Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Humpty Dumpty kicked our groins at the toll

Here’s an example of how a BN minister has insulted our intelligence.

Humpty Dumpty dropped a few pearls of wisdom to us lowly swine (in his eyes), that the toll increases were inevitable, unstoppable and undeniable because those increases have been stipulated in concession agreements even if the expressway companies meet their projected revenue.

What kind of concession agreements would those be if the companies are still permitted to increase toll levies even if they meet their projected revenues? Even when projected traffic volume has tripled?

Humpty Dumpty has insulted not only our intelligence but the very concept of commonsense.

What then would be the bloody point of defining projected revenue targets in an agreement?

He then changed his goalposts. He said that as the companies had taken huge bank loans the toll should be allowed to be increased to support a more expeditious re-payment.

Again, I ask what’s the bloody point of having a concession period and projected revenue targets, if those weren’t to balance the re-payment issues against the burden on public users?

Humpty told us little children: “So whatever they have earned, they have to repay the banks, and banks do not allow any extension of the repayment period.”

Repayment period? Again, I ask …….. have you guys got the idea what I am driving at, and what Humpty is bull-ing and bulldozing his way through?

F**k it, why do I bother. We deserve him, all ye suckers (BTW, that’s us)!

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