Tuesday, July 08, 2008

PKR Brown Shirts

Malaysiakini tells us in Press irked by PKR security volunteers how its videographer Mohd Kamal Ishak was pushed and shoved by PKR security personnel who behaved like fanatical thugs.

It seems strange when their de facto leader would have welcomed the publicity, these hoodlums instead tried to confiscate journalists’ cameras or cover their camera lens, as if their froggie messiah was like a 'certain personality' whose photographs couldn’t/mustn't be taken or allowed to be taken.

The photojournalists and videographers covering Sunday's anti-fuel price rally at Kelana Jaya have been terribly upset by the Brown Shirts behaviour of the Anwar's Elite Shock Troops.

My blogging mate Lucia Lai of Mental Jog had once posted a photo of Anwar surrounded by aggressive looking bodyguards who, rather than behaved discreetly like bodyguards, were glaring at the audience and flexing their muscles as if they were looking for a fight with anyone in the audience.

I suspect it’s these Anwar's sturmabteilung's overnight over-the-top overblown sense of self-importance that has led them down this path of arrogant aggressive aggrandisement – basically a “f* those peasants” mentality when they have Tuanku Raja behind them.

This is reminiscence of 1998, and the Apcet II conference in Kuala Lumpur some ten years ago when acting PM Anwar praised the achievements of the same sort of thugs who had terrorised the conferees into abandoning Apcet II.

We saw this behaviour again in the Ijok by-election last year when these hoodlums sat on the hood of the DPM’s car to prevent it form moving.

This will be what you will get when you support Anwar whom I suspect suffers too from some delusion of grandeur that he needs to be surrounded and protected by Brown Shirts.

These people are worse than Mat Rempits!


  1. Its time to use ISA.

  2. Oh give it up.

    I am no fan of Anwar but everytime I read one of your rabid, foam-in-the-mouth, I-am-anti-PKR posts, I start feeling kindly towards him again.

  3. well crankshaft, did these not happen? Malaysiakini reported it, not me. I merely blogged on it and tied those appalling thuggish behaviour with what Anwar's acolytes have done in the past.

  4. KT, one of these PKR hardcores also threatened lensman Jinggo at Jinggo’s photopage, that PKR boys will humiliate him when he appears at Anwar’s events.
    PKR supporters are an army of narrow-minded youngsters who can connect very well to Anwar’s trouble-making character. But for them, Anwar the Mat King Leather (Malaysia Martin Luther) is a divine character that can do no wrong. God bless them all.
    And KT, the starting line "I am no fan of Anwar" sounds so typical, the Anwaristaz but shy away to admit being one.
    The divine do-no-wrong Anwar is gradually showing his true colour, but these Anwaristaz are still in denial.

  5. Anwar surrounds himself with the right people then. Since he is this ruthless animal set free to pursue his ambitions, he's gotta have thugs as bodyguards. After all, makes no sense for discreet bodyguards, himself is planning to topple government with defections, mud-throwing, limelight hogging. it's aggression all the way.

  6. Hi Ktemoc and others

    Take a look at this posting:


    Phua Kai Lit

  7. Typical narrow-minded fool.
    Anybody who disagrees with him is painted as an Anwarista.

    PORRAH !

  8. If Anwar's able to hire strong, mean looking 'sturmabteilungs' then why did he resorted to hiding in the Turkish Embassy, fearing for assasination?
    Days after that were able to walk and give a speech in front of thousands of people in a stadium.
    Nonsense! His behaviour is a pure example of a power-hungry person.
    He will seize every opening to achieve his dream of becoming the PM, including beating around the bushes with rakyat.

  9. Dear Ktemoc

    I've said previously that I am wary of Anwar.

    I've also said that
    he is riding on a popular movement for change (in our sad/exasperating/corrupt/rotten politico-economic system).

    But do you want the status quo to continue? With AAB further ruining the institutions of the state in his desperate moves to retain power? In his ruining the economy by dishing out "gula-gula" left and right to prevent defections?
    And above all, the longer AAB stays as PM, the more opportunities for the person who spent some time where the "bovine creatures ford the river" to do his scheming. If this person ever becomes the PM of Malaysia, God help us all!

    Since you are obviously an intellectual who can shape public opinion, can you be more objective and not let your very intense dislike of Anwar Ibrahim make you write pieces that, in effect, support the forces of reaction??

    Phua Kai Lit

  10. 'With AAB further ruining the institutions of the state in his desperate moves to retain power?'

    I don't think Pak Lah is interested in maintaining his power for a long,long, long time. He is trying to educate and prepare Malaysians for the future, since before this we've been leaving in an artificial environment for so long, with all the 'bantuan', subsidies...etc given by government to us. But how long can the gov maintain this? Sooner or later we have to face the fact that inflation is gaining upon us, not just us but the entire world.
    It's it better to live in an artificial environment that can eventually turn us into incompetent beings or to face the truth and grow stronger from it?

