Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Paradox of Balasubramanian Perumal

Gajah sama gajah bertempur, pelanduk mati di tengah
- Malay saying

(kaytee's translation: when elephants are screwing each other, the mousedeer foolish enough to be caught in the middle gets sodomized)

On Thursday the ‘world’s greatest person’ held a press conference for his Majestic Magnificence to pontificate on the Explosive claims linking Najib to Altantuya.

As reported by Malaysiakini, the man who signed that damning Statutory Declaration (later withdrawn) was Balasubramaniam, now a household name in Malaysia ... and on the X-files.

I recall that when Bala made that initial Stat Dec, he was challenged on why he had signed the police statement about the Altantuyaa murder but which did not contain details that implicated Najib, yet had since come out with such a earth-shaking revelation about the DPM (in the initial Stat Dec, albeit in hearsay fashion).

Bala confessed that he had signed the police statement under duress.

In the Malaysiakini report he said he had given information on Najib to the police when they took his statement but was surprised that all mention of Najib were removed from the police statement. He claimed that he reluctantly signed that statement under duress.

Balasubramaniam explained he was held in the police lock-up twice during the investigation into the murder - the first time for five days, the second, seven days.

He lamented: “If you have experience in the cell, you will definitely sign the statement. I wanted to go out, I have three children.”

Surely all of us can sympathise with that – I wouldn’t dare dream of boasting to be a brave hero, more so for a man like Bala who has responsibility towards a family comprising 3 children.

But then …

Indeed but then … he has subsequently, strangely and bravely came up with that Stat Dec damning Najib.

Noticeable at the press conference in the prominent seat was of course Anwar Ibrahim, nemesis of Najib.

I find it utterly strange and inconsistent that for a family man who was scared of the police because of his responsibility towards his 3 children (and we can understand this), he suddenly became ‘brave’ enough to verbally slaughter the DPM of the nation (this change of his attitude we still cannot come to grips with).

So … what has caused Balasubramaniam to change his mind?

Was it his conscience?

Was it the inspiring redoubtable magnificent Anwar Ibrahim?

Did he then go look for a lawyer to help him with that born-again conscience to come up with a Stat Dec?

I am visualizing a scenario where he said to his found lawyer Mr Americk Singh Sidhu: “Mr Singh. This is what I want you to draft for me … yadda yadda yadda … Oh, by the way, how much will it cost? I don’t have much money - I have several mouths to feed lah - so better let me know beforehand. Thanks.”

“Incidentally, can you also please contact that impressive Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim - I am so inspired by him - so that he can chair the press conference I want to have in order to let everyone know about Najib and Altantuyaa, as told to me by Razak Baginda, as told to him by Najib.”

“Oh, do you think I should add in this bit about Altantuyaa liking it in her anus, as told by her to Najib, who told that to Razak Baginda, who told it to me?”

I just wonder …?

Maybe Mr Americk Singh Sidhu can enlighten us? Yes yes of course I am aware of the lawyer-client confidentiality but given that Bala has mysteriously disappeared, maybe Mr Singh can make an exception? Who knows, it might help uncover clues to help us locate Bala.

It would help if he can throw some light on whether my scenario modeling has been correct?

Maybe Mr Singh can also tell us whether he (Mr Singh) did that job pro bono? What a good man!

So my dear readers, here we have it ... Bala, who was so terrified of the police into signing a police statement which did not include any mention of Najib .....

..... then became brave enough to make a Stat Dec condemning Najib, no doubt based on hearsay evidence but nonetheless very very damning …..

..... which he then subsequently revealed in a 2nd Stat Dec that he was under duress to make the 1st Stat Dec.

But ... alas ... many especially the PKR and some in the legal fraternity including his own lawyer, Mr Americk Singh, said that couldn’t be. He had made the 1st Stat Dec willingly and without duress ... which of course contained all those nasty stuff about Najib .....

..... which, if we recall, he was scared to insist on their inclusion in the original police statement because he was being held for so many days in a police cell.

