Tuesday, December 12, 2006

President Carter on Israeli Supremacist Racism

"... Why does Israel downplay the large numbers of gypsies that were killed in the Holocaust alongside the Jews? Why did many Zionists actually praise the fascist campaigns of racial segregation during Hitler's rise to power? [See Israel Shahak's book, Jewish History, Jewish Religion for irrefutable documentation of this fact]."

"Why did Israel support the apartheid of South Africa? Why is it that Israel holds the entire world guilty for turning the other cheek Holocaust, when Israel itself turns its back on the genocides of today? ... Is this not a case of the most deplorable form of hypocrisy?"

OK, for this posting, on with KTemoc's international affairs hat.

Former US president and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2002, Jimmy Carter has written a book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid that has been highly critical of Israel’s racism.

We know that Israel has been among the most, if not the most racist country in the world.

For non-Muslims, please pause for one moment before rushing blindly to defend the ‘Hebrews’, based on either Christian conviction that Hebrews must ‘walk the Holy Land’ for the resurrection of Jesus Christ, or our dislike of all Muslims (thus including Palestinians, though there are Christian Palestinians and Arabs) principally because of our personal sense of being discriminated by Muslim UMNO-government officialdom.

Our grievances with the racist policies of UMNO or the religiously oppressive laws of PAS state government should not be allowed to blind us to the oppression of Palestinians by a racist regime, Israel!

Indeed you could say they're are in the same shoes as us.

If we cannot sympathise with a people oppressed by a racist regime, then what right do we have to complain about our own and similar (but in reality, much milder) problems?

Whatever, our support of or stand against Palestinian cause should be based on justice and fairness, not blindness (both ways) or 'surrogate targeting' (meaning, hate UMNO, thus hate Malays, thus hate or rejoice in the misfortune of Muslims).

Also, please discard the image of today’s Israelis as children of downtrodden Jews persecuted by Europeans particularly the Nazis. That's long past its use-by-date.

The Israelis are no longer deserving of any more sympathies as their Likud-Kadima (and even Labour) government(s) have effectively erased the guilt-debt board clean with the blood they themselves have split and the Nazi-like evil they have been perpetrating.

Look on them as children of the biblical Hebrews in the Books of Deuteronomy and Numbers - totally intolerant, utterly racist and ferociously brutal and inhumane!

‘Apartheid’ is indeed the most appropriate word to describe its policies and actions towards the downtrodden Palestinians.

'Apartheid'? By the way, many aren’t aware that there were serious collaboration between the white supremacist apartheid South African government and Israel in many areas, including the development and testing of nuclear weapons.

Imagine! The so-called children of the Holocaust collaborating with a white supremacist regime! But then, don't they say that racists of identical plummage congregate in close proximity?

Israel has also borrowed the white supremacist South African concept of Bantustan to subjugate the Palestinian people under terribly impoverished, abhorrent and restrictive conditions. Many also aren’t aware that the West Bank is a forsaken ‘island’ surrounded by Israeli military, with the State of Israel and its Berlin Wall on the West, and an Israeli imposed military no-go zone (part of Palestine) for Palestinians and Arabs in the East, known as the Jordan Valley.

The Palestinians are marooned in a Bantustan-ised West Bank with the Israeli military further fragmenting the isolated territory into smaller zones of control. Gaza is of course the biggest POW camp in the world where the Palestinians are prevented from movement into Egypt or out to sea.

The subjugation of GAZA is completed by having essential services (electricity, movement of fuel, food, medicine, etc) located outside Gaza and controlled by Israel so that they can switch off or on those essential services to punish the Palestinians whenever they want.

Bantustan or in a word more familiar to Jews, Ghettos!

Yes, the Israelis are confining the Palestinians in ghettos in the same manner as the Nazis did to their European kinfolk during the WWII period.

The numerous Israeli military checkpoints dotted across the West Bank and Gaza are meant not only for control of movements but to serve as ‘humiliation’ points for the Palestinians.

