Thursday, December 28, 2006

Police: Don't 'rempit-ize' bikkie thugs

Now, this is excellent talk that's full of commonsense from the Police.

North Seberang Prai district OCPD Asst Comm Wan Abdullah Tuanku Said advised the public against glamorising illegal motorcycle racers with the title of Mat Rempit. That title has provided them with cheap thrills to the extent of emboldening the thugs to continue perpetrating their anti social activities.

ACP Wan Abdullah told reporter: ”They have taken the name as a compliment. I do not see why we should call them Mat Rempit. They are happy with the newly coined name and they take pride in such attention.”

"A spade is a spade. They are illegal racers and a road menace. They ride their motorcycles dangerously, disregarding the safety of other road users.”

”I feel they should simply be called illegal racers. I do not know how others feel but as a police officer, I am strongly against the name Mat Rempit. It is my duty to protect the public.”

Well said, ACP Wan Abdullah!

Additionally he said the bikkies were becoming more violent and had resorted to crime, like attacking police as I posted in Rempit Rampage.

I wonder what depths will those thugs descend to when their title gets upgraded to Mat Cemerlang by the Prime Minister next month, courtesy of his world famous SIL
. Check out my earlier posting Lord of the Rempits - Fellowship of the Rempits.

... unless of course there is another judicious postponement of the Cemerlang-ization ceremony.

The November ceremony was postponed after those bikkies had cavorted salaciously and scandalously at a mosque in Teluk Muroh, Lumut during a cleanup operations organised by UMNO Putera. For more, read Mat Cemerlang = Mat Cemar = Mabok Cemerlang.

What with the ensuing outrage by mosque officials, the carnal cavorting was too close to the date of the Cemerlang-ization ceremony and thus too embarrassing for the PM and his Islam Hadhari credentials to dare officiate, much as he likes to indulge you-know-who.

But how in the world did the PM ever allow his high office to be sullied by association with those unsavoury bikkie thugs when he agreed to UMNO Putera's campaign to personally glorify and retitle those motorised goons as Mat Cemerlang.

It’s little wonder Dr Mahathir alleged that the nation has been run, not by the PM or cabinet, but by people, very very closed to AAB, on then 4th floor of the PM’s department.


  1. Haven't they always been called Mat Rempit? Well, other than bloody biker bastards, that is.

  2. Moped Monsters,

    or just 'play' with Rempit like:
    Remp-It. <--- used dee... pending ciplak-right kot? lolx