Friday, July 18, 2008

Racism well & truly alive in Parliament

Note the wordings in the headlines of Malaysiakini news article Another shouting match over racism in the House!

Yes, that’s right, it says Another …….. over racism in … House” ;-)

No worries, racism is still well and truly alive, as a matter of fact, kicking quite vigorously too.

What happened started with Nazri Abdul Aziz, the Minister in the PM's Department, announcing that non-bumiputeras are entitled to JPA (Public Service Department) scholarships.

Knowing that the word ‘entitled’ doesn’t mean much unless it’s spelt out in fine print, my heroine, sweetie Fong Po Kuan, asked precisely for that – namely, what’s the quota of the JPA scholarships for each ethnic group.

‘Quotas’ are very important as we all know – we are still trying to achieve 30% economic equity for bumiputeras.

Two years ago it went up to 45% and then, subjected to strong gravitational 'forces', plummeted down to 19%; in fact the figure porpoised for a fair while - see
Bumi Equity - a Never Ending Story - with various figures in between including a 2002 university study by Dr M Fazilah, in which she pronounced:

“Nevertheless, the percentage of corporate equity owned by bumiputeras fluctuated between 16 percent in 1999 to 22 percent in 1995 and reached the NEP target only in 1997.”

That’s right, Dr Fazilah said:
Bumi equity surpassed 30% TEN YEARS ago

Anyway, back to Parliament, otherwise known as the Monkey House.

At this stage (when Fong asked for more details about the ethnic share of the JPA scholarships) Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (Umno-Pasir Salak) stood up and shouted:
"The constitution is clear on bumiputera rights and we can't compromise that. No more compromises!"

Huh? I didn't realize the Constitution mentions JPA scholarships?

So all hell broke loose with the inevitable shouts of racism ringing loud across the so-called august House wakakaka.

Tajuddin then condemned the government’s new policy on the JPA scholarships as a ‘populist’ decision but obviously to him, not a ‘popular’ one.

Despite several DAP MPs protesting, Tajuddin was unrepentant, shouting: "This is Malay rights. I have met several cabinet ministers and they agreed me with me that scholarships should only be reserved for Malays. There should be no compromises!”

Hmmm, no longer bumiputera rights? Only Malay rights?

Kulasegaran interjected: “This is racist!”

Tajuddin retorted: "You shut up! You shut up! I have children studying in England, Ireland and Australia and they have no scholarships. But I want rural Malays and lower income groups - even in Sabah and Sarawak - to get scholarships, like what is said in the constitution!”

He sounded like some comments on my blog, I mean the 'shut up' bit ;-)

“In Pasir Salak, are there no Chinese and Indians?”

… perhaps implying that in the next election, the Chinese and Indians should not vote for Tajuddin.

Maybe Tajuddin panicked leow and resorted to hitting below the belt by labelling Kulasegaran a Hindraf supporter.

He shouted:
“You think you are so smart? Penyokong Hindraf! Penyokong Hindraf! (Hindraf supporter! Hindraf supporter!) Anti-Malaysia.”

Then the man who thinks 50-year old women are no longer good enough for men to have ‘fun’ with, dear Ibrahim Ali (Independent-Pasir Mas) said:
“I support the Chinese and Indian communities. For them, set up foundations. But what’s written in the constitution is that the right to scholarships are only for Malays and bumiputera.”

;-) this bloke sure wants his cake and eat it as well. But we notice that apart from intimate knowledge on the age of women to have fun with, he's also another constitutional expert.

… by which time it was obvious House deputy speaker Ronald Kiandee had lost control of the Monkey House (hmmm, I wonder whether he was engrossed in playing sudoka under the speaker's desk?), because anak jantan Tajuddin challenged Kulasegaran to settle the issue outside the hall.

After the furore died down with the session over, a Tajuddin outside the House (no, he didn’t silat Kulasegaran), defended his verbal assaults on Kulasegaran. He said: "I'm not racist.”

Now, who would have thought he was - wakakaka

“I've stated it before, if you want to help the non-Malay students, especially those who are doing well in their studies, by all means do it. But why not do it in such a way that is not at the expense of bumiputera students because if we do that, we will fail in our national integration and unity."

'National integration and unity' by marginalising non-Malay ethnic groups, especially the much marginalized Indians?