In a TV documentary, I saw Israeli human rights groups complaining about how Palestinian farmers would be made to stand for hours with their perishable produce at those points, in an inhumane exercise to humiliate them and possibly to damage their goods. But when the Israeli human rights activities approached the points, the flow of traffic would suddenly speed up.

The unstated aim of thes harassments and persecutions is to make life so miserable and preferably unberaable for the Paletsinians so that the Arabs would eventually leave Palestine, migrate, disappear (who cares), so long as they vacate the land for Israelis and a Greater Israel.

Yes, I reiterate that the Israelis are treating the Palestinians in the same way as the Nazis did to the Jews in Europe. Therefore the Israelis are modern day Nazis.

In the expected storm of American Jewish protests against the use of the term ‘apartheid’, President Carter said he stands by his use of that word, citing the fences, electric sensors and concrete slabs that Israel has built in the West Bank as an example of the divide.

He said: "I think it's worse, in many ways, than apartheid in South Africa."

Indeed, President Carter, and you haven’t even mentioned the Bantustan-isation of the West Bank.

President Carter spoke of his hopes that his book would provoke a debate on Israeli policy as well as erode the ‘impenetrable wall’ that stops Americans from seeing the true plight of the Palestinian people.

President Carter also criticised the media for stifling the debate. He said:
"It's almost a universal silence concerning anything that might be critical of current policies of the Israeli government."

And that’s because the Israelis and Jewish lobbies have played on Christian guilt over the Holocaust to the extent that even one Jewish historian, Professor Norman Finkelstein of the University of New York, himself the son of Nazi concentration camp survivors, believes that the Holocaust tragedy has been exploitatively overdone and unscrupulously manufactured into an industry to exploit Western guilt.

That’s how Israelis and Jews play on the murders of their Holocaust predecessors to either get what they want or shut people up when they criticised Israeli draconian brutalities or war crimes.

Please read
'The Holocaust Industry' - a tale of sinister ethnic supremacy & evil hypocrisy to learn what a Jewish academician has to say about the exploitative Israelis and Jews, and also read Israel 12-letter magic mantra! to understand how the Americans have gotten themselves into trouble in the Middle East.

Carter said:
"There's a tremendous intimidation in this country that has silenced our people. And it's not just individuals; it's not just folks who are running for office. It's the news media as well."

Look at how the Europeans jailed crackpot David Irving for just questioning the existence of ovens in the Nazi Holocaust camps, and attempted to dismissed Ken Livingstone from his post as London mayor because he told a Jewish reporter off, while they (the European powers) hypocritically insisted on preserving 'freedom of speech' in the Prophet Mohamed (pbuh) caricature issue.

Where was the freedom of speech for David Irving and Ken Livingstone and Prince Harry?

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  1. Not all Christians believe Jews must walk the holy land for Jesus to return.

    There could be other reasons - people tend to love the country where their religion originated. When one's brand of Christianity is made in the US of A, everything US looks good. Especially true for people who're in the same Christian sect as Bush.

  2. The Palestinians are facing a real tragedy. But there are no angels in this sad land.

    The Holocaust was real. Many nations have committed atrocities before and since, but I don't think any nation other than Nazi Germany has carried out so systematically and with deliberate efficiency the industrial scale killing of so many people on grounds of their religion or race.

    Israel has behaved brutally in the occupied territories, but it is a brutality born of a closed mind. For most of its history, Israel has been a nation under a real siege. The Arab nations promised to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, and they very nearly succeeded. By the way many Arab and Muslim nations still have that as official policy. So Israel transformed itself into the most heavily militarised nation on earth - in the process destroyed its own soul.

    In the Clinton brokered Camp David talks, Arafat was offered probably the best compromise deal he could get on the negotiating table. He chose to launch the Antifada 2. Today, the Palestinians have lost everything they could have won through bargaining.
    As I said, there are no angels in this sad land, and the other side are not all devils.