Saturday, July 05, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim - disruptive and divisive as ever

In Malaysiakini news article PI retracts stunning statutory declaration we see in it (hopefully) the culmination of a comedy of errors, which would have been enjoyably laughable if the once-serious Malaysian Statutory Declarations have not been so misused for political purposes.

I am not surprised that Malaysiakini has come up with an Andrew Ong’s article Was PI intimidated or induced? in which PKR vice-president R Sivarasa asserted that Balasubramaniam’s sudden retraction of his allegations against DPM Najib in the original Stat Dec could have been due to intimidation or inducement.

Of course we must expect Sivarasa to say so - afterall he is from the PKR. This is not to say he could not be right, but there's so much sh*t all over the series of Stat Dec's that we the public have recently been punished with, that both sides (Anwar and Najib's) are ... er ... so full of sh*t, so to speak.

However, there are a few points of clarifications worth re-visiting:

(1) In Bala's original Stat Dec, even Bala’s first lawyer Americk Singh stressed to Malaysiakini that the statutory declaration was not a statement of the truth but a statement of what he claimed was said to him by Abdul Razak and Altantuya, stating: “We’re not saying what he heard is absolute gospel, this must be distinguished. Balasubramaniam is not in the position to determine what is true or not.”

In other words, Bala’s original Stat Dec has been exactly the same as RPK’s Stat Dec a la “I was reliably informed …” - in the category of hearsay evidence - no hard facts at all.

It could well be about ‘flinging the poo’ at Najib, and by golly, if those had been the case, then Malaysia being Malaysia, they were highly successful. The PKR true believers are esctatic, and if Najib wasn't fortunately in current power as the DPM, he would have been nicely lynched long ago.

(2) Anwar Ibrahim is an ‘interested party’ in the political destruction of Najib, yet he was prominently present at the press conference with Bala to announce the latter's hearsay evidence that was inimitable against Najib.

The PKR true believers couldn't see this of course but Anwar's presence had actually tainted the ‘neutrality’ of Bala’s earlier Stat Dec, showing that it was without any doubt politically motivated.

If Anwar was not involved in such a grandstanding fashion (he just couldn't resist his campaign against Najib, to divert his own problems), I would have been more receptive to Bala’s declaration.

Strangely (or should it be?), while everyone has since been condemning Bala’s retraction of his original Stat Dec, very few in our cyber world has even made mention of, let alone questioned the possibility of Anwar’s fingers in the issue of Bala's original Stat Dec.

None are so blind as those who refuse to see.

(3) Thirdly, this pile of Bala-ish poo being flung at Najib came as a time when Anwar has been under enormous Himalayan-ish pressure to explain further his 'relationship' with Saiful Bukhari Azlan, after reports have emerged that their close association (of whatever category) extended beyond the shores of Malaysia. See Malaysiakini article Posh condo: I didn't say I never went.

I personally don’t give a stuff about 'personal relationship' or even homosexual ones, or whether a homosexual can be a good PM. And why not, when there is a damn good homosexual high court (male) judge in Australia who is respected and held by the Australian public in high affection and admiration.

BUT and a big BUT, if there have been issues like ‘assault’, ‘rape’, ‘intimidation’ in the sexual relationship, then it would be criminal rather than consensual ... and alleged crimes must be treated accordingly.

The argument of a frail old man versus a 23 old strong buck is stupid and desperate as we know that ‘rapes’ have occurred in organizations due to the perpetrator's 'organizational power or authority' rather than mere physical power.

To be fair, the trouble in the case of Anwar Ibrahim and Saiful is that no one other than these two know the truth.

Putera Umno chairperson Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim, balls-bearing ADC to KJ in the infamous Mat Rempit sturmtrooper concept, has attempted to intimidate Anwar Ibrahim in a religious oath taking at Mesjid Negara. See Malaysiakini Swear on the Quran, Anwar told.

OK, he was merely seizing on Perlis mufti Asri Zainul Abidin call for the two principal personalities in the alleged sodomising saga to swear on the Quran of their innocence.

But will a liar (and one of them is), in his actions already laden heavily with unspeakable sins, be intimidated by the Quran in one more lie?