Alas again, PKR and some lawyers condemned him for giving in to pressure in signing the 2nd Stat Dec ..... which of course happened after he was advised by his own lawyer, Mr Americk Singh to be a good citizen and report to the police station as summoned. That’s good advice by Mr Singh ..... for us to be good citizens!

But when Bala went to the police station, he wasn’t accompanied by Mr Singh.

Hmmm, maybe Anwar accompanied him? What? No? Okay then … very amazing!

Since then, he, wife, 3 children and 2 dogs have disappeared.

Perhaps Anwar Ibrahim is looking for him? What? No again?

Oh, I see – Anwar if to be the BIG STAR at the Kelana Protes rally show to night - right now as I post this!

Maybe Bala and family and dogs are hiding in the Turkish Embassy?

Poor Bala!

Kaytee can detect two common denominators for Bala, namely (1) he seemed to be under constant duress right from Day 1, and (2) he was flicked off after his usefulness.

Such is the lot of the Indians – another case for Hindraf to lament on.


  1. Please lah, a person who is under duress wont be able to smile, to pump his chest forward, to shake hands willingly!

    Get your observations straight, you obviously need a course in human emotions!

    If you want to listen to a guilty man speak, listen to Najis Razak.

    A liar who says he doesnt know who Saiful is, yet 2 days later says he met Saiful in his house.

    A Deputy Prime Minister who is in the business of so called comforting sodomy victims.

    In his entire left, pls ask Najis Razak how many sodomy victims , even rape victims has he ever comforted.

    Makes you think if there ever even was a sodomy victim in the first place.

  2. anonymous,

    you pretty much religiously follow this concept of WYSIWYG..

    What You See is What You Get..

    Magicians manipulate that a lot..

    You observe bala's behaviours, OK thats fine. But don't come out with a conclusion out of that observation just yet.

  3. The ether waves whisper that Bala Pee has fled to unknown islands across the causeway from where he will be issuing a 3rd SD claiming he was intimidated by Sith Jedi forces to retract the
    1st SD due to subtle threats against the safetly and lives of his nearest and dearest!

    Watch this space! lol

    ps Why should Interpol be called in? He cannot leave the country without a passport trace at Immigration. Unless of course, he had false passports.

  4. TM obviously ur are bloody biased donkey..opps insult for donkeys...see the other end of the story also...not only the rear end. Be a creditable blogger.Bikin malu sma bloggers lah kau punya otak!!!

  5. listen to americk's and siva's PC on malaysiakini. how more inconsistent can one get?

    it is anwar's moronic ploy. bala is now laughing his way to the bank. got him to do the first SD, then go see the police unaccompanied, then retract on such horrible appearance, then disappear.

    you're smart, anwar. politics is about perception. but, other than your blind fanatics, not everybody can be deceived by your ploy.


  6. dear bros,

    so much for publicity,..heheh..wat can I say..(",) frm wat I can see bro AnWar, Bala & Americk are all in d same boat.. one wonders what takes d SD so long to be prepared? a months back.. put urself in his place if u were to file a SD will u need to go see ur lawyer so many times trying to figure out wat else was ommitted..its like cooking up sumting..heheh... my piece is dat bro AnWar ask Bala to file d SD months back & dey jst wait for d rite moment..d last minute inclusion mite b to potray DSN as a butt lover too.. n i say dat bro AnWar's specific intruction woz " today u file d SD & d next day you file anothr SD to retract d first..jst so dat ppl will tink dat DSN had used threat to Bala..den it's hide & seek.. wat a script, heheh..wat can I say..(,") jst anothr theory..


    "People with virtue must speak out; People who speak are not all virtuous.""
    ~ Confucius

    There are three truths: my truth, your truth, and the truth."
    ~ Chinese proverb

  7. "Since then, he, wife, 3 children and 2 dogs have disappeared."

    TM obviously you are a bloody biased donkey... oops, sorry for being a copycat.

    How come ah, the man who is within the police radar together with wife, children and dogs gone missing, the polis dun know?

