Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Arresting Anwar Ibrahim - Game of brinksmanship?

When I read Malaysiakini news announcement Anwar arrested outside his house I thought to myself, this is one bizarre country when just last night, the bloke was debating against the Minister of Info on the issue of petrol prices, an event which was broadcast around the globe (well, at least for those who wants to see it).

When I saw that debate - yes, I saw in on Global media Channel down here in Australia (on my laptop at a drinking party) as recommended by Malaysiakini – I thought to myself Malaysia has come a long way to even allow an opposition person to appear in such prominence.

Today I was contemplating discussing the debate despite people having already made up their minds last night as to who was the better debater even before the debate started ;-) but alas, the arrest took me by surprise.

In another Malaysiakini report CID chief reveals why Anwar was arrested, the police claimed they were worried (or pissed off) that Anwar had no intention of fronting up at the police station to be interviewed by police, hence they arrested him to ensure they could interview him.

Malaysiakini quoted Bakri Zinin, the Federal CID director, saying that Anwar was supposed to have gone directly to the police headquarters immediately after giving his statement to the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) in Putrajaya.

"However, we were informed that after he left the ACA headquarters in Putrajaya, he had changed his route and was heading back to his house in (Bukit) Segambut.

"He was arrested as we had reason to believe he was not going to show up. We wish to point out that Anwar had initially agreed to meet us on Monday but failed to keep his appointment."

No charge has yet been laid against him and it may well be that the police will be forced to release him after 24 hours – unless of course …….. something develops.

Anwar was deliberately absent from his appointment with the police on Monday. He merajuk by claiming that the police had acted unprofessionally in 'intimidating and harassing' his staff and family while attempting to serve an order under Section 111 of the Criminal Procedure Code on Sunday.

I didn't buy his bullsh*t because the police had to do so, ie. serve that order, thus I wasn't entirely surprised by his not turning up at the police station as he had originally agreed to.

I am not sure whether that had been part of his plan to defy authorities, and to push his defiance to the edge of the envelope, essentially a game of brinksmanship or even to create a scene worthy of international attention or domestic upheaval?

If it has been, then the authorities have played into his hands. On the other hand, if the authorities have (as feared) acted heavy-handedly, I reckon Anwar will emerge even more victorious.

With a person like Anwar, the authorities would have been better off just ignoring him – he thrives on media attention. Admittedly it wouldn't have been easy, what with Statutory Declarations ;-) flying high and low to taunt the UMNO leadership and to regale us with salacious gossips.

Of course Anwar's game of brinksmanship may possibly backfire against him if he believes that the authorities have been afraid to 'touch' him since global eyes are watching.

Today Malaysia is quite different from 1998 without a hostile-to-US-&-the-West Dr M. Instead it has as its PM an AAB who has been developing cozy relationship with the Yanks and Europe - told you this bloke is one sly, shrewd and cunning fellow.

Poor Anwar could conceivably end up for a long long time behind bars, with the US/West just making the occasional obligatory perfunctory mumblings.


  1. Operation "Padam" is on.

    Much, much more is at stake than the personal future of one Anwar Ibrahim, no matter how much you dislike him.

  2. Ktemoc - your brain dead blog remarks against Anwar Ibrahim disqualify you to comment on Malaysian politics with any credibility.

    I only comment because your blog was linked to Mkini otherwise blogs like yours deserve to be linked to the toilet bowl.

    Weigh your comments with make remarks without thought about the seriousness of the situation in Malaysia.

    People like you are vain and egoistic and comment on people like Anwar to bring attention to yourself. I am no Anwar ass-licker but I dont think he deserves the kind of crap that oozes out of your shit-brain.

    Be a true blogger not a blockhead!

  3. You are a s**thead and dont ever come back to this country. I'm guessing you are just a dumbass who has plenty of spare time.

  4. Its funny when ppl who wants to fight for "freedom" wants to block other's freedom... Reformasi kepala hotak dia..

    Steady on KT. Say your piece. Dont be afraid!

  5. I second on that tak buta. These people they only acknowledge freedom when it is to their advantage and anti-establishment! WTF?

    Way to go KT! Just ignore these useless buggers. This is your personal blog and you have the right to you views.

    If those people don't like it then go read elsewhere. I recommend you harakah.