The problem with all these Stat Decs (with no doubt more to come) against Najib, have been the political interests of and benefit to Anwar Ibrahim. So how involved has he been in their emergence?

Anwar has promised us political reforms but his only visible action thus far has been unshamefully and arrogantly his old UMNO dirty tricks business of subverting the supremacy of the ballot box for his own benefit and political promotion, through the encouragement of party defections of MPs.

If there is any consistency about Anwar Ibrahim I see him still as disruptive, divisive and dismissive of his own faults as he had ever been. I could enumerate each and every one of his ministerial draconian policies but I have already blogged on most.

He has not changed and I believe he never will, as he has by himself proven so with his current boastful action of enticing frogs - a la Sabah 1994 when then, as DPM, he was BN campaign director there.


  1. "There are none so blind, as he who will not(refuse to) see".

    It's amazing how some people lose all objectivity when a matter concerns an individual whom they have an obsessive adulation for. In their minds, this individual can do no wrong, as if he is God or a prophet.

    I'm a bit fed up with with all this shenanigans. Let the police and the judiciary do their job. After all, isn't this the same judiciary and under the current PM that DSAI was acquited from his 1998 sodomy charge. Can these people claim that this verdict was "politicaly motivated" as well?

  2. close down all court rooms. Sack all judges and give them a pension.

    Just give Mahathir, Anwar, Najib, AAB, Khairy, IGP, AG, Razak Baginda, Eusoff Chin etc etc a Quran each and ask them to swear in it.

    VK Lingam can be given a Bhagavad Gita

  3. What about his first lawyer's statement that they spent months on the first Stat Dec?

    First Lawyer Americk Says P. Balasubramaniam Coerced Into Retracting Statutory Declaration

    • habibulalam
    Jul 04 08, 07:06am (about 21 hours ago)
    When allegations of sodomy surfaced again against anwar, his immediate reaction was to prepare a smokescreen whilst he plan his counterattack. This is standard anwar game as he is known as a master of managing perceptions. And his supporters are taken in by it because they could never imagine anwar to be capable of sodomy.
    But what of the silent group of people in the know who knows of anwar's bisexuality- the mates from his old college-the Malay College- the Eton of Malaysia who are even able to name his bedmates then. What of Tun Hanif Omar the former Inspector-General of Police who is his close friend who had to report to the Prime Minister then of Anwar's penchant for sodomy. What of the numerous aides and officers who knew but unable to expose.
    Nobody knew why anwar got the black eye-it was for calling his former friend the then IGP Rahim Noor 'a dog and a jew' - and for a muslim this is taboo. There is no way Dr mahathir could have trumped up charges against him then and ask the police to do so unless there is compelling evidence. Please give some credit to them for they were also his friends but they had no choice. If the police bungled and the appeal court had to set aside the sodomy conviction on technicalities it was because the prosecution had to rely on intelligence-gathered evidence to use in the case. BUT THE COURT DECLARED THAT THEY HAD NO DOUBT THAT ANWAR WAS INVOLVED IN HOMOSEXUAL ACTIVITIES. Dr Mahathir was shocked when his offer to anwar to quit was not accepted and anwar forced dr m to bring him to court.
    Of course now he is being used by those who see him as the guy who can bring down A Malay-dominated govt, and for these people sodomy is no big deal. But for muslims this is taboo.
    Strange that a man who claim innocence panicked when a report made against him. For those who know PM Abdullah Badawi and ex PM Mahathir there is no way these two would concoct sodomy allegations.
    All the world had heard so far is Anwar's story BUT MANY OUT THERE KNOWS OF HIS BISEXUALITY, INCLUDING HIS WIFE but what can they do amidst anwar's antics and control over the foreign press, and the helping hand he gets from those for whom sodomy is Okay.
    Most foreigners get their info 3rd hand. Many intelligence agencies including the British knew the truth.

  5. When Anwar was informed of the report against him by saiful his handler (most believe his handler is based in jakarta after the former John Mallot in KL blew his cover)must have instructed him to the turkish embassy whom now many know to be the CIA'a safe house. Instruction upon instruction came as a game plan devised to counter the fallout. Imagine the speed he obtained info and the moves made after the hole-out at the Turkish embassy. No wonder Turkey is sending lower level minister at the coming D8 summit. Their cover is blown.

