Thursday, July 17, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim & the police - from black eye to bad back!

One of my saddest experiences on the web was when my good matey Chris lambasted me for being allegedly happy with the police arrest of Anwar Ibrahim in my post Arresting Anwar Ibrahim - Game of brinksmanship?

Even he, with whom I had shared a few many jokes against SIL in happier years, condemned me for going too far in my ‘hatred’ for Anwar.

I just wonder for the life of me how that post could be read to convey my alleged ‘hatred’? If I may remind readers I had also predicted:

"No charge has yet been laid against him and it may well be that the police will be forced to release him after 24 hours – unless of course …….. something develops."

Well, hasn’t my prediction been true as proven by Malaysiakini news Anwar freed on police bail?

Unsurprisingly, the police had f* up somewhat – two things sprang to mind:

(1) They kept Anwar overnight – was that necessary?

This gives credence to Anwar’s claim that it was a vindictive action against him because he had lodged a police report against the AG and the IGP over his treatment during his original trial – see Malaysiakini news article Overnight detention a case of 'vendetta'!

Anwar enlarged his claim to embrace a host of police actions against him, as if there was no sodomy allegation lodged by Saiful Azlan against him.

He averred: "It appears that the events of the last few days, the nature of my unwarranted arrest, my overnight incarceration which was actually absolutely unnecessary, were an act of personal vengeance against me. They should not use this as a personal vendetta against me."

If you had read the pro Anwar supporters, even that of my good matey Chris, you would be able to tell, that to them, as far as the person of Anwar was/is concerned, Anwar can do no wrong, somewhat similar to the UMNO ‘close-one-eye’ case – so really, what's the difference?

… hmmm, theirs have been a behaviour succinctly explained in an article by Raja Petra Kamarudin (RPK) titled
The cult called PKR, where he wrote:

"That is the trouble with PKR. They dabble in cult personalities. When you are the current hot favourite, the flavour of the day, even your fart smells sweet ... "

"The PKR crowd is one emotional group of people. I suspect that if Anwar was to order them to commit mass suicide they might just do so."

How true!

Some don’t even bother to read what I had actually written in my posts before they came out swinging to get me, as an example, like Mr Phua Kai Lit ;-)

Now, did the police have a right to arrest him the way they did?

Anwar's supporters stated that the police, in arresting Anwar at 1 pm, had acted in bad faith by not giving the man a reasonable chance of a whole hour before the deadline of 2 pm.

They argued that there was nothing to say he should have gone straight from the ACA office to the police station. His return from Putrajaya to Bukit Segambut didn’t mean he couldn’t get back to the police station in Putrajaya by 2 pm. There was plenty of time for him to do just that.

In fact the Star reported Anwar saying the same thing:

He also took to task Federal CID director commissioner Datuk Mohd Bakri Zinin for telling Malaysians a "blatant lie" by saying that they had the reason to believe that Anwar was not going to show up at the police headquarters at 2pm on Wednesday as promised.

"I gave my commitment that I would come. My lawyer had just spoken to DSP Jude Pereira at 12.45pm and assured him that I would show up on time," he said, adding that he was ambushed 5 minutes after that call.

Anwar said he was going home for a quick lunch after which he planned to proceed to the police headquarters.

But of course neither he nor his supporters mention the fact that he failed to turn up on Monday as he had promised earlier. This fact was not considered by his supporters.

In my post Arresting Anwar Ibrahim - Game of brinksmanship? I had blogged:

"He merajuk by claiming that the police had acted unprofessionally in 'intimidating and harassing' his staff and family while attempting to serve an order under Section 111 of the Criminal Procedure Code on Sunday."

"I didn't buy his bullsh*t because the police had to do so, ie. serve that order ....."

In blatantly refusing to turn up at the police station on Monday as he promised, he had (either unwittingly or deliberately) transmitted to the police the message of “C’mon, lai lah, ayo mari lah, come catch me if you dare!”

Many had viewed that defiance as a game of brinksmanship.

