Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dr Raffick dismissed RPK's intepretation of doctor's report

Wah, ini mayak susah liao!

I went over to the blog of my good friend Susan Loone and read her interesting post.

Susan wrote: "You may also read another opinon about the medical notes by Dr. Mohd. Raffick Khan and decide if Raja Petra had gone overboard in his interpretations of the medical notes”.

Dr Raffick wrote (only extract - for full post use link above):

"I would like to say that RPK has misinterpreted the facts. He has also exaggerated the interpretation of the doctor writings. I think who ever has been advising him, has not given a fair opinion. His writings have come to such a skewed conclusion and now his writings is being politicised. Overall, I think this medical note has not proved or disapprove anything."

Susan asked: "Will Raja Petra’s 'evidence' stand the legal test, and absolve Anwar from all these allegations? We are yet to know."

What do you think? [anwaristas - I know your response liao!]


  1. Well what can you say.... Hey, is this "anwarista" a new term!? It's kinda cool tho.. Someone whould write a definition in wikipedia!! lol

    This reveal to debunk the whole medical report thing couldnt come at a more better time. It just goes to show how "credible" is the alternative media sources like malaysia kini aka RPK style!

  2. New stuff on stephen doss blog selling like hotcakes!! "ANOTHER CONTRIBUTION FROM A MEDICAL SPECIALIST FROM PUTRAJAYA HOSPITAL!!!"


    There you go anwaristaaaaaas. to RPK too darnit.

  3. That's one aspect. There's another where I thought RPK had gone too far. When he wrote something about saiful's uncle (who he pejoratively called "auntie/uncle") as the sodomiser. Is that fair? It is not fair and it is not decent.
    If MSM publish such allegations, they stand to be sued to their last penny.

  4. Medical reports notwithstanding, from the way the case is being handled. everyone already knows this is a political matter much more than any criminal matter.

    Come on, everyone from the PM, SIL to Syed stupidly calling for "fresh" DNA? Najib denying meeting Saiful, then later contradicting himself by saying Saiful met the Defense Minister for a "scholarship"? Meeting the DPM of Malaysia for that..? And come on, commandos? 1 hour before Anwar alreday promised to make his statement? Copy of police report unavailable? Keeping him overnight like a hardened criminal even after he gave his statement?

    I say, come on. Medical Schmedical. Even if 60-year-old Anwar with a bad back overpowered young Saiful multiple times overseas, then Saiful still let himself be with Anwar in an expensive condo, I'd say Saiful enjoyed it. And these stupid politicians are wasting everyone's time in trying to take down Anwar for their own selfish gain.

    I'm not an "anwarista" (funny term, by the way), I'm just pissed these idiots are all sprouting rubbish and not running the country while the economy is under threat. I hope everyone can still have the time to blog when inflation hits 15% or when we run out of oil.

  5. Betul lah KTemoc and Susan,

    This RPK would use anything to "fool" Malaysians but we are not gullible!!! He deleted my well informed opinions on his MT blog proving he cant handle the Truth. He nothing more than a SHAM, a diehard CRONY of Anwar Ibrahim aka Artificial Intelligence.

    Cherrrioooo guys
    ps The Truth will always prevail!!

  6. Er, ok Mr WTF (good job forcing me to say that word), I'll leave ur political rhetoric aside now and choose to focus on not only one, but TWO medical writings that is refuting the "medical report" that RPK revealed. The second one is this, by :

    Dr Novandri Hasan Basri

    Pada pandangan penulis sebagai seorang doktor, laporan kesihatan Saiful Bukhari yang ter'bocor' di Hospital Pusrawi, tidak boleh dijadikan bahan bukti terhadap kes liwat Anwar Ibrahim.

    1. Ianya terlalu ringkas, tidak lengkap dan tidak mengikut prosedur seperti yang ditetapkan oleh pemeriksaan forensik.

    2. Malah pemeriksaan ke atas Saiful Bukhari juga tidak lengkap. Hanya PR (per rectum) dilakukan iaitu menggunakan jari untuk memeriksa anal (dubur) pemuda tersebut. Prosedur sebenarnya lebih daripada itu iaitu termasuk memeriksa anal itu dengan alat proktoskop dan sebagainya.

    3. Dan biasanya, apabila seorang mangsa seksual datang ke klinik atau hospital swasta di mana kes-kes yang bakal dirujuk kepada pihak polis, akan dirujuk segera kepada pihak hospital kerajaan.

    4. Ini adalah kerana hospital kerajaan mempunyai kepakaran forensik serta lengkap dengan peralatan yang diperlukan.

    5. Referral itu dimestikan kerana jika pemeriksaan tidak dilakukan dengan betul dan tidak mengikut prosedur yang ditetapkan, peliwat itu boleh dibebaskan di atas sebab bukti-bukti yang tidak kukuh atau pun technical fault.

