Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim's worst nightmare emerges

Yesterday when I posted The Achilles heel of Anwar Ibrahim to discuss his trademark impatience, I also mentioned that there were other factors that had lent force to his sense of urgency in wanting to either get back into UMNO or, as a second best option, seize power through massive BN party defections to PKR.

Today when I read Malaysiakini news article which said PAS Youth defends overtures to Umno I knew Anwar Ibrahim would now begin to realize his worst nightmare.

And what would that be, or why should it be so?

When I posted Can we trust Anwar Ibrahim? I wrote:

I recall that a year ago I read an Aliran article (sorry, couldn’t find it and can’t recall who wrote it) which succinctly analyzed the general election …

… [stating] that Anwar’s (and PKR's) support would have to come mainly from the non-Malays (I assume it must have meant the Chinese). This prediction or political analysis seems to be spot on for the following reasons:

We know in the recent election, the Malay voters swing was only 5% - as evidenced by UMNO as the BN component hanging on best after the people's verdict.

The Chinese swing was 30% … The Hindraf galvanized awakening of the Indians … – the voters swing was 35%.

Thus my take on the so-called 'new' Anwar is as follows:

I may not like him but that doesn’t mean he was/is stupid – in fact he’s what Ong and Oon [both columnists for Malaysiakini] said of him, shrewd and cunning.

He knew which side of his political bread was going to be buttered. The trick was to tread carefully between showing the ‘nons’ of his ‘born-again’ credentials and showing the Malays he’s still their ethnic warrior. A new version of the NEP was promoted but without dismissing Article 153 – in other words, have his cake as well as eat it. This is just a quick example.

Now I come to the part which has relevance with today’s article in Malaysiakini:

Anwar is not comfy with the Pakatan. All the boasts about frogs belie his fears of a Pakatan disagreement over his shameless undemocratic taunting of how he intends to win rule through promoting party hopping, a tactic he mastered when he was in UMNO. You can take the bloke out of UMNO but you can’t take UMNO out of the bloke. […]

He wants UMNO to ask him ‘to come home’. Then he won’t need to depend on the DAP or PAS, but especially the DAP.

Look, his man Khalid Ibrahim had felt bloody awkward forming up the Selangor exco, ..... It’s bad enough having the DAP full of ‘nons’ but the ethnic situation has been compounded by the PKR ‘nons’. Quite unlike an UMNO-MCA-MIC situation. […]

It’s not an image Anwar wants the heartland to see, and real power can only come from the support of the heartland.

No doubt Anwar had done his part to keep the Pakatan in a cohesive form during the election campaign (and no one can take that away from him) but it wasn’t just for altruistic reasons. His strategy was to reduce the BN-UMNO majority to less than 2/3, and then voila, to present his inner coterie as the component available (after an invitation) to restore UMNO’s 2/3, but AAB wasn’t biting for various reasons.

Hence he is piling the pressure on AAB daily with his froggie forecast. The subtext? Anwar wants back into UMNO ... or else!

Alas, as I mentioned in The Achilles heel of Anwar Ibrahim neither AAB nor the UMNO senior leadership are biting, and UMNO has instead played footsies with a delighted PAS (well, at least the Hadi Awang faction)

Another worry for him which is also slowly sinking in for his supporters is that PKR was borne along in the election mainly by Chinese and Indian votes. Push comes to shove, should the DAP and PKR come to a head on, except for a minority among the younger more idealistic set, most Chinese and Indian voters would opt for the DAP, or worse, even return to the BN.

Anwar won’t have a dream of ever weaning away the PAS and UMNO hardcore supporters into his camp. It’ll be a far tougher fight in the next election. And just don't forget, his PKR's 31 seats aren't pure PKR, not with Dr Jeya and Wee ... This may explain his continuous and frantic claims of frogs.

So to summarize, Anwar is acutely aware of several factors, namely that:

(a) the recent tsunamic swing over to the Pakatan Rakyat is probably a one-off. Yes, there may be future swings but certainly not of this magnitude,

(b) the swing has been mainly non-Malay voters,

(c) even if the Pakatan Rakyat wins federal rule in the next general election, and he becomes PM, PKR will be only a junior partner in the loose coalition,

(d) PKR is very dependent on non-Malay voters (a race-conscious but realistic statement),

(e) PAS and DAP may will demand quid pro quo claims (for supporting Anwar as PM) on cabinet positions,

(f) He may end up being a figurehead - something a man like him, whom I suspect of being captive to his own delusions of overblown importance and grandeur, could never ever tolerate.