Yes, I know our police are nasty bastards but in this case it was not the police who had first acted in bad faith. It was Anwar Ibrahim who made them lose faith in his ‘promise to turn up’!

No doubt police hormones were flying - anak jantan, anak jati and anak jambalaya, I think they were out to get him, to show him that he had to front up, no matter who he is.

In a way Anwar had been right that there was police vindictiveness, but I suspect it had more to do with his defiant recalcitrancy rather than his police report against the AG and IGP.

(2) And the dumbos in blue had been stupid enough to make him sleep on the concrete floor. They just had to martyr-ize him. Was that necessary, considering he's hardly a young buck!

His bad back, which I thought had already been cured by that very special operation only capable of being done in Germany, has ‘returned’ not just to give him a bad back but a bad name to the Police.

Once it was a black eye, now it’s a bad back!

But the fact that the cops dare not take his DNA without his expressed permission has been clearly indicated in Malaysiakini news article Police mull court action to get DNA, a sign they have been careful in dealing with this high profile person. Even Deputy IGP Ismail Omar confessed that the police will be exploring legal avenues to acquire a sample of Anwar Ibrahim’s DNA.

But this wariness should have been exercised in every dealings with Anwar, and not just in obtaining his DNA.

Anyway too late leow, for undoubtedly Anwar Ibrahim has reaped enough public sympathy to get him going for a while.

His target date of 16 September 2008 is just a mere two months away, and his party deputy president has already boldly claimed, as reported in The Star, that his arrest has been a move to thwart the Opposition’s takeover of the country – wow!


  1. The problem with BN ball lickers like you KTemoc is that you have juged Anwar as guilty even before being tried and yet you never implied Najib is guilty of murder? All your postngs are merely whacking Anwar and I believe you do it to prop up your blog...

  2. Woohoo...KTemoc licking up again!!

    "In blatantly refusing to turn up at the police station on Monday as he promised, he had (either unwittingly or deliberately) transmitted to the police the message of “C’mon, lai lah, ayo mari lah, come catch me if you dare!”

    Many had viewed that defiance as a game of brinksmanship." KTemoc esq

    I assume you havent read DSAI press statement today. Instead of jumping the gun by saying the man was playing "catch me if you can" with the police, please do read and consider all aspects. Then again, dont think you care to do that, do you?? ;)

    Licker..licker ;)

  3. Shit, I just said you can be a 'little good fella', you start your belakan main again. Show me your marbles, comment on the untouchables, Najib and Rosmah who are alleged to have linked to the murder of the Mongolian lady...or, your lop- sided brain does not permit you to think further, other than Anwar.

  4. I enjoy reading your blog, just to see how you could spin things ... could you comment on the police report not being issued to the accused? I'm sure with your brilliant mind, you could convince me and most readers to nod my head.

    Good luck!

    Fellow ex-malaysian in australia

  5. The problem with PKR ball lickers like you romeo61 is that you have judged Najib as murderer even before being tried and yet you never implied Anwar is guilty of sodomy (and etc)? All your comments are merely whacking KTemoc and I believe you do it to prop up your a** ...

    Hahahaha ....

  6. I love you KTemoc!!! ...

    P/s: I mean I love your posts ... hehehe

  7. No lah, we have not judged Najis Razak as a muderer lah.

    But lets see.

    We would just like Najis Razak to be hauled up and questioned for 6 hours staright and then stripped naked and have a thermometer jacked up his ass!

    And left to sleep overnight in the cell!

    If that happened to Najis Razak, we would say theres investigation without fear and favour!

    This is to reply the stewpid posts time stamp 9.25 pm.

  8. and ktemoc, no matter u say, the PDRM got it wrong, that DSAI never turned up on MOnday is irrelevant totally!

    If it was relevant, why bother to give DSAI a deadline of 2 pm. on Wednesday?? WHY??? For fun izit???

    You set a deadline, must honour what unless you have clear evidence DSAI was planning to flee the country or something.

    Of wait , I forgot, your standard must be the same as that Hamid idiot, mayeb its 2 speeches, 2 SMS !!!!! DSAI is fleeing , he's going back to his house in Segambut to get his passport and clothes!!!!!!