  8. There is no paradox. Bala besides Anwar smiling. Cant you tell the first SD was fake? Paid liar. Then when threatened with imprisonment, quickly change stand to the truth. Then disappear for fear of being assassinated for breach of contract.

  9. Anwar said charge him at syariah court?????whereby it require 4 persons to witness the act. Don't you think he is insulting the intelligent of the people.

    This further convince me that he is guilty.....period

    Wondering will kapal and LKS agreeable to the syariah court?..hahaha....

  10. TM see the big picturelah. Why kutuk the small fry Bala? Why can't the big shots just sue the small fry if anything is untrue? No bola?? Why must remove specific things related to big shot oni? The big shot smile and say ' saya tak tahu'. U r so stupid? U don see all these ah? U blind bin pekak??
    As for Anuar's sumpah;
    Anuar berani sumpah coz they asked him....How come others also can sumpah what...DPM PM AG. IGP..the whole lot? At least he is taking it on...
    Looks like our courts lawyers and judges can take leave mar....close shop. Kedai sumpah UMNO is enough to prove who is guilty...

  11. ya... have to say u r damn bias. a bit too much this time.
    i too dont trust anwar but what u wrote here... damn unfair to him.

    why dont u switch off and chk what's on the telly... like me just now.

  12. ktemoc believing najib words ,the one who contradict himseft .He believing him bcoz he got the scholarship from him , or may be he manage to get advice from najib anytime he want . oh sure najib answer to u is "it is up to u, i have no knowledge about it

  13. The 1st was not under duress, but under big pile of money and promise of security. The 2nd was after a little knock on the head, "hey... you were implicating the PM-in-waiting (in realistic term rather than in hypothetical term)".

    Well, Bala didn't have 3 months or 12 months to think but less than 24 hours on both occasions.

    He didn't carry those info alone in his head for months, the scenario was already on the internet BEFORE he was even arrested.

    The words were already crafted for him, all he needed to do is put down his signature. "Don't worry, nothing will happen to you and your family. RPK's SD was even more explosive and mind-boggling and look at him... tarak takut pun!"

  14. It is apparent that you have a distaste for Anwar that is your choice. Obviously you prefer to be sodomized by Nagis, I bet you feel more comfortable and rewarding..that must be the reason why your imagination went wild and produced this load of rubbish!

  15. With the inreased petrol and consumer price, we are living in more difficult life. But you never fail to make me laugh, cheers!!!

  16. KT, from your analysis it seems tha Bala gommorah-ed both Anwar and Najib, and walks free with thick wallet.

  17. Me no Anwar fan either, but KTM is just plain biased against the former DPM.

    Anwar is now devoid of police protection, and the credibility of our judiciary is in doubt. And he managed to "coerce" Bala to make an SD implicating the all-powerful DPM of the day! Wow! This is news to me!

    Ey, KTM, go get to know a few friends in UMNO or PKR or even PAS to know how Malay politics works. Not simple as you think. But you can continue to make us laugh, as laughing is what the suffering Malaysians now badly need...

  18. Don't talk and act like a doofus.

    Go read Haris Ibrahim on this matter if you're feeling helpless.

  19. On the condemnation that all of Bala's SD1 was hearsay, look at what Haris Ibrahim has to say -

  20. Dear Ktemoc and other readers

    Please take a look at Nat Tan's well-written piece:

    The tide of popular democracy is sweeping towards Malaysia's shores.
    Remember: if Gandhi is removed, Nehru will take his place. If Martin Luther King is removed, Jesse Jackson will take his place.
    If Anwar is removed from the scene
    (and I have mentioned earlier that I am wary of Anwar), many others will take his place.

    Phua Kai Lit

  21. Bala is just an ordinary man whom Anwar and the gang had lured into making the statutory delaration. Hey, you are taking about big guys like lawyers, senior politician etc asking for his help... What he was not told was the implication that he might or will be facing. Perjury, false declaration etc which can easily lands him in jail. Anwar and his think tank gangs are always thinking the next step of 'evidence' and sorry for those ordinary people if they got involved. He wants to be the next PM and nothing will stop his way, whether he lose or win, it is his business but to Bala, it's his life...