    6. Yang menimbulkan tandatanya kepada penulis ialah tulisan doktor itu yang hanya menulis bahawa Saiful di assault di satu sudut di hujung laporan itu selepas simptom-simptom yang lain. Dan jika penulis adalah doktornya, penulis tidak akan menulis 'tenesmus x 1/52 ' sahaja sebagai simptom yang utama seperti tertulis di dalam laporan tersebut. Penulis pasti akan menulis 'alleged assault' sebagai perkara pertama dan kemudian merujuk terus ke hospital kerajaan tanpa berlengah-lengah lagi.

    7. Apakah kenyataan 'alleged assault' itu ditambah hanya selepas doktor tersebut melakukan pemeriksaan anal menggunakan jari (PR)?

    8.Jika benar, penulis pasti PR yang dilakukan itu hanya dengan ringkas sahaja. Atau pun ianya sengaja ditokok tambah ?

    9.Satu persoalan lagi ialah, setahu penulis, doktor itu tidak akan membuat sebarang prosedur, sentuhan atau pemeriksaan fizikal yang boleh menjejaskan sebarang bukti yang ada KECUALI jika doktor itu tidak diberitahu daripada awal oleh Saiful, mungkin kerana Saiful malu, takut atau tidak berterus terang .

    10. Tetapi andainya doktor itu tahu tetapi meneruskan juga pemeriksaan anal (dubur) ke atas Saiful, ianya menunjukkan doktor tersebut telah melakukan kesalahan yang besar dan tidak boleh dimaafkan KECUALI jika doktor tersebut mempunyai niat yang lain seperti untuk mengada-adakan cerita atau pun menidakkan cerita!

    11.Dalam konteks ini, doktor tersebut telah tersalah langkah.

    12.Memeriksa anal (dubur) pesakit tetapi doktor telah diberitahu yang pesakit mengatakan dia diliwat adalah satu tindakan yang tidak profesional dan memalukan para doktor sekalian!

    13.Cuma yang betul ialah doktor tersebut menasihatkan Saiful ke hospital kerajaan untuk pemeriksaan selanjutnya. Itu sahaja yang betul!

    14. Dan yang menimbulkan satu persoalan lagi, hampir semua media termasuk media antarabangsa begitu cepat melaporkan isu ini TANPA mendapatkan kesahihan mengenai validity laporan kesihatan daripada Hospital Pusrawi.

    15. Padahal, laporan tersebut tidak sekali-kali boleh dijadikan bukti untuk memaksa kerajaan menggugurkan kes liwat terhadap Anwar Ibrahim.

    16. Dan yang menjadi mangsa sebenarnya ialah rakyat Malaysia kerana telah dikelirukan dan tidak mendapat gambaran yang sebenarnya mengenai isu ini.

    17. Memang benar, jika sekali imbas, isu ini pasti nampak meyebelahi Anwar Ibrahim dan rakyat akan marah.

    18. Padahal penulis pasti, Anwar Ibrahim sendiri tahu bahawa laporan tersebut amat mencurigakan dan tidak bermakna apa-apa pun jika di bawa ke mahkamah.

    17. Seperti kata penulis, laporan kesihatan daripada Hospitak Pusrawi tidak valid sama sekali

    Untuk rujukan:-


    General Information

    1. All patients should receive a complete head to toe physical examination
    2. It is the patient’s right to consent or refuse any aspect of the exam and evidence collection
    3. The patient may have a support person (relative, friend, or advocate) present during the exam
    4. If suspected or known oral sodomy, it is preferable that the patient does not eat or drink before the exam, but the patient’s comfort should not be compromised to achieve this
    · Oral swabs, for example, should be obtained immediately if patient
    is thirsty or wishes to rinse mouth
    5. Use powder free gloves and change gloves frequently during exam and evidence collection

    Examination Technique

    Perianal bruising, petechiae, edema, discharge, bleeding, tenderness, abrasions, lacerations, erythema, inflammation, and visible anal laxity

    1. Use good light source
    2. Use magnification with otoscope, visor, or colposcope
    3. Separate anal folds to visualize injuries
    4. Digital exam is not indicated, except if concern for foreign body retention
    5. Anoscopy is indicated only if there is active rectal bleeding or rectal pain
    6. Lubricant should be used for anoscopy. To avoid contamination by lubricant, perform anoscopy only AFTER FORENSIC SWAB COLLECTION
    7. Apply Toluidine blue to identify abrasions on skin surface only AFTER FORENSIC SWAB COLLECTION


  7. Haih..so tired dealing with people like WTF. Don't lah get so angry. Can you see how obviously foolish it is for the government to "set Anwar up" again? with the same plot that largely failed 10 years ago? love him or hate him, nobody will deny his popularity worldwide, and it's just so stupid to vindicate him again. So can you just drop the conspiracy slogan already?