  9. Your comments are just as one-sided as what u profess Anwar supporters to be, so stop being a pot and calling the kettle black...that's as good as being a hypocrite.

    As for defending what the police has done, I think that only shows how bias u are if u cannot even see that the police did was totally political as well as barbaric, unprofessional and a disgrace to our supposedly democratic nation.

    One sided? that's you.

  10. hi kte$#%@, or whatever fuvker is that ur name ,
    i din read ur blog , but i going to know what in ur mind already , u fucker stay one nite in 7th floor of peace hill then u should comment .
    u mother fucker useless guy

  11. haha! rasakan ko Ktemoc! most Malaysians believe in Anwar. so better u stepped out comdemning Anwar! loser!

  12. fucker kte#$%#%,
    why not u never write something bout ur boss* najis the dick head, by the way i know u always get fuvked by najis and sure u know how explosive is his dick .
    why the investigation only carried on one side so far , ooops ,,,,no no no,, the najis has a lot of guard dog like KTme437, wong chun wai , all this guy serve blow job and get big paid everyday . cheer up , keep up the good work!!!

  13. fucker kte#$%#%,
    why not u never write something bout ur boss* najis the dick head, by the way i know u always get fuvked by najis and sure u know how explosive is his dick .
    why the investigation only carried on one side so far , ooops ,,,,no no no,, the najis has a lot of guard dog like KTme437, wong chun wai , all this guy serve blow job and get big paid everyday . cheer up , keep up the good work!!!

  14. fucker kte#$%#%,
    why not u never write something bout ur boss* najis the dick head, by the way i know u always get fuvked by najis and sure u know how explosive is his dick .
    why the investigation only carried on one side so far , ooops ,,,,no no no,, the najis has a lot of guard dog like KTme437, wong chun wai , all this guy serve blow job and get big paid everyday . cheer up , keep up the good work!!!

  15. The manner of arrest was "kebinatangan", as described by Azmin in Parliament, but he refused to label the police as animal.

    So to who the word "kebinatangan" was meant for. Was it for Anwar, because Anwar was acting like "lembu kenyang" when he was cordially invited to IPK on Monday. But many still believe his nonsense.

    KT, RPK's opinion on PKR crowd can and will never be wrong, just read most of the comments above. The strange is that though KT is serving them shitballs, they keep coming back for more.

    Piggy Singh

  16. kt##^#^5,

    since u so satisfied with the investigation and police performance , can u comment bit bout how efficient the police to curb the crime case or the infamous nurin case .
    oh ohhh, may be its my mistake , u must have hidden benefit with this bunch of crook and license ganster aka police .Just asked any regular malaysia resident ... do they happy with the police work, they selective working out the case under the political pressure .
    pls great grand mother fucker KT , if u have nothing more to insult the malaysian reader inteligent , pls leave this malaysiakini site , i am sure most of reader agree to kick ur ass out .

  17. Ktemoc,

    No point u write such a long long story to brain wash the reader who u think still with the low mentality like u!
    Wake up man!
    Justice must be prevail!

  18. So these are the words (and spirit) of anwaristas ... sure Malaysia hs a great future full with people like them ...

    btw, i am a bit curious with anon 11:15 claim that "most malaysians believe in anwar" ...

    I dun think so ...

  19. I've actually started to follow your blog lately. I like your Anwar articles. You point out a lot of facts which I have been thinking along the same lines.

    As for this liwat-gate, I am surprised nobody has seen far enough to pick out the mastermind.

    If Anwar is found guilty and thrown in jail, Pak Lah's problems are over. Defections? What defections?

    If Anwar is found innocent and released, Pak Lah can say that this is proof that the police are independant and that his government has no control over them. With that, Anwar would have to concede a major point that Pak Lah is really cleaning up shit and eradicating corruption.

    There is only one clear winner here.

