Friday, December 22, 2006

Santa from Bangalore

We Would Be Hoping That You Would Be Having A Very Nice Christmas!

And may KTemoc adds his greetings too. Be safe!

from a circulating email - cartoon credit to UFS, Inc


  1. In the good old days, American parents tell their children, "Finish your meal, people are starving in India and China".

    Now, they are telling their kids, "Finish your homework, the workers in India and China are going to get your job".

  2. ^^^ hahaha the comment is funny. good one. the picture too tickled my funny bones .... what a way to end my day :D

    merry christmas

  3. How nice if we can outsource the dumbos governing our country to Bangladore. It would save a lot of our tax money being used to pay them to mismanage the country.