Thursday, July 10, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim set Saiful to clean the Augean stables

Stables of King Augeas of Elis where 3000 oxens were kept;
it was not cleaned for 30 years

In the sorry case of Saiful Bukhari Azlan, a former personal aide to Anwar Ibrahim making an allegation of sodomy against his former boss, I think I can identify 3 incidents when Anwar Ibrahim panicked.

The first incident was when he scurried off furtively to hide in the Turkish Embassy, claiming he had received an intelligence report from a foreign intelligence agency that he was targeted for assassination.

‘… foreign intelligence agency providing information directly to him he was a target for assassination …’?
I guess even in his moments of panic he wasn’t one to let slip an opportunity for grandiose delusion of grandeur … as if he’s a Robert Kennedy, Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King ;-)

Well, he sulked there shivering and trembling until the
PM assures safety of both complainant & accused, as reported by Malaysiakini.

The episode actually worked out to his benefit, even enhancing his political status until some were taken into believing Anwar himself had organized the whole sodomy affair. And a
fterall, wasn’t Saiful a favoured aide, travelling abroad with his globe-trotting jet-setting de facto leader? See Malaysiakini article where Anwar said: Posh condo: I didn't say I never went.

Then, in the second incident of panic, laced with (at that time) a total lack of concern for Saiful, who could have been under duress to ‘lie’ about the sodomy accusation, Anwar filed a libel suit against Saiful.

I posted in Political assassination in Malaysia - the likely target the following (extract):

The Malaysiakini report of Anwar Ibrahim filing a bizarre suit against Saiful as seen in
Anwar files libel suit against aide has been a regrettable hasty (and self preservation) action by Anwar, even before the facts of the circumstances have even been established, on whether Saiful has been a villain or a victim as I discussed in my earlier post Saiful Bukhari Azlan - Victim or Villain?

Then came the Quran oath taking challenge. While Saiful was keen to participate, Anwar was very circumspect, initially saying he would only if it was done in front of a respected ulamak.

When I read that unnecessary condition by Anwar (are there non-respected ulamaks?), I knew he wouldn’t, and was tap dancing away from a ‘Religious Declaration’ (as opposed to a Statutory Declaration).

Personally I don’t believe much in this swearing before God stuff, though of course some cultures are inclined towards it. My uncle told me that in British days, even the orang putih courts would accept as affirmation any Chinese willing to ‘potong ayam’ (charm peh kay) in some civil (but not criminal) cases.

Whether acting under duress or not, Saiful has now upped the ante, by posting the following message to Anwar Ibrahim on her fiancee’s blog:

“Dear Anwar the hypocrite! I challenge you to swear on the Quran. Set the place and time! I will come. The truth will prevail. Falsehood will surely be exposed. I am not afraid to die. God is mighty!”

A clear and unambiguous challenge! I was told this appeared on TV as well.

But I wasn't surprised when Anwar, contrary to his earlier (though hedged) acceptance, refused to take up the challenge to swear on the Quran that he didn't sodomised Saiful. But I reckon the pressure on Anwar to put his money where his mouth was, has panicked him for the 3rd time.

... though I must admit I was taken aback when Malaysiakini reported Sodomy: Anwar turns to Syariah Court.

Anwar claimed: “On the advice of ulama and my lawyers, I have filed a complaint with the enforcement department of the Syariah Court to have them clear me and my family’s name of the malicious allegation.”

Malaysiakini said Anwar’s lodged complaint is referred to as qazaf in Islamic law, where it makes a request to the syariah to probe into ‘false allegations’ pertaining to adultery or sexual misconduct.

Under syariah laws, Saiful will be required to produce four credible witnesses (must be all male) to back up his claims. If he fails to do so, he will declared a fasid or unreliable person. The penalty is three years imprisonment, or a fine up to RM5,000, for bearing false witness.

Now, I wonder how Saiful will be able to product 4 male witnesses, assuming there was a case of sodomy?

As a man of the world, touted as Asia's Renaissance Man etc etc, Anwar has set a redundant and impossible legal-religious task for Saiful when a civil court libel suit against Saiful already exists.