  22. KT, kepala otak engkau is all mess up, take a few days off and go for a holiday. You will realised that many of us cannot afford a holiday now. But you need it. You need to ponder whether, do you prefer Anwar the devil or the BN the mother of all devils from the deep pit of Najis. Ya, you believe in the Conspiracy theory set up by Anwar. Me too. I have to salute him. That's brilliant, we must have such a PM running our country. Otherwise we will have to flip flop for another few more years.

  23. The allegations against Anwar: If Saiful & Anwar are claimed to have done the sexual act voluntarily without force, then BOTH should be charged under the Penal Code. If Saiful claims Anwar forced / raped him - well, all I can say is we're all waiting for the details of how he was "overpowered" (!). Rape cases are based on an unbroken physical evidence chain from the first violent threat to the actual rape itself. Not just tilams!

    In any event the the allegation against Anwar involves a private act between 2 individuals. Even the ulamak are brought into it, I feel that the allegations should still be properly investigated like any other sexual crime case.

    What is puzzling is this: Saiful went to see the DPM/Minister of Defence to get a recommendation for a university scholarship? Saiful went to the DPM/Minister of Defence's house to confide his sodomy trauma? What?!! It's mind-boggling....

    The allegations against Najib involves a high profile murder case where there was use of military explosives (what? have asssassins run out of guns with silencers these days? Bombs destroy dna? I thot everybody watched CSI?!), members of the police force, members of the arms forces etc etc. All these issues are serious enough to raise questions in any reasonable Malaysian's mind about the conduct of the public officials and public institutions smeared by these allegations.

    A girl was murdered. Who did it? Why? Did the accused cops do it to "help" the accused Razak Baginda to cover up an affair + extortion claims out of the kindness of their hearts?! If they were paid off, where are the details of the money-trail? If this wasn't the case, then who else wanted the girl dead? Why?

    The truth is out there...

    Siti Melati, Bangi

  24. what is amazing about all this is how the die hard Anwarians just cannot see the manipulation of this man for HIS OWN PERSONAL GLORY ...

    at the moment everything in this country is either screwed or being sodomised ... I just am sick of the detractions, and who continues to suffer - you and I the average joe/jane.

    Anwar if it ever comes where he has to pack and leave, will be doing so First Class to some swanky place - his mess of coup in waiting - you and I will clean the mess.

    For those who write comments, can they address the issue and not in their blind love for one self centred moron hurl abuses at those who differ in opinion?

    Just a thought - Anwar is not God, far from it!!

  25. KTemoc said:"I find it utterly strange and inconsistent that for a family man who was scared of the police because of his responsibility towards his 3 children (and we can understand this), he suddenly became ‘brave’ enough to verbally slaughter the DPM of the nation (this change of his attitude we still cannot come to grips with).

    So … what has caused Balasubramaniam to change his mind?"

    HELLO!!!!! It wasn't a sudden change of mind pal! It's been more than one year now since he signed the police statement.
    Besides when u r in the police all alone dare u challenge the 2nd most powerful person in the nation?
    But now situation has changed after 308 elections....etc. Most ppl r braver now than ever before, dont u notice that? Besides he wasn't in police station when he made the SD.
    It is PERFECTLY, ABSOLUTELY understandable to sign the police statement instead of questioning it!!!

  26. ... and THEN, after signing the SD, he panicked pula, and go-starn - so much for your theory.

  27. There is no paradox. Bala besides Anwar smiling. Cant you tell the first SD was fake? Paid liar. Then when threatened with imprisonment, quickly change stand to the truth. Then disappear for fear of being assassinated for breach of contract.

  28. Bala being lured by Anwar charisma to make SD on DPM?

    ROFL. Such speculation really make me laugh. In Bolehland, there is little luring around, but willing buyer and willing seller.

    The whole Bala plot are worst than most 3rd grade movie. And don't forget the Saiful episode. My grandmother will die of boredom if this things show on TV series.