    Dr M took action against anwar then not so much because of sodomy (which he knew since 1992) but because both the SB and military intelligence confirm anwar was working for washington. Anwar is a dream boy for the CIA should he be PM. Someone who could be used permanently.........just supply him regular jambussss...

  6. the only problem with ktemoc's points is matter how low u think Datuk Seri is (and this is your own opinion) he is a darn sight better option as PM than Najis Razak! Period!

    U cant keep criticising Datuk Seri without first laying down the marker, is he or is he not a better Prime Minister than Najis Razak

  7. Mahathir is also a Israeli and American sympathiser.

    Or else why did he pay so much to sit with George Bush and take a picture with him ?

    Mahathir is not only a recalcitrant but he is also a Hipokrit

  8. Hi everyone,

    It's so simplistic to just 'swear' on a holy book, be it the Quran, Bible, etc. If this works, then our courts, civil and/or criminal, would not be having such a huge back-log of cases pending!

    We've time and again witnessed in the courts how even after declaring on the holy book that they're going to tell the truth, nothing but the truth, but still proceeded to given false evidence without blinking his/her eye!

    Remember this 'declaration' when holding on to a holy script can only work if we're dealing with god-fearing man!

    But, we're not certain that we're dealing with god-fearing men. Hence, we still have rely on circumstancial and hard evidence!

    The same can be said of bloggers who try to spin for various reasons! Are you god-fearing?

  9. Must tip my imaginary hat off to you. Your consistency is well, er very consistant.

    Anwar is no saviour. What is the alternative given that a Malay must be Prime Minister.

  10. amir

    can the police, judiciary or AG do the Job? or will they?
    when we bury the rule of law, this is one of the price that we pay. until true reformation back to the yesteryears before the rule of law was dead buried by a dictator of 22 years, we will suffer as a nation. it goes beyond the protagonists of the day.

  11. to ktmoc,why najis din say that he met saiful before in the first interview , he must have something behind 2. can u name one reason najis under investigation for obstructing justice ?3u think liwat case more important to solve or the murder case first ?4 seem like u very interest anal case , 5 anwar already mention he will only reply why/when he been to the condo only after he seen the boy report , i think it`s fair the reason he gave .6pls report something is reflex the whole pic and not only favour to najis

  12. Hi Ktemoc,
    I do not agree your points raised at many instances and the sequence it was written in and foul and emotional like languages that prejudge rather than shoot straight from the facts . Do not give any type of mambo confusing words and language to trick us into believing that you know a lot of things that we do not know or partially relate to as the whole truth but nothing but the truth.

    Be factual and elaborate on your facts. SAy how do you know that ONLY Anwar and Saiful only know of whether there is sodomy or not ? How sure are you before you push this thing through our butts. right?

    Are you sure that Anwar is a liar and others are not ? How sure are you?

  13. "None so blind as those who won't see" -- I think this is an excellent description of KTemoc!

  14. Ktemoc, your biasness towards Anwar is well documented. Despite that, to your readers you should also highlight the discrepancies towards Najib's statements which said he met Saiful earlier before Saiful made the police report. Most of those who commented in the other blogs mentioned the difficulty in being able to meet an UMNO VIP what more A VVIP like Najib. The statement by Najib about meeting Saiful is obviously a lie, which is also very telling as it shows how much grey matter there is between his ears.

    Unfortunate that you cannot be fair to a fellow human being, for no matter how much you might dislike a person, character assasination is a no no. You turn a lot of us readers of, as we can discern the slant of your writings.

  15. Kt don't use your blog to champion the undesirables like your BN masters. Are you holding grudge on Anwar because he has sodomised you too!...that's a pretty good proof you can use against him. Go on KT fly a kite!

  16. Anwar has been repeatedly sodomised by Ktemoc, every day.

  17. Has anyone noticed that the rape accusation against Anwar (that's essentially what it is) is possibly the strangest rape case in the country ?

    Today, one week after the police report, police have not arrested the suspect or even asked him to record a statement ?