One can be forgiven for perceiving that he now attempts to hide behind the syariah court as he had in the Turkish Embassy. Panic as panic can be, I suppose?

However, more importantly, does this mean that Anwar Ibrahim is taking the Pakatan Rakyat including and especially the DAP down the path of a Malaysia soon to be legally administered by the syariah laws under Anwar's aspired premiership?


  1. I was initially willing to entertain the theory that Saiful is an innocent victim, but subsequent events have put paid to that.

    Saiful, cleverly through the World Wide Web, challenging Anwar, to swear his innocence on the Koran, smacks of Political Maneuvering, not that of a traumatised, innocent victim.

    So Anwar has turned the tables on his accuser. What's wrong with that ?

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  3. on the evening when the police report was lodged, at 11.15pm, PKR's damage control machinery sent out mass SMS message stating that the police had detained Anwar's special aide Saiful Bahari this afternoon and forced him to lodge a police report about being sodomised by his boss.

    in their panic, they released this spin sms.

    add this to your Anwar panic list.

  4. Please, is there anyone else other than Anwar???? Should PR not be scouting through the ranks for some capable talents? Someone honest, open, straight ... somewhat like Nik Aziz but a bit more progressive wouldd be nice.

    Somehow, I just don't feel comfortable about this man...

  5. "I just don't feel comfortable about this man..."

    Latent fear of homosexuality ?

  6. Using the Syariah Court to get acquittal on technicality? He got away last time on technicality as attested by Dr M. This Sodomite is unrepentant! Shame shame shame!

  7. If there is anything that I am sure of, this Saiful fellow does not behave like someone who had been sodomized. The picture of him smilling and waving at reporters, putting his finger to his lips
    as a gesture that he was asked not to speak to reporters, and the mother of all, blogging! Does he look like a traumatised victim at all? I doubt.
    May be someone place him in Anwar's camp as a bait, and Anwar took it. So it could be a two consenting adult's thing. This fellow just turn in to report to his master. A job well done?

  8. Let the police do their investigation, then we could draw our conclusion for the case.
    but Anwar's attics causes many raising eyebrows.
    Too many things that he had done as if he is guilty and now he's running around trying to cover his tracks.

  9. once again this round goes to Anwar..for he knows that there's no way anybody could fulfill this requirement. And Man of The Year or not, he's subject to the same law, why did he get to request for credible ulamak? playing his most familar divert and evade card, Saiful is not seasoned enough against such a ruthless animal.

  10. Your unfounded and misleading article simply, confirmed my belief that you are nothing but, a licking dog serving your political masters. You are a below par writer equal to the MSM of this country.
    Please do not put the Lord's name in vain!

  11. one thing for sure....I believed more in Anwar than you....

  12. Looks like the two foregoing postings beat me to it!

    I had just come to the conclusion that KT generally is just a spin-meister. A words-smith. That's about all. Like an empty christmas gift. Nice on the outside; nothing inside.

    Reading the first few sentences, it is clear the piece is not based on facts, or on erroneous "facts'. That is a serious breach of prefessionalism or of academic standards.

    That really galls me.

    Not only is the piece defamatory but certainly if I have to make a decision, KT will be laughed out of the conference room!

    No, KT cannot be taken seriously anymore. A pity.

  13. Very soon all the rapist suspects will queue up at the Syariah court gates, requesting their victims to produce 4 witness!.

    Anwar really panic ! but... why should he? or why shouldn't he?

  14. Hi KTemoc,

    Its interesting you bring up the difference between the Syariah Court and Civil court.
    You are saying that even if AI is found guilty in civil ocurt, he may not be guilty under Syariah laws, whereby 4 male witnesses need to be presented. Didnt this showed the weakness of syariah laws and rape victims are the most vulnerable under Syariah laws? Why didnt PM and Umno drop the insistence that Msia is an islamic country and should be secular?
    Then I think one have the right to critise AI for going to syariah court.

  15. I see Anwar as one man going up against the Empire.

    He may be dislikeable, and I do find Anwar dislikeable, the fact is, in real life, there are many times when we have need to work with someone like that.