Today in the mentioned Malaysiakini news article of PAS Youth defends overtures to Umno, PAS flexes its political muscles, with its Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub saying rather condescendingly that, in meeting with UMNO recently, PAS wasn’t intimidating PKR - wakakaka!

In fact Hadi Awang declared that PAS leaders have just the same rights as, if not more than PKR to hold discussions with UMNO on issues of mutual interest – in other words, PAS is saying to PKR: “F* off mate, you don’t have a monopoly on negotiations with UMNO on Malay or Islamic affairs. Who the hell are you to tell us who we may or may not talk to.”

And indeed Hadi Awang chided PKR by saying precisely that: “If others can meet Umno (leaders), why can’t PAS meet Umno? (Such comments) show a lack of understanding. On the basis of Islam, we have the right (to do so). PAS can negotiate with any party.”

Then he rubbed salt into the PKR’s wound of reality, by asserting PAS’ political independence, and in the process smashing what I believe to be Anwar Ibrahim’s delusion of his Olympus status, (acting) as if he was the only leader of PR. Hadi removed the gloves and said assertively:

“No one is the sole leader of Pakatan Rakyat. (Its) leadership is collective, and we have mutually agreed that the respective party leaders can seek to influence our friends in BN to join us. Because of this, the issue of why PAS is meeting Umno should not arise.”

Then good olde Pak Haji Hadi went from qualitative to quantitive pronoucements on PAS pre-eminence, reminding PKR leadership of PAS’ ‘predominance’ in Pakatan after the March 8 general election.

He reminded PKR that it holds 83 to PKR’s 40 ADUNs (DAP has 73 but is not participating in the Melayu-Islamic affairs round-robin footsie game).

Obviously chaffing at the rein because (probably to him) PAS had graciously taken a back seat for far too long in allowing Anwar Ibrahim to dominate the public limelight, Hadi warned ominously: “After the victory, the role of PAS people needs to be taken into account. PAS people are not stupid. Do not sideline their contributions after the win.”

Amin, Pak Haji.

Adios, Datuk Seri Anwar!


  1. "something a man like him, whom I suspect of being captive to his own delusions of overblown importance and grandeur, could never ever tolerate."

    "in the process smashing what I believe to be Anwar Ibrahim’s delusion of his Olympus status,"

    are you projecting ur weaknesses on anwar ibrahim? the above sounds like you are describing yourself.

    who do you think you are?

    you seem to hold a personal grudge against anwar and fail to see him as a human being.

    maybe that's the price of being too clever. or thinking you are so clever. you lose your heart.

  2. The tale of two comical political figures, Dollah and Anwar.

    Dollah is still reigning, Anwar is waiting.
    Dollah is damaging, Anwar is deforming.
    Dollah reformed Malaysian democracy, Anwar was busy hunting for froggies.
    Dollah is busy opening corridors, Anwar is busy knocking the BACK doors.
    Dollah increased price of petrol, Anwar went around for “cheap publicity” road show.
    Dollah backstabs with a smile, Anwar is struggling to deny.
    Dollah is building dynasty with son-in-law, Anwar is practising anarchy with wife and daughter.
    Dollah was given high hope in the beginning, Anwar has had no hope till the end.
    While Dollah still has two more years for Putrajaya post, will Anwar be again spending years at Sungai Buloh?

    These two comic characters reside on the different horizons,
    if ever they unite, it's like a pact of darth vader and sauron.

  3. KT,

    For tomorrow's entry, please focus on the Sabery-Anwar debate. You are to constantly criticize Anwar Ibrahim's poor choice of dressing; keep emphasizing on the large beige suit he wore & how it made his head look small. Use this as evidence to say that this proves he has a small mind, cannot think, isn't fit for PM, etc.

    Under no circumstances should you touch on the points that the two were trying to make... but you can just say its not logical.

  4. brighteyes

    good one.

  5. a large portion of the Pakatan's win past March was as a result of protest-voting, which tough I'd say serve the BN right, but not as a real mandate to the PR. Anwar IS not stupid, hence he understands the real support he needs to have on his side back is that of the Malays. Hence in the debate last night - nelayan, petani, bumiputera..and then (as an after-thought) small section of chinese and the indians in the estate. He knows PAS is losing it with urban Malays, and so the only way is to get the defections (going further down the drain) or, rejoin UMNO. the latter also explains our beloved TDM's jumpiness of late. He's the one holding the PR together, I hate to see what will happen to it when their de-facto defects over to the side which will let him to truly consolidate his power.