    This kind of situation normally occurs when Either
    a) The case is so simple, they can just arrest and charge the suspect with ironclad evidence.


    b) There's nothing as yet to indicate its even worthwile to record the suspect's statement.

    I have an even stranger 3rd possibility

    c) The case is still being concocted by person/persons unknown. They haven't got the 'recipe' right yet.

  18. Anwar's obsession to be PM is as strong as his obsession for men's rear.

  19. Blogger ayoyosamy said...

    Anwar's obsession to be PM is as strong as his obsession for men's rear.

    What a damned outright , straight from the gurus mouth . A very high probable assumption well thought comment .

  20. Anwar wants to be PM??
    Well which politician doesn't??
    Pak Lah, Najib, Muhyiddin, Hisyamudin, Khairy all want to be PM that's sure enough. But why do u only question Anwar? Why?

    Every politician has the intention to serve the rakyat along with his principles and beliefs..and the ultimate platform is being the PM, where u have better chance to implement ur visions.

    But the bigger question is..which politician brings the best for the country??

    Will it be a person who enriches themselves and their families?

    Will it be a person who takes illegal commisions and bribes?

    Will it be a person who's involve in killings?

    Will it be a person who sleeps in cabinet meetings?

    Will it be a person who is incapable of inspiring the people of his country?

    Yes Anwar has been campaigning for himself. But he does not use the Government machinery, mainstream media etc etc to campaign.
    Unlike UMNO politicians.

    We have to look into this deeply. First of all, there has never been a fair fight. Anwar doesn't have any power or influence of positions (like being PM or DPM) to instruct anybody. Unlike Pak Lah and Najib.

    The most he could get would only be infos, that he may got from his symphatizers or supporters. Then after that he is on his own.

    Talking about Anwar having too much charisma that it could harm the country..dude..all great leaders have great charisma. JFK, Abraham Lincoln, Churchill, Khalifah Umar, Khalifah Haroon Al-Rasyid, Franklin Roosevelt all have great charisma. So it's not surprising someone with no charisma like Najib and Pak Lah couldn't be 'the' ultimate leader.

    Anwar an american agent? because he's got close ties with the US?
    Where did u get this from? UMNO? Police (pro-umno)?
    What about other allies? What about Indonesia (close to Jusuf Kala & Habibie)? What about Saudi (King Abdullah)? What about his Islamic Ikhwan connections that he's been very closely connected for years?

    About u know that among all Turkey's past presidents, President Erdogan is the most un-friendly towards the US after Erbakan (which is also close to Erdogan)?

    I think it's a waste of time to argue with u KTemoc. Ur writtings proves that u have always against Anwar. It shows that u r anti-Anwar.

    Lastly, Anwar might not be perfect, but he's surely he couldn't be worsed that Pak Lah or Najib! Period.

  21. Hey, KTemoc! Have you told your uncle to "Pooorah!" for his nonsensical sermon to Anwar which you proudly highlighted in your post the other day?

    Get out of bed, and smell the mood of the people of this country. We are by and large baying for justice, not blood. Save for a few katak-di-bawah-tempurung (e.g. you and Rocky and Chun Wai), nobody wants PKR to stop their revelations of abuses perpetrated by BN.

    We must not sweep things under the carpet under the guise of "wanting to return this country to normal semblance of governance". To do so is to allow a killer cum adulterer to be the next Prime Minister.

    Chua Soi Lek, the self-confessed adulterer may go for the jugular title of President MCA. That's already one adulterer aspiring to 'screw' more Malaysians. Let's not tolerate another one from UMNO!

  22. DISRUPTIVE and DIVISIVE, that's for sure, DESTRUCTIVE will follow up later.

  23. Disruptive and divisive of Anwar?

    Well, what about Pak Lah and Najib?? Both are great leaders izit??

    It's plain ignorrant to think that they are greater leaders than Anwar. What test have they faced all these while that makes them great leaders? Just compare it to Anwar and what Anwar had faced.

    What has Najib done that's outstanding all these while??
    Nothing great.
    Con all the people in trying to make them believe that the standard of education has increased where actually he just raised the demarcation of markings and grades so that more would 'cheatingly' scored all A's???

