Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"Virgin" of Indonesia

Indonesian Islamic leaders and political parties have been campaigning strongly for tougher morality laws in Indonesia, including outlawing pornography and any public displays of affection.

Yahya Zaini. Foto: MI/Sayuti

Reminds me of home where in some places, priority goes to issues sexual rather than corruption or poverty.

In Indonesia Golkar is the biggest political party and the largest member of the coalition government under President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. The politician entrusted with heading Golkar's religious affairs committee, which has responsibility for national moral issues, is Yahya Zaini, the parliamentary secretary of Golkar.

Maria Eva

However, the 'morality' chief has been caught on video with his pants down, literally, with popular Indonesian singer, Maria Eva. The lady is less than coy about their illicit relationship. She has admitted making the love-video but denied distributing it. Maybe she just wanted to watch it herself?

The video of Zaini, one of the country's most powerful politicians, in a hotel room with Maria Eva has been widely circulated. Not unlike so-called pious politicians in many countries, Zaini has been one of those who have always and only paid lip service to devout piety in the Islamic majority nation.

wanna buy a tudung? ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

The porno recording, of approx. 10 minutes and believed to be filmed in 2004, shows the nude singer laying on a bed seductively, with the politician, still standing and also stark naked, approaching her. Maybe he was only going to check her skin for rashes?

The Vice-President and Golkar Party chief, Jusuf Kalla, has expressed shock (NOooo!) and announced an investigation. In true SE Asian style denial, Kalla said the facts had to be verified before determining if any action should be taken against the married politician.

Maria Eva

Meanwhile Maria Eva said (maybe gleefully): "Actually it is an old story. I know the recording of the indecent scene was two years ago." It is understood the video was shot when the pair were campaigning for Golkar.

Hah, a political campaign video, perhaps? It was sent to a large number of mobile phones and email addresses late last week. And in a ‘tearful’ press conference last night, Ms Eva said she had loved Mr Zaini, but their affair ended two years ago. She said she had been pregnant and was pressured to have an abortion by him and his wife.

Maria Eva

Eva also added that Zaini financed her first album. According to Eva's lawyer, Ruhut Sitompul, Golkar party figures had sent her an open airline ticket and told her to leave for Singapore for her safety. Hmmm, we could perhaps entertain her here, in Kota Baru? ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

But it reminds us of the old saying, where "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!" the website Indonesian Affairs has this to say of her (just some extracts):

Maria Eva, deeply religious woman and star of the Golkar porn flick, a hive of contradictions

my underlining ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚

Maria Eva, or Maria Ireva, 29, usually called Merry, from Sidoarjo in East Java, is the dangdut singer and sometime sinetron actress who appeared in the raunchy sex recording with Golkar parliamentarian Yahya Zaini. Maria is still a virgin, it seems, because she is not yet married, and she claims to be unafraid of the prospect of being a “perawan tua”, literally “old virgin”, or more likely “old spinster”, preferring instead to just “go with the flow” of life. 

my underlining 

What’s important for me is to just go along in life so long as God gives me health and opportunities.(Ah…aku sih yang penting jalanin aja selama Allah SWT memberi kesehatan dan kesempatan buat aku.)

However she does admit to having dated western men in Jakarta, and even while such men are notorious for their ravenous sexual appetites, it appears she managed to maintain her purity.

Bravo, and curse those sexy ... er .. I mean ... sex-crazed orang putih, who are unlike us Asians, always pure and still virgins. But an irate reader Neil Stanson (orang putih?) protested: "How is she still a virgin? This is the most ridiculous claim that I have ever heard!"

Maria Eva

For crying loud Neil, haven't you heard of miracles? Another reader Ali posted: "She’s still a virgin. And I’m the King of Monaco." 

Somehow I get the feeling Ali is either a cynical bloke or a covert monarchist. But other readers were more interested in discovering, dissecting and discussing the pathetic less-than-Golkar size of Yahya Zaini's ... er ... credentials.

Maria Eva

UPDATE: Courtesy of Indonesian blogger anangku, the video may be downloaded from here: Download file here. Poor sweet sayang, Maria Eva confessing - see here.


  1. man, u r 'alternative news source' in the REAL sense... no other malaysian site or blog has said anything about this news yet...

    ps - u know where can i download the video clip?? come on, good things should be shared... ;P

  2. I don’t know why we, men, always look down on women who by fate or carelessness, got caught with their pants down. And the episode gets blown out of proportion. To me, that is despicable, taking advantage of someone’s unfortunate situation. Let us not be hypocrites. Accept it or not, man has a lustful streak, and if presented with the same scenario, will succumb to the ‘so called’ sins of the flesh. God made man the hunter and woman the hunted. You think and pretend that you are a goody goody. If she is alone with you, and the environment is conducive to both parties, do you say to her, “Let me tell you about my stamp collections?” I say: Live and let live. Making out, having sex, as long as it is consensual, with whomever, is between the ones concerned and nobody else’s business. The sordidness comes about because those who did not get it, lives out the fantasy in their minds and thoughts.

  3. is it possible that the politician was set up by his mistress?

    1, the mistress NEVER hesitated to admit that it WAS HER in the clip.

    2, she emphasised that it was not her who SPREAD it. y would she think ppl would suspect HER??

    3, from the clip (thanks to, it looks like it was shot with HER handphone. so, if the clip got out to the public domain, must be her fault 1 way or the other (careless or reckless)...

    4, the effects of the expose r OPPOSITE to her n her lover. her lover has resigned, n HIDING. he's pretty much DEAD, not just as a politician, but in everything he wants to do.

    but as for her, i think she has suddenly become VERY famous. ppl have now NOTICED her - before this, just a nobody, small-time singer. now, i'm sure her albums (if she had any) would be selling like hotcakes. she's already been on national tv, i'm sure her face would become public knowledge soon. more than 15 min of fame is awaiting her.

    5, i suspect what happened was, she wanted to blackmail her politician lover for something, but he rejected her demands. so, she thought, let's die together, c who'll survive.

    turns out, her lover is DEAD, she's prospering... sweet revenge???

  4. CT, as they say, bad publicity is still PUBLICITY.

  5. KTemoc,
    ESPECIALLY when u r in the entertainment business...

    not all women r angels, u know...

    all the playboys out there (including Maria Karin's secret boyfriend...) - scared already?!

  6. if you watch the video clip, the camera seems to be moving all the time, suggesting that eva was holding it in her hands and shooting, and several times Yahya seems to look directly into the camera, and even at one point tries to cover it. Looks to me like they both knew the scene was being recorded. And yes, his "credentials" dont seem too impressive.


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