    Anwar is a fighter, just like Lim Kit Siang and Nik Aziz are fightes. We need them to balance the power of the regime, we don't have to like them.

    And I find it disturbing that a blogger would choose to pummel this one man , day after day, while the excesses, the corruption, the abuses of power and the sheer incompetence of the current regime goes unnoticed.

    Or is it deliberately so ?

  16. This case is getting everyone guessing. Both has their said, so what is next? Saiful lodged report against Anwar while Anwar did not admit. What is this game all about?

  17. Bornfree
    The last time Anwar sweared on the Koran what happened? He was jailed. Once bitten twice shy. He was also beaten up. So he got wise and hide himself at the Turkish Embassy. Saiful definitely doesn't look like the victim. Anwar with a bad back and smaller in size than Saiful.... hey man just use your brain to think if you are Anwar who has gone through all the harrassment at the hands of the police what would you do? Anwar is right to go to the Syriah Courts.

  18. Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) has been forced to go to Syariah Court by UMNO.
    All Saiful has to do is produce the police evidence proofing this sodomist. Habis BABI ini.

  19. KT,

    Your writings are excellent and very affective, its really got them and hurt them badly. If they are not going to repent and STOP those daily drama, give them some more.

    You are doing Malaysian a big..big favour by exposing their leader true colour.

    Thank you very...very....very much.....

  20. Police even gives Saiful protection. The evidence against Anwar will finish BABI once and for all.
    THEN pkr will know they have been suporting sodomy leader and be laufing stok.

  21. KT, I think in this 'game' if I may call it such, the way it is played out, I don't really see it wrong for Anwar to 'use' the syariah law to his advantage. Most of the time I would agree with you on your analysis(just for the record, I,am not an Anwarist)about anwar but this time, I think you have to at least give him credit for being able to come up with this response. Let's see what the other party does now!

  22. Mondya BABI will charge in Court already lah. Lagi tengok muka dia kat TV debat dengan Shaberi Chik. Malu ini leader. Pengsan pkr.

  23. anon 6:23 PM,

    We are fed up with all those games, we want the truth, nothing but the truth.

  24. I want to say this once more. When I blog on Anwar, it's about his policies, utterance, conduct, whether far fetched, inconsistent (eg. his so-called reformasi) or what I see as his hypocrisy.

    I don't like having my visitors labelled him with derogatory acronyms which do not in any way show any substance in refuting Anwar's bad policies, or expoing his hypocrisy. Furthermore, he's only accused by Saiful of sodomy, but this is yet to be proven by due process.

    So, please cease and desist from meaningless hate labelling. I may be forced to delete such comments in future.

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  26. Can anybody smell something here, shaiful was not even a permenant staff until the day that he left, but he was given the confidence to follow Anwar for trips to overseas.

    For a suspected mole from the begining, Azizah claimed that Saiful was just making coffee, later found to be Anwar’s pegawai peribadi, but I never knew THEY BOTH have been to overseas, eiiii…. geli!!!

    Exactly! Usually temp staffs stay in office backrooms, doing clerical-like work.

  27. You mean this young guy, healthy, fit and strong looking did NOT resist and put up a struggle? Dont try to bluff!

  28. This saiful knows najib well,la! .. even masuk his rumah, mind you, how many people can have such privilege access. It's fair to believe that they can work together to frame anwar. Or maybe KT prefer to believe in najib, that saiful (a uni. dropout) came to look for scholarship..., and later said, he came to see me about some problem". Can you be sure it wasn't najib who did it to him?

  29. Correction!!!Anwar refused to swear on the Quran in Liwat Part I, though heavily demanded to do so in an evening at National Mosque.

    Regarding the "qazaf" story, before the walk to JAWI, Anwar followers were supposed to be gathering at National Mosque, as SMS had been circulated among friends and supporters. But hardly nobody turned up, is this a BIG sign or what?

    Well KT, once beaten, twice shy.
    But twice beaten, bye bye Anwar.