    Is he great when he spent billions buying 2 very old submarines that could only do surveys and not used for battle at all? and above that, took a very huge sum of illegal commisions to himself??

    Najib's a playsafe asshole that could never lead in the forefront if faced with a stingent test.

    About Pak Lah. Well, the last General Election says it aLL!!

    He's a gone case dreamer.
    Thanks a lot to his destructive son-in-law. Both of them (by record) destroyed UMNO. Just look at UMNO now..they are at their lowest point in history..and who's the president?? hehh..sleepy Pak Lah laa..who else.

    Again, Anwar may not be perfect.
    But he surely is much better than Pak Lah and Najib.

    Ask urself.

  24. Those PKR and Anwar fanatic's must be deluded to think that the mood of the country is

    What is obvious is that people are beginning to see the true colour of Anwar

  25. Dear KTEMOC,
    Your discussion is very factual. Ignore Anwar's fanatic supporters who are typically blind. Their mentality is typically anybody against thier view are automatically UMNO/BN. They just just couldn't grasp the fact that many common folks find Anwar despicable. Lost among the adulation of their 10,000 supporters who frequented his "ceramah", they just could not grasp that million other common folks did not like Anwar.

    I rather stick to the BN rather putting the country under peril under the hand of Anwar. His performance as deputy prime minister or ministers are nothing to be proud off.

    Awar's fanatic supporters kept harping on how he works without machinery - you must be joking! For one thing, the recent PRU12 tsunami reflects the disgust of the rakyat to BN..get real

  26. KTemoc sang with BN tunes

  27. KTMoc, if you change your name to Khatijah Mahmud, perhaps you will be cordially invited to join Putri UMNO, if my assumption is correct that you are female, still young, free, beautiful, intelligent and single (ptsss.. but should that happen, stay away from zombie kampung pisang)

  28. I concur Anwar is disruptive and divisive cos he is obsessed with the PM post like he is obsessed with men's rear!

  29. Ho humm ... there goes KT again .. sermonising as usual.

    Seems KT is taking a more and more extremist stand these days .. judging others while looking himself in the mirror.

    Jesus said, "Let those who are without sins cast the first stone".

    Seems, KT has no compunction about casting stones these days.

    Anwar has been wronged in the first place and a murder most foul has been committed where justice does not appear to be forthcoming. Yet here comes KT lambasting Anwar Ibrahim who is fighting for his honour, and justice for Altantuya and his family!

    And all these lambasting based on hypothetical situations upon hindsights, in an air-con omputer room. He suffers nothing and yet, judges others. God, what a lotawful crab he writes these days. And the grandstanding!

    Bottom line, is KT seems to be against change. He's probably got his Australian PR.

    The non Malays have been screwed enough and long enough by UMNO and Anwar at least represents a fresh breath of change. Even if it does not eventuate the way we wish it, it cannot be worse than the racial and racist and despotic politics of UMNO which is screwing everyone hard - Malays and non Malays alike.

    KT is not unlike those dumb-ass intellectuals in Mao Tse Tung's times, creating so much confusion and disunity that the defeat of he murderous Chang Kai Shek China regime was delayed inexorably thus causing untold misery to untold millions of China's citizens.

    This Anwar bashing by KT is nothing more than a coward working against his own kind.

    Sorry, KT but like it or not, this appears to be what your current stand and predisposition tantamounts to.

    You are no catalyst towards change to a 2-party system but an obstacle.

    He who is truly great is humble and has little ego. Repent, KT.

  30. When we langgar the Penal Code we try to Cabut Lari - if we cannot find a place to Lari and get cornered, the next best thing to do is to bark like a dog.

  31. To Irfan, I rather SABAH & SARAWAK OUT OF MALAYSIA than having PM like your idol NAJIS.

  32. hi, UMNO/BN goons should just step down and let Malaysia reforms. There are too much of unclear things of all the income and spending of this country has gone into, leaving the people suffered with price hike. Also DSAI should act fast of getting the majority to form the rulling govt. The more delay from DSAI, the more suffer people and country would become.

  33. DSAI as PM of Malaysia? Ask him to go Zimbabwe lah! What he did in 1997 almost made Malaysia like Zimbabwe.