  20. Dearest Bro KT,
    I have been following your blog for quite a while and I enjoyed reading most of the articles. By reading your write up, it seems that your are a smart and humorous guy. However, on the Anwar issue, I just couldn't believe that you can't see the bigger picture.
    Bro, we are at a critical point in the history of Malaysia. Can't you see that ? This is a golden opportunity to turn Malaysia into a better country. Yes, I know....I myself is not convinced that Anwar is a good guy. I fact, I think I don't trust him at all. However, bro, if we can make this country to have a chance to have a strong two party systems, a more democratic country and have a better future for all the children of Malaysia by voting this guy, I'll do it.
    Do you really think uncle Lim is that stupid to sleep and dance with the tiger ? Common bro, I mean Dumb Ass.....stop attacking Anwar.

    Go have a Brandy on the rock and wake up.....bird brain......

    Sorry-lah but I can't help it. You really make me very disappointed and I might not read your blog again......sigh....


  21. Come on you fellas, let's us all be civil. We can agree to disagree....calling names is not a way to solve a problem. Whether you are pro Anwar or pro Najib, you are entitled to your opinions, respect each other's views with maturity. This is my view and please respect it, I have no wish to be abused.
    Cheers fellas, have a cold shower!
    It is pretty cold in Perth, so I am going to have a hot shower.

  22. Ktemoc, you said Anwar refused to come to the police on Monday but you cleverly chose to "cut" the part of DSAI's press statement which read:

    " On Saturday, 12-07-2008, the police came to my house to serve a Section 111 Criminal Procedure Code notice, harassing my family and demanding my presence at the IPK Kuala Lumpur (Federal Territories Police headquarters) at 2pm on Monday, 14-07-2008 despite an earlier agreement with my lawyers for me to come to the IPK on Monday 14-07-2008. On the next day, Sunday, the police also served an ex-parte court order, prohibiting me from physically being within 5 km from the Parliament on Monday 14-07-2008. As you can see, my house and the IPK KL are within 5 km radius from the parliament building. The court order effectively put me under house arrest on Monday and at the same time prevented me from going to the IPK.

    I think when others accuse you of being a sadist simply interested in DSAI bashing as if you draw strength from it, it is deliberate buffoonery like this that they are pointing out not that they worship Anwar bcoz he feeds none of them, and after all as human beings, we do like to see what's good and fair however much we may destest one. Not everyone is a pro-Anwar here just like everyone is not a PKR member. But if you accuse others of fanaticism, would you take time to explain your sadism? Would you care to explain that it takes two hands to create fanatics? Don't overreach yourself bcoz no one is stupid here unless you have been convinced otherwise which is simply a bad joke. You also did ignore Dr Param's statement that shed light on the police action. Cherry picking statements to suit your whims points to a scandalous mind. Anyway, did you see someone interrogated but denied the police report lodged against him? However, I disagree with anyone who calls you an Anwar hater bcoz even if you hate him, it is a personal choice and Anwar doesn't suffer bcoz of your hate, so I wonder why do certain people say that. May be your sadism is what makes them choose that road.

  23. The Raja Petra article was a clever article meant for Ezam and not for PKR members as you may think. Anyway, patriots like RPK had to do it that way for obvious reasons. Note that when he blamed their "cult" culture, he was visiting history and was unearthing the shenanigans of a young man Dr Barki said has a "brain slightly larger than that of a grasshopper." So don't disturb youself in picking a small diversionary part meant for public consumption.

    What amazes me is that when someone may correct you, you tend to be defensive and say they are Anwarists, fanatics, etc, well, it will be an anti-Anwar, a senior fanatic, etc, for you. Digest it since life operates that way. It is like if they defend Anwar, you attack Anwar day in day out. So may be they are giving you a dose of your masochism. One wonders what you gain from that masochism and if your life revolves around it. Huh! Anwar, Anwar, Anwar, Anwar. Sheesh! Give me a glass of water, I'm barfing.

  24. i think you're just talking shit!! Waste my fucking time reading it!!!

  25. that desperado is playing sympathy card now, and it works!! the back pain and strip search - which in any case is expected of an investigation of this nature and ur good ol lock-up. That AAB kept his word that he won't be harmed, nobody mentioned.