  8. Hiya Kaytee

    Tired of this RPK ruse. His grandstanding. Ignore him since he doen't have much credence. Everything involving his lord, he will quickly jump to conclusion. Check first whether it's a fake cert issued by a bogus doctor. There are cases of people masquerading as doctors. Remember "Dr Zainal" of the 80s.

  9. RPK is usually more credible than KTemoc. What he says usually comes true, unless the powers-that-be make an effort to hide the evidence. KTemoc? He's used to illogical emotional ramblings which cannot be proved and where evidence can never be found. RPK has more courage too: he doesn't hide in Australia. RPK, without doubt, is of a different class from KTemoc.

  10. I would take a middle path over this issue - don't get too excited about the contents, but they cannot simply be dismissed.

    A very experienced doctor friend of mine who looked at RPK's posting considers it genuine enough.

    It is a set of doctor's examination notes, and does not have the legal status of a full medical report, yet it cannot simply be called irrelevant.
    The notes do NOT rule out the possibility that sodomy occurred, but they do record that the common symptoms of forced sodomy were not observed.

    In a trial, where the prosecution has to prove the defendant is guilty BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT, this set of medical notes may not be conclusive but DEFINITELY relevant.

    What RPK has done is to ensure the existence of these notes don't just get ignored or "disappear" as evidence inconvenient to the regime often does.

    If you simply label anyone who disagrees with you an "Anwarista" your mental bankruptcy is on parade.

  11. That RPK fella receives first-hand info and blogs about them. The spource may or may not be truth. My unkel KT reads first-hand news at malaysiakini everyday 10pm Oz time, and blogs about it from his Lazy-boy chair and adds his usual "Anwar cannot be trusted" side remarks. Even I, Harry Kok, can do blogging like that it once I graduate in my culinary diploma from Taylor College.

    Harry Kok

  12. It (the scan) was "examination notes" - not a "medical report".
    Notes are brief.
    Reports are more long winded and specific.
    In the A&E they do not draw conclusions in such cases, unless a full examination as per protocol is done - they only give "first impressions".
    It does not constitute as "proof" of anything despite all the hype.

    Although it (the scanned image) does not qualify as a "report", it has massive "legal" implications on the case at hand, as it was that doctor who first saw the patient/victim.
    The validity of "the second opinion/ official medical report" would depend a lot on the first.

    On these grounds, the validity of the "official" medical report can be questioned, if it doesn't concur with the first examiner's "Impression".

    The whole case should by right "fall apart", if the first "Impression" is ignored out of "negligence".
    The professionalism of investigation procedure can be deemed "questionable".

    However, the Police or the Hospital authorities are not obliged to reveal anything with regard to the investigation/medical notes/report to the public.

    Now that we know that there was a "first impression" - It remains that the full madical report (although "cursory") should tally.

  13. typo:-

    .....It remains that the full madical report (although "cursory") should tally.

    Should've been,
    ".....It remains that the full madical report should tally ("within acceptable limits") with the first, (although it was only a "cursory" A&E examination)."

  14. alamak harry kok! u take culinary diploma from Taylor College ah? wah lan! u bery haili kuali-fied man! wait u pass oredy, becum pi em of melesia, k? then u can goreng de melesians like char kway teow until de country no money. den unkel katie from ostorlia can join u too! :) yeh yeh yeh! harry kok 4 pi em!

  15. RPK has zero credence in MY books. Nothing but being Anwar's pet project. Alternative and unbiased media my arse! What difference is his reporting to other so called media like Harakah or Sinar or Utusan or whatever. Unbiased reporting SHOULDNT be winning one side only. And clearly, RPK is letting Anwar win in this case.

    And for those who is so supportive of Anwar yet still dont want to admit you are "ANWARISTAS" screw it! Shy is it want to defend him now??

  16. Anwar MUST become PM for RPK to get of the mess he's in otherwise his goose is good as cooked.

    RPK is madder than the madhatter as he sees himself as the kingmaker! From a previous post in his blog, one can assume that he expects his "apoliticalness" to be rewarded by the rakyat with an ombudsman position when Anwar is in power.

    What he didn't expect is people who can see through his smokescreen and dare speak up to warn others about what he's up to.

    Not all people can be fooled but most can. Just look at all those brainwashed idiots/zombies worshipping him like an idol at his altar/blog.

    Neither BN nor the PK (with Anwar) is worthy to be our government, so God help us all!

  17. "Prove or disapprove"????

    Doesn't she mean disprove?

    And it's not up to RPK interpretation to stand the legal test but it's up to the prosecution to stand the legal test in the face of ever mounting doubts exposed by RPK.