Thursday, December 14, 2006

I am, we are "stupid, screwed sucker(s)"

RM11 billions down the drain in 7 privatisation bailouts and the government thinks it's worth it!

I am totally numbed by the idiotic imbecilic insane government response.

Water tariffs allowed to go up to reward Syabas, a private company, on the say-so of the cabinet that the supplier had saved on non-revenue water, but the audit report and ‘agreement’ between the government and the company remain TOP SECRET, away from the prying paying public’s eyes!

I am totally infuriated by the dodgy, deceitful and duplicitous lack of transparency and accountability.

RM600 million assigned for bumiputra contractors but only in UMNO constituencies in Peninsula Malaysia and Sabah, with none in Sarawak – could it be there isn’t any bumi in Sarawak?

I am totally appalled by the pathetic, preferential pork-barrelling of the UMNO-dominated cabinet.

Road tolls like water tariffs are set to rise - still very hush-hush. Media “told” to play down this soon-to-be reward by government … not for you public of course. Suckers don’t get rewarded, only sycophants do.

I am left speechless (in a manner of … er … speaking) by the inexplicable, insensitive and incredulous double-barrelled action – raise tolls and shut the media up (or assign them ‘spinning’ jobs!).

Don't mind KTemoc - as it's Thursday it's just Vocabulary Day, a day for a litttle exercising of my rather weak command of the ang-mor vocab.

But I am running out of words, so I'll end by merely saying, Stupid's (that's us), eat shit!


  1. Great Vocabulary there, mate! Keep it up!

    As for the Government of Malaysia and the parties that dominate and rule it, what can one say?

    No words can express or articulate the disbelief and horror of how they run the nation.

    So join the Siber Party of Malaysia (M) and move on to a better plane.

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Very true, we're teh suckerz
    You know it's quite depressing to read everyday news on how slimy politicians are ruining the country.

    Could you also try to include some 'remedies'? Perhaps a call to action - to make readers feel better.

  3. If you can read bad news in govt controlled press, believe me the worst is completely hidden.

    Here's a hint, Petronas account will never be published. To know the truth, follow the money trail.