But my Penang larng Chong Eng opined: "Pasir Salak is racist. He is defending a racist policy. On the other hand, we are opposing a racist policy and yet we are called racists."

And cutie Fong said that racist remarks in the House have gotten worse in recent times, saying:
“He (Tajuddin) speaks as though his constituency is 100 percent Malay. He speaks as though non-Malays are non-existent in this country. When you get elected, you should speak for everyone.”

Aiyah, I have arrived at the end of my post and forgotten to include a certain someone ;-)

See photo below for the true Maha-Dewa (he's walking last, in the place of honour!) wakakaka

source unknown - from an email circulating now


  1. Why are your attacks on UMNO so boring and inconsequential? Please, go back to your Anwar arse-centric commentaries. At least we can have a good look at your specious arguments there and have a good laugh!!! :))

  2. KTemoc can accuse other people of being racist, but to him, it's ok to be sexist. For God's sake, stop calling YB Fong Po Kuan "sweetie" or "cutie"!!

  3. KTemoc: if u want to criticise other ppl of being racist, u must urself not b a racist. also, u must not laugh at other ppl's religion! at the end of ur post, y did u have a gd laugh at the black priest @ the back of the line of white priests, calling him 'the true Maha-Dewa' saying that 'he's walking last, in the place of honour!', and ending it all with ur typically disgusting 'wakakaka'? do u have a serious problem with ppl with black skin??? do u have a serious problem with the religious practice of black ppl???

  4. my dear 'offended', wakakaka - "may the force be with you" wakakakkakakakakakakakakakkakakakakakkaka, lighten up matey ;-) and look carefully at who YOUR (not my) 'black priest' is - wakakakakakakakakakkakakakakaka

  5. KT: what has the picture got to do with your post? Isn't it clear that you chose an inopportune moment to hysterically laugh at the stupidity of the priests, and relevance does not matter to a bigot like you?

  6. Yoo hoo Ktemoc

    An aside. I was wondering where is my MP for Kelana Jaya. U know the infamous man in the Lingam video scandal. Can't spell nor pronounce his name. Lo and behold! Suddenly I saw him at Anwar"s house yesterday and at the great debate. I also saw him taking photos of
    his cohorts at Parliament House. But is he attending parliament session? Haven't heard him answering a question or debating bills in the House. Of course I didn't vote for him. But a member of my family did and he was chided eversince.Dear MP, do you know that robbery in KJ is increasing. In my area alone, there were 14 robberies last month. If you don't know how to word your questions or make speeches in parliament, I am willing to help you. Gratis.

  7. So many comments and none regarding the actual point of the post?

    Would things have been different if Tajuddin was less gung-ho and said this in Parliament instead?
    “I've stated it before, if you want to help the non-Malay students, especially those who are doing well in their studies, by all means do it. But why not do it in such a way that is not at the expense of bumiputera students because if we do that, we will fail in our national integration and unity."

  8. yes Klaw, as I blogged previously:

    RPK said: "That is the trouble with PKR. They dabble in cult personalities. When you are the current hot favourite, the flavour of the day, even your fart smells sweet ... "

    "The PKR crowd is one emotional group of people. I suspect that if Anwar was to order them to commit mass suicide they might just do so."

    and I commented:

    "How true!"

    "Some don’t even bother to read what I had actually written in my posts before they came out swinging to get me ..... ;-)"

    They're still stubbornly holding on to their myopic anger by refusing to read the post or even see or admit what the photo is about - they just want to wallop me - wakakaka

  9. idzan - his name is Loh Gwo Burne, videocameraman extraordinaire - mind you, he can order food at mamak shop in Bahasa ;-) - please see wakakaka

  10. I hate to comment on this. The UMNO men seems never learnt from the GE2008. While we move forward, there are some forever staying behind. I don't mean their lifestyle, but their mindset.

  11. Ktemoc is like the Teflon Anwar Demigod that he criticise. Those are his own words. Like Anwar, in Ktemoc's world, he is the only one who is right, most clever, most handsome, can do anything he want -- be it racist, sexist, Marxist or just AnalSexist. Didn't he tell you guys he love ANAL SEX and used to drug his 15-year-old girlfriends to get some?