  30. Everyone in Malaysia now wants Badawi to remain as PM. Australian PM's Kevin Rudd also endorses Badawi by affirming "active democracy" in Malaysia contrary to that sodomite's call to Kevin. What a slap on his arse haha. Syabas Pak Lah! Stay on another 2 years! That Ku Li was involved with BMF scandal in Hongkong in the early 80's which paralysed the Malaysian economy. That desperado for PM should plant potato instead as his face looks like one.

    Cheers Malaysians


  31. KTemoc: Why are you against the BABI acronym? I thought it fits the level of your argumentation perfectly.

  32. ABB by putting his retiring plan on the table, is a step in the right direction and most welcome in this time of uncertainty. This will bring less politicking within UMNO and strengthening of BN. The impact will be stability in our country financial market and the economy. That is what the people need badly.

    However the no confidence vote motion by PR against AAB is an act to sabotage AAB effort. To me, it is not constructive and anti establishment.

    After the March election, most people are getting poorer, KLCI dropping, Ringgit weakening, our assets value deteriorating, standard of living declining, politician's character rotting. you and me fighting.

    Who to blame for all those problems. I only blame myself. I donated and vote for the opposition causes to make myself poorer.

    I hope and pray that they come back to their senses.


  33. "most people are getting poorer, KLCI dropping, Ringgit weakening, our assets value deteriorating, standard of living declining"

    What to blame ?

    How about 50 years of BN "stability", more like rigor mortis...

  34. How about 50 years of BN "stability", more like rigor mortis...

    Pakai otak sikit. Every country got problem malaysia also got but Badawi and Najib is making things better. Only this traitors in pkr and dap must be get out first.
    Ular dalam selimut ni.
    Foreign power puppet.

  35. Bala’s first SD is quite interesting in a stupid Anwar way. There was a declaration by Bala that seem to say that Najib has had anal intercourse with Altantuya. For an SD intended to link Najib to Altantuya, suddenly, in one short paragraph, Altantuya’s alleged sexual predilection comes to the fore.

    It does show the desperation that Anwar is under. Anwar is probably saying through Bala, Najib is doing it through the back door as well, why pick on me alone?

    And somewhere in the SD, Bala alleged that Altantuya is Najib’s girlfriend and that Razak Baginda was charged with taking care of her. Somewhere towards the end of the SD and in a noble gesture, Razak Baginda and Altantuya decided to marry.

    The need to create invisible dots to link Najib and Altantuya seemed never ending in the SD. Anyone who has ever left a woman scorned would know that a woman left high and dry would eventually run back to the bast+#@ who left her.

    Even if it is true that Altantuya was Najib’s ex, surely Altantuya would be crying out and seek Najib for help given the scenario that Najib and Altantuya was alleged to have the most intimate of relatonship.

    In a worst case scenario, Altantuya could easily hold a press conference and allege all sort of stuff against Najib. Why take the difficult route of screaming and shouting in front of Razak Baginda’s house? For the simple reason that Razak Baginda and Altantuya were husband and wife. Najib is a non issue.

  36. kenapa anal-war pegi makhamah syariah sebelum siasatan polis diumumkan selesai??

  37. Ini Polis belum kata apa2

    Belum apa-apa lagi dah lari ke Kedutaan Turki, belum apa-apa lagi dah buat laporan ke Jabatan Agama. Apa ni. Nampak gelabah benar!

  38. All this torrent of criticism against Anwar is barking up the wrong tree.

    Barisan Nasional, headed by Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, is the Federal Government in Putrajaya. It has full control of the Federal government machinery (or at least it is supposed to be in full control).

    Barisan Nasional has the authority, responsibility and accountability to resolve the serious problems facing the country.

    Sure, as citizens we have to play our roles and responsibility, but BN has to set the agenda.

    I am holding BN responsible for this.

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  40. Knowing that the Rule of Law will find him guilty, Anwar now seeking shelter under Syariah Law. Acquitted on technicality again? What a joke!

  41. Tell you guys a joke: God asked Anwar :"Anwar, dont you know banging arseholes is haram?" Anwar replied "I thought times have changed" God said "Why, are you not still shitting from the same arseholes?" Anwar replied "Dont like that lah! Take it with a bit of garam lah" God said " sulphur and brimstone too"

    Good day guys