  6. Jeyklls and Hydes in Malaysia. Are you? (Updated 16 July 2008)

    Malaysians in dilemma? So many events and news both real and unreal. Don’t know who to believe? Bombarded with too much spins. These are the quotes, we now hear.

    “Give up”, “Fed up”, “Wait and See”, “Lost interest”, “Headache”, “Cannot believe anyone”, “Who to believe ah?”, “Niamah”, “Pening kepala”, “Pening otak”, “Sudah lah”, “Pi mampus”, “Insyallah (God Willing)” or raise your palm and fist and put them together on National tv or or or or other blogs.

    Why? Because it depends on what you want to perceive and your bias toward your own race, color, religion, party, groups, interests, superiority or plain dumbness.

    That makes you something of a Jeykll and Hyde if you can’t differentiate between facts and fictions, good and evil, right and wrong, true or false. Too many Malaysians can’t decide now whether to become Jeykll or whether to become Hyde or when to become Jeykll or when to become Hyde.

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  7. Will this nostradamus fellow go away already. He's been shitting all over the blogs.

  8. Dude,
    You should be happy now since DSAI is being arrested and with him out, BN will truly become a Fascist Regime and Australis is not far for this cancer to spread.

    As for DSAI allegations of coppers harrassment and intimidation tactics since last Friday leading to Monday's Gridlock. It was true. Aides, friends and even relatives of DSAI were stop by SB to be taken to Balai for hours and relesed later when their lawyers asks for charges. If you do not follow their orders, you will be charges for not cooperating.

    Your hatred for DSAI has gone too far and are clouding your judgement. We don't need another Character Assasin,we already have a lot at BN.

  9. Joyah f**k up!
    I respect your right to speak, so you too, respect mine. Where and how I said them is no blooming business of yours. Wipe your own a**.

  10. KT - I am surprise you fail (or choose not to) to see the high handed abuse of the law in the handling of Anwar.

  11. Brinkmanship or not, I think it is all a mind game. Someone knows that he is in for but to try to create a situation that the police will come and arrest him from his house so that it is a exact replay of what happened before. The police is not that stupid to let that happen.

  12. Folks - According to most reliable suspicion Ktemoc is a government stooge who speaks their language.

    The issue is not pro-or anti-Anwar but pro-fairness. Many buggers pretend to be bloggers - got nuthing to say, only nut things to say, that don't help the country. KT is a typical example.

    Marina Mahathir is another example, typical hypocrite - dare comment on AAB but not on Big Daddy - a million times worse than AAB.

    Blogs are not private - they are in the public domain - and are fair game..People like Ktemoc and Marina Mahathir are not bloggers but bluggers ie. they love to bluff and bluff and pretend they are concerned for public interest but are biased thru and thru.

    Bluggers are related to buggers and bluffers. They are their children.

    A good blogger who wants to make political comments is fair and without fear or favour..If not keep your blog in the gossip space and not link it to Mkini...

    What's wrong with you blokes who live in Australia? Kevin Rudd..KTemoc ...can't see the truth eh? Making idiotic statements..tsk tsk. Niamah!

  13. A game of brinksmanship?

    This piece is a joke. Its all speculation and second guessing. If this was presented to me in a Meeting, I would usher KT out immediately and request only first tier "management" remain behind for the meeting; People who talk facts and not fantasies.

    God forgive you for your abuse of your current media draw "power". May you be made to feel how AI feel when you review your life's acts before God.

  14. KT is not asking everybody to agree, and if you don't, why sooooo emotional and angry?

  15. 1) "You should be happy now since DSAI is being arrested and with him out, BN will truly become a Fascist Regime and Australis is not far for this cancer to spread."

    Get a grip. DSAI is not the be-all-end-all of democracy in Malaysia. But of course some naive people do think so. Just this afternoon I got email spam from DSAI's campaign, bearing the header "Anwar Ibrahim: the voice of democracy in Malaysia". Talk about hero worship. The word "cult" comes to mind.

    Having said that, even a full blown narcissist deserves justice and due procedure. What happened this afternoon bordered on lunacy. A team of commandos to bring in a politician? How ridiculous.


    2) What I am most curious to see is how "aggrieved" PAS will appear because of this. DAP will go all out... they are not really "emotionally torn" by this, it's a simple matter of supporting their ally. But I think PAS would be a more complicated story, given the general chain of events and "mood" post-election... maybe that is what motivated the timing of his arrest.

