Thursday, July 24, 2008

Politics of mud or maturity?

My good mate, Dean Johns, columnist at Malaysiakini has penned a new piece titled Land of the rotten, home of the gullible.

No prize for guessing which country he has written about in his inimitable style, and on what (current) issue. I even merit a kind mention in his column, though Dean, unlike me, believes that Anwar Ibrahim, warts and all, may yet be Malaysia’s best hope

This is the beauty of our ‘civilised’ friendship, where we as friends can agree to disagree on political or other issues without needing to throw punches at each other, as Yang Berhormat, MP for Kelana Jaya, PKR’s Loh Gwo Burne had frighteningly discovered when he was bashed in the face by another PKR bloke.

Another of my good mates is blogger Susan Loone. She told me that she was once selected by PKR to stand as the party's candidate in an election (which I had blogged on) but which she declined for reasons of principles.

Obviously Susan and I don’t share (exactly) common political allegiance though both of us have strong socialist streaks, but we continue to be good mates and have on numerous occasions discussed politics without rancour.

When the day arrives in Malaysian politics, where there is no more personality cult or ethno-centric followings, then that will be the day Malaysians will enjoy a two party system.

That will be the day when an UMNO PM can provide fair federal funding to a non-BN controlled state because of the needs of Malaysians in that state.

That will be the day when UMNO, PAS and PKR will talk about Malaysian unity rather than Malay unity.
(UPDATE: wakakaka - UMNO has now changed the theme of the UMNO-PAS 'Malay unity' talks to 'Islamic unity', as those 'protest voters' against the BN have been made to feel they shouldn't be just 'protest voters' in next election but confirmed voters for the Pakatan).

That will be the day when we can criticise politicians without being accused of 'hating' so and so! wakakaka!

NOTE: This one is dedicated to you, Crankshaft ;-)


  1. i really pray for that day to come.......

  2. KT boy , you seem to be the odd one out in blogosphere whereby majority are supporting Anwar Ibrahim.

  3. Those POOR LOSERS obvious BORN LOSERS wouldn't move on after losing at the last general election. In their attempt to seize govt power, they resort to "MPs Hopping" by offering huge bribes, monies given to Anwar by 4 Syrian undercover CIA in 1998 in their promise to help him become PM after taking on Dr M and legalising short selling. BUSTED!!! What a shameful lot who break the rules of democracy!!!!

  4. they jump in panic when UMNO people starts talking to PAS so that PAS would join hands with BN

    anwar has been doing this right after the election, and yet the people in PR wont say a thing about their so-called "democratic" leader. hypocrisy at its best..

    PKR = UMNO, same type of people, same type of party, except the other thinks its better than its nemesis and vice versa, idiots i tell ya,

    ill be happy sitting on top of the fence laughing at how these idiots try to poke each other through holes they've created themselves.

  5. Talk about the politics of maturity. The first person who needs to grow up is 26-year old (?) Ktemoc.

  6. Dear All

    Take a look at Antares' interesting proposals --

    "Umnesty: The Best Policy?"

    Phua Kai Lit

  7. From NST; THREE non-Muslim assemblymen from Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) were spotted looking resplendent in the traditional Malay attire complete with songkok during yesterday's state assembly sitting.
    They were Jason Ong Khan Lee (PKR-Kebun Bunga), Sim Tze Tzin (PKR-Pantai Jerejak) and S. Raveentharan (PKR-Batu Uban).

    Ong went a step further when he recited verses from the Quran when he spoke during the debate on the Yang Di-pertua Negeri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas' speech.

    "I am wearing it out of respect for my Muslim friends since this is a multireligious society," Ong said.

    Its will be real multiracial if half of the malay in PKR wore Chinese traditional costume and the other half wore Indian's traditional costume. Otherwise the show off is just another political gimmick to challenge DAP for wearing the western attire that DAP is not malay enough..

  8. How immature of these people calling non-anwaristas as immatured ... maybe they should go back to primary sch instead ...

    By the way, I agree with anon 11:16 AM July 25 saying that -

    "Its will be real multiracial if half of the malay in PKR wore Chinese traditional costume and the other half wore Indian's traditional costume. Otherwise the show off is just another political gimmick to challenge DAP for wearing the western attire that DAP is not malay enough."

  9. ayoyosamy UMNO said...
    "Talk about the politics of maturity. The first person who needs to grow up is 26-year old (?) Ktemoc."

    KTemoc is 26? I thought he was a 62 year old, pretending to be 16. :-? Or maybe he's a 62 year old trying to be senile? The last option is at least better than the pitiful predicament of the octogenerian Mamak Det, who doesn't know that he's already senile :)

  10. Don't worry, Malaysia is not the only country that US is interfering, they have been interfering with China policies all the while.

    Some US lawmakers should stop disrupting the Beijing Olympic Games by using human rights issues, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said in Beijing on Thursday.

    Spokesman Liu Jianchao made the remarks responding to a question concerning a resolution introduced on Wednesday in the US House of Representatives, which, citing the "Olympic traditions of freedom and openness", criticized China on human rights issues.

    "The resolution was a groundless accusation, and was not only against the Olympic spirit but also against the wishes of people and athletes all around the world, including the United States," Liu said.

    Liu added that China had made a stern representation to the United States.

    "We suggest some US lawmakers immediately stop their wrong words and deeds aimed at disrupting the Beijing Olympic Games by using the human rights issue so as to avoid harming the healthy, stable development of China-US relations," Liu said.

    (Xinhua News Agency July 25, 2008)

    My apology to KT for this unrelated topic, I cannot stand the US hypocrisy.

  11. Hi Anonymous 12:52 PM

    For very good commentary on US hypocrisy, check out:

    The George W. Bush regime may be hypocrites, but sometimes even hypocrites do tell the truth!

    Phua Kai Lit

  12. Of course, Anwar, warts and all, is far from being Malaysia's best hope (for 2-party system democracy). Our best hope lies in Unkel KTemoc & me, Harry Kok.

    Harry Kok

  13. harry kok,

    i support u, as pi em of meleysia. u & unkel katie. u b kepala, ok, don let katie, ok? he b ur bontot. cannot rule melesia from kangaroo land lah.

    of cour, u, hair & all, is better than anwar. ktemoc, oso, sh* & all, is oso better. vote 4 harry kok! pi em of melesia! yeh yeh yeh! yeh yeh yeh!

    ps: if u becum pi em, change melesia name to ahkokland, ok?

  14. Height,

    Why us says kepala and bont*t? U think this lion dance troupe or wat ahh? We planning to run the country mah, change ketuanan whatever status-quo, serious business wan

    Harry Kok

  15. Hi Phua,

    The commondreams site is interesting.

    Coming to hypocrisy,US reaction is not about speaking the truth, more to flexing of muscles. Big brother is clearly threatening our country for Anwar's cause. To use human rights, as a smokescreen.


  16. We have given Anwar a strong defence for his sodomy case. He will plead delusional insanity where he thought Saiful as a gal and his arsehole a pussy.