Wednesday, December 13, 2006

AAB & SIL's pot of rice

OK, all good things must come to an end, and so does my defence of AAB, though I still maintain my stand for him in the matter of the Monsoon Cup.

Poor (or pathetic?) AAB - he’s at it again, defending his (in)famous in-law. In an interview with the Bangkok Post he tetchily defended his SIL, alas, to the power of n, by accusing Dr Mahathir of smashing Khairy's ‘pot of rice’.

Hmmm, shouldn't the expression be 'bowl of rice' or ‘rice bowl’? Does the reference to a 'pot' indicate a frightening philosophy of 'think bigger'?

Obviously AAB was responding to the Thai newspaper’s query on the stoush between his family and Dr Mahathir’s. Oh, BTW, the latest score is "Khairy up in UMNO Youth - Mukhriz humiliated" with Hishamuddin Tun Hussein as the referee.

Now, this is the part where I think AAB lives in ga-ga-land because he told the Bangkok Post: “That's something about which I am very sad. He [meaning Khairy] has sold his interest in ECM Libra. Sold it at a loss. Now he has some debts to settle.”

Just a quick recap - SIL had borrowed RM9.2 million to purchase a stake in ECM Libra. But when Dr Mahathir raised the issue of nepotism and corruption in AAB’s family, young Khairy offloaded both his shares and his diversionary but vicious bile at the damn sneaky Chinese community - for agama dan bangsa of course where no apology for racist insult would ever be necessary.

Other than SIL's loss and his broken 'pot of rice', AAB doesn’t even seem concerned that his SIL, just 31-years old and without any visible collateral, was able to borrow a humongous sum in the millions to buy the ECM Libra shares. Which ordinary Malay in Malaysia could have secured such a uniquely generous loan?

And then, even more dodgy, less than a month after SIL’s direct stake in ECM Libra with the help of inexplicable loans from some heaven-sent-come generous businessmen, the AAB government approved a merger between the company and government-owned financial services company Avenue Capital Resources Berhad, where we were then 'blessed' with a new entity known as ECM Libra Avenue.

Has AAB been completely oblivious to SIL’s strange loan and the government approval of the merger between a company where SIL had a stake (through that loan) with a government owned financial service? Don't forget, AAB is afterall the finance minister who oversees government-linked companies, including Avenue Capital Resources Berhad.

Hasn’t he heard of the issue of conflict of interest? Or, has his world famous 'elegant silence' been an outcome of his inelegant blindness and deafness?

Then, as if that wasn't bad enough, he indulged his SIL in the most questionable venture, the proposed ‘cemerlang-isation’ of the Mat Rempits, a band of lawless social misfits, basically thugs, that Putera UMNO has been attempting to recruit as its scary praetorian guards.

We have the PM of Malaysia, the highest political office of the nation, agreeing to ‘descend down’ to the gutter-level of the hoodlums to honour them!

Now, tell me, if that hasn’t been a stark example of AAB’s blind indulgence of his SIL, what then is?

See my earlier posting Lord of the Rempits - Fellowship of the Rempits.

It was only the impossible-to-mask hooliganism and antics of the Mat and Minah Rempits including some scandalous cavorting at a mosque that saw the November ‘cemerlang-isation’ ceremony postponed (not abandoned, mind you) into the new year.

For more, read Mat Cemerlang = Mat Cemar = Mabok Cemerlang.

Mat Cemerlangs - a dubious (and indeed utterly idiotic) title which those thugs would have honoured with by the PM of Malaysia last month if not for their own implosion leading to the postponement. Since then we hear of those Mat Cemerlangs continuing their lawless pursuits including assaulting some policemen, with their latest crimes revealed by Raja Bodek yesterday, that 2 groups of such orang Cemerlangs had gone on a robbing spree
in Seberang Prai.

For more, read Rempit Rampage.

Raja Bodek said the Cemerlang problem should be (why not 'must be'?) nipped in the bud, or the State’s efforts to woo tourists, especially for the Visit Malaysia Year 2007, would be negated - an F-word would have been appropriate here, but I am on an 'obscene' diet.

Pick one reason for AAB’s obdurate stand re his SIL:

(1) too indulgent
(2) too blind
(3) too defiant

to what’s going on.

What is needed now is for some intrepid person to irrevocably smash this cemerlang-ish 'pot of sh*t'!

(1) Khairy Jamaluddin Heckled by UMNO members
(2) Mat Rempit as Private Police Force?

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