    But wait, this is Bolehland, otherwise the C4 blowup will not happens.

    But come back to the story, I definitely don't want some rat brains who get rid of their "trouble" using C4 to run this country.

  29. And Perhaps Bala actually get a "happy ending" after he get what he want ;)

    A millions is not much, to the eye of beholder that siphoned billions ringgit commissions. But a millions, in ringgit is enough for someone to start new comfortable life in Thailand,Indonesia or even Sri Lanka.

  30. wah, a milion ringgit? Just for a SD!

    Er ... my maths not velly good but weren't there 2 SDs? Does that mean Bala has 2 million ringgit?

    Double wah's!

  31. Interesting development, Bala reverse gear SD 1 to SD 2, Sapp reverse gear said they want to stay in BN. Ezam reverse gear crossed over to BN, RPK reverse gear from his article " It's all in a game" . Australian PM reverse gear decides against meeting Anwar.

    Who will be next?????Perak government fall to BN

    Look to me that the boat is sinking.

  32. Aiya, KT your storyline is all wrong!

    What really happened was, Bala was actually told by the DPM to go and get the SD done. Why you may ask would DPM do that for? Aiya, you know got nothing to do mah, main main sahaja. Then when Bala after a few sessions of acting before one of the government appointed finas director and appears quite OK, ie convincing, that's what we all see at the 1st SD PC. Actually, I think Anwar was also tricked by the almost academy award performance of Bala. I was but of course KT, you smart one instantly saw thru the smoke screen. In the PC, I can read what was on brother Anwar's mind, "engkau ini kali kena lah cukup cukup!"

    But why the 2nd SD then? Simple mah, 2nd SD was done because DPM now found out that the 1st PC was very convincing and if nothing done, habis lah. So he manage to get some kind hearted guy to relay a call to good old Bala to come to the Brickfields police station. You and I and I am sure many also don't know, when Bala went to the Police station, after going thru a few secret doors, sitting crossed legged was none other then the DPM himself. 1st thing that came to Bala's mind was to stand at attention before he was asked to sit down. Plesantries were exchanged and blah blah blah, that's how the 2nd SD come about. Why not make it more convincing like the 1st SD, you may ask. Simple answer, no budget this time round.

    There you go, that is my take on what happened. Next episode will be the dissappearance of Bala, wife, 3 kids and his 2 dogs.

  33. oh well, can smell rats lah from a mile away. just so nicely there was a sodomy charge and Bala came out saying that Najib said to Razak who said to him that she likes it in the a**? abit tit for tat. where got such coincidence wan? poor Bala, just a pawn. or he could be a very handsomely paid pawn now, we wouldn't know.

  34. DUN INSULT KT JZ BCOZ HIS OPINION IS DIFFERENT FROM URS. Sure, after deeeep thinking, somehow at some point, we will all be biased for/against someone. Theory, theory, theory can arise in any form and from ANYONE. Today we believe one, the next day we hear the other one, (which we think it's more relevant & make sense). All these theories are not dicussed properly BUT most of us simply blurt out (mencarut, caci and all) when we read things we don't like, and this will part we malaysian, and it'll get worsen everyday.
    Just let any blogger (like KT or sape2 je lah, yang pro-Anwar ke, pro-BN ke, pro-Najib) spit out their thoughts. Disagree with 'em? Then give ur points/reason/proof. Come up with good points and decent words and nobody will marah rite?

    p/s : neway, put la at least a nick for u ppl every comment, like me, heheh..

  35. Consider the timing of Bala's SD. It was made after RPK's SD became ineffective. Then when threatened with imprisonment, quickly change stand to the truth. Then disappear for fear of being assassinated for breach of contract.

  36. TM has gone a bit off his rocker .. his extreme end. Maybe feeling cold turkey and need a uick fix of soto-mee!

    In any case, be thankful AI did not turn out to be a Misuari or the Abu Sayaff group. Amazing they can fight and never give up even in the primitive condition of the place they live in.

    getting a half glas full of wate may help TM.