker. He does not need to grovel in UMNO's heirachy. He can win General Elections on his own ability. He can set his own fair and just agenda for PKR or PR. What need he therefore for UMNO?

    The only basis I can think of for KT's opinion is his fear or concern of Anwar or any ex-UMNO member's betrayal of the non racial ideals and goals articulated currently, thus playing out the non Malays.

    Yes, that may be a more than 5% concern - witness the Loh Gwo Burne's case. But my mingling however, with Malays - away from UMNO - do give hope and encouragement that a new broad-mindedness tinged with courage, prevails.

    At the end of it all really, is good versus bad. Sort of like Liberals versus Conservatives.

    And that applies to all races. Not just Anwar and the Malays. But for now, I support Anwar and his manifesto and philosophy for PKR ande PR. I can't do any worse can I?

    Would you support UMNO-BN?

  19. Ah Kok,

    You want to join UMNO? Yah must potong. You don't know what potong means? Means cut lah, like you, Harry Kok: imagine the "Kok" kena cut, left only the "Harry". Very painful you know. Of course, you end up as a pondan, but that's what joining the party means: the ultimate sacrifice. Of course you get a lot of million-dollar contracts after that. But, you may ask, what's the point of money if all you've left is the "Harry" without the "Kok"?? That's for you to ask, and for us to laugh at!! :))

  20. Tan of Tanjung Bungah, you have insidiously attempted to put words into my mouth (or posts) - I invite you to go through my blog to see whether you can justify your words. Thank you.

    Whatever Anwar Ibrahim's sexual proclivity may be is none of my concern but his policies and political conduct (past and present) and his political promises certainly are!!!

  21. Hi everyone,

    I've gone through some of the articles in your blog, particularly the one which compared the possible innocence/guilt of Saiful vs AI.
    In that blog, you so cleverly slanted it such that it conveys a more than 50% probability of AI's guilt.

    Your anti-AI stand is obvious to the readers. Let the readers be the judge, though of course, you're entitled to your stand on whatever issue or personality.

    My call to you was your comment on the latest medical report circulating in cyspace. Care to blog on it, unless you've no comments to make.

  22. hey tan, how about my post's link eh, to support your accusation "KTemoc is so deadset against AI that he spinned and opinioned it is more probable that AI must have sodomised Saiful"?

    Bolehkah, or are you bullshitting? ;-)

  23. Hi KTemoc,

    Do you understand what I meant by "it is more probable"? I didn't say that you slanted 100% but you tipped it beyond 50% probability that AI is guilty as charged, yet he wasn't even charged yet!

    Your take that
    "Whatever Anwar Ibrahim's sexual proclivity may be is none of my concern but his policies and political conduct (past and present) and his political promises certainly are!!!"
    is laughable. Ain't you using your claimed AI's "sexual proclivity" to tarnish "his policies and political conduct (past and present) and his political promises ... ".

    So, who's bullshitting then?

  24. tan, tanjong bungah

    Can I post my comment on the latest medical report that's circulating in cyberspace ?

    The doctor’s report says it very clearly. Saiful was never sodomised, either by Anwar or anyone else. The doctor’s report (which can be viewed below) says that there is zero (0) skin tearing, zero (0) active bleeding, zero (0) traces of pus, etc.,

    This Saiful guy like I said before is a homosexual who likes the backsides .
    A guy who plays all the time with either he fcuk someone’s arse or someone fcuk his arse will have none of the above , ie zero (0) skin tearing, zero (0) active bleeding, zero (0) traces of pus, etc.

    If he has none of the above , doesn’t mean that he is NOT sodomised since the hole has expanded and the tissues surrounding the arse has elongated too.

    In short: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan is not suffering any pain in the anus : that is correct , it should be enjoy doing it .

    and neither was he assaulted or sodomised in the anus. :

    The term “to rule out” in medical opinion means “there is a possiblity” i.e. a differential diagnosis. Not as RPK says: “it rules out”. What Dr. Osman is saying is that despite the lack of physical evidence during the exam, the possibility of sodomy cannot be disproved totally!

    I am very sure most of you have seen porn movies where some of the actress are consistently shaft by numerous actors with big size dicks ( blacks ) to their arses .

    Ever seen them going to a hospital after that bout ? or complaining of pain ? of tear to their anus ? of bleeding ? absolutely not .

    So this proves two things , that he was enjoying penetration the back way and the doctor is correct in his medical report .

    Looking thru the two medical report , it is correct to say that Saiful did NOT have the services of a specialist to examine him . Since this is a private hospital he should have gone to seek the appropriate pakar . He did not but instead he went to the Emergency section of the hospital which involves Accidents and Emergencies ( see medical report heading ) That was why he was attended to by a MO (medical officer) or pegawai perubatan . These pegawai are not specialists in their field and are generally referred to as GP or general practitioners , or only good in all fields . That was why if you read the second page he has written at the bottom ; diagnosis : adult (sodomise) : rawatan : advise to go to the govt hospital. ( plan to do police report)

    So this tells you he is in no position to make a comprehensive report but a mere observation report .

