Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The ‘Kinabatangan’-isation of a DAP MP!

Remember that man from Kinabatangan?

If you can’t, do read Malaysiakini Vox Populi columns such as
'Repent, you shameful man' and 'Suspend Kinabatangan MP'.

Well, he isn’t alone out there as I blogged in Super Pariahs, Super Pious & Super Poked!

There was also another UMNO bloke, namely the tebuan keeper, Badruddin Amiruldin, otherwise known as the AirAsia ‘tunnel’ man – read Malaysiakini news article
Wanita delegate sees red over AirAsia uniform for details about his ‘tunnel’ vision.

But it seems sadly that even one of the DAP’s MP has been ‘Kinabatangan’-ised.

I learnt about it from an outraged sweetie who wrote to me about the ‘Kinabatangan’-ised person.

When he started with ‘desperate housewives’ I wasn’t yet that outraged as my friend; in fact being a bit of a [blush, blush] MCP I admit to then having a few politically incorrect chuckles because it was a clever pun on a popular TV series - a harmless political jab without any indecent insult as such.

Then when it went to ‘superpoked’ as I had blogged in Super Pariahs, Super Pious & Super Poked! I was greatly disappointed.

I thought to myself, surely this isn’t the DAP?

There was no excuse to be crude, rude and outrageously insensitive to a person who had claimed to be a victim of an alleged though serious crime. Whether he was a real victim or not wasn't yet ascertained at that time , so it was a terrible terrible inexcusable description.

At best it was utterly tasteless.

I had hoped, and consoled myself, the questionable puerile language might be just a temporary salacious exuberance, influenced perhaps by the fact that Saiful Bukhari Azlan had compromised Anwar Ibrahim, and ‘twas naturally the typical harsh words for a perceived political ‘enemy’.

But alas, the Kinabatangan Doctrine of Dismal Disposition seems to be deep rooted, as we read of more appalling language such as “… and a hooker her high-traffic, yawning v[censored].”

"... high-traffic, yawning v[censored]”?


I suggest the DAP better pull up its socks ... or feet from the grubby grim gutter it has somehow descended into, or soon we'll hear of "bocor-ing from the result of the high traffic kapuk-ing of karng-karng tunnels".


  1. outraged sweetie = Jed Yoong

    Kinabatanganized = Jeff Ooi.


  2. ..victim of an alleged though serious crime..

    A serious crime? Dude, at best it was consensual, at worst it didn't even occur.

    Or should it be the other way round?

    Well, I suppose on depends on whether you like the man or not.

  3. Jeff is the salt of the earth.
    The Ah Cheks and Ah Ees in his constituency love him.

    This is Jelutong.
    Not high-falutin Damansara or PJ Utara.

    Give 'em-hell, Jeff.

  4. Wy kam - wrong on 1st count!

    Crankshaft - I said "alleged" - don't drag me into the anwaristas' favourite "like/dislike" arena ;-)

    kittykat - he's more PKR (or Gerakan) than DAP, that I admit ;-) - DAP people just don't use/say such words. And alas, you just have to insult Jelutong people as insensitively crude - 'salt of the earth' eh? wakakaka you sure can spin lah.

  5. "DAP people just don't use/say such words"

    DAP people are not angels sent from the heavens to save Malaysia, take it easy la... the other DAP reps probably say things that they shouldn't, but they have the sense not to publish it in a blog :P

    When the news came out that Tony Pua and Jeff Ooi were joining DAP, everyone was happy to hear about Tony, but a little suspicious about Jeff. Not suspicious of his intentions, but suspicious of his character.

    I recall one DAP blog saying of Tian Chua's entrance into Parliament something along the lines of "aiyah, this fellar ah? headache la, someone please tell him to behave properly now that he is in Parliament". Well, some of us had similar thoughts about Jeff...

    Diplomacy simply is not in Jeff's creed. I think the post title is absolutely correct... he is DAP's Kinabatangan, and he can't help it. But hopefully he will make up for it in other ways.

    And by the way, to Tian Chua's credit, I must (grudgingly) admit... so far so good! I have *almost* forgiven him for Lunas ;-)

  6. Ktemoc,
    Have you been to Jelutong market on a Saturday morning ?

    You will love it.....

    I wasn't insulting Jelutong folks. I used to live in the next constituency.

    Just pointing out an Ohh-so Very Refined MP won't last very long here...

    As I said, this isn't Damansara...but they are good folks, don't judge a person only by his choice of words...

  7. hey matey, you're talking to a 'salt of the earth' Ayer Itam bloke la, aitam pnai knia, hehehe

    next constituency? high-falutin Gelugor? wakakaka

  8. Crankshaft ; best it was consensual,

    I would place my bets on consensual sodomee . Nice to eat , latest craze in town.

  9. Why should KTemoc complain about someone else's sexism when he is sexist himself? Extremely fond of calling highly accomplished women "sweetie" and "cutie" -- that's KTemoc for you! He's aware of this, but I don't think other people agree with him that he is just "a bit" of a Male Chauvinist Pig. To many, he is not able to counternance women's achievements for what they are, and instead uses sexist condescending epithets as terms of address or reference for them. To them, KTemoc is undoubtedly quite a gigantic Male Chauvinist Pig, and not merely a tiny inconsequential piglet of an MCP.qtoxic

  10. Nah, a nice little pro-DAP katak-bashing morsel for us to savour: "M Kulasegaran said Tajol must respect the decision made by the voters and any backdoor manoeuvring is tantamount to belittling them."


  11. kitty kat,

    sure, if jeff wants to be crude.
    but instead of picking on prostitutes, some who just earn a decent living, why not pick on his wife's vagina? after she has had how many kids?

    I agree that KT is also an MCP. Calling women sweetie as if they are some dessert.

    I dun believe u have to insult women to get elected....

  12. sweetie" and "cutie that's a compliment . Just like adorable ! but not chubby , skinny , shortie , hahaha .

  13. chap,

    yeah, if the woman was your PET...maybe she would feel flattered...

  14. Bung Mustapha, The MB of Pahang should all be sacked.

    They are real bad example and in the name of being leaders, a bad influence on our Children.

    What is the lakey speaker doing on this.

    He should be sodomised by all of us.

    Down with BN and go to hell.

    In the name of god, I appeal to all rakyat to curse and swear that they suffer incurable health and disease.