  11. Best Badawi can do if he love the country is ISA all Pakatan Rakyat leaders including Anwar, Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng, And Kapal singh. These are biggest danger to malaysia.

  12. I would really like to congratulate Ktemoc for his fair, honest and excellently written posts on Anwar Ibrahim and PKR.

    Generally, it has been very difficult to get the truth about Anwar through to the majority socio-political bloggers in the country.

    Keep it up Ktemoc !

  13. Look at the Pakatan states all in a mess. Only 3 months already BM selangor got ACA in his office. BN did a lot for the rakyat. Only those indian traitors from hindraf support anwar and dap.
    UMNO now getting stringer even Ezam join again.

  14. In the name of Allah Almighty I swear I have never met or ever known the dead girl Altantuya. All the allegations made against me, and my wife, were meant to destroy my family and to tarnish my image as a leader, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said recently to Agenda Daily, an influential news portal.

  15. Come to think of it Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) has never invoke the name of Allah or swear in the name of Allah to ensure he is innocent of sodomy charges! May be it is true he did it, if you ask me, as a Malaysian seeking an answer!


  16. Either I am going crazy or is it this government is out of control and out of order to allow an ex-convict to debate live on a national television with information minister, Shabeery Cheek?!!
    How can our prime minister even to this to happen, or are we really that desperate or, is it, afraid of this ex-convict that has caused a lot of anguish to this country or are we pandering to what? First of all how sure are we that this man will not stray from the subject, and didn't we even think that for a moment this evil man will not going to seize this opportunity to spread more damn lies?!

    This is a man who have no compunction about shaming his country worldwide and for the record, being accused of sodomy and yet Umno members allow this ex-convict to a limelight?
    The debate will take place on the night of July 15 and the venue is at Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, KL.
    May the force be with all of us!

  17. I'm not sure how seriously I'd take someone who goes by the handle piggy singh. But 'narrow-minded' and 'fool' are words that come to mind as well - a sad product of Malaysian education.

    kaytee, these events certainly did happen. Forget his thugs, Anwar's behaviour is just as appalling.

    Before the elections, I had a debate with someone on whether Anwar had truly changed after his ordeal in prison. I was skeptical.

    I'm not anymore. Judging by the events of late, Anwar is a megalomaniac who would stoop to anything to achieve his goals.


    And this is a big 'but'. Like Phua Kai Lit says, your intense dislike of the man is shaping your opinions to cater to the UMNO supporters. You're starting to sound like MSM.

    That's sad.

    Seriously, look at the quality of your commenters. For the quality of your writing (and you are, in my opinion a very good writer), you deserve much better than that.

    Who are you trying to educate? You'd be surprised what many of the prominent bloggers think about Anwar if you actually talk to them in person. We just refuse to go on record saying so.


    You are like Sloone, very professional bloggers indeed. Those pro-gangsterism tactics of Anwar clearly reveal what kind of people they are ; ass-bangers like Anwar hehe

  19. Susan Loone's blog is a very good balance to Ktemoc's blog.

  20. Whatever you say about Anwar and the others...thats your take.

    However, why shouldn't he act like that? You mean to say that the BN are so wonderful and obidient? I think not, they are equally thuggish and arrogant.

    And for the person (anon/11.39am) on BN did a good job stuff...yes but to whose benefit la?

    The 5 states under opposition..give them a break! They have only been running office 4 months!!!! BN had 51 years and they are still f****ing UP! They messed our education system, undermine the others. I have no qualms on the Malays given the benefit of things, please go ahead but whom are you kidding????

    When it comes to globally challenged stuff sorry-la, the 'so called Malay' cannot be par (there are safe exceptions). I have personnaly seen these incidents.

    MERIT system kicks in, believe me you can see the shift then. When NO NEP kicks in (if ever it will!!!) you can the scale shifting.

    So please do not so blatantly uprise BN as they (all MIC, MCA, UMNO) have failed miserably!!!!


  21. Correction: Susan Loone's blog is very good and balanced. KTemoc's blog has become quite bad and imbalanced, the ramblings of an increasingly insane mind. So no comparison here, although they were of quite similar quality some time ago. Quite sad, ain't it?

    PS: warning: KTemoc's madness is infectious. You'll get mad too after reading his posts.

  22. Hello Ktemoc,

    Well I shall congratulate and respect you for being good and balanced, same as sloone's.

    And yes those people (PKR security personnel) had done irresponsible actions, behaving like fanatical thugs.

    Their actions is going to give bad impression to the public. Its obvious.

  23. I don't think one is in any position to say how good some bloggers are or are not. It's their blog and they are the gate keepers.