    So this title by my most respected blogger YM RPK in MT “Doctor on the run: police want him to fabricate evidence against Anwar .” is MISLEADING and I wish to call a spade a spade .

    Further there’s no evidence to indicate that the poor doctor is on the run . Why should he be on the run when he has done nothing wrong . Are you saying that after spending six years studying medicine to become a doctor , by just examining a poor guy who came in thru the emergency , and making a report, you have to disappear ?? from the police ?? and throw away your career ?? No Way .

    I sense this article is written to whipped up public opinion against Saiful who has no way to set the records right .

    I still wish to say I will come to the defence of anyone unjustly incriminated .
    It can be anyone .

  25. Hi chaptokam,

    Your views/comments are most appreciated, which suggest also that further medical probes is required. This may already have been carried out, though all will come when all the allegations are proven in court.

    Nevertheless, the claim that the doctor was interrogated for hours to try and change his initial observations is rather troubling, though such claim has also yet to be verified.

    That's the beauty of blogging, allowing alternative views and opinions for the readers to be better-informed.

    I've to sign off now as I need to complete a project soon.

  26. Hi chaptokam,

    Again you are right about MT, I took RPK article as fiction and nothing else. You know what is his aim.

    Something to cheer about, our KLCI up 12.34 points when the region markets were down. Our market is deaf to Anwar's noises already. Its a good sign of stability.


  27. Hi xiean ,

    Its just like the boy who cried Wolf ! first time people believed him , second time , still benefit of doubt , still believed him , third time he cried wolf , Sorry lah Anwar , we don't believe you anymore .

    If the BN wants to call fresh elections , like what some people are speculating before Sept 16 , they need money . Lets see whether the KLCI will keep on going up ! I hope it does , and I believe the correction is over . Should see better market performance in the next 6 months .


  28. tan, alas, you lack the courage to admit you were wrong ;-)

  29. tan, tanjong bungah

    One other thing to your comment :

    Nevertheless, the claim that the doctor was interrogated for hours to try and change his initial observations is rather troubling,

    I have this to say :

    And is this report from this MYAMMAR doctor reliable ?
    Is he even a qualified doctor ?
    Does he has the permit to practise here ?
    If i am not mistaken, JPA does not even recognized a Medical degree from Rangoon.

    This sounds fishy.

    There are many Burmese doctors here who practise illegally . There’s also a remote possiblilty that he changed his name to a Dr Mohamed Osman to evade the Ministry of Health’s Enforcement Department as he probably didn’t have a permit to practise here .You need to serve three years in a Govt. hospital .

    If you look thru his CV he has never served in a Govt hospital for at least three yrs before you can opt out for private practise . Most of it is in the private sector where he is probably squeezed in his pay .

    So when he knows he is found out , he decides to chabut because he knows the polis will probe his background and arrest him for illegal private practise not as what RPK says ;Doctor on the run: police want him to fabricate evidence against Anwar .

  30. I doubt Anwar will go back to UMNO - it's an organisation that's going to be dead as a doornail, soon.

    That doesn't mean he won't try and turn PKR into a hybrid of UMNO.

  31. It would tarnish UMNO's image to admit a sodomite and traitor to their fold. The party PKR is rightly named as it stands for "Pakai Kasut Recon" haha. A frightening prospect for Malaysians!

  32. Hi KTemoc,

    It is not for you to say I was wrong and you were right. Are you a participant in the discourse and also its judge? I always leave it to the readers to be the judge.

    It is just a cheap shot to simply brush off the discourse by 'alas, you lack the courage to admit you were wrong'. Rather pathetic!

    No question of courage to admit that I was wrong, as I believed firmly that I was right in claiming that you slanted your comment on the probable innocence/guilt of Saiful vs AI. Shouldn't it be that you've no courage to admit that you were wrong in countering that you didn't slant and opinioned that it is more probable that AI is guilty - even though he isn't even being charged yet!

    I only called upon you to blog/comment on the medical report of a Dr Mohamed Osman from Hospital Pusrawi, not even questioning you about your belief in its authencity or otherwise. Looks like, for whatever reason, thus far you've no comments to make on the medical report.

  33. tan, you have accused me of something I didn't do, and when I asked you to prove it, you avoided the response - now, how should I judge you, and why shouldn't I judge you.

    Secondly, you don't dictate to me what I should blog or not blog - only I and I alone may decide what I would blog on ;-), anyway, do look at my latest post - wakakaka

    But in interacting with you, I sense I am knocking my head against a wall, so I won't waste my time anymore