  12. bro KTemoc,

    I tot thr woz a saying wen u visit d blogs i.e. 'We Agree To Disagree' heheh..wat can I say..(",) as for d photo i tink ur rite heheh..Darth Vader joining d priesthood..

    Look at tings on d lighter side..we r human & to err sumtime is human..


  13. Damn it,Finland must be a crazy country compare to Malaysia. Despite a population of 5 millions, there is 20 universities, 30 polytechnics, enough for most citizen to enter tertiary. And most are world class.

    OTH, Malaysia which enjoy 30+ years of oil money, messing up with quota,NEP, with no more than 15 universities, 5 polytechnics. And yet those fucker MP question about "quota", then question about the root : the fucked up education system.

    Bare in mind that, besides the 8 years free education, Malaysia government hide the spending on MARA in education. That goes another multiple billions.

    And the end results, thanks to all this racist MP and stupid Malaysia voters, Malaysia ARE still a labor intensive export country. Our high value knowledge economy are heavily hampered.

  14. They just cant deny racism dusen exist. "This is Malay rights. I have met several cabinet ministers and they agreed me with me that scholarships should only be reserved for Malays. There should be no compromises!”
    So other races of ppl dun deserve to be educated?

  15. Hi again,

    Thanks for enlightening me. Yep I thought I saw him at our naighbouring Syed Bistro. I wanted to approach him to state my case. But on second thoughts he could be the plumber who messed up my sewage system.

  16. Hey, how come no one complimented Nazri Aziz, for steadfastly holding to the ratio arrangement. Im telling u guys, Nazri is no racist or dumbo, only that he tends to speak his mind way too often. I know for certain KMU guys are fcuking him like hell for this ratio thing

  17. Yo KT

    Oops, an error. my earlier post should read my neighbourhood Syed Bistro. Glad they are not next-door. Btw Nazri was so pleasing to the ear on the scholarship issue at parliament. For the non-bumis that is. Or is he Anwar Ibrahim wannabe. Saying different things to different folks. Afterall politicians have many colours.

  18. It's a waste of time asking these devilish, devious and dishonest people for quotas and statistics.

    They just make up some fictitious number so as to always support their claims. Everyone knows that.

    When their bluff is called, they resort to shouting and threatening and abusive language. That racist party tends to produce parliamentarians of that sort.

    Speaketh da truth

  19. Hi
    Is it true the constitution says that scholarships only for Malays or is it bumputras. No wonder me average income couldn't get a scholarship from JPA for my son who applied on his own and got a place for biotech studies in Oxford. You know what those JPA smart alecks told my son. JPA scholarship only for Form 5... so Oxford not good enough for them... but they got it right that Saiful got some scholarship... my son did not go to Oxford... I can't sponsor him.. but some kind private company sponsored him to U of Melbourne. He is graduating soon. Is 2nd top in the University... Nah JPA still thinks bumiputras I mean Malays have the rights of this country. We are all pendatang and only responsible to pay taxes to support them... When I was in university from a poor family... couldn't get scholarship.. but no complains worked hard... published articles in international journals and thank god did my postgrad in UK and a 1 year IT course in Tokyo... Seems outside people recognise us more than our own.. which makes me more racists as my 1st generation NEP fellow now asking for support for their children.. 2nd generation NEPs... when will you stop thinking 'ini hak kita to damn with the rest'.. even in USM i heard these strong words' ini hak kita... even though i ask 'hey brader u berapa A... huh only C/D/E boleh masuk... ramai bumi ada A tak dapat masuk.. 6 tahun belajar engineer - humble sikit brader. or university lecturers 'f*** me for reminding them to repay their MARA loans -- ini hak kita - tak payah bayar balik.. i tell them 'hey abang, u bayar balik orang bumi lain boleh dapat support... their reply. 'ini hak kita jangan soalan you orang pendatang'- oh well... dont throw pearls on swines i supposed.
    I don't mind if the money is from UMNO foundation support your hak and ketuanan. But if it's taxpayers... those who deserve it should get it...
    victim of NEP proud to have made it without those racist help.
    When will this bumi this and that end? when will fair play comes in. BN or PR all racists to some extend.. i also hypocritical racist defending justice, fairness and my own religion and race... so a vicious circle?
    INI HAK KITA... when will this end.. sigh :(