  6. Gotta agree with this post. Anwar , although being hobson's choice isn't really our "saviour" so to speak. He knew what was needed to swing the votes his way, and well, thats what he did. We are all fully aware of his ABIM days and well, it is fully known in the Underground gay community that he is a closet homosexual. Personally, I have nothing against that, the matters of the bedroom remain matters of the bedroom. Not EVERYTHING is a conspiracy against Anwar. Doesn't anyone stop to think that some of the accusations levelled against him may actually be true?

  7. Ha Ha. Who are all these pro-KT anon commenters. Ha Ha. So lame...All about the same time too? Ha Ha. Have you hired some cybertroopers to fight your cause, KT? Ha ha ha.

  8. The Great Oil Debate:

    Anwar Ibrahim 1 Joseph Goebbels 0

    So, there!

    Phua Kai Lit

  9. From Malaysian Insider "Analysts urge Malaysai's rival parties to focus on governing nation"

    The debate nothing to shout about, any responsible government have to bite the bullet to make those unpopular decision. Anwar, off cause to keep himself relevant, make all those popular promises, which I think is irresponsible and misleading the people. Anwar's promises are gimmick intended to attract support.

    I can still remember, when he was the Financial Minister, he increased the passport form MR 60.00 to MR 300.00. Now he is not the government, he can say what ever he want. Only fools will believe him.

  10. Anwar has been arrested.

    I hope they throw away the keys this time.

  11. The debate with no doubt was Anwar's show till then end, BRAVO.
    Most of Dollah minister are desperate asskissing morons,
    and Shabery is no exception.

  12. Dear Ktemoc

    What say you about this arrest for
    "sodomy"? Does this meet Australian standards of justice and policing?

    My view:

    The ideological state apparatus is malfunctioning (e.g. poor performance in the Great Oil Debate), so the repressive state apparatus quickly kicks in.

    Phua Kai Lit

  13. Ktemoc is going to celebrate until he drops dead drunk....

  14. According to an anonymous poster:

    Anwar has been arrested.

    I hope they throw away the keys this time.

    Tells you of the mentality of KTemoc and his supporters doesn't it? Not interested in justice at all. Really, no more than a bunch of animals. As for the fact that he's no longer a Malaysian, well, good riddance!! Let us try to have only human beings in Malaysia.

    I agree with another anonymous poster: "Ktemoc is going to celebrate until he drops dead drunk....". Yes, let us hope, but let us leave the haram word "drunk" out and re-read the sentence shall we? Malaysia will be a better and more peaceful place without the likes of him making unwanted inhumane comments from afar.

  15. Anwar has been arrested.

    I hope they throw away the keys this time.

    I hope 50 years from now nobody remembers Anwar. What a manipulative politician. A snake. So many of his followers follow him like a "dewa", like a god. He's the most evil manipulator ever, short of his kissing the sole of his feet or even licking the ground he walks in!


    I hope he rots in jail.

    GOOD RIDDANCE ANWAR... a lot of people don't really care except for some dellusioned morons!

    KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK KTEMOC! One day, their blinded eyes will heal...

  16. "Tells you of the mentality of KTemoc and his supporters doesn't it? Not interested in justice at all."

    Open your eyes my dear.. JUSTICE IS SERVED!!!

    Look around you.. anybody in your neighborhood going hysterical and rampaging in the streests because Anwar is arrested? Any shops closed? Are shops burned down because THE RAKYAT is ANGRY? Because the SILENT MAJORITY dont care for a dellusional, power hungry tyrant!

    pffffttt.. lah.. THEY DONT CARE...

    But I do!... I care because I hope he gets what he deserves! JUSTICE IS SERVED!

  17. KT Dude,

    I strongly suggest u might wanna take up new hobbies e.g. surfing (waves, not net), cycling, gardening, pickup oz chicks, etc. now that your Defacto punching bag is due to spend some time behind bar. I mean, no one will drop in your blog for jokes, right, matey

  18. to tak buta: what justice????????????????????????
    none so blind as those who refuse to see, and think they are not blind!!!!!
    yes another one who is no better than an animal.

  19. According to the wisdom of Tak Buta: "Look around you.. anybody in your neighborhood going hysterical and rampaging in the streests [sic: looks stressed to me] because Anwar is arrested? Any shops closed? Are shops burned down because THE RAKYAT is ANGRY?" No. And is it true that the sun did not set last night and did not rise this morning?

  20. Magic of AI? We gave him $1 billion cash in 1998 through 4 undercover Syrian businessmen and he messed up with his sodomy act.