    How does one know whether all posts are published or censored because of personal bias? Or of posts by the blogger himself included to praise or congratulate one self, or to support oneself's own view or take on any matter?

    How does one know who is or is not a scrupulous or unscrupulous blogger?

    It's like me owning a media empire. I can shape the public's opinion anyhow I want, ... depending on my sense of values and ethics only. Wow!

    But question remains - how credible are the individual blogs as a media? Any public challenges lately on their commentaries that is published without censorship or undue editing? Hard to say, as a member of the public as the blog is no diffrent from a newspaper or news magazine.

    Slooney and mahaguru's? I have suspicion about their blogs.

    But for KT, the good point about his is it does try harder to be a public message board than others.

    Only his regular tirade about Anwar is a little wearisome! ... sight!

  24. I believe in the fact that DSAI actually did issue those circulars during his tenure as the Ed Minister in 1989 - with Dr M's unofficial sanction and approval. That was almost two decades ago when he was the UMNO rising star, well before he became the DPM .

    I fully agree with you on these , besides I like to further add , when he was Education Minister he was responsible for the conversion of all communications between government departments and letters to government agencies and departments from English to Bahasa . Most of the subjects in schools were all converted and taught in Bahasa . That was why our standard of education dropped .University Malaya used to be the top university in the region . Heaven knows what position it is in now . Maths and science were then taught in english but changed to bahasa by him and now this ding dong , with the falling standards back to english and now we have people demanding it to be taught in the mother tongue and bahasa. I recall that very well . Look at our locally produced graduates , can't even talk proper english .

    Besides the schools Anwar also was responsible for the usage of Bahasa in the courts with lawyers requiring to speak in Bahasa during court and in court .Those who could not speak fluently were required to attend special classes for legal words and terminology in Bahasa . That's part of the reason we lost Batu Puteh .Half past six lawyers representing Malaysia internationally .

    When he was Finance Minister almost all his family members , father , mother became directors of listed companies , not one but many many. This is common knowledge in Penang . Every year during Hari Raya you'll have dozens of corporate MDs and CEOs trying to outdo each other ,see who's the earliest waiting in front of his house to wish him hari raya . Ya Goh Chun Lai , Goh Chun Aun , Asas Dunia bosses , to name a few .

    During the Financial breakdown in 1996 till 1998 had he followed the IMF recommendations (overturned by TDM to peg our Ringgit at $3.80)our ringgit would have been traded at 5.00ringgit to a USD . That would have been the guillotine for all the Chinese Businesess in Malaysia . Even the small time Chinese business would have to close shop . They would all have become bankrupted!.Everyone in Malaysia would have to undergo tremendous hardships irrespective of races as the economy of the country was still very much in the hands of the Chinese .Any rises in prices would find its way to the consumers .

    There are still many many more issues but the present generation of people reading this would not know , thats why we have to be very careful as to who we want as a PM . In fact a lot of young people with very strong anti government feelings should find out why there are people who doesn't like Anwar .

    Yes BN has a lot of shortcomings but I guess they will have to overcome that and they should be given the chance to do it. I don't see that happening as we right now instead of working , they are fighting all sorts of circus shows in town . The stock markets are down because of all these circus shows . Who suffers ?? We are the ones who are affected . If there's a need to change the govt , they can do it in PRU13 .

  25. Hello everyone

    I feel that everyone here in Malaysia is getting very very angry and desperate especially with the BN government , its leaders , the uncertain economy , corruption , the polis , the uncertain political situation here .

    Nobody can fix the situation right now and on everyone's lips what are we going to do ? is there any future here for us ??

    I believe there will be changes coming soon and I believe this will be good for all Malaysians .

    I will try to explain what I am are saying in spiritual terms ok ! There is hope and don't despair .

    In the olden days they use to refer emperors and kings and even messiahs as sons of god . right ! agree ?
    Even right now , Presidents of nations , kings and prime ministers are all chosen by god , born to be king or born to lead . Thats why we have this phrase : man proposess, god disposess .
    To be a president or a prime minister you have to be chosen by god that's why NOT anyone can be a prime minister or a king or a president of a country .Even if you are the number two in the heirachy if you are Not destined to be no one you will not make it no matter what you do .
    Think about that and equate that to the current situation in Malaysia .ok
    Anwar was supposed to be PM but did not make it , instead Badawi made it .
    Next we must ask ourselves why was Badawi chosen and this time and not Anwar by the gods ??

    Answer is :
    To destroy or dismental the the bad policies of UMNO in the past few decades .
    All the things we mentioned that UMNO did in the last 50 yrs that we all so pissed off is happening now . However it will take some time .
    Today we are seeing the evolution : UMNO crumbling , internal fights , Mahathir legacy exposed as dictatorial , NEP crumbling , racist policies being replace with multiracial policies , exposure of judiciary corruption , exposure of tainted and corrupted politicians etc etc etc . Equate that to the whole scenerio . We have 50 yrs of bad rule slowly going down the drain. God works in very strange ways by putting a sleepy ,slow guy as PM .