  16. Put yourself in DSAI's shoes. He has an appointment with the police on Monday 1400 hours. But on Monday morning, some spineless magistrate has issued a court order to arrest him if he appears within 5 km from the Parliament building. What would you do since the IPK is within 5 km? Get your facts before blogging.

  17. KT, gettin' so much 'luvin' eh? Better "tong kai pai san" (slaughter a chicken and pray to a god) although you are an atheist. Maybe the gods's favour will shine on you.

  18. gasp, gawd, omigosh ;-) I am not sure what I wrote in this post that indicates I hate Anwar - oh yes, that anwarista word 'hate' - unless one is praisng and adoring anwar, it must be 'hatred'!

    I wonder whether those who abused me in turn had even bother to read or analyze what I've written?

  19. "joyah said...
    I second on that tak buta. These people they only acknowledge freedom when it is to their advantage and anti-establishment! WTF?

    Way to go KT! Just ignore these useless buggers. This is your personal blog and you have the right to you views.

    If those people don't like it then go read elsewhere. I recommend you harakah."

    Funny you should mention HARAKAH!! Before 1998, it was Mat Sabu and PAS who promoted Anwar as homosexual! Mat Sabu went out of his way, it was called KEMPEN AL-JUBURI... Even KARPAL went all out claiming the "sodomee" asked for his protection.. THIS WAS A FEW YEARS BEFORE ...1998! I was present at both Mat Sabu and Karpal's lecture in KEMPEN AL-JUBURI!

    Hmmm.. come to think of it, now Karpal represents Anwar ke? Must know a lot of Anwar's secret.. hahah..

    Oh yea.. HARAKAH was the only paper that excersice it's "freedom" to promote Kempen Al -Juburi.

    Now.. hmmm.. This Anwar really good at manipulating. MENIPU RAKYAT..

    Tak percaya Al-Juburi? Tanya la Mat Sabu and Karpal..

  20. Dear Ktemoc

    You are free to write what you wish - that is freedom of speech.

    But as an intellectual, you should at least try to maintain a certain degree of objectivity.
    Instead, all your pieces on Anwar appear to be deliberately slanted. Example: you argue that although Anwar was to appear at the police station by 2 pm or suffer arrest, it was OK for the police to arrest him earlier. In other words, you are supporting "preventive detention"! You are supporting the machinations of a police state!

    Where is your sense of justice? Or are you being intellectually dishonest in your continuing efforts to vilify Anwar Ibrahim whenever any opportunity develops?

    Phua Kai Lit

  21. KTemoc an "intellectual"????? Wahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That's a good one!!! :))

  22. Be fair or shut up! said...

    Why don't you shut up . If you cannot accept what other people write or if you cannot accept KT's view go to other blog's that sings praises of Anwar . Go to Anwar's prayer house and sing Praise The Lord Anwar .

    So all the blogs that do not sing your tune are all brain dead blogs ??

    You are no Anwar ass-licker doesn't mean you are not screwing Anwar's ass or he is screwing yours . Which way is it ???

  23. Anonymous said...

    You are a s**thead and dont ever come back to this country. I'm guessing you are just a dumbass who has plenty of spare time.

    Looks like Anwar's ass lickers are worst than BN dogs . At least they don't issue threats " don't ever come back .

    I think the thread worms from Anwar's ass have reach their brain .

  24. Anonymous said...

    Joyah f**k up!
    I respect your right to speak, so you too, respect mine. Where and how I said them is no blooming business of yours. Wipe your own a**.

    So you should also respect other people's right to comment on your comment .

    Are you saying you can comment and others should just shut up and not comment ??

    Is this the behaviour of all Anwar's ass lickers ??

    Is our business on where and how you said them , we don't need to wipe our asses we have people like you licking it clean for us .

  25. Bluggers aint Bloggers said...

    Folks - According to most reliable suspicion Ktemoc is a government stooge who speaks their language.

    Aiyoooo there are 500000 bloggers in Malaysia alone . You don't expect everyone to sing the same tune . There are some who sing out of tune and there are some who sing a different tune . Please lah don't brand people who sing different tune as government stooge . So people in this world must all sing together in synchronise harmony . I thought we have synchronise swimming , never knew we have synchronise thoughts .