  26. "i think you're just talking shit!! Waste my fucking time reading it!!!" -- I think that's an EXCELLENT description of KTemoc. His level of intelligence is certainly WAY BELOW that of many of my UMNO friends.

  27. lunch ? at home ! who cooks ? for so many people ...lawyers, bodyguards, supporters, press friens & .....enough food or not ?
    mamak stalls easier wat & only one hour left ! nanti traffic jam, go there 2pm cannot sampai lah..cant lah.. i bet my 3 sen !

  28. Care for some Clinical analysis ?

    On Monday, there was a court order in force forbidding Anwar Ibrahim from going anywhere within 5 km of Parliament House, subject to arrest. There was also an order requiring Anwar to turn up at the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters at 2 pm that day.

    Do you have Google Earth software ?
    There are high resolution shots available of the entire Kuala Lumpur city area. Zoom in on Parliament house. Draw a Circle radius of 5 km around Parliament House (this function is available in the Google Earth software). Look up the KL Police Headquarters is - its actually 3.2 km from Parliament House, in a straight line. Also, look up where Bukit Segambut is.

    The authorities thought they had set a perfect trap for Anwar - he would be subject to arrest the moment he stepped out of his house.
    And also subject to arrest if he didn't turn up for the police interview.

    Instead they have mud on their face today.

    Lesson in life ?
    Don't wrestle with the hippo - you'll both get dirty, but the hippo loves it.

  29. Hi Ktemoc

    Yup! I have to eat humble pie and apologise to you (for scolding you for being an ex-cultist of Anwar) for my misreading of your earlier article.

    Anyway, since you are safe in Australia where you have true freedom of speech, I am keen to read more analyses from you about our very own Great Leader, Dear (PM before the age of 40)Leader, dynamite leader,etc etc. After all, constant bashing of Anwar by you can get a bit tiresome, predictable, routine etc. :)

    Phua Kai Lit

  30. Phua, if you search in my blog under Abdullah Badawi or Khairy or 'elegant silence' ;-) or AAB, you'll get plenty of my previous posts on the twosome.

    kittykat [hey matey, I missed you ;-)] but that wasn't the 'original' reason Anwar gave for refusing to front up on Monday as promised - he made much ado about the police serving an order at his house, where he alleged they intimidated his family - he just refused to front up probably thinking they dared not touch him. The 5 km restriction was just a convenient afterthought - let's be honest about it, OK?

    But you're right, Anwar has shrewdly exploited the situation - afterall, he's renown as a Drama Queen

  31. I agree with the blogger in this issue.

    Last Monday, despite the parliament restraining order, Anwar could have gone to the police station. I would greatly condemn the police if they arrested Anwar then.

    But fact is, Anwar didn't go as promised. He acted in bad faith. Thus, on Wednesday, the police has no reason to believe solely the words of Anwar's lawyer .

    Given that Anwar knows he did wrong by not turning up Monday and knowing the police has graciously given him extended time, he should have avoided any action that would lead the police to think that he isn't going (i.e he should inform the police that he is heading home first before proceeding to the police station).

    He didn't turn up once and there's no assurance (other than his lawyer's now-unreliable promise) that he will this time. So the police looks at the fact on the ground and fact is Anwar is heading home. From that, they make their decision to move in.

    Did the police acted too soon and too aggressively? Probably. But all facts on the ground and past events favour Anwar not turning up. They had reasonable information to believe this much.

  32. kaytee

    what about cops planting dna evidence in the mattress in 1998? the same people are involved and are now in more powerful position. gani, musa.....
    why didnt you highlight that?

  33. Hi
    I usually enjoy reading your blog, and kindly note that I am not a fan of DSAI. But he was informed that the could not go within 5km radium of the Parliment on Monday.

    So KayTee, pray tell me how he could go to IPK, or Jln Travers or Bukit Aman stations? If he did that he would be violating the law.

    Although I do not agree with the learned judge as the Judiciary cannot prohibit people from going to the Parliment. The Judiciary acting on instructions from the agents of the Executive, proceeded to denigrate themselves and over-reach. Pity.