    Since Badawi's job is still not yet finish , the two fighting to become PM will still have to wait for it.Whether they are destined to take over from him no one knows yet irrespective of all the political dramas and moves . It might not be either one of them , might end up to be someone else chosen by god .Right now all the bad karma are now flowing back to the people responsible for it .Just take a good look at TDM is one good example .

    Eventually after the cleanup process someone who replaces Badawi will ensure that Malaysia will be a better country to live in .That is what is happening right now , our country is in the middle of an evolution , politically .
    The N in Rahman does Not indicate it is Najib ,could be New to indicate a new period of leadership . If Anwar is destined to be PM no one can change that except god .However I believe that will not happen as he is not the chosen one .

  26. Only Najib and Khairy must take over after Badawi. Mukhriz also can be minister:

    KUALA LUMPUR, July 4 (Bernama) — Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir said Friday he believed the sodomy accusation made by a former aide of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim aide to be true.

    “I am not surprised Anwar has been accused again for sodomy,” he said in a statement here.

    Mukhriz said Anwar, in making wild accusations about others now, was actually trying to divert people’s attention from the sodomy issue.

    The Jerlun MP said the fact that Anwar initially “ran” into the Turkish Embassy here, was itself an admission of guilt.

    Mukriz said he was not also surprised by the U.S State Department’s warning not to take action against Anwar.

    After all, he said, as the President of the Foundation of the Future, Anwar received a US$35 million (RM100 million) grant from the State Department.

    “This proves Anwar has more than a normal relationship with the U.S government,” he added.


  27. Iran tests missiles in Persian Gulf capable of hitting Israel. Crude oil future on the rise again, surely they have vase interest that the oil remain high.

    Here we have the jugheads seeking instant gratification, with their daily drama terrorize the country economy which benefit a few and to the detriment of many.

  28. Of Course Anwar had "more than a normal relationship with the US govt"! Imagine the country torn to pieces in 1998 and this guy got a red carpet welcome and a trip to the Pentagon! Of course, after he legalised short selling of currency and stocks in 1997 so that the CROOKS could devalue by 80-90%. What a TRAITOR! If he runs the country, he will employ the same gangsters style like the KGB or Hitler's SS spies! Dont give him any chance Malaysians. You put your future in jeopardy!

  29. "I'm not sure how seriously I'd take someone who goes by the handle piggy singh. But 'narrow-minded' and 'fool' are words that come to mind as well - a sad product of Malaysian education."
    Perhaps these sad products of Malaysian education were schooling in the era while Anwar was education minister, especially the brown shirt volunteers.

  30. MohamadEzam Mohd Nor, once a die-hard, strong and loyal supporter of and a lieutenant to Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), have said it and we should listen.
    Actually he echoed what many have known all along: The greatest hurdle that BABI had to put with in his proverbial quest to be the prime minister of this great country is none other than Deputy Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Abdul Razak.
    Ezam was a political secretary to BABI when he was in power, and Ezam was also the PKR youth chief until he quits, knowing something is rotten in BABI's camp, and we all now know what it is.
    In an interview with a local Malay daily Utusan Malaysia, Ezam said both Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his deputy, Najib, should and must defend the image of Umno at all cost. In that front page story with a headline "Najib penghalang Anwar jadi PM - Ezam (Najib is Anwar biggest hurdle to be PM - Ezam) he said BABI, when he was in power, even admitted to him that Najib is the one to be watched and that Najib is the smart one.

  31. Now PKR is like the Black Panther and Anwar of course is Malaysian version of Malcolm X.

    Imagine if he has people like Chef Wan for bodyguard. OK? ("ishh... janganlah tolak I").

    Bodyguard also you have to be petty of.

    But DSAI goatee remind me of his fanatic days.

  32. KT Dude,

    Ive observed that your blog has now attracted traffic from those KMU-types UMNO cybersuckers ; your most-times mindless tirades against AI pulling them here like cowsh*t attracts flies.

    Syabas!! Im sure this is pretty much what u want isnt it

  33. "your blog has now attracted traffic from those KMU-types UMNO cybersuckers "
    Birds of the same feather....

  34. Malaysia has no room for SS Gestapos and American mafias that Anwar is grooming. Let him rot in hell like Hitler who also sodomised young men.

  35. RPK was nothing more than a "royal pimp" though he declared himself to be an "independant blogger". He is a phoney maverick who uses the "pen that is mightier than the sword" but I use the "Truth that is mightier than the pen" hehe