Monday, July 07, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim's frogs go-starn

Malaysiakini news article Tawau MP: Sapp wants to stay in BN must have shafted Anwar Ibrahim’s boast of seizing majority rule by 16 September real good and proper.

MP (Tawau) Chua Boon Sui confirmed what I have been stating all along, that Anwar couldn’t even get the two SAPP lawmakers across to the PKR, let alone 30 BN MPs.

Chua, returning after being away for ‘back pain’, said: "The objective has never been (a crossover). I have no idea why people keep planting that. I've never thought of it before and it was never brought up in the party. This is very new to me."

Anwar’s man man lai boast will indeed be very man man lai.

He is now desperate, and frantic to have some defections to boost his wild claims. If not defections, then perhaps some distractions or ‘declarations’?

Or, perhaps a 'debate'? Nah, 'denied' - wakakaka

But really, his wild boast has been always what it was, a mere wild (hopeful) boast.

He must undoubtedly have love it when people make statements like, “Anwar is the verge of being the PM, for the second time …”, though how people can make that sort of equally wild conclusion defies my most liberal consideration. Crazy!

I wonder whether Anwar is a man given to pantan (taboo)?

Last night at his Kelana Jaya Protes rally, a member of the band playing on stage in the stadium mooned the crowd, and was nearly bashed up for his cheekiness (pun not intended).

But according to Chinese beliefs, the mooning could be real sial.

True enough, Aussie PM Rudd decides against meeting Anwar when he arrives in Malaysia on Thursday after the G8 meeting in Tokyo. Rudd must have felt it would be too controversial to meet a man like Anwar who has openly advocated party defections by elected representatives.

It's a terrible international setback for poor Anwar, but no worries, there's still the Turkish Embassy.

... speaking of which ... others have expressed concerns for still missing Balasubramaniam Perumal and family. I wonder whether the great Anwar even has Bala fleetingly in his consideration after the latter had released his original Statutory Declaration?


  1. Ha ha .. I'll just sit back and wait for the flame-throwers to show up .. pretty soon, I'm sure! ;-)

  2. Hi KT,

    Lately I like your writing, more humour and compact. And this one is so funny.


  3. aiya whatever it is, life is getting harder, yesterday at an ATM machine, 3 people infront of me unable to withdraw whatever little money they have, and they looked so to survive? politics aside....

  4. I can't decide if we're bored of Anwar or enjoying the the drama he's dishing out. To call himself a democratic reformer and seek to form the government by way of defections and throwing mud and then creating diversions...this the hope of new Malaysia?

  5. Frogs turn up when the rainy season comes, and normally not in September, but the coming December. This will be the time when Najib and Dollah are shown the exit door, and PKR MPs have lost faith in Anwar the Mat King Leather (malaysian Martin Luther).
    And its gonna be the new beginning, PKR froggy MPs join Ku Li while the new Malaysia will be reigned by an urban prince and muhyidin.
    But where's Anwar, I think migrate to California or Lousiana because these places make Anwar feel like home maaa....

  6. As a new Australian PM on a first visit to Malaysia, Kevin Rudd did not want to start off the relationship on a rough footing. The Australian High Commission in KL had no doubt warned him that the reaction from the ruling regime to such a meeting with Anwar would be hostile.

    Also Australia, like a number of other countries is adopting a wait-and-see attitude pending the next coming steps, especially the outcome of the investigation and court case (if any). If it becomes clear the investigation and/or trial does not meet standards of fairness and transparency, it will be politically impossible for Kevin Rudd to stay silent, even if he wanted to.
    Unlike Bolehland, Australia has a very vocal and independent press.

  7. KT, on Saturday, 5/7/08, you wrote that: "If there is any consistency about Anwar Ibrahim I see him still as disruptive, divisive and dismissive of his own faults as he had ever been. I could enumerate each and every one of his ministerial draconian policies but I have already blogged on most."

    Here's a suggestion - why not assemble all Anwar's "ministerial draconian policies" that you wrote about in the past and put them in one blog entry. That will make it easy for your readers, and yourself, to refer to. As it is, it is a big job hunting down these past articles in your blog.

    It will be great if you can also do the same with the misdeeds and wicked behaviour of the UMNO/BN syaitans.

    Ishak SiHodoh

  8. Hi KT,
    I am looking for all issues related to Anwar when he was Education Minister , Finance Minister and when he was DPM . I mean all the shit issues created by him like for eg when he was Ed Minister he abolish the use of English in the courts and in the govt.depts . etc etc Thanks

  9. Yes, KTemoc,

    Just summarize all the interminable problems you have with Anwar Ibrahim. Put it somewhere. Perhaps, after doing this, you will have more time to seriously discuss other less ridiculously boring issues in your blog.


    Wa Ka Li Kong

  10. Hi Friends

    Anwar just happens to be a charismatic man who "leads" the popular movement for progressive change in this country. Even if he is not around, I am sure other leaders will pop up to take his place. You can criticise the man but please continue to support the movement for change.

    Meanwhile, the incumbent PM is playing his flip-flop (oops, I mean his fiddle) while the Malaysian economy smolders and threatens to burn.

    No matter what you think about Mahathir, he at least handled the economic crisis of the 1990s bravely and well.

    Phua Kai Lit

  11. Have you ever met a person who disliked every single thing you do or don't do ?

    Abhors every single bit of you, from the way you talk, the way you walk, the way you dress, the way you comb your hair ?

    Who is every day telling others how awfully bad, filthy, unethical, scheming you are ?

    If you met such a person, you would conclude the guy is absolutely "Otak Tak Centre", wouldn't you ?

  12. Anwar is sick after spending years being sodomize in prison.

    Badawi & KJ are laughing out loud now, with Najib & Anwar playing each other backside!

  13. Hahahaha now sapp sodomise anwar. How he like it? He do to thers now he kena pulak. Balik lah anwar muka pucat kau.

  14. "Anwar is sick after spending years being sodomize in prison." any videos by any chance ? I'm sure there's money to be made...

  15. "No matter what you think about Mahathir, he at least handled the economic crisis of the 1990s bravely and well."

    Well said phua, he put the sodomist in prison first. Badawi waiting too long. Tangkap lah. Jangan bagi chans to this brokeback kaki.

  16. That bala bugger is a hindraf bugger. The indians are dividing the malays. Bala lawyer is bhai terrorist. Semua main belakang kaki.

  17. Looks ya all will get the government you deserve.

  18. KTM, I think you should stop writing to yourself and praising yourself!

    If ever there was a serial abuser, you should be it!